The term mud shark makes it’s grand entrance at; update, the man in question may be author James Ellroy

Update — this may be a spectacular example of trolling note the woman’s name is Schickel, as in Schickelgruber!

Second update, James Ellroy is the man. He wrote LA Confidential (made into a movie) and a book I read, “Blood’s a Rover.” I highly recommend this author.

He’s been a guest of Michael Savage before, by the way.

White nationalism has absolutely penetrated American culture, and made it our bitch! Yeee haaaa!

The term mudshark originated, as best I know, as far back as 2001. I heard it from recent high school grads in the Boston area. It may very well go back farther, but I peg it at 13 years ago.

I remember hearing the term, and saying to Curtis, who told me the term and explained it, one day this word will reach escape velocity and become a well known term in the culture.

Now it has. Now it’s on Wow. Do you feel the power?

My racist older lover
When I hear the Donald Sterling tapes, I’m reminded of the years I spent with a man whose views I despised

She spent years with a man whose views I despised? Well there must have been something about him you liked! They used to take women like you and shave their heads!

How is Erika Schickel not a racist herself? She was putting out for a racist, knowing he’s a racist, when she was young and hot. But hey, she’s a girl, so it’s A-OK folks. Now she can meet a nice non-racist chump to marry her, after she rode the carousel with a rich racist!

I remember the moment I discovered my lover was a racist. I was madly, deeply in love with a rich man 16 years my senior. We were about a month into our affair, sweet-talking each other on the phone late one night, when I mentioned I had long admired the comedian Dave Chappelle. My lover drew in his breath, and his tone ran to ice. “You’re not a mud shark are you?”

I had never heard the term “mud shark,” but I guessed its ugly meaning (a white woman who only dates black men), and I was nearly speechless with horror. I grew up in an ultra-liberal family, and I had never encountered such blatant racism before. It knocked the wind out of me. I sputtered, objected and reasoned with him. What I did not do that night was leave him.

As Roissy Heartiste says, a woman will rationalize her hamster, and try to reform the bad boy. Check and check.

I wonder if V. Stiviano went through the same twisted moral negotiations I did as I continued in my relationship. Encountering my boyfriend’s bigotry was like wading into a dark, murky pond. It was cold and unfamiliar, and the bottom was icky and scary. But I convinced myself if I kicked hard enough I could swim above it and never touch the muck. The thing that buoyed me was my own sense of loyalty. I may be in love with a racist, I told myself, but I was also standing by my man. It was my sacred mission to bring him over to love and acceptance. I would change him. But secretly I wondered if, in fact, he was changing me. Did loving a racist make me a racist as well?

And this:

As women we often measure our self-worth in terms of what we give to others. We think we can love our bad boys into goodness and by doing so, we will redeem ourselves from the notion that we are not enough on our own. So we strive to patiently teach our man-boys how to grow up to be people of character. That’s what I wanted more than anything – to save this bad man from the trauma that had wounded him and made him a racist. If I could do that, then my life would have meaning and impact. But of course, my lover, like Don Sterling, was no child; it was way too late for significant change.

Non-racist goodboys everywhere wept bitter tears!

This guy sounds awesome! He hates pop culture! He needs to comment here! No rap or Katie Perry allowed!

My man was jealous not just of black men, but any man who came into my orbit. So I began to limit my sphere, avoiding behaviors and encounters that might trigger him. He thought dancing was sex, and forbade me to so much as tap my toe to a beat. So I danced alone in my apartment when no one was looking. I stopped painting my nails, because he said it was cheap and horrifying, and I made sure to turn off my devil music before he came to my house. He insisted on either perfect silence or Beethoven. In these many small ways I erased myself in order to keep the peace.

He threatens to leave her, another Game principle for dealing with a hot young thing who wants to leave:

The real kryptonite was the threat of abandonment. Just like Sterling, my man would tell me our relationship was going to break apart. As a person who suffered abandonment as a child, I found his leaving a failure too painful to concede, so I played along, sacrificing my values, beliefs, identity and agency – just to make him stay.

I really thought I was nothing without him. How I got there, how any woman gets into that position is a long story that often begins with emotional abuse or abandonment in childhood. Maybe our mothers taught us to do this, or maybe our culture did. But we will do almost anything to be loved and we are willing to barter ourselves in increments, if it means being important to an important man.

Maybe this is one of the Roissy writers himself! It sounds just like Roissy!

The cherry on top of the Sundae? She didn’t break up with him! He broke it off with her, and she still pines for him! You got to wonder if Salon has not been virtuousically trolled!

I’d like to say I finally got wise, that I stood up for myself and walked out on my racist lover. I’d like to be the Norma Rae of codependent, put-down women everywhere. But in the end, he finally said, “I don’t want to change. This is who I am and I refuse to be inconvenienced by you any longer. It’s over.” By then I was an exhausted, heartbroken, demoralized shadow of my former self. And yet I still loved him. In fact, a small, broken piece of me yearns for him even now, and I cannot shake the feeling that I somehow failed him, even though I know, intellectually, that I only failed myself.


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78 Responses to The term mud shark makes it’s grand entrance at; update, the man in question may be author James Ellroy

  1. Charlotte says:

    Some WN I talk to abhor using that term, even going as far to say its use should be banned on WN sites. They say it’s hard for people to take us seriously, “it sounds too childish” etc etc.

  2. New England Millennial says:

    This story is on infowars. Interestingly enough, the student is YKW, but apparently he was being constantly told to “check his privelige”. I think this story shows two things:
    1. YKW have created a “golem” (multiracial madness liberal society) that is now going after them (Don Sterling, YKW-kids in NYC getting bullied & attacked).
    2. The elite (he was a Princeton student) are criticizing it and receiving mass-media attention. Perhaps this is their attempt to co-opt WNism. Your claim is that it won’t matter who turns on Aryan Skynet. I guess we will see.

    Tal Fortgang has been at the Ivy League school for only eight months, but has already grown weary of the social justice campaign that assumes he’s there because he’s a white male.

    Fortgang posted his story on “The Princeton Tory,” a blogsite touted as “a journal of conservative and moderate thought,” where he explained that some opinions are disregarded merely because of the person voicing them.

    “’Check your privilege,’ the saying goes, and I have been reprimanded by it several times this year,” he wrote. “’Check your privilege,’ they tell me in a command that teeters between an imposition to actually explore how I got where I am, and a reminder that I ought to feel personally apologetic because white males seem to pull most of the strings in the world.”

