Jews are having a family fight between the neocon and the marxist factions via their mass media; we overhear their family fight and learn their tribal/family secrets

Good stuff! First, a Salon link.

Tal Fortgang is Jewish and uses his family’s Holocaust story as his lead punch, which generally disgusts us. However, as is the motto of this blog, and h/t to New England Millenial, Once Aryan Skynet is self aware, it doesn’t matter who threw the switch.

Basically what’s happening is that we, the goyim, the nations, are overhearing this family argument between Neocon Jews and Cultural Marxist Jews. The Jews are spilling their tribal and family secrets all over the mass media that they own and control. Max Blumenthal and Donald Tokowitz tell the world, Hey, Israel is Racist.

Tal Fortgang tells the world, Hey, you don’t have to toe the line of political correctness any more! Screw that shit! Good! It doens’t matter that he’s Jewish. It moves the ball down the field in our direction. That’s what matters.

This stuff is news. People are sick of political correctness. Telling White people to “check your privilege” is absurd, and someday we’ll all be laughing about it. It’s no laughing matter at the moment, though. So Time Magazine picked it up and republished Fortgang’s college newspaper article

People will go from this Time article, to Amren, VDARE, Takimag to The Occidental Observer. Maybe even to the proliferation of WordPress blogs that make up Aryan Skynet!

The Salon article linked above, written by a Kate McDonough, uses low vulgarity, calling Fortgang a college jerk-off. Such serious writing over there.

But far more likely is the fact that Fortgang will continue to believe that being asked to check his privilege (which really just means recognizing, identifying and challenging the insidious operations of racism) is just whining from jealous haters. Because – like many white people – he doesn’t want to confront racism and white privilege because those things have — and will continue to — really, really help him out in life. And the reality is that he doesn’t have to confront this stuff, either. Not in his daily life, not while trying to find a job and not in any of the other ridiculous essays that he writes for his college newspaper. That’s exactly how white privilege works.

Katie McDonough is an assistant editor for Salon, focusing on lifestyle. Follow her on Twitter @kmcdonovgh or email her at

OK, so if white privilege is real and somehow unjust, we are supposed to just give it up in the hard, hard world? Will Jews give up kosher certification of food, or aid to Israel? Will Blacks give up disproportionate representation in government jobs? Will liberals give up their Paychex Liberal fake phony jobs? No? But Whites who are truly productive have to give up MORE and MORE and MORE, is that right, Kate McDonough? Fuck you Kate!

Here’s what Kate is talking about — those evil “white male construction workers” need to check their privilege. Certainly not Affirmative Action Officers, Diversity Coordinators, or Civil Rights Lawyers, who are doing the Lord’s work!

Or Yale Jewess Emily Bazelon , declaiming from her privileged perch at Yale that there’s too much white privilege going on among firefighters.

Bazelon asks:

“Why Did New Haven`s White Firefighters Test Better Than Blacks and Hispanics?”

However, it never seems to occur to Bazelon to look at the countless similar situations in which whites, on average, both out-test and out-perform blacks and Hispanics. For example, New Haven`s own Yale Law School makes intensive use of the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). It has a black-white gap comparable to the New Haven firefighter`s tests: the median black law school hopeful would score at only the 12th percentile among whites.

But the Yale Law School most definitely does not use a lottery to randomly choose among all applicants whose LSATs are high enough for them to become lawyers. reports:

“Admissions to Yale Law School can be considered the most competitive in the country based on the school`s 7.3% admit rate alone. The oft-cited 25th to 75th percentile ranges for admissions run around 3.77-3.97 (GPA) and 170-177 (LSAT). … On the flip side, an average of 3 students who had scored below 160 on the LSAT were admitted per year, although an average of 937 students with comparable scores were rejected each year.”

Clearly, Yale Law School can`t choose by lottery because, well, it`s Yale Law School, and it`s ever so important that it have an average LSAT score at least as high as Harvard Law.

