New Link: Maine Prepper — Free Open Source Intelligence from a 34 year career military man

Maine Prepper

Tl/Dw (too long didn’t watch).

1. If there is martial law in the USA, be nice to the rank and file soldiers/police. The soldiers and police are very conflicted about shooting Americans. If you are nice to them, they will be more conflicted. If you are antagonistic, uncooperative and aggressive, it will be much easier for them to decide to kill you. Also, mid ranking officers and NCO’s are loathe to violate the Constitution. There are many “Oath Keepers” who didn’t join the organization but are Oath Keepers anyway and will likely refuse orders. It is reasonable idea that in the event of martial law, we can get the military and police on our side.

2. Maine Prepper was in Iraq and talks about how the neocons had no plan whatsoever for the rebuilding of Iraq. They are totally incompetent and still are.

He is not all the way WN but who cares. What matters is he was in the military for 34 years, so he is an insider handing out FREE OPEN SOURCE INTELLIGENCE. You just have to have the sense to accept it. It’s a huge mistake to ignore or scoff at someone with good information just because he’s not 100% WN.

See how Mayer Amschel Rothschild deals with the tax collector. This is how you deal with government authorities:


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16 Responses to New Link: Maine Prepper — Free Open Source Intelligence from a 34 year career military man

  1. Rollory says:

    “It is reasonable idea that in the event of martial law, we can get the military and police on our side.”

    I seriously question this. The vast majority of them will, I expect, simply follow orders.

    I don’t advocate open hostility against them, for the simple reason that if someone doesn’t know you’re their enemy, don’t tell them until you really need to – but don’t depend on them in the slightest.

    If you get help from them good. Don’t count on it.

    • mindweapon says:

      Don’t count on anything of course.

    • FN says:

      Yeah you have WHITE Policemen TAZING elderly White males who are in a DIABETIC COMA and then the Chief saying, got another one of the streets, which is what WHITE cops in MA & NJ & NY say when they confiscate the firearms of elderly Whites who somehow or other didn’t get the voluminous forms and licenses an permits to own a squirrel gun. Or like the New York state deputy who reads the death notices every day while sitting for speeders in his patrol car hoping to find a NYS licensed pistol holder deceased and then a bunch of deputies go and CONFISCATE the pistol, which has sentimental value to the widow to the children. But these are your average law enforcement officer. Like the LAPD guys who were called to a house because the resident an elderly White guy hadn’t been seen in some time, do they come up on the house and the guy has an NRA decal in his window and the cops get UPTIGHT and the lead cop says, “:see that sticker? He might be a radical do we are going to progress VERY CAREFULLY” Well it turns out that the old man had died and the cops were carrying out his old rifle and shotgun and revolver and the cop says, “LOOK AT THIS ARSENAL” Yeah these are the guys who are going to be on Whitey’s side, oh yeah.

  2. Adit says:

    As long as they keep getting their pay and benefits they’ll keep towing the party line. Historically thats the way its always been. If it looks like their side is about to lose, then there will be a bum’s rush to the other camp proclaiming that they were always true believers and were simply forced by circumstace to work for the other side. Nothing new here as well. If the entire system melts down and they stop getting paid, you can probably expect a lot of these guys to try the War Lord route if they can get away with it.

    Far too many of these ‘soldiers’ are in reality Mercenaries and their only real loyalty is to money. Since the GOV has the money its bad news, but the flip side is mercenaries work on a cost-benefit ratio and if it gets too costly, these ‘soldiers’ will simply disappear. Personally, I think one of the main reasons these people are conflicted is not because of conscience (they sold that long ago to work for the ruling elite) but because they live amongst the very people they’re going to screw with and they’re afraid they might end up on the receiving end. The elites may live in fortresses, but their paid minions don’t.

  3. Starets says:

    Regarding point #1, I agree in such a situation it would be wise to not antagonize the bulk of the cops and soldiers. The majority would most likely see themselves as patriots, and would not want to shoot other patriots. Many would see our side as the right side, at least secretly.

    However, it would be necessary to distinguish between them and the commissar or Stasi types, who would be more likely to be fanatical idealogues. They would demand and deserve a different response.

    Distinguishing between the two groups would be a challenging exercise in open-source intel.

    • mindweapon says:


      The weak point of the police in the USA, as it was in the 90’s former USSR, will be if they aren’t getting paid. The people will need to support them again, and by analog, they will support the people who feed them.

      This is why I say it’s as important to grow potatoes as to accumulate MOG (mountains of guns). Giving a bag of potatoes to a cop is easier than having to gunfight him.

      A lot of things in life — the easier way is the better way at the same time. But we Whites are genetically courageous barbarians rather than “work smarter not harder” civilizationally selected bean counters.

  4. Starets says:

    Too bad Maine Prepper doesn’t have a regular website or blog. I avoid Zuckerbook.

  5. Anon says:

    1. In a SHTF scenario, if the ruling elite feel threatened, they’ll have Mossad on the ground here, and their loyalty is obvious.

    2. IMO Oath Keepers is an obvious honey pot.

    3. Blackwater/Academi goons get 6 figure salaries to enforce the wishes of the ruling elite. Their loyalty is obvious.

    4. This individual, allegedly sympathetic to our cause, yammers on and on about the Constitution, like the Constitution matters to anyone in charge.

    5. Yes, we should still be nice to LEOs/military and recruit allies wherever we can find them.

    • mindweapon says:

      I agree that Oath Keepers is a honey pot.

      In a SHTF scenario, there are too many of us for the Mossad adn Blackwater to control. There will also be intelligence operations against them done by non-state actors.

  6. wobbly says:

    very good find. top dude.

  7. Diane Alden says:

    Watching his other videos .. he has a very limited understanding of constitutional issues. .in the last several he has pretty much said .. roll over and play dead.. they won.. meaning the elite .. bad guys . whomever. I personally think he is either an idiot or a counterintell operator dressed up in a ratty outfit pretending to be a prepper.. His rants are usually pro govt. on occasion he hits a right note but in recent times several old preppers have said the guy is not real .. neither is his side kick Patriot Nurse.. she on occasion offers some good advice on health issues in SHTF.. but the more time passes with MP . the more GOVT can do NO wrong . win them over .. elect others .. etc etc etc. I would not trust his guy as far as I could throw him .. I think Patriot Nurse is just enamored of him .. why .. God only knows. But watch the last two videos.. .narcissist comes to mind.. but so does something does not SMELL right about this guy. Long winded.. . difficult to listen to .. I found myself fast forwarding until recently when he took out after the Bundys .. and anyone who supported him as probably RACIST .. that sounds typical of a manipulator.. luckily for most people that label no longer works.. But Maine Prepper .. others out there who do a better job and you do not have to listen to him squeak in his chair .. only videos worth watching are practical ones and THEY ARE FEW AND FAR BETWEEN .. a FED or just a troll you decide.

    • mindweapon says:

      THanks Diane, you may have a point. Still, his advice about not alienating rank and file soldiers and cops is sound advice. I don’t like Patriot Nurse either. I heard she’s a race mixer.

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