    While the student says he does not accuse anyone of “overt racism,” he condemns the fact that everything he has accomplished is diminished because they judge him as having been raised in a privileged family.

    Fortgang provides a lengthy explanation of the adversity that his “privileged” family had to endure to get to where he is now. Of his grandfather he wrote:

    Perhaps it’s the privilege my grandfather and his brother had to flee their home as teenagers when the Nazis invaded Poland, leaving their mother and five younger siblings behind, running and running until they reached a Displaced Persons camp in Siberia, where they would do years of hard labor in the bitter cold until World War II ended. Maybe it was the privilege my grandfather had of taking on the local Rabbi’s work in that DP camp, telling him that the spiritual leader shouldn’t do hard work, but should save his energy to pass Jewish tradition along to those who might survive. Perhaps it was the privilege my great-grandmother and those five great-aunts and uncles I never knew had of being shot into an open grave outside their hometown. Maybe that’s my privilege.

  3. KO says:

    Great post. All along he was changing her, saving her from herself, and saving others from her misguided views, but eventually the costs swamped the benefits. Hope he found someone decent.

    I agree with Charlotte’s friends who dislike the term. In any case, shark is not the right metaphor for those poor losers, whom we see wheeling their mixed blood babies to the bus stop, and who abandoned or were abandoned by the men of their own communities.

  4. WG says:

    Racists are Alpha as fuck.

    • @WG

      Racists are Alpha as fuck.

      Being a racist makes you a bad boy, and we all know that women love bad boys.

      So my usual technique is I call myself a “sexist” first. That’s actually less controversial, because women are sexist, and know it and even admit it to some degree. Most women like being women and have no interest in being men. Sure, you have to finesse it a little bit but they like it when you say something controversial. I use “women shouldn’t vote” as a pick up line – it works, too. They get all play outraged which of course just increases the tension.

      So when you start on the racist stuff, they might object and even act horrified, maybe slap your arm and tell you how bad you are, but that just gets them hot and bothered. Most white women are racist, although they would never admit it, but just consider this. All that miscegenation propaganda over the last two generations and still it’s a fringe phenomenon, mostly white women who either have a very serious messed up past, or just empowered sluts who want to bed a man of each different race just for variety’s sake – like men tend to do. Really, it’s just another form of White Supremacism – men and women of other races are essentially playthings for whites. There’s two mudshark dynamics I have seen: either the women is really messed up, or she’s the one in total control of the non-white, he’s a pet, like a big dog.

      People need to catch up to the realities of birth control, sex does not mean babies anymore, so the game has changed forever. Aside from maybe a Latin Lover – which tend to be white or 90% white – or perhaps a strict misogynist Muslim (women love sexist men who will keep them in their place, come on, it’s like the most common sexual fantasy) – white women generally aren’t interested in non-white men. Certainly they have no interest in Asian men, and blacks are seen as, at best, some sort of sex toy, one step above beastiality, the thrill is precisely because it’s so degrading.

      Really, it’s just not that big of an issue. White women generally speaking are only interested in white men, and white men – who definitely cross the color line more than white women – other than maybe sowing some wild oats are only interested in white women for marriage and children. All the media propaganda hasn’t changed that are likely never will.

      P.S. Re: Savage Weiner reviewing James Elroy – ascomanni – who I believe posts here and found my blog and Hipster Intelligence Agency from here – compared my Heartbreakers novella to James Elroy, whom I have never read but I took it as a great compliment anyway. Anyone interested please read it and let me know what you think!

      • Ryu says:

        Racists are the most alpha of all men. I think a racist PUA would be the highest type possible.

      • Charlotte says:

        “There’s two mudshark dynamics I have seen: either the women is really messed up, or she’s the one in total control of the non-white, he’s a pet, like a big dog.” Yeah, and “getting back at daddy.” Thankfully, I’ve only seen about two dozen since my family moved to England, and most of those were on a day out to a theme park. A lot of White guys with black/mixed women. A lot of these women are not ‘lookers’ either.

      • Charlotte says:

        “A lot of these women are not ‘lookers’ either.” I meant the White women who have non-white bf or husbands.

      • mindweapon says:

        Great comment, Hipster.

        I wrote to James Ellroy a while back, no reply. He should definitely be commenting here, get his own WordPress. We could give him fresh stuff to write about.

    • clytemnestra57 says:

      Hipster Racist said:

      There’s two mudshark dynamics I have seen: either the women is really messed up, or she’s the one in total control of the non-white, he’s a pet, like a big dog.

      I didn’t notice this before the Leith incident with Crazy Craig Cobb (who I still suspect was a SPLC operative), but I saw the show where he went to BBC show that – surprise surprise! – talked him into taking a DNA test which showed he had a big percentage of Sub-Saharan African in his DNA.

      In any case, during that segment, he was confronted by Leith’s sole interracial couple, Bobby and Sherrill Harper. Well, when the hostess introduced Bobby Harper to Craig Cobb as her husband, he said, “that’s not her husband, that’s her pet!” Of course the audience dutifully booed and hissed.

      However, she did engage in behavior that made me feel uncomfortable and I knew a lot of interracial couples when race-mixing was at its height in the nineties. So the race-mixing aspect did not particularly bother me. At the time, I put it down to Sherrill being extra defensive and protective of Bobby in the presence of Cobb. But this bizarre behavior did not end with the segment where she was confronted by Cobb and a Black Female Separatist.

      Even on segments where the setting, the audience and the host were especially sympathetic, supportive and solicitous, I noticed that Sherrill practically had Bobby sitting in her lap, stroking him exactly as if he was a big dog! It was bizarre and, in my opinion, dehumanizing behavior she was displaying. He even looked a little stiff and uncomfortable himself, but he chooses to live with her, so I guess he’s stuck in that bed he made with her. Ugh.

  5. Muds stink. Race traitors.

    • StukaPilot says:

      The Salon comment is a brilliant put-on, & reeks of Roissy. He is a Good Jew.

      @ Andrea: I have a somewhat short attention span. Please make the essays on your site less wordy and complex. How about writing a neo-fascist review of “Objective Burma”, possibly Errol Flynn’s finest performance….in a movie, I mean

  6. KO says:

    On the “multicultural golem,” we can also look to Europe, where the exaltation of Moslems completely trumps any Jewish objections to their virulent anti-Semitism, and any homosexual objections to their condemnation of homosexuals.

  7. Pantaleon says:

    As white men with black women are called?

