The Poverty Center goes after another middle class dissident; a teacher in Arkansas suspended for posting at Stormfront

Star City teacher being investigated by school district for alleged racist postings

Admitted at SF that he teaches at a public school. Big mistake. It’s very easy to cause trouble for teachers because the educational system is very hierarchical, bureaucratic, and liberal. The teacher might be able to keep his job, however, if he’s got a good union. Even if the union is liberal, they don’t want to set a precedent where teachers get fired for expressing an opinion online.

The important thing now is that Holthoff not back track. Back tracking or apologizing will not save his job, but it will invite more attacks. He is doing the right thing in keeping his mouth shut for now because he may very well keep his job. But if he loses his job, he should let himself be interviewed by TV stations and newspapers, and have some good prepared statements.

They call themselves the “Poverty Law Center” because they are rich people who use Poverty as a weapon against wrong-thinkers.

This weapon has to be neutralized before we do anything else. They pick off decent, responsible, white men and women who dare dissent. Let’s call it what it is — Soviet style enforcement of ideology, or medieval enforcement of religion, but since it’s not the government doing it, it’s contractors or mercenaries instead, then it’s A-OK with the legal system.

We neutralize them by doing small businesses and taking over certain niches. This is what religious minorities have always done. I translated a criminal prosecution for a Baptist immigrant from Kazakhstan (ethnic Russian). He had 8 children and was a practicing Baptist in Kazakhstan, was arrested by Soviet authorities in 1962 and sentenced to 10 years hard labor, his children taken away. Two years later the sentence was vacated and they gave him his family back, so that ended well for him, fortunately, but he did do 2 years hard labor — basically was a slave.

The Baptists in the USSR were carpenters and builders. They got really good at one thing, and the whole family did it, and they had huge families. They had 3 worldly goals — to make a lot of money so they can defend themselves against the ungodly authorities, to be left alone, and to reproduce. Now in the USA, the younger generations will likely fall away. They haven’t yet, but it’s very likely.

The Mormons were also hated by the government and persecuted. Unfortunately, they sold out in 1979 for fear of the IRS, of losing their tax exempt status. I think they could have easily weathered losing their tax exempt status and become a corporation, but they are too desirous of approval from worldly authorities. Their faith was not strong enough; their hate was insufficiently pure.

The Jews are the best example of the stubborn religious minority that defies the Established State Religion. So much energy is spent in comments talking about how “they are evil, they are oppressing us,” Well no kidding, but what to do about it? Are you pleading for justice or screaming for vengeance? Either way it sounds weak. There is no justice, only opportunities for survival. And I wouldn’t worry about a deficit of naming die Juden. They are getting named on Yahoo Finance and Zero Hedge, for heaven’s sake!

Any kind of pleading for justice or screaming for vengeance betrays that one is still at the lower levels of WN Illumination. Perhaps the point is to awaken the unawakened, and get them pleading for justice and screaming for vengeance?

No, you would do better to climb to a higher level of Enlightenment or Illumination, and treat this as a Technical problem — a Technical problem of the exact same nature as the poisoning of Americans by chemical additives in food. There are chemical additives in food in the USA that are not allowed into food in Europe.

Here’s another Technical Problem; everyone has to own private cars or they can’t work or get out of their suburban isolation. They are stuck at home or they pay 50% of their income or more on transporation (their car) or they don’t get around. Mom gives ’em a ride.

Here’s another Technical Problem. The public schools purposely and wilfully create an environment to teach kids to be anti-intellectual, to despise the very concept of learning.

Here’s another Technical Problem — the banks don’t function any more. Our societies traditionally had ways to Save Money. Now we do not (except buying precious metals). They took away Saving and Accumulating Compound Interest by ordinary people so they can capture all the interest for themselves, and let them eat Social Security cake. Works pretty good for the Hostile Elites — they support the Democrats, who want to save Social Security; they support the Republicans, who want to cut Social Security but don’t dare make the necessary reforms to put the power of Compound Interest back in the hands of ordinary people. They (the Jewish Banking Royalty) got us coming and going! And yes, I named the Jew as the ethnic owners and mismanagers of Global Finance.

Global Banking has become a hereditary monarchy, or at least a Jewish ethnic based aristocracy. There’s no lawful mechanisms for accountability or replacement of an incompetent rule. When this happens, the rulers tend to get worse and worse until they destroy whatever they rule over. The Jewish Banking Royalty is on track for eventually causing so much destruction that they get found out, especially in the age of the Internet.

But to circle back to Phiilip Holthoff and the Poverty Pimp Commissars, it’s all a Technical Problem. And it’s a Technical Problem that we can fix, because we are smart, because there are actually a lot of us, and because there’s enough uncontrolled wealth sloshing around that we can capture enough of it to fend them off and do our thing. We have to do it the way the Jews did it through the Middle Ages and to the modern age – get rich, infiltrate political power, bribe, and quietly maintain our own religion so we gently push and manipulate things in our direction.

