Silly Jew! Only White People are Racist!

Behold, a Jewish sports team owner and promoter of blacks and liberalism, fall into the hole he dug for all of us.


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19 Responses to Silly Jew! Only White People are Racist!

  1. jodafo says:

    That guy looks part toad to me lol. As for his mystery meat girl, she looks laos to me but I read she was half mexican and half negro.

  2. gibbon says:

    How is this imbecile worth 1.9 Billion dollars? America’s a meritocracy? Haha. An oligarchy getting dumber by the second. And with the emotional fortitude of a 14 year old girl.

  3. MOISHE (NOT) says:

    That’s hilarious!!!!! – this recording shows the utter hypocrisy of jews – they are really psychotic – both as individuals as well as a collective. Jews are the ultimate losers in the game of life:)

  4. Paladin Justice says:

    I may be the only one, but I find no fault with the Jew in this case. His GF betrayed him and so he told her off, was getting rid of her. She kept playing passive aggressive, which men have trouble dealing with. He should have just hung up on her. The question is how’s he going to wiggle out of this mess. The one GF I had who reminds me of this was white, so it’s not just black/Mexican females who backstab.

    • gibbon says:

      “He should have just hung up on her.” Further, he should have never hired this prostitute as his girlfriend much less trusted her as a confidante. I understand he’s a little older and he feels his wealth gained by promoting degenerate culture entitles him to some arm candy but what an emotional child to fall in love with a prostitute and THEN believe that getting jealous and telling her what to do is the way to control her. Lol.

      Women should not be blamed for the weakness of men however degenerate the situation. And sluts should not be blamed for the idiots that regard them (and treat them) as something more. She taped his conversation? What’s this idiot doing pouring his heart out to a prostitute whether he believes their conversation taped or otherwise? Bored? Go to an APAIC fundraiser and talk smack among people you can trust and people that might even consider you more than an old saggy, money bag. The prostitutes can meet you after. Your not impressing anyone by bringing them to your basketball games. We know you’re rich. Try class.

  5. clytemnestra57 says:

    Wow. I was surprised at how easily she manipulated him. Assuming he is Jewish, one would assume that he imbibed judicious amounts of paranoia with his baby formula.

    I mean, in typical man-fashion, he threw out some slurs and insults that should have made her rise to the bait and dive, head-first, into a screaming match. Women in a spontaneous argument don’t remain so calm and self controlled … not to mention inserting politically correct talking points … they go into high-octane drama and tearful recriminations.

    How this guy didn’t suspect he was being taped is beyond me. But maybe his feelings for her went too deep for his alarm bells to go off.

    • mindweapon says:

      Good point! She did seem to be drawing out the conversation unnaturally.

      • Erin says:

        Oh yeah, she was definitely setting him up.

      • Exactly. He wanted to drop the matter and end the conversation from jump street. His initial instincts were spot on, but she kept drawing him back in, artfully pushing his buttons and all those politically correct talking points. Poor guy.

        Women hate…hate…did I say hate?! Yes, HATE! Letting the man have the last word. Because that means he won the argument, no matter how stupid and silly the argument may be.

        She kept letting HIM have the last word … SEVERAL last words.

        If this had been a normal conversation, it would have gone something like:

        He: I don’t want you hanging out with so-and-so or bringing them to my games.

        She: You don’t own me; I’ll hang out with whoever I want and screw your games!


        The conversation did not end naturally or spontaneously; the conversation only ended after she was sure she got the goods on him.

      • gibbon says:

        “Poor guy.” Wow. Guy was dating a prostitute 60 yrs his junior. And a very ugly one. I guess we have sympathy for loneliness. But I can’t imagine a desert island is lonelier than dating a piece of work like that (the girl). It reveals how emotionally weak these people are.

    • gibbon says:

      These leaked tapes are awesome BTW. Shows how polarized people really are. The Mel Gibson one was the best. I am certain 80% of the guys that heard it could relate (to the racial dimension). The only thing that is pathetic in both instances is these codgers getting all bent out of shape over prostitutes. I mean what are they thinking? You had your chance in your 20s and 30s to find the love of your life. Get over it. Money can’t…

      • mindweapon says:

        What’s funny to me is how he does try to toe the line of anti-racism. Once again, someone who claims to not be racist is outed as a racist. The anti-whites are so often the victims of the trap they set for us!

  6. WC-14 says:

    Jews and Jigs can’t live with them. Can definitely live without them.

  7. Paladin Justice says:

    The latest is that Obama has weighed in on this sh*tstorm from Malaysia, where he’s supposed to be selling out the country to the Muslims rather than talking about race. He never misses the chance to demonize “racists.” Of course, this old Jew is not a racist or he wouldn’t be dating a half Negro/half Mexican nitwit. Who can blame the old Jew for not wanting to be publicly cuckolded by Magic Johnson, an AIDs infected Negro who probably picked up the virus while engaging in anal sex with a man?

    I once had a white professor friend who stood 5’4″ tall and was bow legged and mostly bald. No woman wanted him. His modus operandi was thus tto meet mulattoos and mestizos at strip clubs, supermarkets, whereever, and set up prostitution relationships with them. The problem is he was so hungry for love that he imagined they were in love with him and so he fell in love with them, and became very jealous of their other clients. The old Jew is acting much more reasonably than my friend did when he was “betrayed” by his “soul mates.”

    Trying to make this event about Jews only is misleading. Many ugly, unattactive men like my friend and this Jew will seek out sex workers and “fall in love.” It’s common. I saw it a lot at the university.

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  9. Life is a bitch to unattractive people. I know a spectacularly unattractive woman who had possible strike against her. Plain? Check. Cross-eyed? Check. Buck-toothed? Check. Pigeon-toed? Check. Dumpy figure? Check. Fine hair that frizzed in humidity? Check. And if that wasn’t enough, when she got older, she had to get a kidney transplant.

    That’s why I will never understand those people who are opposed to eugenics. This woman is highly intelligent and productive person with a lot of grit and determination. She ended up with a chip on her shoulder, because people were so damned dismissive of her (at best) and nasty to her (at worst). Your friend, the professor, has a lot of fire in his belly and the passion of a poet. Yet, because of the way he looks … it’s ridiculous.

    If eugenics made it possible for people to have children who would be healthier and more attractive, don’t you think this man and this woman would have wanted their parents to pursue eugenics? Do you really think that this man and this woman would not want their parents to take advantage of any and all pre-conception technology to give them better lives?

    Getting older is a bitch, too, but at least industry is trying to do something about it. This cop I was dating told me about busting an elderly widower who was frequenting prostitutes and I asked him if he had at least allowed the guy to finish. He admitted he had and then I told him he should look the other way in the future. Yeah, I can be a soft-hearted sap.

    Anyhow, this old guy has a wife who was suing, because of the property he had given the girlfriend. Methinks he was trying to get it back from her or the girlfriend was afraid he would cave in to the wife’s demands and try to get it back from her. Thus, she set him up with a bigger problem to distract him.

    There is a good possibility that this may backfire on the girlfriend. The guy could be forced to resign from his team and the wife could take nominal control or hand it to their children and still go after the girlfriend. That’s what I’d do. I’d close ranks even with a philandering hubby rather than let this broad get away with looting my children’s money, so I can see the wife unofficially riding to his rescue. JMO.

  10. Sam says:

    Ha Ha good the Jews getting some of their own medicine. I have no compassion for him at all.

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