      • StukaPilot says:

        oil-drillers are far and few between, since she-boons tend toward ugliness and smell bad; same reason there is literally no annual statistic for White male rape of she-boons…as compared to the tens of thousands of White women and girls violated by ‘groids per annum. Mudsharks, on the other hand, are everywhere. Why? The Jew-controlled mass media and educational system tells White femmes that they must f**k for nigs lest they be ray’cisssssssss. This in turn is part of the broader Jew-orchestrated, ongoing anti-Whiite genocide via such obvious methods as open-boarders black/brown insourcing, Jew-feminist “have career not baby” PR, and kosher Culture of Death lesbian incitement.

      • moishe says:

        smelly oil drillers!

  8. PA says:

    The term “mudshark” goes back at least to 1993. That is when I first heard somebody say it.

    • mindweapon says:

      thanks PA! Im surprised this story isnt viral yet like the woman who said she was grateful for being raped on a rooftop in Haiti

      using the term mudshark may prevent actual mudsharking. therefore, the social good of prevention of this lethal practice outweighs any mean-ness factor.

    • John says:

      Mudshark goes well beyond ’93. It was well known at least as far back as early-mid 80’s in my personal experience.

  9. mindweapon says:

    thanks PA! Im surprised this story isnt viral yet like the woman who said she was grateful for being raped on a rooftop in Haiti

    using the term mudshark may prevent actual mudsharking. therefore, the social good of prevention of this lethal practice outweighs any mean-ness factor.

    • clytemnestra57 says:

      Mindweapons, I’m so glad that you posted about this.

      I think the term “mudshark” works very well on White women whose families barely escaped being marginalized in White poverty and are struggling to either remain out of White poverty or have higher social aspriations.

      But I don’t think this appellation would have any effect on the Malcolm X Scholar in Haiti. A well-traveled White who engages in these silly, telescopic philanthropical missions is probably upper liberal class who worships Obama and thinks that having a little Obama would be a symbol of their liberal cachet.

      In my OKCupid post, I mentioned the prediction of an older Black woman who talked disparagingly of “foolish, idealistic, young White women” in the throes of “Mandingo Syndrome.” H/T to her. I think this is an excellent meme for any Hipster Racist who socializes with that circle to slip in that term with ironic inflections, rolled eyeballs, arched eyebrow and slight sneer.

      Upper class liberals are very self-righteous and pompous and want to be taken seriously. Mandingo Syndrome is a great way to make them look and better yet, feel foolish. JMO.

  10. Wally D. says:

    I think the term ‘mudslide’ could also be used whenever a community experiences an influx of muds/illegals which tips the balance, from a predominently white community to a ghetto/barrio, where it becomes dangerous to walk the streets.

  11. PA says:

    using the term mudshark may prevent actual mudsharking

    I agree. There is a time and place for elevated language such as Jared Taylor’s or Lawrence Auster’s. There is a time and place for wit like Steve Sailer’s or hard verve like Heartiste’s. And tehr is also a time and place for gutter language.

    Circulating a term like “mudshark” will dissuade many at-risk girls with the power of its downmarket imagery.

    • mindweapon says:

      exactly. I dont use racial slurs for other groups but to stigmatize whites who hurt our race I am fine with harsh terminology.

    • clytemnestra57 says:

      Absolutely. As long as it’s an attack which plays up its downmarket aspects for all its worth and it’s directed at another target or general target, and done in the hearing of the at-risk “bystander,” it is very effective. It absolutely worked with me. See my post, further down.

      You have to be careful with a personal attack upon a specific target like a friend, close acquaintance, or family member. You risk making them go stubborn and dig in their heels. Concern trolling is the way to go. See same post, further down.

      The beauty of concern trolling is that there is so much to be concerned about, LOL. You have the spectacular OJ Simpson style failures of interracial couples, the high incidence of STIs in the African-American community not to mention HIV from Black men on the down low and then there is the children; the unhappy biracial children who feel neither fish nor fowl and last of all have a horrible time getting organ or bone marrow transplants.

      Remember that the goal is to be PROACTIVE, not REACTIVE.

      Another warning about the term, MUDSHARK. Use it like a smart bomb. Use it as sparingly as possible or you risk desensitizing people to the term and even have them try to subvert its power by embracing it and flaunting it as badge of twisted pride. One of the reasons the term racist is losing its effect, is that it has been abused. So be careful.

  12. thordaddy says:

    And yet… The real desire is still ambiguous…

    The female (trolling author) is neither dissuaded from her self-annihilating ways nor is she commanded to join the side of “white supremacy.” She remains in limbo…

    As for the background noise…

    The unrepentant “racist…”

    He says “mudshark” and this seems the most measly of foundations on which to stand. Meaning, he sees “mudsharks” but from atop a “foundation” that has him seeing nothing more.

    When are the “white boys” going to stopping giving in to being called “racist” because “now it just means whatever the black says” and start claiming to be genuine white Supremacist and the nigel need get lost… He’s not in the picture. No more gratuitous affirmation of the “black” man via a denigration of white females. It is/was “white fathers” that had their hand in the making of the “mudsharks.”

    Who is going to be accountable?

    • tteclod says:

      I permitted my daughter to date two black guys. Never go back my ass! She’s cured. Those two young fools taught my daughter more racism than I ever could.

      Tell your daughters EXACTLY what to expect, then let them see Daddy’s prescience firsthand. There’s no better way to teach than to provide experience – just make sure they comprehend the stakes are mortal and act accordingly.

      • mindweapon says:

        Yech, no way! I’m glad it worked out OK for you, but no way would I ever say “it’s OK,” as a sort of vaccination.

      • tteclod says:

        If your daughter never considers dating black guys, good for you. In my case, the best move was to let her see for herself. Saying, “Over my dead body,” would have emboldened her to act covertly. Being the kind of guy who doesn’t believe without proof, I can’t expect different from my daughter. She needed to see for herself that such men were beneath her. So, I invite the first boy’s parents over to the house. They don’t even bother to show. The next boy’s divorced and unemployed father at least shows at the house – and can’t manage to eat the vegetables presented for lunch. She compares that to the lower-middle class white boys she dates and those boys’ families and comprehends the difference. Now she knows. When she heads to college come the fall, I have one less thing about which to worry.

        Truly, if your daughter comes home and tries the same, play it just like you would with upper-class whites: families meet ASAP and assess, determine if an alliance through marriage is even possible, and let the girl see the comparison in stark relief.

  13. thordaddy says:

    I think the better bet is that a word like “mudshark” was thrown out there in order to be torn to shreds by the virtual mob. We’ll see.

