The Dark Ages

An explanation of the Dark Ages — Judeo-Christianity wiped out European culture in the period 400-800.


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  1. pluto the dog says:

    Its a nice idea that the Dark Ages are the fault of Christianity – but the Belgian historian Henri Pirenne (1862-1935) offered a different view and that is that it was the rapidly expanding muslim armies that brought about the Dark Ages. Europe was under constant attack from both ends and from the Med, which was a muslim controlled lake. Trade with the east was cut off, Western Europe was isolated and besieged. The Battle of Poitiers was fought in 732 right in the geographic centre of what is now France. If the muslim aemies had won at Poitiers its arguable that the whole of Europe would have fallen.
    Pirenne (a genius) blamed islam for the Dark Ages. His ideas have been shunned by mainstream academics because they are not pc
    Btw there is a substantial body of evidence that says the jews in Spain assisted the muslim takeover of that country and possibly even instigated it.

    • mindweapon says:

      Great counterpoint, Pluto! I have such erudite commenters. Thanks!

      • Some Guy says:

        I came to say what Pluto said.

        Read “Mohammed and Charlemagne Revisited” by Emmet Scott. Worth the money.

        Also, re: scarcity of written records, think about this. Papyrus. Where is it made? What were its substitutes before the invention of paper, and how did their price and scarcity compare? Could control of the Med by Mohammedans committing “piracy” (what they would term “holy raiding” e.g. a component of Jihad) contribute to the lack of writing in Europe and a decline in literacy as a result?

        Christianity is the seed from which European traditions of charity, chivalry, fair play, equality, etc., all grew. ANYBODY attacking Christianity’s roll in history is mind-weaponing you.

        Finally, there is no such thing as Judeo-Christianity as is commonly thought of. Judaism as it exists today is VASTLY different from what it was 2000 years ago, and a large bulk of Jews became Christian in the 1st century AD – the Gospel of Matthew was written for those communities, and many of Paul’s epistles are addressed to them (specifically Hebrews). Judaism was fundamentally transformed by the destruction of the Temple and the Jews today are in no way the spiritual heirs of the Jews 2000 years ago; that role belongs to the Orthodox Christians.

    • The “Dark Ages” are dark because they never existed. They got the whole time line wrong. Isaac Newton knew it, so did many others. Thanks to the Russian mathematician Anatoly Fomenko, we found the method to the madness. What’s interesting is that his theory explains the Jews, British Israelism and even Christian Identity.

      Remember, “Israel” means “God’s Warriors” and “Judah” means “God’s People.” The Dean of Israeli Archaeology has said that they can’t find anything from the Bible in the digs at Palestine. Why? Because the famous city of Jerusalem wasn’t in Palestine in the tiny little village of Al-Quds – it was by the Bosporus river i.e., Istanbul.

      In 1685, an English scholar by the name of Jean Hardouin published an edition of the Roman author Pliny’s Natural History. Hardouin, however, had an unusual belief about its origins. He was convinced that all of the ancient records of Greece and Rome were forgeries perpetrated by Benedictine monks, and that all of the Greco-Roman artifacts were similarly faked. By the time of his death in 1729, he had not provided a reason why the Benedictines would fake so much history, nor a shred of evidence to back up his claims. (1)

      Today an intellectual successor to Hardouin claims that it is not classical antiquity that was forged, but instead the history of the Middle Ages. Russian mathematician Anatoly Fomenko has devised a system he calls the “New Chronology” that he says firmly establishes the fictive nature of the medieval epoch. The University of Moscow professor published a book called Antiquity in the Middle Ages: Greek and Bible History, in which he argues that the written record of human history should be condensed from thousands of years into hundreds of years. For Fomenko, history unfolded not over millennia but centuries.

