Man attacks woman with hatchet in Fargo, ND

Resettled refugee attacks woman with hatchet.

Police say the woman was walking to her vehicle when she was attacked by Afidegnon. She was able to escape by running to a nearby residence where Afidegnon threw the hatchet through a front window, police said.

The female was transported to Essentia Hospital by F-M Ambulance. The condition of the female is unknown.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Don’t you love it, it is always just “a man” when the news media doesn’t want to say “immigrant” or “refugee” and one is left reading the story to try to figure out who the man might be, what brought him to North Dakota, and what his motive might have been for taking a hatchet to a neighbor (or what his mental illness is).

Diversity is strength alert!

This man’s name is Kokouvi Mawuena Afidegnon and his photo is at right.  Is he a refugee?  Fargo is a resettlement site for Lutheran Social Services of North Dakotaand they would know if he is a refugee or another legal immigrant (TPS? Diversity visa lottery winner? Student visa?). Or, is he an illegal alien? Couldn’t a reporter simply call the Lutheran contractor to find out if he is one of theirs?

Hatchet man: Kokouvi Mawuena Afidegnon

From (Hat tip: ‘pungentpeppers’):

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4 Responses to Man attacks woman with hatchet in Fargo, ND

  1. lostboy says:

    Lots more fighting-age men than breeding-age women coming to the country, too.

    • oogenhand says:

      The downside for them is that soon enough, there won’t be enough young, hot White womenfor them.

      Sending out your fighting-age men without your breeding-age women is only possible if you have a patrilineal (agnatic) society. The only way Whites can win without adopting my patrilineal identity system is by specifically rubbing in their enemies that every non-White man killed means more women for the other non-White men.

      • PA says:

        Interracial patrilineality is not an option for Whites. We can’t fuck our way to victory because we can only reproduce in our likeness with a White woman.

  2. oogenhand says:


    If you are NS like Chechar, believing in the necessity of constant eugenics, not WN, believing all Whites are equal, some pollution could be tolerated for strategic purposes. After all, if you can wash your clothes, getting them dirty is not as bad.

    The alternative is to develop specific counter-strategies. For example, start to crack down on Yellow Fever, proving your bona fides to East-Asian men in particular: Phinehas killed ISRAELITE MEN having their way with Midianite women. Or offer defeated Muslims the option of having 20% of their young men castrated instead of extermination. These eunuchs don’t become our servant class, but remain part of the Muslim community. This turns their polygamous system against them. After all, the purpose of sending Saudi youth to Syria is to lower the competion for wives and other women.

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