  14. thordaddy says:

    If one wants to use the term “mudshark” then he should not allow wishful thinking make him oblivious to the fact that such a pejorative is more likely to intensify the “mudshark’s” hatred for her “white father” in particular and white man in general than it will be likely to persuade her to deny her self-annihilating ways.

    You have to separate the mudsharking engineers from the broken souled mudsharks. But then one has to step beyond the constraints of HBD.

  15. zodak says:

    the hamstering of this woman, it’s amazing what they will put up with.
    “Non-racist goodboys everywhere wept bitter tears!”
    so true. & she’ll lash out at any nice guy who point out what she did.

  16. tteclod says:

    “And yet I still loved him. In fact, a small, broken piece of me yearns for him even now, ” says the married woman.

    It’s no wonder liberals double-down on silly notions about marriage and commitment. They have no idea what ought never be said by a woman intending to stay married.

  17. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Awesome news. Any White Nationalism diction that penetrates the Libtardosphere that has a hold on major media outlets is a good sign. It means that the numbers of those who can “see” are growing and that we can wield some influence.
    This is why I have attempted to use certain words (ex: Amurkistan) or phrases (Working Whites) repeatedly on Viking Bitch. Language has influence. This is how the Left got a hold on this once great country, by trying to alter and in essence censor our speech (ex: Using the “N word” makes you a racist!). The more we use certain phrases over and over again, the more they will “stick” and deflate the power of Political Correctness that the Jews and White Elite have created to keep Working Whites “in check” so to speak. This is why it is also important that “small time”, independent thinkers, politicos, etc. keep logging into their blogs and responding, writing, etc. daily. Their is strength in the written word and the more of us that write, the more powerful we can become.
    Behold the power of the pen!

  18. thordaddy says:

    This is ridiculous…

    Call the broken experiments of radical liberation “mudsharks…”

    Acquiesce to the “racist” label via one’s oh-so-powerful indifference…

    And never assert that white man simply has a better vision for life that cannot be shared with “blacks” qua blacks… Or Jews as Jews… Or homosexuals as homosexuals… Or dykes as dykes… Or jihadist as jihadist… Or other “white” liberal desirous of self-annihilation…

    Won’t even call one’s self a genuine white Supremacist… Won’t utter a single truth THAT ACTUALLY MATTERS?

    • mindweapon says:


      Your writing is a little bit vague and meandering. Try to gather your thoughts, and write more succinctly. I give you a D on this comment.

    • PA says:

      MW, have you lurked at the now-closed GLPiggy blog? Thordaddy is not amenable to requests for clarity. He is often unreadable, but his writing occasionally produces brilliant, sometimes in their simplicity, lines like this one:

      “And never assert that white man simply has a better vision for life that cannot be shared with [others]”

      That in itself is an incompletely revealed idea, but it sure got me thinking in a new direction.

      • mindweapon says:

        Yes, I agree, some of his stuff is interesting. The whole “married a Somali and became a Muslim extremist” was hilarious. Don’t know if true or not, but he certainly spun a good tale, so I give it some chance of being true. He seemed to have insider cultural information. The big test would be if he can actually speak Arabic.

      • thordaddy says:


        If the “marrying Somali” was in reference to me then I believe you have the wrong person. I don’t write fiction nor personal stuff for the most part.

        But to clarify my point in defiance of PA…

        Dang… I broke it down in sentences…

        The modern above average intelligence “white” male liberal aka Nerd, submits to the following memetic persuasions…

        “Mudsharks” are broken souled “white” females and nerd CANNOT SEE THIS… Nerd CANNOT articulate his visceral distaste for mudsharking.

        Nerd will gleefully ACCEPT the “racist” label and contemptuously reject the “white Supremacist” label AND THEN FEIGN an oblivious ignorance as TO WHAT THIS ACTUALLY MEANS…

        Lastly… The Nerd HBDer, provocateur of racial stewing, SIMPLY WILL NOT suggest, assert, claim, declare that WHITE MAN has a SUPERIOR vision for the life of white people and it does not includes OTHERS. But all one needs to do is understand 1 and 2 to get to 3

  19. thordaddy says:

    The Sterling episode should have been read in one simple manner by the real WN…

    And this timely trolling which presages the NEXT RADICAL “black” DEMAND only lends credence…

    It is now “racist” not to WANT your daughter(s)/your lady/your wife/your sister hanging on a “magic johnson.”

    It’s not good enough just to throw slurs as broken “white” females.

    They went wrong and were led in the wrong direction when they thought they were allowed to love whomever they please and there would be no consequence.

    • Wally says:

      Shaming language works. The left has used shaming language in the West for decades to great success. Societies all over the world use shaming language successfully. Doesn’t matter if you don’t like it.

    • thordaddy says:

      It can work and it can entrench already held feelings of hate.

      No reason to think it ALWAYS works…

      But I believe the real point is to put the word out there in order for the mob to tear it to shreds… A super-duper majority of people believe in the “right” to “love” whomever one pleases… So even those against “mudsharking” aren’t really standing on the principle that “no, one may not love whomever they please” when the degrade “mudsharking.”

  20. I think the news from OKCupid is very heartening about not only how little race-mixing White women do, but the fact that younger White women are less inclined to race-mix than their older sisters and aunts did. IOW, folks, it may not be real obvious, but White women race-mixing with Black men, in particularly is DECREASING.

    I remember being in a room where Black women were losing their minds about White girls taking THEIR men away. They all looked at me, like they were expecting some liberal spiel, supporting race-mixing and I said that I couldn’t jump their asses over their distaste for it, because I had the same gut response to MY men with Asian girls. I told them that White men with Yellow Fever cited chapter and verse the same complaints about WHITE women that Black men chasing White girls had about THEM. Of course, I posited my theory that such men had problems with WOMEN period and they would be in a rude awakening when their exotic new love got PMS.

    Then this one slightly older Black woman speaks up and says that she wasn’t worried; she thought that this whole WF hooking up with BM was just a passing fad, because “foolish, idealistic, young White women” suffering from “Mandingo Syndrome” would quickly get over it once they figured out “how Black men really are.”

    I would say this woman was very prescient. If trends had continued the way they were, we’d have at least five to ten percent of Whites, White women, in particular, engaged in this behavior. This was back in the nineties. The height of this stuff was the tail end of the Baby Boomers and Gen X. It’s tapering off sharply with the Millennial Generation.