      The English edition of the book was published in September 2003, under the title History: Fiction of Science, with a lurid cover featuring the crucified Christ, but it is not necessary to buy the book to learn about Fomenko’s theories. Before the book’s translation, he published a 29,000-word summary of his findings online. This opus, written with G. V. Nosovskij, is grandly titled “New Chronology and New Concept of the English History: British Empire as a Direct Successor of the Byzantine-Roman Empire,” and it commits as great an assault on the English language as it does on English history. Nevertheless, it is an important and illuminating look at a new wave of alternative history, a history that appeals to Russians because it is designed to restore to post-Soviet Russia some of the power and greatness of its past.

      Fomenko begins by telling his readers that English history is flawed and broken. He argues that the source texts used to create our understanding of Britain from the Roman occupation to William the Conqueror are misdated: “In correct version, ancient and medieval English events am to be transferred to the epoch which begins from 9-10th cc [centuries]. Moreover, many of these events prove to be the reflections of certain events from real Byzantine-Roman history of 9-15th cc. Consequently, the Great Britain Empire is a direct successor of medieval Byzantine Empire.” (2)

      Say What?

      • mindweapon says:

        Wow fascinating!

      • Mr. Rational says:

        he argues that the written record of human history should be condensed from thousands of years into hundreds of years. For Fomenko, history unfolded not over millennia but centuries.

        Anyone who believes this today is nuts.  We have many checks on archaeological dates, including radiological and stratigraphic methods (you can’t put a later artifact under an undisturbed layer of volcanic ash from an earlier eruption).  You can’t fake the unbroken histories of tree rings used to date some ancient buildings.

        The people who push such nonsense should be grouped with UFOlogists and chemtrails conspiracy theorists.

      • We have many checks on archaeological dates, including radiological and stratigraphic methods (you can’t put a later artifact under an undisturbed layer of volcanic ash from an earlier eruption). You can’t fake the unbroken histories of tree rings used to date some ancient buildings.

        That’s the belief. The reality is quite different. Science is one thing, the application of science is quite another. Most historical artifacts have not been rigorously dated by scientific means. I remember an article in the WSJ about an archaeologist that was invited to various museums to date various artifacts. After debunking the antiquity of a dozen high profile pieces – she simply was never invited back to any more museums. The history establishment is both political and religious, and has a financial incentive to keep the current ideology.

        The people who push such nonsense should be grouped with UFOlogists and chemtrails conspiracy theorists.

        Fomenko – one of the greatest mathematicians of the modern age, Isaac Newton, a giant in science, Gary Kasporov, the famous chess player, among others. The fact that this information is greeted with cries of “UFOchemtrails conspiracy theorists” says a lot, too. I’ve read Fomenko’s work, it’s solid. So far, virtually every article attacking Fomenko has been by people who admittedly have never read his work, nor understand the science they claim to accept, and always (as in the article linked) come up with some personal attack without looking at the evidence.

        Fomenko deals with various technological dating techniques. There’s a long and unbroken record of proven fakes going back to the middle ages themselves – see the Donation of Constantine, for instance. Most history is based on “hey look, this monk found a 2,000 year old parchment in the trash can in the back of the library that proves our pet theory!

        Yeah, 1,000 years of that adds up to a lot of bunk history. What did Henry Ford say?

      • Someone show me how you can derive calculus from Roman Numerals? Someone explain to me how the “ancient” Romans were able to conquer the known world – without any maps!? Why is it that the “lost” historical works of ancient Greece and Rome always appear in the back of some church, discovered at the exact time they are needed to legitimize whichever ruling families were in power at the time? Someone explain to me how the further away from the “ancient” Trojan War one gets, the more historical detail the accounts include?

        How was Dante “forgotten” for hundreds of years, then “rediscovered” at the most opportune time?

        What are the chances that our entire knowledge of “Ancient Greek Plato” comes from a Renaissance writer named … Pleto. Who just happened to share the exact philosophy of his “ancient” counterpart, now called “neo-Platonism?” Oh yes, he discovered all of “Plato’s” work – in the back of the monestary, where these “ancient writings” had been “lost” for 2,000 years, until they are discovered by none other than Pleto himself?

        Why is it that the writers in the Middle Ages discuss the events of “ancient” Greece and Rome and the Bible – as if they were current, contemporary, or very recent events to their times? The current accepted timeline was only constructed a few hundred years ago.

