Chauncey DeVega fears spies against the multiculturalist agenda

Is America Ready and Prepared for Angry, Privileged, Young White Men Like Princeton’s Tal Fortgang?

The post civil rights generation has learned the language of anti-racism and white supremacy. In the same moment, white supremacy and overt racial animus has migrated from the frontstage of American life to the backstage, and other private spaces. Tal Fortgang is one of many white students, and some deluded and self-hating people of color in the same cohort, who have learned the language of anti-racism well enough to be conversant while using it to advance the cause of white supremacy.

They are young Padawans–Star Wars day was last weekend, please indulge me–who are tempted by the Dark Side to challenge their masters. I worry that many of the supposed Jedi Masters have become weak and rusty in their skills because they have been surrounded for too long by all too willing students, trained like Pavlov’s dogs to respond with “politically correct” and “anti-racist” slogans.

— snip

Tal Fortgang will have a Princeton degree, as well as the benefits of his family’s material resources, social capital, and other assets. Part of Tal Fortgang’s skill set will also be the ability to use the language of “multiculturalism” and “diversity” to protect and advance white privilege. Tal Fortgang would be a much more dangerous foe if he learned to camouflage his racist speech. I am sure that his mentors are giving him that advice in the present moment.

Are black and brown Americans, progressives, liberals, and reasonable centrists, ready and prepared for ostensibly “anti-racist” 007’s who are really double agents for white supremacy? I doubt it. In a moment of changing racial demographics and constrained job opportunities, young people like Tal Fortgang are America’s phantom menace.

I wonder if Chauncey’s been reading this blog?

Here’s a sample of the nasty nonsense that goes on in DeVega’s head.

By comparison, the profoundly ugly and grotesque power of white supremacy and white privilege is seen in the middle part of the distribution and on its low-trailing end.

Historically, white supremacy’s most socially deleterious power, and what so many white folks are desperately clinging to in the United States, is white racism’s ability to elevate mediocre, failing, low-skilled, degenerate, unmotivated, and otherwise sub par white folks to the level of “respectability” and “middle class” over people of color who are in almost every way superior to them.

The successes of the civil rights movement and the Black and Brown freedom struggles have moderated (and in some ways limited) the ability of white human mediocrities to always, all things being equal, succeed in America.

Even if this ridiculous passage had any reality to it, Whites are our people, and we built civilization. No other races have the prerogative to compete with us in the civilization we built. We don’t want them or need them competing for the niches we made possible, and elbowing out our lesser White brothers and sisters.

Some of my favorite White people are short, fat and stupid. Matt Parrott


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20 Responses to Chauncey DeVega fears spies against the multiculturalist agenda

  1. mindweapon says:

    twojarslave • a day ago
    2nd Generation Polish American here.

    I suppose it really bothers you that I have found success in life, as have my siblings. I get it that you consider the values that were passed down to me by my parents from their parents to be an unearned advantage. Call it what you will, I will pass it down to my children as well.

    See, I’ll be having children in the near future, now that I have achieved economic stability after my financially rocky 20’s and matured to a point where I can handle the responsibility. My parents guided me to that sensible life strategy. What a novel concept, eh? I suppose that waiting to have them is just another unearned advantage I am gifting my children, correct?

    I can assure you that I have not, nor will I ever, put a boot to another persons’ throat, either literally or figuratively. I’ve had my head kicked in against pavement by a man who, like you, did not like my skin color and I can assure you, I have no such desire to do that to another person.

    What I am absolutely going to do is raise my children to be proud of their heritage and their family’s achievements across the generations. I am also going to raise them to be aware of the world and all of the good and bad things in it. I plan on traveling with them as much as I can so they can experience the world outside of Maine. Chalk up another unearned privilege for this Polack’s unborn children.

    I’ll also probably dig up some of your articles to let them read, just so they understand the many flavors of human contempt that exist. It will probably surprise them to know that people who don’t even know us will say we Poles are like suicide bombers, but they should know that not everyone will judge you on the content of your character.

    In conclusion, kiss my Polish ass.

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  2. I subscribed to his blog when he featured one of my comments, and check in every now and then. Just a few weeks ago, he had something else about “intelligence agencies” and “espionage.”

    Obviously, he’s a big fan.

    I want my credit, the “espionage model” was half my idea, way back in the OD days.

    • mindweapon says:

      You got the credit! Absolutely, Hipster.

      You know what article he was talking about intelligence agencies and espionage? I’d like to see the context.

  3. thordaddy says:

    DeVega is a prime example of one who through psychological duplicity redefines “white supremacy” in a manner that wholly benefits anti-white Supremacists and “black” de facto homos like himself.

    The louse does not grasp that the Angry Black Woman — a redundant phenomenon found amongst a population in perpetual regress — is a direct effect of having no genuine black Supremacists amongst the modern “black” population. No where are they found AND especially not in the major professional sports leagues.

    An “any means necessary” ethos is ultimately deleterious… But when your ladies find out that the 500 year mantra has now devolved into nothing more than an excuse to cause mayhem and murder… And bed degenerate “white” females… Well?

    DeVegas reads like another “black” degenerate desirous of a de facto homo lifestyle.

  4. Anon says:

    “Historically, white supremacy’s most socially deleterious power, and what so many white folks are desperately clinging to in the United States, is white racism’s ability to elevate mediocre, failing, low-skilled, degenerate, unmotivated, and otherwise sub par white folks to the level of “respectability” and “middle class” over people of color who are in almost every way superior to them.” – projection.