    • Craig says:

      My younger step sister learned from the mistakes of her older sister’s mud sharking ways, though the older one did grow out of it to, she even has a white son, and there’s only 8 years between them, so less then half a generation, from the gen X to the Y’s, and the propaganda out lived it’s day. OLMG, out right white supremacists seem to be the badboy’s of the day back home, for both my step sisters. The ultimate rebelling against a conservative old school Liberal praetorian step father.

      Of course I’m the misogynist son, my step mum even called me that in a rage, yet they love me the most. Who would of thought…

      I must admit though all my family to a certain degree are race realist, white supremacist to varying degrees. Oh, apart from one Step oil driller, poor bastard learned the real hard way, he’s pretty much exiled himself from the family too.

      • mindweapon says:

        Good to hear the Aussies are racially healthy minded.

        We just got to get through this historical period with out White bloodlines intact, and the age of diversity, mudsharking, multicult, liberalism, and government checks for teenage girls that get pregnant will be way way way over. We’re all going to breathe a sigh of relief and have a drink and a laugh with each other when this indignity is past us.

        There will be other hardships, — hunger, the rise of superbugs, more violence, but I can’t imagine anything worse than forced multicult.

      • thordaddy said:

        If one wants to use the term “mudshark” then he should not allow wishful thinking make him oblivious to the fact that such a pejorative is more likely to intensify the “mudshark’s” hatred for her “white father” in particular and white man in general than it will be likely to persuade her to deny her self-annihilating ways.

        Thordaddy, careful lest you fall into the Media Meme Trap of believing that all racism is some evil that ALL thinking people will instinctively cringe from. Racism is neither good nor evil in and of itself. Racism is good for patients if doctors end up prescribing medicine that does not kill them, because one size does not fit all. Racism is bad if it ends up in lynchings and assaults.

        For the purpose of self-preservation of our race, we need to be more concerned not about racism but if we are being effective or not. The fact that your average White is so freaked out about being called a racist is because shaming IS effective if it is used the right way. Take, the term, “mudshark.” Such an ugly, brutal, repellent name.

        Mudshark is effective for shaming racially weak Whites so long as it is not used as a direct attack on an isolated individual you are trying to save from themselves. If someone is teetering in that direction, it can serve as a brace until they get their heads on straight. I’ll give my own real life example.

        I first heard the term back in the early nineties. This was contemptuously uttered by a racist White woman about another White coworker in my hearing. When I asked the former what it meant, with great disdain, she said it meant low-brow White trash so far gone that they had forgotten themselves and had race-mixed resulting in Mulatto bastards. It turned out that the racist was correct in her assessment of the other woman. She had a son by a married Black man though she did not advertise it. I never suspected it, because she was married to a White man by this time. When I asked the racist how she had guessed, she made a few remarks about this woman’s low character and said that the husband was a shiftless, no-account who lived off of his wife. (And he was).

        Now, I considered myself fairly liberal in those days and on an “intellectual” level, I agreed with the concept of race-mixing if the couple genuinely loved each other and didn’t have some other weird, “freaking out the family” agenda. I had even convinced myself that I would date out if I was asked out by any guy outside of my race that I was truly attracted to. The irony is that the issue never came up before the racist had dropped “the poisoned pill.”

        Thanks to “the twins,” I never had a problem with attracting White men, so my “dance card” was always full. But to be honest, Black men were too obsessed with the Blondes that mass media keeps marketing to them to pay me much attention back then. We see the same phenomenon with Muslims and North Africans in Scandinavia. The Blondes there use Dark Brown Hair Dye as Diversity Repellent.

        It wasn’t until AFTER I heard the term Mudshark that some genuine interest was displayed. I guess Black men had discovered Blonde dye, because so many Black women were using it and figured they could get a White Brunette and douse her with hair dye. However, once I had heard the word, it had such a chilling effect on me that I firmly declined all offers even though I was going through a drought with the White guys during that period.

        I had a young cousin who was dating some sleazy little White tramp with a Black baby girl. The really unfortunate thing about this child was that Baby Girl had NONE of the traits of Baby Mama’s people. She looked pure Bantu and was totally out of control even though she was hardly walking.

        The one thing about my family is that we are stubborn and shaming is the best way to make us dig our heels in all the harder, so giving Baby Mama the Mudshark label was not enough to dissuade my cousin from Baby Mama. His parents were beside themselves. They did not want Baby Mama in their family but decided be polite to her through gritted teeth. The one thing I knew is that he genuinely loves kids and liked Baby Girl.

        So, I made sure he was in earshot when I remarked how confused and unhappy and out of control Baby Girl was over the way Baby Mama insisted on isolating her from any body who looked like her. Then I ventured my opinion that once Baby Mama had opted to have and keep Baby Girl, she should have either stuck with Baby Daddy or, if this was impossible – Baby Daddy was in prison at the time – she should have hooked up with another Black guy, so that with HIS family and circle of friends, Baby Girl would have people to relate to in her life. My cousin broke up with Baby Mama a few days later.

        In my case, the White racist was shrewd enough to sense that liberal Whites like me looked down especially harder on really poor, degraded Whites much more than we did other people of color, not matter how degenerate they were. So she made a big point of enforcing the meme: White racemixer = Mudshark = Really low White trash = Ultimate Loser. She appealed to the implicit snob in me. She was very effective. And believe me, I applied the same verbage in front of my nieces and my little cousins when they started entering middle school.

        Do it; “it’s for the children” has always been an effective way of opening telescopically philanthropic White’s wallets for starving Bantus in Africa. So, once I convinced my cousin that his being in Baby Mama’s life instead of a Black “father” role model was a bad thing for Baby Girl, it appealed to his “finer” nature and he felt totally noble in kicking Baby Mama to the curb.

        I ran into Baby Mama a few months later. She was with a Black guy and Baby Girl. I’m not sure if Baby Daddy had gotten out of jail and this was him or if this was some other Black guy. I never found out, because though I smiled and said hello, Baby Mama, who looked miserable, was very curt with me. My cousin is a naïve, artless type and I’m sure he told her what or precisely who had inspired the breakup.

        I did notice that Baby Girl seemed much happier and in control, so having either Baby Daddy back or at least some guy with family in her life who looked like her helped her immensely. But Baby Mama didn’t seem to appreciate that. But then she never appreciated how hooking up with Baby Daddy and having Baby Girl would impact her parents and siblings either. That’s just how selfish race-mixers roll.

      • mindweapon says:

        Great story, Cly! How tragic this all is!