        The proof is in the pudding – the king lists are duplicated, the astrological and geographic events mentioned in the “ancient” history can be conclusively dated to the middle ages, with no solutions for their traditional dates. Just look at illustrated copies of Revelation printed in the middle ages – they even show the “Angels” with their “thundering trumpets” – i.e., mounted soldiers with primitve guns. “Greek fire” as mentioned in the “ancient” chronicles – well, it’s obviously gunpowder from the middle ages. And where did John write Revelation? The island of Patmos – a suburb of Constantinople! Where are the earliest churches mentioned in the New Testament and much of Paul’s ministry? In Turkey, around Constantinople.

        What was Solomon’s Temple, if not the Hagia Sofia? Why did the Crusaders sack Constantinople – and called it “Jerusalem” when they did so? They waited 1,000 years to exact revenge on the people that killed Jesus?

        Fomenko solved the zodiac in Revelation – the “Beasts” are simply constellations, and their arrangement matches precisely with a date from the middle ages – not 2,000 years ago. This was even illustrated in the published editions! Artemis = the Virgin Mary, Zeus = Jesus (“hay-zeus”) – hardly a coincidence all of the “gods” tend to be planets. Religion = ancient, pre-scientific astronomy.

        Byzantium promulgated the Justinian Code – in Latin? For a Greek speaking population? Come on. “Ancient” Greece and Rome – the classics – were a mythology invented during the middle ages, based on real and imagined history. The Old Testament describes a Eurasian empire and their religion was proto-Islam. (Judaism itself came much later.) We call early Christianity “Mithraism” these days because it’s politically correct to do so, although there is essentially zero difference between Mithraism and middle ages Christianity.

        “History is bunk.”

      • pluto the dog says:

        HR l was troubled for a very long time trying to work out the Dark Ages – it didnt make sense to me. But then look at the dates – the rise of islam and its spread, the over 500 documented attacks on Western Europe by the muslims it all starts to make sense – the dates fit like the missing piece of a puzzle. And because Western Europe was largely fragmented after the demise of Rome only rarely did white people unite to fight off the muslims. You can compress or elongate time as much as you like but you still have to deal with the black cloud of islam that loomed menacingly over Europe for hundreds of years – time is a kind of illusion but swarms of filthy over sexed white hating moon worshippers bearing down on Europe raping killing pillaging was and is REAL

    • Charlotte says:

      This is what they’re teaching White children in British schools today:

    • oogenhand says:

      Jews would excuse themselves by saying that Muslims oppressed them less than did Christians. So you have to prove that Jews deserved their treatment WITHOUT their role in Islamization. However, the idea that Jews are up to no good as such is also held by Muslims, despite their role in Islamization. So one is between a fire and a hot place.

      I offer the idea that it makes sense to consider Anti-Fascism as an enemy on its own. Although Antifa recruits its members among Jews and Muslims, it is a separate ideology as it combines the worst features of both.

      And how would Mohammed be able to invent Islam without the example of Christianity? If Arab paganism was sufficient to do so, so would European paganism be sufficient to develop Anti-Islam.

      The main flaw of Christianity is that Christians do not understand that large families require expansion of territory, making it impossible to live up the Golden Rule. Either kill the unborn, or attack neighbouring people. This demands a dual morality, and thus, a secret language like Jews have in Hebrew, and Muslims have in Arabic. Sedevacantists could learn Latin for that purpose.

    • Arminius says:

      While I haven’t read Mr. Pirenne’s works, I’m fairly certain the Dark Ages were caused neither by Islam nor Christianity. They were caused by the destabilization of the Roman Empire. Christianity did, however, prolong the Dark Ages significantly.

      See, the Dark Ages weren’t the first dark age to happen historically. There were plenty of dark ages prior to the Dark Ages. Dark ages occur when a region destabilizes and loses intellectual capital. The difference between the Dark Ages and the previous dark ages was the presence of Christianity, which was fundamentalist and anti-intellectual to the core (much like Islam today). Christianity prolonged the Dark Ages by hundreds of years.