But the New Haven Fire Department should use a lottery because rescuing people from burning buildings is for blue-collar lunkheads. How much do you really have to know about saving lives anyway?

Seriously, the careful reader can figure out from Bazelon`s article why New Haven`s white firemen averaged higher on the controversial tests for leadership positions: Because, on the whole, they knew more about how to fight fires.

And why did the whites know more?

In part, because they studied harder.

And, to Bazelon`s mind, that`s just not fair. Bazelon is much exercised by the racial injustice inherent in white firefighters knowing more about how to do their jobs. She says:

“Is this the best way to choose the leaders of a municipal fire department—the best memorizers win?”

Worse, the white firemen are unjustly learning more about fire fighting because they care more about fighting fires. Bazelon continues:

“As one Hispanic quoted anonymously by the New Haven Independent put it, the test favored `fire buffs`—guys who read fire-suppression manuals on their downtime …”

To Bazelon, evidently, this is a bad thing.

By the way, here`s more from the original newspaper article interviewing two Hispanic firefighters in New Haven:

“The pair contended that the real issue isn`t about race: Instead, they argued that the way the test was designed favored `fire buffs` who have spent their whole lives reading fire suppression manuals, and studied like maniacs for the exam. Incidentally, most firefighters matching that description happened to be white, they said. … Those who aced the test were nerds who read fire-fighting books just for fun, said Cordova`s cohort.” [Latino Group Backs White Firefighters, by Melissa Bailey, New Haven Independent, February 6, 2009]

In Bazelon`s utopia of racial equality, the whites would be just as apathetic and uninformed about firefighting techniques as the minorities are.

Moreover, Bazelon laments, some of the white firemen fight fires for free in their spare time:

“Meanwhile, the [predominantly white] firefighters from the suburbs are more likely to have experience as volunteer firefighters—which gives them a leg up on skills when they apply for the job …”

The white firemen also are advantaged, Bazelon says, because they tend

“… to come from families in which firefighting is a legacy. … Frank Ricci has an uncle and two brothers who are firefighters. He studied fire science at college.”

This annoys the Firebirds, the black firefighter`s association. According to Bazelon,

“The Firebirds see the family ties of men like Heins and Ricci as part of a network of influence that only white firefighters can tap into. `If you look at the history of the department there`s a group of folks, their fathers, their grandfathers, their uncles—they`re all part of this network,` said Gary Tinney, the head of the Firebirds and one of nine black lieutenants out of about 50 in the department.”

In other words, the white firemen often grew up in households where discussions of firefighting techniques were common around the kitchen table. Sure, this means fewer New Havenites burn to death—but it`s unjust to more ignorant firefighters.

I looked up “Emily Bazelon” on Wikipedia (accessed 16.59 ET, June 28 2009) and discovered that while she`s very bright, she`s not exactly the most self-aware person. When read in light of her biography, her Slate article about privileged white firemen becomes an amusing epitome of unthinking Gown v. Town prejudice.

Wikipedia tells us:

“[Bazelon] graduated from Yale College in 1993 and from Yale Law School in 2000.”

After clerking for a federal judge, she pursued a career in law-related journalism:

“Before joining Slate, Bazelon was a senior editor of Legal Affairs. Her writing has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, The New Republic as well as other publications. She has worked as a reporter in the San Francisco Bay Area and as a freelance journalist in Israel.”

Now, she has a fellowship at Yale Law School:

“Bazelon is a Senior Research Scholar in Law and Truman Capote Fellow for Creative Writing and Law at Yale Law School.”

You might think that Bazelon would be better qualified to offer advice on admissions and promotion to Yale Law School rather than to the New Haven Fire Department. By Bazelon`s logic, Yale Law School should hire by lottery. Perhaps—just to get the ball rolling—she could publicly offer to give up her position to some randomly chosen person?

Moreover, this legal writer`s concern about the advantages Frank Ricci garnered by being related to firemen seems a little ironic in light of this Wikipedia line:

“She is the granddaughter of Judge David L. Bazelon and cousin of feminist Betty Friedan.”