It’s all doable. Not to say there won’t be difficulties, but there’s a difference between difficulties and impossibilities. You have to be stubborn, and your hate must be pure, but it must burn like a pilot light in a gas stove, rather than like a blow torch. Stop pleading for justice or screaming for vengeance, it’s a waste of energy most of the time.

We can send a man to the moon. We can solve the current Technical Problems that I have laid out above, and we should work to solve all of them at once — Ethno-Religious-Politics being used to genocide us, Poison Food, Expensive Transportation, and No Compound Interest for Ordinary Savers.


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15 Responses to The Poverty Center goes after another middle class dissident; a teacher in Arkansas suspended for posting at Stormfront

  1. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  2. Anon says:

    Bad trade craft to post such identifiable information online, granted the state could identify any one of us, but at the very least they should have to work for it.

    • mindweapon says:

      Right. Telling them you are a schoolteacher was nuts! I talk about my job, but only as a “low status service industry job.” One could narrow it down, but the Poverty Center could call my boss to get me fired, and he’d be like, “um, what are you talking about?”

  3. Erin says:

    These poor kids. A lot of time they get stuck in a 25 hour a week job and if that wasn’t bad enough, they have to be available to work all shifts. In other words, they don’t have regular hours so they can’t take a second job! What a death trap. Education/training is more important than ever.

    • Mr. Rational says:

      Employers can do that because they don’t have to pay compensation for “on-call” time.

      This could be a great subject for a state referendum.

  4. Ryu says:

    Good work, MW. The poverty center is a good word for it. What Murkans fear most is becoming poor.

  5. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Well you beat to posting this….was trying to do this post via my I Phone last night but no dice. Oh well!

    The Elites are steadily eroding away at the Working Whites by going after anyone who does not “think” like them or believe in what “The Annointed” believe. Racism is just a smokescreen term used to cover the REAL agenda, that being the abolishing of the middle class. Racism and Poverty Pimping was used to disassemble the Merchant Class in South Africa and the mission of the Bankstas to genocide the Boer merchant farmers is almost complete BUT alas, the Internet arose at the last hour in the mid 90’s and since then the REAL TRUTH is coming out about South Africa.

    Same with the Bundy Farm. A staunch old Working White fights for his rights and the huckster Jews pull out the Race Card. A non issue as the issue with Bundy is the Corrupt Feds trying to steal his land.

    As the case with this teacher. So what if he posts on SF? Is he a good teacher? Have his evaluations been good? If so then he should still remain with the school district IN A SANE world, but unfortunately, this is not a sane world and Thoughtcrimes such as thinking that blacks are inferior (which they are…) will get you fired.
    Whites can win, but we have to make a choice in our individual lives. If we wish to remain as part of “Kwan” then we have to be anonymous. If we want to be radical, then we have to disengage from all institutions of America, including education.

    I have read here and there that SF has been infiltrated. Would not doubt it. Eventually the Internet will be overrun with trolls who are being paid by the NSA. Then what do we do?
    There is no middle ground anymore. Mindweapons uses the term “dissident” to describe this teacher. All of us WN’s, National Socialists, etc. are in fact “dissidents” as our thoughtcrimes, whatever they may be, put as odds with the New World Order.
    Myself I am a dissident and I am in fact going rogue, but it is lonely at times, yet I am finding more and more that I am not alone.
    The Mormons ‘sold out’ so to speak. Just yesterday I was out with a Momo couple who were beaming about how the Mormons have been courted by the UN for their charity work. The Mormons have been co opted.
    So, the answer is not easy. To go rogue means to go without resources such as tainted Banksta money, YET, at the same time, to go rogue is to be free.
    Freedom is not FREE. It has a cost. Many of us have paid with our livelihoods, our families, our jobs, our future careers, etc. How are we going to cover and deal with this cost WN’s?

  6. Paladin Justice says:

    There’s a pic of the guy here, along with more info. He also posted on Amren. First Amendment should protect him, but a smear job with blacks stepping forward claiming he mistreated them is probably in the offing.

    • mindweapon says:

      If blacks claim that, there would be other people in the classroom to interview. THey probably won’t all make a consistent report. A lawyer will be able to cast doubt on any claims.

  7. tteclod says:

    I expect to travel to through Star City en route to another destination. Do you think the man would appreciate a hug and a thank-you?

  8. attila says:

    Some family and I were staying at a hotel recently, where an ADL conference was being held. We all felt we were definitely being scrutinized every time we walked by the conference “welcome counter”. They essentially took control of the end of the hotel and were monitoring it tightly. Very unpleasant vibe. There were strategically placed workers at elevators on at least 3 floors. On the way out, we chose an alternate route so that we wouldn’t have to go by that crowd again- and then we complained to the hotel personnel about the paramilitary way guests were being scrutinized.

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