    • mindweapon says:

      That’s the word for it! Thanks Anon!

      • Anon says:

        Chief among our vile wickness is the ability to craft standards that make whites appear superior to blacks under all circumstances(as per Disparate Impact), and this ensure that technique can never be used against us(again, as per Disparate Impact).

    • thordaddy says:

      Yes, projection… But also admittance to the reality that no genuine black Supremacists exist to accomplish the same task within the “black” collective… For that, we have self-annihilating “white” liberals who then magically turn into patronizing “white supremacists” according to those of high “black” intellect.

      DeVega does not acknowledge the existence of a class of self-annihilating liberationists who have tasked themselves with being maimed and murdered by the “black” radical in order to gain “salvation.” Just another in-your-face omission that renders his projected paradigm as merely personally beneficial.

    • Nathan Wartooth says:

      “Historically, affirmative action’s most socially deleterious power, and what so many black folks are desperately clinging to in the United States, is affirmative action’s ability to elevate mediocre, failing, low-skilled, degenerate, unmotivated, and otherwise sub par black folks to the level of “respectability” and “middle class” over whites who are in almost every way superior to them.”

  5. thordaddy says:

    The other thing about DeVega…

    He is not extreme… He’s mainstream… He is individual evidence for a radical “black” collective desirous of radical autonomy. In other words, to NOT judge him by the color of his skin IS TO NOT see him as an individual. Put another way, to not see DeVega’s color is to not see DeVega. His color TELLS US EVERYTHNNG WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT HIM…

    He desires radical autonomy and his skin color tells us so…

    • thordaddy says:

      Yes… The radical “black” liberationist — which encompasses nearly all modern “blacks” — wants Liberation without Separation, i.e., the freedom to ravage the host. This way a multimillionaire “black” “alpha” NBA player can be a plantation slave just pleading for “equality” as he subtly degrades all notions of genuine black Supremacy.

  6. TabuLa Raza says:



    Here is a nice picture of Sue Premacy’s ass:

  7. KO says:

    That delusional racist prick! But it’s true, your blog gives a lot of free information to the bad guys. They can do open source too. Free information is one reason the West has squandered technological supremacy. Spengler saw it happening and said the nonwhites would use Western technology to destroy the West, but they wouldn’t be willing or able bro sustain it.

    • @KO

      your blog gives a lot of free information to the bad guys. They can do open source too.

      But they don’t know what to do with it, so it’s all good. They are reading our blogs and reacting to us. The internet really was the great leveler. When I first heard about the SPLC I thought they were a serious organization with educated people. Now that they are online, the comments on their blogs read like some Poe’s Law joke about political correctness and some caricature of a self-righteous lefty “activist” chick into Meat is Murder and fighting against Human Supremacy. The “anti-fascist” that protested AmRen was some hippie longbeard quoting leftist rhetoric from the 1930s and claiming that Jared Taylor and RamZPaul were a “threat to the community.”

      It’s a joke. It’s hilarious. Open Source Intelligence is right. The leftists themselves are the best propaganda we could come up with. Tim Wise, Chauncey DeVega, the hippie longbeard – freaking Abe Foxman – Jeffrey Imm, whoever that troll is from the Liberty Lamp thing. This is the opposition? These are the morally righteous crusaders against “racism” and “white privilege?”

      All we have to do is point and laugh.

      • KO says:

        Excellent points. You’re describing a strategy to sway the broader population instead of just preparing a separate society for the collapse. And why not? Why should all our productive capacity and social capital be held hostage by the hostile elite parasites, so that the only way to get rid of them is to crash everything? “You need us, we’ll wreck the economy and unemploy everyone unless you do as we say. — No, you’ll do that anyway because you can’t stop yourselves. You’re out of control. You don’t even know what you’re doing. We don’t need you. Go away.” Build an ark, yes, but mobilize everyone else against those who are bringing on the Flood.

  8. FN says:

    What Mr DeVega doesn’t realize is that HUMANITY is in peril from the YKW. Does he not think it would be better for ALL OF US if he joined with people of good will regardless of race in combating the group that WERE the slave traders (See Dr Tony Martin) why should all peoples be viewed as a COMMODITY by the YKW, who OWNS and RUNS Wall Street? It isn’t your average white person, who OWNS and RUNS Hollywood, it isn’t your average white person. If Mr DeVega REALLY cares about the fate of the black men and women of America or the WORLD for that matter and REALLY has a love and concern for humanity at large then how can he NOT take up the torch for Truth and Justice? Just asking questions. I don’t fault Mr DeVega for not knowing about the ENORMOUS power and privilege of the YKW, few people actually do, but once you know the FACTS, of the present and of history, THEN you will either come to the righteous conclusion or continue to walk down the path of the LIE…

  9. KO says:

    FN: Maybe hates whites more than he loves his own people. Wouldn’t that make him a typical liberal?

    • thordaddy says:

      If you are a modern “black” then you are in an eternal struggle to liberate from “white supremacy” by any means necessary. In fact, any “black” Westerner that denied this deep psychological disposition would be signaling to all around him a total detachment from the notion of being “black” in West. In other words, if a “black” “man” is not attempting to liberate from “white supremacy” then what makes him a “black” “man” in the West other than what is obvious to the eye? Nothing.

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