  2. ksenia.s says:

    If the adoption of Christianity as the official cult of the Roman Empire effected the collapse of the state, it is a wonder that the Eastern Roman Empire lasted until 1453. In fact the threat of Turkish rule caused many scholars to flee to the West, bringing with them classical knowledge and texts out of what was the greatest Christian empire of the world. But according to the author you forwarded, the Christians destroyed all the European artifacts and expressions of European culture. Never mind that the only way the West maintained consciousness of its own history through our the medieval period was du to the painstaking efforts of learned monks who transcribed ancient manuscripts thought the centuries. Also, the European Christian civilization grew into the most advanced civilization of the world with Christianity as its official cult. If Christianity is false and the pagan gods true it is a wonder that Julian the apostate failed so terrifically in his attempts to rebuild the temple of Jerusalem. His aim was to revive roman paganism and destroy Christianity. Who forced the Goths and Germans to convert? What oppressive Christian tyrant had such a rule over them that they would give up their ancient pantheon for Christ, the Saints, and the angels? The pagans were a free people who freely chose to believe.

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    • mindweapon says:

      Hutsulka Ksenia! Ya ochen’ rad, shto ya tebya obidyel! Inachye, ti mozhyet byit’ nikogda nye byi nakommentirovala!

      Zashishaysiya Veru Svoyu, Dyevchonka! Spasibo za kommentariya. Umnitsa dorogaya!

      A v Kaliforni’i? Immigrantka? Dobropozhaluyu tebya, Oksana, v nashu Amerikanskuyu, giknuvshuyus’ imperiyu!

    • pluto the dog says:

      Uh actually thousands of saxon diehards who refused to convert were killed, l’m probably more pro-Christian than anti but the Christianity everywhere apparent now is not the same Christianity of old – its marxist lite. Today the only authorative spokesperson for Christianity is Bishop Williamson – and he is only one man and such a towering figure that probably no one will come after him.
      l have no doubt many ‘pagans’ were physically coerced to convert to Christianity, but at least the prosletising was mostly restricted to white people, some people have said that Christianity was only for white people which is interesting – now that its for all the others as well many whites are deserting it. There are probably a number of reasons why Constantinople was able to hang on for so long and l cant think of them right now but given the dynanism of white Europeans its perfectly reasonable that the Western Roman Empire fragmented on largely tribal lines.

  3. Some Guy says:

    For more on the inherent falsehood of the phrase “Judeo-Christianity” I direct you to read 1st Thessalonians chapter 2 verses 14-16, a very clear indictment of the Jewish high priestly leadership and their persecutions of the Christians, many of whom (like Paul who wrote the letter) were converted Jews. I quote “Bible in Basic English” from Christnotes dot org.

    For you, my brothers, took as your examples the churches of God which are in Judaea in Christ Jesus; because you underwent the same things from your countrymen as they did from the Jews; Who put to death the Lord Jesus and the prophets, violently driving us out; who are unpleasing to God and against all men; Who, to make the measure of their sins complete, kept us from giving the word of salvation to the Gentiles: but the wrath of God is about to come on them in the fullest degree.

    Having read that, written over 1900 years ago, you should now recognize that any attempt to identify modern Judaism with Christianity, or to claim that there are “Three Abrahamic Religions,” is a mindweaponing attempt on you.

    Given also the recent hostility, say, in the past 50-60 years, of historians to Christianity’s role in European culture, and the coincidence of that timeline with Jewish Communist infiltration of the institutions, as well as the tendencies of the modern Jews to be atheistic (see Pew Forum survey of Jews done recently), I would suggest that all of your readers do some re-examination of their own attitudes towards Christianity. They have been mindweaponed.

    • mindweapon says:

      Thank you for your opinion, Some Guy. I happen to disagree.

      One thing I do not permit on this blog is Bible quoting. It makes for a very boring blog, with people quoting the bible at each other, copy pasting passages. Yawn.

