Russian militias independent of the Russian Republic, are fighting ZOG!

Russian militias in Ukraine, supported by the GRU, kicking ass

These guys aren’t going to roll over like the Iraqis. I know Russians, we got Russian cable TV blasting 16 hours a day at my house — they are spiritually prepared to fight the USA.

If it busts out into full scale war, the Russians will wage total war. They will go absolutely apeshit and turn it into a World War. They fucking hate the USA, especially because of Serbia, Iraq, and Libya. They figure they are next, unless they fight. And they are right.

The EU thing in Brussels hate Russia and Putin. Actual Europeans, even Gerhard Schroder, former PM of Germany, don’t hate Russia at all. In a Spiegel poll, 92% of Germans said they oppose attacking Russia. In fact, in a war against Russia, don’t be surprised if there’s a coup in Germany and the coup leaders side with Russia against the USA. It would be the Germans’ big chance to get rid of the Americans and be free at last!

EU blacklists 15 more Russian officials over Ukraine
29.04.14 @ 11:18
RELATED EU ambassadors to expand Russia blacklist EU elections may strengthen Putin in Europe
BY VALENTINA POPValentina emailValentina Twitter
BRUSSELS – The EU on Tuesday (29 April) added 15 more names to a travel ban list of Russian officials linked to events in eastern Ukraine, but unlike the US, it refrained from targeting businesses and trade with Russia.

Putin is still not on the sanctions list (Photo:
According to the legal text published in the Official Journal of the EU, “in view of the gravity of the situation” in eastern Ukraine 15 persons were added to the blacklist which so far contained 33 names.

The move was co-ordinated with the US, which extended its own blacklist on Monday and added businessmen, companies and limited trade of military-use products with Russia.

The most prominent on the list is the head of the Russian army, Valery Vasilevich Gerasimov, “responsible for the massive deployment of Russian troops along the border with Ukraine and lack of de-escalation of the situation.”

Six names on the EU list are linked to the annexation of Crimea: Dmitry Nikolayevich Kozak, a deputy Prime Minister “responsible for overseeing the integration of the annexed Autonomous Republic of Crimea into the Russian Federation” is listed together with Oleg Yevgenyvich Belaventsev, a Russian presidential envoy to Crimea and Oleg Genrikhovich Savelyev, the minister for Crimean affairs.

Sergei Ivanovich Menyailo, acting governor of Sevastopol, the Crimean military port, is also on the list. So are two lawmakers involved in the annexation process: Ludmila Ivanovna Shvetsova and Sergei Ivanovich Neverov.

Turning to eastern Ukraine, the EU blacklisted Igor Dmitrievich Sergun, the director of GRU intelligence service and a deputy chief of staff of the Russian armed forces, responsible for the activities of intelligence officers in eastern Ukraine.

Igor Strelkov, a staff member of the same GRU intelligence service, is listed because he was involved in incidents in the eastern Ukrainian city of Sloviansk. He is also an assistant on security issues to Sergey Aksionov, the self-proclaimed prime-minister of Crimea.

Five other persons are linked to the separatist movements in eastern Ukraine: German Prokopiv, leader of the “Lugansk Guard” which seized official buildings in Lugansk, Valeriy Bolotov, a retired officer and leader of another separatist group in Lugansk, the “Army of the south-east”, as well as Andriy Purgin, head of the “Donetsk Republic”, a self-proclaimed state-town.

Denys Pushylin, another leader of the “Donetsk Republic” and spokesperson for the separatists is also listed together with Tsyplakov Sergey Gennadevich, leader of a local militia in Donbas active in the seizure of state buildings in the Donetsk region.

President Vladimir Putin, however, is not on the list.

He was spotted by a Russian photographer on Monday night as he was hugging former German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder at his 70 birthday party organised in Moscow by an affiliate of Gazprom, Spiegel reports.


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17 Responses to Russian militias independent of the Russian Republic, are fighting ZOG!

  1. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  2. Henry H. Pinkham says:

    Guys, please do yourselves a favour.

    Google “Siener van Rensburg” or “Seer van Rensburg”.

    This is a Boer prophet who lived 100 years ago. He grew up reading ONLY the Bible.
    Modern day Boers have a lot of confidence in his prophesies, as his prophesies are all coming true one by one. Sometimes the events do not occur the way we expect, but they do actually occur.

    The seer foresaw, inter alia, the Verwoerd republic in South Africa, the handing over of the country to the Black and Jewish Communists, the death of Mandela and the glass coffin at the Union Buildings in Pretoria, and the trouble that would break out soon afterwards, all of which either has happened or is happening right now.

    He also predicted that the USA would break up into small separate parts and would be reduced to a small insignificant country.

    He foresaw the breaking out of the third world war, and that Germany would have a coup and would get a rightist government that would arm the Boers in Namibia and South Africa with the latest and most advanced secret weapons. Most of us are trained soldiers who can handle most any weapon anyway.