      • thordaddy says:


        The way you understand “racism…”

        Not good or not evil…

        That’s not how I see “racism…”

        When one is accused of “racism,” one is accused of being a “white supremacist.” So even when that Japanese scientist was accused of “racism,” the real takeaway was, “Don’t be a white supremacist.”

        Now of course, we operate in an inverted morality…

        We live in a Liberated environment where liberated mathematics gives us the following equations:

        Supremacy = degeneracy

        Such that…

        White Supremacy = white degeneracy…

        This is the BELIEF of a super-duper majority…

        So that being called a “racist” is equal to being called a white degenerate.

        So now… This label is ACCEPTED as some form of protest…

        Sorry… White Supremacy = white Supremacy = Very Good.

        There is no neutrality about it.

    • mindweapon says:

      Wow, great story Cly. So according to OKCupid it’s decreasing, eh? Numbers don’t like. Thank G-d!

      • KO says:

        Forced multicult is prison. You can’t choose your cellmates or your blockmates. You look at the same unwanted mugs day after day. At worst counting the days, and blowing off steam in useless vituperations

    • @ thordaddy who wrote:

      When one is accused of “racism,” one is accused of being a “white supremacist.” So even when that Japanese scientist was accused of “racism,” the real takeaway was, “Don’t be a white supremacist.”

      It does not matter if one is being accused of being a white supremacist, even if the accuser is ignorant (or disingenuous enough) to conflate racism with bigotry. Racism is simply a way to classify the races and determine which approach is most effective to deal with any one of them in any given situation.

      A Black client will end up with no hair and a burnt scalp if her White hairdresser treats her just like a White woman because African hair is different from European hair. Medicine that can help one race can actually harm another.

      The races have different temperaments and learning/comprehension styles. One of the reasons why a large population of Black students will turn a school into a zoo, is because most Blacks are kinetic learners. Ideally, they should be segregated to schools whose whole focus is on the kinetic learner. Yes, there are exceptions to the rule, but if you want to maximize any success with the races, you will tailor your approach to that race.

      Most “bigoted” Whites are not White supremacists. White supremacy is all about having people of color be dependent/subservient to Whites and wait on them hand and food. For example, the late Eugene Terreblanche was a White supremacist who liked being able to order Black men around and have them wait on him so much that he preferred being murdered in his bed by them rather than give their jobs to poor, starving, dispossessed White Boers even though doing so could have saved them all.

      Terrible Tommy Metzger OTOH has no desire to have people of color in his town much less waiting hand and foot on him in his own house. But he has no problem with them being successful, independent agents … as long as they do it on their own turf, not his. He is not a White supremacist; he’s a White separatist.

      White Liberalism is a form of White Supremacy. Like Terreblanche, Liberals want Blacks dependent on them, but they exploit them for their votes, not their labor; that’s what Mestizos are for.

      White Liberals loathe White Separatists because they refuse to miscegenate. If left alone, White Separatists represent a competitive threat to White Liberals. However WLs also know that if you take Mestizos and light-skinned POC out of the White Crime Stats report, Whites are less criminal than Asians. The idea is to blend Whites into the rainbow to create a better-behaved servant class.

      White Liberals especially loathe White Separatists because they will abandon whole cities and infrastructure like Detroit, Camden, Gary, Trenton to avoid dealing with people of color even if they have to forego Big City Amenities. Without a large White taxpayer sticking around to fuel the political machine that keeps Voters of Color dependent on them, White Liberals are voted out and Politicians of Color are voted in who further mismanage these cities into the ground.

      Are you familiar with Scorched Earth Warfare? Normally, one thinks of Scorched Earth like Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Dresden. That’s when if the invader meets any resistance, he take a scorched earth approach once he takes the city, kills everything and everyone in it and then burns the place down as an example to any more would-be resistors.

      Well, when France and Germany, about a century later, invaded Russia, the Russian villagers killed any livestock they couldn’t take with them and then set their villages and fields on fire, presenting the invaders with only scorched earth to occupy. There were no structures to protect them during the harsh, cold Russian winters and that’s what defeated them.

      Well, White Liberals as the REAL White Supremacists fear and loathe White Separatists, because White Separatists have this latent scorched-earth approach to those who try to take their own personal power and autonomy from them. White Separatists would rather forego big city amenities and move out to the country than have White Liberal agendas imposed on them even though derelict cities end up spreading all over the country.

      • thordaddy says:

        White Liberalism is a form of White Supremacy.

        This is absolutely wrong.

        “White” liberalism is self-annihilating. “White” liberals are anti-white Supremacists.

        The white Supremacist is a white man who believes in objective Supremacy… Perfection… He who will do all right… The Man with the most Capital… Simple commonsense says worship such Man.

        At this stage of the game, mainstream Christianity is centered almost entirely around salvation where the views run from self-annihilation for “salvation” (liberal “Christianity”) all the way to the strict traditions of the Church to gain salvation (Orthodox).

        What is missing is what exactly is being worshipped.

        Christians worship The Perfect God and the Perfect Man (white Christians are white Supremacists) AND ALL OTHERS deny the existence of one or both.

        And the repercussions couldn’t be more deadly for white man.

      • thordaddy says:

        If a growing collective of white men simply expressed the belief in objective Supremacy, i.e., The Perfect God and The Perfect Man, this would instantly initiate a psychological separation from all variants of radical liberationist at the most fundamental level..

      • mindweapon says:

        Great comment as always, Cly! Interesting analogy about Scorched Earth tactics. Quite true — if ordinary Whites who keep the trains running on time, withdraw our support, it all breaks down. They want to force us to support their liberal agenda at all costs, and have been able to do so because they had a lot of money.

        The surplus wealth goes away, they can no longer command Whites to support the liberal agenda with big Paychex. They have to pay police and firemen 6 figures in the big cities. When they cannot, those cities will burn baby burn!

      • PA says:

        I also like the “scorched earth” analogy.

      • @thordaddy who writes:

        “White” liberalism is self-annihilating. “White” liberals are anti-white Supremacists.

        Nonsense. Thordaddy, you have to stop listening to what White Liberals SAY and start watching what they DO to understand how they THINK.

        You have made a valid point in your posit that Whites are their own worst enemy. But do not believe, for one single second, that even though the RESULT is self-annihilation, the GOAL was.

        Another key component of White Supremacy is that only other Whites are worthy competitors to Whites. White Liberals appear to be waging a RACE WAR against other Whites on behalf of “poor, oppressed, people of color,” but what they are actually engaged in is a CLASS WAR that is DISGUISED as a race war against other Whites.