Actually, as her 2005 Slate article Shopping with Betty suggests, she`s more like the second cousin twice removed of the proto-feminist (and crypto-communist) authoress of the bestselling Feminine Mystique. Still, the two were fairly close despite their age difference.

More strikingly, the legal journalist`s grandfather David Bazelon was the most powerful judge in America not on the Supreme Court when he served from 1962-1978 as Chief Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.

Indeed, considering his close relationship with the Svengali of the Warren Court, William J. Brennan, quite possibly Bazelon was more powerful than several Supreme Court Justices.

Needless to say, I`m not implying that Emily Bazelon`s career as a writer on legal affairs has depended upon nepotism.

Rather, I`m pointing out that a family developing and passing on expertise in a particular field—whether the Riccis in firefighting or the Bazelons-Friedans in law and punditry—is a good thing for society in general, because expertise is always in short supply.

Now tell me: why should we have one law for Frank Ricci and another for Emily Bazelon?

Why are Jews liberal? Andrew Breitbart and Peter Schiff, both Jewish, agree that it’s because Jews want to exert moral superiority over everyone else:


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22 Responses to Jews are having a family fight between the neocon and the marxist factions via their mass media; we overhear their family fight and learn their tribal/family secrets

  1. countenance says:

    I would never want to be a tenant, friend, non-union employee, spouse or offspring of Donald Tokowitz Sterling. That said, I hope he goes on a scorched Earth warpath. His doing so might turn over a lot of rocks that TPTB want left untouched.

  2. this stupid women would, no doubt if her house was on fire, with her family trapped in the flames, forget all about her silly obsession with “Diversity” All that would matter is getting the fire ;put out, and her loved ones saved. Political correctness is making liars out of the whole western world. I’ve noticed the farther away from real dirt and danger, a job gets, the more politically correct people get. Till you reach the “Land of the Lotus Eaters”, like tenured professors, the legal community, academia, non profits, high ranking officers, etc. , who never soil their hands. You rarely find silly ideologies like this among, farmers, factory workers, small businessmen, maintenance, soldiers,utility workers, fireman, police etc. they are too close to the “Real” to be fooled so easily.

    • StukaPilot says:

      “PC” is a derivative. Jews are the problem. One finds PC wherever they rule. I once had occasion to lodge a complaint with an extremely White Police Dept. apparat-chick about a local ARAB conspiracy-in-restraint-of-trade. Her response: “you better not say that! Don’t dare put that in writing!” The town in question has had 4 consecutive female Jew mayors.

    • mindweapon says:

      The Land of the Lotus Eaters — good one Mark!!

      • FD says:

        Eat the lotus above, or be permanently turned into swine below. No other options exist.

  3. Dear New Haven Fire Department:

    I have a novel (and extremely appropriate) way for you to make everyone happy about the way you hire and promote and use firefighters.

    I propose you send any and all affirmative action hire firefighters to the residences of their staunchest supporters, like Ms. Emily Bazelton and the rest of liberal Academia. She thinks it’s unfair that you promote White “fire buffs” who like to read life-saving firefighting manuals on their breaks over less qualified Slackers of Color.

    Please send the “fire buffs” to everyone else. Believe me, we’ll all thank you.


    Jane Q Public

  4. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  5. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Could not resist it. ;D


    Reblogged this on

  7. Harley says:

    MW, I’ve just read the first couple paragraphs of your assessment of the Fortgang ‘incident,’ and have to say it amazes me how few pro-whites, even northern jew-wise ones, don’t fully get the jews. Their ultimate weapon is to claim whiteness when it suits them, jewishness when it doesn’t. Did you know there were proportionally more jews who were planter slaveholders in the South than whites?

    When I calm down I will elaborate on the shell game the jews play, but I think you and others I know have been once again hoodwinked by the jews. Just think about how Fortgang has been treated, compared to how a *white* man would have been for writing such an essay.