      Sorry, that’s the rule so now you know it. I’ll leave your current comments up, but remember that for future commenting.

      • Rita Rabbit says:

        I don’t think it’s right to leave out the bible when discussing Christianity. He was using it to make the point that Judeo and Christian don’t even belong in the same sentence. The term Judeo-Christian has been in use for less than 100 years, and for obvious reasons.

      • mindweapon says:

        Allowing a little bit of Bible is a slippery slope. Soon you have pages and pages of dueling Bible Banjos.

      • Just Some Guy says:

        I’ll remember the rule.

        You disagree about “Judeo-Christianity” because you’ve been mindweaponed by the Jew’s long march through the institutions and just haven’t realized it yet.

        As another commenter mentioned, that turn of phrase is very new, historically speaking, and was invented for a reason.

  4. 1rw says:

    I’m surprised you post this simplistic claptrap mindweapon. The post attributes everything bad to Christianity, everything good to paganism, and ignores contrary information.

    Things ignored:
    1. Eastern Roman Empire didn’t go “dark”, Western Europe did
    2. In Orthodox Chridtianity there was a long intellectual debate on the subject of incorporating Greek philosophers like Aristotle and Plato into Christian doctorine, as well as a tension between rationalism and mysticism. Not the simplistic destroy all pagan thought.
    3. The final defeat of Constantinopol caused the flight of many of it’s leading intellects (clerics, historians, etc…) to Italy, sparking the Renaissance. In other words, the Eastern branch of Christianity had preserved the Classics and transmitted it westward
    4. The article commits the fallacy of confusing correlation with causation. Sure Christianity went on a roll during the Dark Age, but is it the cause? It is equally likely, in my mind, that a faith that promices salvation in the afterlife would be more comforting to those living in war ravaged, economically depressed times than one that focuses on hedonistic pleasure.
    5. Was the Roman Empire perfectly fine until Christianity showed up? Hah, it was constantly lurching from civil war to palace coup; its population was turning from small independent farmers to urban welfare moochers; it found itself relying on barbarian mercenaries to fill the ranks of its armies – some of whom turned against Rome. Problems I have trouble attributing to the teachings of Christ and his desciples, who had much to say about personal behavior and but one prescription for state policy – render unto Ceasar what is Ceasar’s.

  5. ben tillman says:

    Judeo-Christianity wiped out European culture in the period 400-800.

    Quite to the contrary, the “Dark Ages” were the period in which European culture was most free of outside influences.

    The “Dark Ages” were a period of decentralized power. They were a period in which our notions of freedom and self-government flourished, a period in which the king was subject to the law just like anyone else.

  6. wobbly says:

    Rome collapsed because their currency was debased – just like America is collapsing now because the dollar is being debased. The collapse of Rome and the collapse of America are exactly the same and for exactly the same reason.

    The Dark Ages that followed the collapse of Rome were dark because the economy flat-lined. The economy flat-lined because there was no money supply or rather there was a money supply – gold – but it was entirely concentrated in the hands of … Jewish money lenders.

    That’s what kept Europe stagnant for nearly a thousand years – a strangled money supply.

    And Europe crashed back into life with the Renaissance like it was given an adrenaline shot to the heart why? Europe came back to life directly after the expulsion of the Jews starting around 1300. Not because they were Jews but because their expulsion broke their monopoly on banking and money lending.

    It took them 680 years from the time of the expulsions to get back in total control of the western banking system and within 30 years of achieving it (c. 1980s) they have brought the western world to the brink of a second fall of Rome and for exactly the same reason.

    1) if people want to help YKW by deflecting blame from the true cause – bankers and money lenders – to Christianity then blame the Church for giving Jews the monopoly on money lending

    2) Muslims didn’t cause anything. They took advantage of European weakness – again exactly the same as now.

    3) Eastern Orthodox Europe didn’t go dark and their Christian civilization carried on for another 1000 years so what was different?

    Orthodox Europe didn’t give a hostile ethnic minority a monopoly on their money supply.

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