        You look at your typical White Shabby Goy Liberal who pushes all the right miscegenation memes and watch who his children marry. They marry White. Oh, I guess you can say that Clinton’s daughter and Bush’s daughter married Jews and you don’t think Jews are White. I think they are. But we can agree that Ashkenazi Jews are White-skinned Caucasians, just like White Aryans. Okay?

        For all their breast-beating and mea culpas about “White Skin Privilege,” the biggest beef of White Liberals is that there isn’t enough of it. You may see this as wildly at variance with the same White Liberals who like to bitch that this or that is “Too White,” but it isn’t if you understand how they think.

        It’s a fact of life that as something becomes rare, it becomes exceedingly precious. What becomes most precious in mongrelized countries like India and Mexico and other Latin American countries? If you are clueless, google “Fair and Lovely” and “Fair and Handsome” skin-bleaching creams.

        If you go to Mexico, the people in the top tier of power and wealth would not stand out in any predominately White blue-collar working class city. If you go to the Whitest states in this country, they are also the poorest states, like West Virginia and Maine. The more White people, the more diluted White Skin Privilege is. Conversely, the fewer White people, the more potent and effective White Skin Privilege is.

        The goal of White Liberals is to turn the entire White American hemisphere into a huge mongrelized continent where only they and their ilk can rule into perpetuity because they will have no formidable rivals. They feel that mixing a large population of Whites will tame any savagery in Blacks and Mestizos and make them more docile AND that the higher White IQ will make them more competent, but not intelligent enough to mount a real challenge to them. The idea may not be Mexico or Brazil, but they can live with that if that is what happens. They are probably thinking Portugal.

      • mindweapon says:

        The goal of White Liberals is to turn the entire White American hemisphere into a huge mongrelized continent where only they and their ilk can rule into perpetuity because they will have no formidable rivals. They feel that mixing a large population of Whites will tame any savagery in Blacks and Mestizos and make them more docile AND that the higher White IQ will make them more competent, but not intelligent enough to mount a real challenge to them. The idea may not be Mexico or Brazil, but they can live with that if that is what happens. They are probably thinking Portugal.

        You are probably right, Cly. That’s so sinister when you articulate it like that, but it sounds about right.

      • clytemnestra57 says:

        @Mindweapons who posted:

        You are probably right, Cly. That’s so sinister when you articulate it like that, but it sounds about right.

        I had the hardest time wrapping my brain around why White Liberals would take no pride in governing a First World White Country and have no interest in only improving it. I could not understand why they wanted to turn this country into a Banana Republic and all I could think of was Satan in John Milton’s Paradise Lost. To paraphrase:

        “Better to reign over Hell than serve in Heaven.”

        Several things I stumbled on converged to open my eyes.

        The discovery that in this system, everything, organic and inorganic, is considered a commodity by a government whose Constitution and Bill of Rights have been eroded through laws of commerce. In fact, we are nothing more than livestock to them. That’s why they feel so free to and are blatant about tampering with our genetics just like animal breeders.

        The fact that the upper echelons of wealth, power and privilege remain White in mongrelized countries, the popularity of skin-bleaching creams and that COLORISM which always favors lighter over darker is practiced in these countries. Light-skinned Mestizos are treated like pampered princelings and princesses in their own families and light skin and soft hair is even treasured among Blacks. The only population light skin is not valued is a large population of Whites. Ironic, isn’t it?

        The reason I am stressing this is because we cannot stop the culling that they have set in motion. But even as we wince at the idea of being reduced to nothing more than commodities, if we can accept that we ARE commodities then understand that rare commodities are precious commodities, then we know how to war game DWLs.

        None of us are thrilled with the idea that the best we could hope for is seeing the White American continent reduced to PORTUGAL, but we can do our damnedest to take our revenge on these motherfuckers by making sure OUR descendants, not THEIR descendants are the ultimate beneficiaries of the COLORISM they are trying to set off.

        That’s why we need to talk to Pro-Whites and talk to our young and lay out the Portugal Written Large Plan (at best) scenario to them so that they will make every conscious to stay White and even sit on their hands as more of these silly smart idiots guzzle their own Koolaid.

        That’s why we should rejoice every time White Liberals are enriched by Vibrant Diversity. The more White Liberals that die in Knockout King, the more angels earn their wings. John McStain’s son and John Bonehead’s daughter marrying Black is wonderful news. White Liberals who believe in Zee Pee Gee and sterilize themselves; awesome. White Liberal children coming out of the closet as Gays; absolutely fabulous.

        It’s going to be a long, hard internecine battle with these Zero Sum Game Libtards, but our goal should be how we can get ALL Pro-Whites to understand how DWLs THINK, then we SHEEPLE can all lag behind as these Judas Goats lead us to the slaughter house only to be culled themselves.

      • thordaddy says:


        You must separate the “preachers” from the practitioners. You must separate between those who we seek to delegitimate from those we seek to save. You must separate between those who should righteously be demonized and those who are simply lost and broken. You must separate our “default elite” from our real elite and the masses that necessarily follow.

        The “preachers” of self-annihilation DO NOT call themselves white Supremacists and the “white” practitioners of self-annihilation will kill themselves before being known as such. The “white” “preachers” of self-annihilation do not perpetuate in the name of White civilization, but simple power. And the practitioners of self-annihilation very much do “it” in their learned shame of “white supremacy.”

        You have to put your feet in the shoes of a strong, healthy minded white man to realize that one’s entire life was built around the idea of YOU never becoming a GENUINE white Supremacist.

        Our “elite” is a “default elite.” They ARE NOT genuine white Supremacists. They are a “default elite” that has propagandized the “white” masses into believing that “freedom” = self-annihilation such that their “eliteness” is simply the measure of how little they actually have to do in order to be elite.

        “White” autonomists — desirous of radical autonomy — sit at the top of the pyramid. They CAN NOT be beaten by MORE radical autonomy. They can only be beaten by white Supremacy.

        The only real bond a white man can share with another white man AND STILL keep their free wills intact is bond founded in a common restraint.

        We cannot love whomever we please.

        We MUST love The Perfect God and The Perfect Man.

        Each of us must be a genuine white Supremacist.

        We don’t and we die.

  21. Marcus says:

    I’ve been trying to disseminate that and other WN terminology in my social circles as well.

  22. PA says:

    The general trend in ‘sharking is down from its peak in the early 90s, but I did lately notice an uptick. A friend confirms that this is his observation too. This recent spike in mudsharking is disturbing on one level because it involves more attractive White women. The two up-sides, however seem to be that the Black male tends to be a very “vanilla” sort, and that I don’t forsee many pregnancies resulting from it. The wave of 90s Mulatto births will probably not happen again — the downmarket image of a single white female with mixlets is burned into everyone’s consciousness at this point.