    The third world war will devastate most of the nations of the globe, but will also turn the attention of the world away from South Africa. This will provide the Boers with an opportunity to get our country back, and prepare a safe haven for our kinsmen who will be fleeing the Jew World Order atrocities.

    So start learning to speak Afrikaans, folks, and pack a tent and a Bible (King James Version). We will keep the coffee hot and the barbeque fires going till you come. In the meantime, please excuse us, we have a hard time ahead.

    When your country falls apart, you will know where to go.



    See you-all soon.

    • mindweapon says:

      He foresaw the breaking out of the third world war, and that Germany would have a coup and would get a rightist government

      that’s funny, I predicted the same thing in this post! I never read the Rensburg prophecies. Heard of them in the past, but never heard anything about a third world war or a coup in Germany resulting. Trippy!

      So we’re going to have to flee to South Africa? I hope to have a redoubt in the Green Mountains of Vermont.

      • MOISHE says:

        oz is a pretty good option too – the whites here respect Germany to no end. When the band Ramstein tour in Australia – they are mobbed: we like to see beefy proud germans strutting their stuff on stuff – could portend to better things to come for our peoples:)

      • Henry H. Pinkham says:

        “oz is a pretty good option too.”


        Note that Afrikaans is the second biggest language in Oz, almost like English (soon if not already)being the second biggest language of the USA.

        Australia will come here too/return (as the case may be).

    • MOISHE says:

      and the million-rand question for you Henry – will this resettlement of Europeans in Sth Africa be JUDEINFREI?

      • Henry H. Pinkham says:

        For sure.

        It’s all in the book. Read “Voice of a prophet” and other books on Siener van Rensburg by Adriaan Snyman, available in the USA, probably through Minuteman Press or some other publisher, German translation available in Germany, but I am not sure of the title or publisher. You can also find it on the Internet.



    • oogenhand says:

      Siener van Rensburg most certainly had supranatural insights. The main drawback of Christian Identity is that, by denying that non-Whites have souls, they cannot threaten them with eternal damnation. Also, CI lacks euthanasia. which is very important for asymmetric warfare against religions that lack euthanasia too.

  3. Satis says:

    Siener van Rensburg spoke to the Boer people not others. Although his predictions are eerily accurate I dont think they are for other countries but for the Boers to read the signs of time to come . The Boers never owned South Africa but only their Republics. They have every right to have them back or a new Republic but no entitlement to lands of others.
    But he seems spot on about the USA going down and becoming insignificant and Germany and Russia rising.
    The USA have destroyed so much on behalf of their masters that they must have loads of bad karma coming their way.

  4. Pingback: Boer Viking Prophecy & Commentary | vikingbitch's Blog

  5. Henry H. Pinkham says:

    You are wrong, Satis.

    Nobody is an island, least of all the Boer nation. Oom Nicolaas often mentioned European countries, England (UK) and the USA, as all these countries had an influence on the Boers in some way, and still influence them.

    He also predicted that the USA would break up and become an insignificant country.
    In fact you can actually see it happening physically right before your eyes, as the tectonic plates move and fault lines spew fire and lava. Socially your iron-and-clay mixture of races and religions is falling apart. Twisters and floods are wiping out your town and cities. Old Faitfull and Yellowstone Park can blow any second, and signs are there that it definitely will.

    Vermont may be good now, but it may/will eventually go too, Mindweapon.

    He also predicted that Germany would become the one independent European country.
    In fact, he predicted that Germany would arm the Boers in order for them to get their land back, as well as German and Boer possessions in Namibia. In fact, an agreement between Imperial Germany and the Boers is in our possession stating exactly that. It also provides for the railroad in Namibia (Luderitz bay) to be upgraded by Germany in order to join the South African line running to Prieska in the arid Northern Cape for transporting the arms. This was predicted 100 years ago. Apparently, the railroad construction by a German company has recently started but is progressing at a snail’s pace. So please don’t laugh these predictions off.

    Oom Nicolaas Van Rensburg also predicted that England would be flooded and eventually sink away in the sea. Looks to me tat this process has started.

    He said that South Africa would have big problems after the “long, cold winter”, which is probably the winter starting right now, after the prominent black person’s death (Mandela). Ther would be fuel shortages (The SASOL oil-from-coal plant was only built about 40 years after his death) and that automobiles and trains would stop running due to lack of fuel (no diesel-fuelled locomotives at the time, dieselization on the SA railroad mainlines only started here in approx. 1960). The various Sasol plants are fast becoming derelict, according to engineer friends of mine working there. (These guys are leaving, due to unsafe conditions caused by lack of maintenance by black management).

    So trouble is heading this way, just like he said it would be.

    But we will survive it, and take over again.

