UKRAINE: USA Will Lose World War 3

From the blog Futurist Trendcast. I recommend subscribing, looks good. USA will lose the war on Russia, youtube video.

Futurist Trendcast

This is a short, to the point piece from AMTV’s Christopher Greene: UKRAINE: USA Will Lose World War 3. AMTV is Alternative Media TV. Like myself, Chris used to work in finance and quit when he saw the lies of Wall Street and Washington.

As my readers know, my prediction is that there will be no WWIII as conventionally understood. There will be, actually is already happening, something different. Read Predictions Page for more.

However, Chris has all his facts about Ukraine straight and his analysis/conclusion about the waning US power is spot on. I also really like the fact that Chris is calling on all Americans and Europeans to consider what they are doing in Ukraine, why their governments are interfering there and what any US/EU soldiers that may be in Ukraine are fighting for. It is great to see that some Americans, like Chris, are fully awake and aware of what…

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2 Responses to UKRAINE: USA Will Lose World War 3

  1. PA says:

    “A politically correct bullshit society” is how he describes the United States. Sounds about right.

  2. Paladin Justice says:

    Quite a few of the youtube comments on this video read like they were written by either idiots or paid government trolls. On my website, I’ve been “reblogged” by websites that had zero content in them. They were just empty shells and my article wasn’t there, as it would be in a legit reblog. I did not approve. I assume there’s a reason for these fake reblogs and the reason is not good from my perspective. Maybe they get my IP address or email address for government files on me? Maybe it helps them hack my website?

    I also just discovered by wordpress spam filter seems to be filtering out some legit comments. I wonder if I should approve the ones that seem legit or does the spam filter know something I don’t know.

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