    Back in 2008 I wondered if Obmamas presidency would reglamorize W-B mixing, but it doesn’t seem to have been a factor. There is a general feeling of malaise, rather than glamor, associated with this administration.

    The other kind of mudshark I see lately is OK-looking ageing GenX divorcees.

    • clytemnestra57 says:


      You are noticing The Paul Ryan Play. When Mitt Romney announced he was picking White Bread Paul Ryan as his running mate, the usual rumblings from the hostile press about Ryan must be a closet raciss started to surface. So the Republican campaign shat all over itself to reveal that Paul Ryan couldn’t be a raciss, because he had seriously dated (slept with) a Black girl in college. John Tesh makes no secret of the face that he had “seriously dated” Oprah Winfrey. What happened to gentlemen don’t kiss and tell and what is behind this?

      BEDDING Blacks is the modern day equivalent of “my best friend is Black.” Most Whites are still content to tell you that they voted for Obama (even if they didn’t) but that is losing its luster. Thanks to the Mudsharks of yore whose mixets are proof that sexual intercourse took place, most White women these days have a much easier time establishing the PRESUMPTION that they are “seriously dating” Black men, even if they aren’t. It doesn’t take much; a White woman can have a business lunch or business dinner with a Black male coworker and draw the hairy eyeball of men like you. People automatically think “that” kind of action is going down even if it isn’t and no Black man is going to disabuse you of that notion.

      White men with Asian Fetishes span the political spectrum, so dating Asian girls or having Asian wives is not enough to establish their liberalism (which is where the prestige and power is). It is an open secret that the vast majority of White men don’t find Black women attractive, so if some White guy wanting an entry into the Inner Circle makes it known that he “seriously dated” some Black woman than he’s in like Flynn.

      So, these days, “seriously dating” or establishing the presumption that you are “seriously dating” Blacks establishes one’s White Liberal credentials and does not really hurt you that much with other Whites as long as you don’t have Mulatto children. Ryan moved on to marry and have White children. Tesh is married to Connie Selleca.

    • PA says:

      It’s probably true that these ‘shark couples are more often than not eyewash. It’s uncommon to see them actually doing things like holding hands than it is to see them together at a restaurant–which may or may not mean they are a couple. In fact, most of the actual sexual WF/BM couples I see are fortyish in age. A divorcee (more often than not one who has white children) will get more interest from a black than from a white man at that point in her life.

      Our observations are limited to people college age or older. A question is, what do teenage girls do? We adults laugh off the Kardashians as trash, but what influence do they have on teens?

      This may also be a geographic thing. The mid-Atlantic area got it bad in the 90s with mudsharking, in part due to greater integration and higher black incomes through fedgov jobs. Now though, there is not so much of that happening in that region. However, “sexier” places like Miami or SoCal apparently see more mixing, maybe because black males “display” better there.

  23. PA says:

    Remember how libs libs were making a cult of Trayvon prior to his trial? SWPL churches n Manhattan having hoodie candlelight vigils and such. I am not the only one who noticed that almost immediately after the trial, it was like “Trayvon who?” The libs have moved on. The hoodie is just a hoodie once again (though I always preferred to call it a sweatshirt).

    In my estimation, this is the reason why the Trayvon cult died: Jeantel.

    Prior to her identity being revealed at the Zimmerman trial, she took on an almost Juliet-like mystique in connection with Trayvon. People projected notions of tragic lovers onto the two. Personally, I had first imagined her to be a cure sort of black girl, and possibly even a white girl.

    But them we saw that amphibian face. And that attitude. And that protohuman imbecility.

    Roissy has popularized the concept of social proof as value-added for men — and its opposite, the value-lowering effect of being associated with an unattractive female. So libs saw Trayvon’s girlfriend, stopped in shock — that’s not how they imagined these star crossed lovers to look like! — and then basically said “fuck it” to the long and ugly tale of Black uplift.

  24. clytemnestra57 says:

    PA, you know you are on to something!

    The whole Trayvon Flap seemed to evaporate with the White liberals when Jeantel made her appearance. Oh, MSNBC and other libtard media networks gamely tried to sell her as much as possible for about a week, but even THEY figured out that it was hopeless; Jeantel was not only singularly unattractive and inarticulate but though she was hostile, she was obviously dumb as a rock. IOW, no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

    I might add that aside from the expected rioting and beatings (which would have happened no matter which verdict the jury returned), Roissy’s theory about being paired with an unattractive woman downmarkets men is also true in the Black community. For all they tried to keep the indignation whipped up by marketing Trayvon Martin as this age’s Emmett Till, they dropped the whole matter within a week or two after the White liberals did.

    • mindweapon says:

      Jeantel also admitted that she incited Trayvon to gay bash George Zimmerman! She was too dumb to realize this was like, wrong or bad or something.

  25. thordaddy says:

    Where I’m at in SoCal… “Mudsharking” has exploded.

    • KO says:

      There are masses of “low information voters” on whom the constant pro-miscegenation mass media can have an effect, normalizing mixed relationships and telling people such relations are normal and acceptable. For those completely plugged in the Matrix, any lie will sell. Is that what’s going on?

      • KO says:

        The propaganda celebrating white minority status can also encourage race-mixing, as does the endless mockery of white cultures and white males especially. In the Matrix, there is nothing but liberalism and antiwhite feeling.

      • ben tillman says:

        The mixers tend to be underage girls.

    • ben tillman says:

      Yeah, I don’t understand this reference to a peak in the 1990s. In Texas, it’s probably 10 times what it was in the ’90s.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Mudsharks are gross. Any white woman who sleeps with a groid is a bottom feedera; lowest of the low; bottom of the barrel. They are usually sluts with self-eestem issues. Many of them are unattractive, fat, have tattoos, peircings, & are old. Just plain gross! Once they go black, they age fast & start looking like crap (especially when they start braiding their hair & talking in ebonics). There is also the huge risk of STDs, since we know many of bucks don’t wear condoms.

    White men, avoid the coalburners like the plague. No good can come from them..

  27. Anonymous says:

    Simple solution to the mudshark problem: End the welfare state; end the Great Society.

    Talk to your congressman, ask to put end it on the ballet. Vote to end of the Great Society LBJ created. Then watch the mudshark problem fix itself. The only reason why women get away with this is because we let them.

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