The Deth Guild on how pointing and sputtering RACISM! has jumped the shark

Maybe the video gamers aren’t so zoned out as I thought. This is a very fine piece of writing.

Dear Media Whores, in Regards to Cliven Bundy
By SILVERDETH | Published: APRIL 25, 2014

Good afternoon members of the mainstream media, hack journalists, propagandists and other assorted government boot-lickers. We here at DETH H.Q. would just like to take a moment to remind you that we give all accusations of racism made by FedGovCo, (and their willing co-conspirators), every ounce of consideration they’re entitled to.

Which consequently occupies a strata lodged betwixt dog-piss and lukewarm vomit.

The fact is, the assholes defending President Drone-kill, (and his circle of effeminate wankers), have degraded and shit-upon the word “racist” so frequently – and with such fury – that the title is effectively meaningless. The term “racist” is apparently now a synonym for “likes small government,” and encapsulates roughly one-third of the U.S. population.

The question isn’t, “When should we laugh in their fucking moonbat faces?” but, “Why haven’t we been doing so already?” The fact that anyone in this day and age – let alone some allegedly “savvy” media personalities, (who should damn well know better from personal experience) – would get the least bit wobbly over a charge of “WWWWWAAAAAACISSSSTTTTTT!” is beyond ludicrous.

Let us not forget how Sauron’s minions dearly love crafting a narrative…

The Federal Goons and their apparatchiks initially declared Cliven Bundy “unclean” by associating him with “lawbreaking.” He was “untouchable” for not paying his fair share – being little more than an opportunistic “freeloader.” They desperately wanted to paint him as a hypocrite lining his pockets. Unfortunately, that particular line of agitprop flew like a cinder block. After all, the United States Federal Government is completely lawless – the Bundy’s are merely following the pristine example set by their “betters” in Mordor.

So, not ones to let a little thing like “Abysmal Failure” deter them, we now get to watch the Government’s latest attempt at “shaving-the-onion.” Pardon us if we can’t suppress our “Yawn”. The only surprising part of this laughingly predictable skit is that they even bothered to fixate on the accusations of “racism” before manufacturing the child-pornography charges. (We’re giving even odds those will be coming next).

One last bit of advice for patriots to ruminate on – this entire escapade was never about “THE BUNDY FAMILY.” It was in response to the tyrannical overreach of federal government. Cliven Bundy is just an old guy with a ranch who was lucky in his timing and placement. He’s not the focus here. The idea of defiance in the face of despotism, that’s what folks are ready to die and kill for. Bundy is a pretext – the right excuse at the right moment to stand up forcefully to tyrants. This is about a notion. A concept. It transcends simple fallible flesh. Which is why so many are prepared to pay the ultimate price to nurture it.

Before we go, we’d like to mention that, in the rather likely event of Civil War, the “William Jefferson Clinton Rules of Engagement,” (here-after referred to as The WJCRoE), are going to be in full effect – likely on both sides. Mull the ramifications of that over while you “propagandists-with-bi-lines” drift quietly off to sleep this evening.


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3 Responses to The Deth Guild on how pointing and sputtering RACISM! has jumped the shark

  1. zhai2nan2 says:

    Okay, I will freely admit that I am ignorant.

    What are the “William Jefferson Clinton Rules of Engagement” ?

    Initially I thought this might refer to the massacre at Waco, but perhaps it refers to redefinining what the meaning of “is” is.

    • Anubis says:

      Clinton attacked indigenous Serbs when they where trying to deport illegal alien drug dealing muslims. He bombed all the media outlets first, then the Chinese embassy that gave sanctuary to journalists. The serbs asked to have a break in the bombing for Easter that was not granted. The Islamic Narco state Kosovo was created thanks to Clintons war on indigenous Europeans.
      The good part is that if food stamps or the power goes out in a democrat city the free stuff army will destroy it for us.

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