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China last week dropped using Microsoft’s Windows 8 on state owned computers and since then in very big news told all state owned entities to discontinue business with U.S. consulting firms. Cisco says that they have not received any new Chinese orders in a month and IBM supercomputers are now being taken out of service.

Enter the Dragon The USA Neocon regime has turned China and Russia into tight allies of each other, in an iron alliance against the USA. Note — this is my 1914th post. Who gets the reference? Fighting the financial war … Continue reading

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The Age of Cheap Oil is Over; Shale is “subprime energy”

The companies doing shale plays are having troubles Shale is both expensive and not nearly as plentiful as been propagated. The great shale revolution is greatly distorted by mountains of Wall Street generated debt, it might most accurately be described … Continue reading

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Food prices going up; this will change the culture radically, and in ways favorable to us

The Perfect Storm: Grow Local or Go Hungry? Climate change is always happening, not necessarily anthropogenic, and “carbon traders” are just opportunists and frauds of course. However, we have enjoyed a “Goldilocks” climate for the past several hundred years — … Continue reading

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Jews expelled from small Guatemalan village; now Jews have been expelled from 110 places

h/t to Compulsory Diversity News, who needs ot switch over to WordPress ASAP! Small Guatemalan Town Uses Nazi-Esque Tactics to Expel Jews Mayor of Guatemalan town has made ‘Jew registry,’ ordered two Jewish families to leave. ‘Their customs aren’t like … Continue reading

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GENERATION IDENTITY: White Euro Youths Say NO to Diversity, Multiculturalism, and White Genocide

Inspiring march of Identitarians in Austria, who explicitly state that they are defending their ethno-cultural identity!

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Martin Webster on European nationalist parties being friendly to Zionists/Jews

Here is the money quote: If the European nationalists harbour at the back of their minds the notion that they will be able, somehow, to outwit the Jews, then they have another think coming. The Jews have been playing this … Continue reading

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Elliot Rodger, Sexual Entitlement, Father Abandonment, And The Anti-Boy Therapy Culture

Elliott Rodger’s father Peter Rodger did not acknowledge Elliott as his son! He would say he has “a son” as in one, but he actually had two sons, but Elliott was the one who “didn’t count.” Horrible! Have a mixed … Continue reading

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