    • Rita Rabbit says:

      I understand your frustration. We are glad this conversation is happening AND I think most of us know that once we win there can be NO Jews of influence or power in our countries, if in fact they are allowed to stay in them at all.

      • Harley says:

        Thanks, Rita. Have you noticed that white men are much more apt to indulge the jews when they claim ‘white oppression?’

        I have.

      • Rita Rabbit says:

        I’m not a feminist Harley so don’t try to involve me in your divide and conquer tactics.

    • Harley,

      If you omit any mention of the Holocaust, there is nothing in Fortgang’s experience as struggling Caucasian ethnics trying to pull their children out of poverty. In my own maternal line, my grandfather was a lawyer in Poland. My family has a proud tradition of impeccable timing; he stepped off the boat right after a Polish anarchist had assassinated President McKinley.

      Needless to say, he could not expect any respectable law firm to hire him. He became a baker. His son and his wife worked fourteen hours a day in a factory. Their older daughters got jobs as maids. Their older son worked as grease monkeys. Their younger son shined shoes and was a paper boy. All the kids got on trucks to pick produce.

      Yes, you can roll your eyes that Tal Fortgang had to play the Holocaust Card, but he knew who controls the mass media in this country and that he would get no audience without presenting his Kosher Kredentials.

      Is there any doubt in your mind that if a White Christian heterosexual male (WCHM) had written this article that he would not only NOT have a national forum in which to vent, BUT he’d have been run out of his university with no hope of gainful employment, because he’d be too toxic for prospective employers to deal with?

      Whether we like to admit it or not White Gentiles are a marginalized people and marginalized people have to work with they have. Right now, this Jonathan is the best spokesman to protest our marginalization. I am pleased as punch that there is a sharper knife in the Semitic Drawer who recognizes that the Racial Grievance Industry is like Audrey II in that movie, The Little Shop of Horrors. The more you feed it, the hungrier it gets.

      This thing has already devoured and pretty much bankrupted our race and IT WANTS MORE. This Jonathan recognizes that, in the Cannibal’s Crockpot, he’s the OTHER White Meat and every bit if not more tasty. So, my guess is that he is taking it back to the Hive to tell them ENOUGH ALREADY; this is out of control! Good for him.

      No, I DON’T expect a literal “Come to Jesus” moment from Fortgang. But I think it is foolish of White Nationalists NOT to support him, because he’s Jewish. Is there ANY mainstream White Conservatard out there who is supporting US? Well this Jonathan may have interests of his own to promote/protect, but he’s supporting US.

      Don’t let any Judeophobia paralyze you into inaction or apathy. If WNs are right and Jews are on every side of all issues, there is no move we can make that won’t benefit some Jew. Big hairy deal. AFAIC, I don’t care if any Jew benefits as long as WE benefit.

      • mindweapon says:

        I agree Cly. Let them fight each other, while we work quietly, like termites, to burrow into what’s left of a functioning USA.

        I think we need to make things and be entrepreneurs or skilled craftsmen at something that will have value as the poverty deepens.

        Collapse is happening, but it’s happening slowly so people don’t notice. It can speed up at any time, or spin out of control, but right now is a controlled descent.

        I will make a post about this, but good comment Cly.

  8. Anon says:

    Sailer routinely posts sample questions from these tests, and links to the same, and the tests themselves are ridiculously easy. Most of the questions are simply reading and comprehension type things. IE X is used for Y, W is used for Z, T is used for V, what is used for Z?

    Not exactly the sort of thing that a white person has to grind his whole life away to figure out. I do wonder why they are trying to compare this to SAT gaming though, even if that were the case the comparison is specious.

  9. Attila says:

    They can’t even stand their own shtick amongst themselves. That’s why they are in exile- according to kabbalistic teachings.

  10. Aester says:

    There has been a rift between the neocons and marxists jews for some time…. The Al Pacino movie ‘People I Know’ is about this… Its not a good movie but is the only one that shows how the American Jewish Power really works.

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