    He said that white people would come to South Africa from all over the globe, and that their tents would stretch from horizon to horizon.

    You are also wrong in saying that the Boers never owned South Africa. We actually established 13 (thirteen) republics stretching right across the country. In fact, there is nowhere on the Southern part of the continent where the Boer did not leave footprints. The Bible says that where the Adamite has left footprints, the lad will be allocated to him. So Van Rensburg could well be right in his prediction that the whole country, and in fact the whole of Southern Africa would eventually be taken over by the Boers and the white people immigrating (fleeing) from overseas and becoming Boers. In fact, if there will be that many, they will have to flow over into other parts.

    So be sure that this is the country you guys will need to come to.
    Not right now, but when the time comes.



    • Satis says:

      Henry your name doesn’t sound like a Boer name ?
      I am not arguing with you only stating that the predictions were for his own people. I doubt that someone growing up outside Boer culture would even understand them . We grew up hearing the old people speak about Oom Klasie and dont really have to read books about it. From the language he used its clear he was speaking to the Boers.
      I have seen senior members of the ANC sitting with Adriaans book ….no doubting plotting away against the Boers …..but all of that will not help as it really seems that things will happen and knowing about it will not affect the outcome.
      I recall the vision about his child that died in the camp that came to him in heaven followed by children of other nations and his prediction about England. It all seems to be happening now.
      But it is very very sad especially reading it in Afrikaans.
      The real Americans have done us no harm and they suffer like us for their country is also lost to them …..they no longer rule themselves.
      The real Americans are anyway our genetic kin as we are composed very similarly on a genetic level . So of course they will be welcome when the time comes.
      Sorry for my bad English.
      Don’t like the Queens language that much. The Boers will understand.

      • Henry H. Pinkham says:


        Boer names are not all Dutch or German or French.
        In fact, the Boer surname Ferreira is actually Portuguese.
        The Boervolk (Boer Nation) consists of many different West European genes, including some from Celtic and even Anglo-Saxon origin. Boer names from Wales include Evans, Jones, and others, Scottish names such as McLaughlin, Smith, Hindon, are famous Boer names, and (Southern) Irish surnames abound among Boer women and children captured by the Brits and murdered in the concentration camps during the Anglo Boer war.
        Kestell, Brebner, Flemming were from British origin as well.
        Nearly half of the citizens of the Orange Free State Boer republic were English mother-tongue speakers.

        My own great-grandfather was an American from West Virginia who had travelled to Britain to register his cycle-brake patent, met an English girl, and married her, then came to Johannesburg during the gold rush. Unsuccessful in making a fortune there, he applied for a farm in the Leydenburg district. When the war broke out, the ZAR government called him up for military service. Afterwards his two sons, who considered themselves Boers, married Boer girls.

        Being a Boer is a matter of having a “Boer heart”, not of having a “Boer surname”.


      • Satis says:

        Geen probleem nie Henry.
        And you are spot on with the boerehart comment.

  6. StukaPilot says:

    as neat a piece of thread-hijacking as I’ve ever seen. The Boers and S. African Whites in general are Doomed with a capital D; international Jewry has seen to that. Now they target Great Russia, the last remaining White pebble in their globalist shoe, via the Kiev freaklets. At the moment, 11:27 PM PST 5/2, the Ukies seem finally to have gotten their military to do something…over the last few hours several hundred Russians have been massacred in Odessa, Slavyansk, and elsewhere. One wonders what Putin is waiting for. Send in the troops already. I’ll just go over to the Russian government site and send Vlad an e-mail. That should do it.

    @NSA: and F**k you with a capital F (-14 bonus points)

    • Henry H. Pinkham says:

      Putin is playing cat and mouse with them. He will move at the right time.
      The average person in the West has been taken in by the mainstream Media (red Jewish-controlled media.

      In South Africa people are slowly finding out that even the Afrikaans newspapers and magazines with “Afrikaner” editors and a witches’ brew of staff, are currently anti-white, anti-Afrikaans, and especially anti-Boer. These newspapers are fighting their own readers and are promoting the interests of anti-white racists at the cost of the white reading public. These papers are slowly losing support and are facing more and more reader resistance, but there are still sufficient duped people to keep them going.

      And Afrikaans-language private radio stations repeat the news received from the Jews agencies without investigating. So the news on the Ukraine is repeated as received, and verified by (non-Ukrainian/non -Russian speaking) South Africans living in Anti-Russian Ukraine who rely on locals to keep them informed.

      But the facts of the clans and the olicharchs with Jewish and Muslim-Jewish names conniving behind the scenes to gain control of the Ukraine are not investigated (too much reading, they don’t feel like it, sounds like work).

      So the crookery and the deception and the dishonesty by Europe and the USA is perpetuated.

      The role of the West behind the curtains should be exposed.

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