Know thyself, White man — you are a courageous barbarian, which is why the civilizationally selected races put you in chains. We can only gain victory through patience and persistence

We figured it all out, people. Jews have been literate longer than we have been, an in a certain sense, “conscious” longer than we have been. We are as children to them, but they are not good parents. They are rather abusive adults who are not related to us.

When we were European barbarians, the Jews traded with us, and “outsmarted” us, and we would on occasion take physical revenge for this.

Now they want to be able to outsmart us, but they don’t want us to be able to do anything about it.

That is what the relationship has been for at least 2000 years.

Now — what to do about it?

1. We have to be parents to our race, and supplant the rule of abusive non-related adults.

2. We need to pursue, with great patience, and in a multigenerational effort, the niches that are used to enrich the hostile elites. It’s quicker to try and stomp the ants; it’s more effective to take away the Dorito altogether.

Both of these take patience. The lack of patience is both our strength and our weakness. It is our strength because that impatience comes from a place of creativity.

When you strengthen your weakness, you become stronger overall. A person is like a chain in that sense — only as strong as his weakest link.

The lack of patience is why we White Americans don’t get really good at one thing such as chess or math or juggling or gymnastics or piano. Lots of exceptions of course. But over in Russia or China, someone who is good at math or piano, is REALLY FRIGGIN’ GOOD at it.

Our lack of patience is also why the Indians are owning all the convenience stores. It’s a prize for them, unlike anything they can get back in India, and they work at it very patiently. Of course, if immigration stops, they will grow old and die and their children will degenerate/Americanize and sell their parents stores.

The dark side of extreme impatience would be Frazier Glenn Miller. He wanted entertainment. He wanted shootemups, and when others wouldn’t provide, he went and did it hisself.

For those who are patient, we are living in an age of discovery. The old way of doing things is failing, and people are slow to adapt new ways, but those who pay attention will be able to profit. Society is always imperfect, always failing in many ways, and you can take advantage of any one of many many ways society is failing and become both a business and social entrepreneur.

Many people respond to my writings with something like, “It sounds all so far off, so un-doable. It would take years! And we don’t have years! The White Race is almost extinct!” They would say that 10 years ago.

I can tell you first hand that a life of patience beats the macho shootemups fantasy bullshit. I’m so much happier than I was as a young man, raised in the retarded fake tough guy culture.

The patient men get far more than the fake tough guys. And as far as the whole “tough guy” thing, one can do fighting arts the way one studies how to play the guitar. You don’t have to be a tough guy to be a martial artist. But if some tough guy bullies you, have you have a decent chance of blasting off some chain punches to his face and stopping the bullying.

So how do we deal now with Jews, who see us as scary barbarians? Conservative = Barbarian. Racist = Barbarian. Tea Party = Barbarian. Homophobic = Barbarian.

Don’t show them your Barbarian Face. That’s all. Don’t be a conservative in front of them. Instead, in their presence, flatter them, agree with them. And try to get whatever you can from them and/or through them to advance your agendae.

They outsmarted us all those years.

The sweetest revenge, my friends, is to outsmart them this time. They are expecting your Barbarian Sword; grab their own Mind Weapon and use it on them.


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22 Responses to Know thyself, White man — you are a courageous barbarian, which is why the civilizationally selected races put you in chains. We can only gain victory through patience and persistence

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  2. the outdoorsman says:

    Right on.

  3. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  4. Erin says:

    I don’t like the parent reference BUT just as Europeans have foolishly shared their technology with the world, much of what Ykw knows and how they operate (their verbal and written communication skills are their greatest strength) are open so

  5. Erin says:

    Open source.

    The word that comes to mind is adapt. Unless you are going to go the JB Campbbell route, and most people aren’t going to do that sort of thing. (risky). We can keep fantasizing or we can do something productive.

    I should add that we must get over our fear of failure. We will make mistakes along the way and false starts. We mustn’t let despair overtake us when these things happen. We must use our excellent White minds to get around obstacles to our success.

  6. Wally D. says:

    Nice analogy, bad Jewish parenting/gentile child acquiring consciousness.

  7. Charlotte says:

    This is gonna be a looong haul, huh?

  8. torgrim says:

    “Patience and persistence”, when I think of those words it reminds me of the classic work of Knut Hamsun with his prize winning, “Growth of the Soil” novel. The prime character is an archetype of the noble barbarian and this character reminds me of my father. An old book from the 1920’s but relevant as are things that speak a truth.

  9. Satis says:

    Aryan history is much older than jewish history. People should study that.

    • mindweapon says:

      We weren’t doing exams for the civil service 2000 years ago. We were running through the woods hunting stags and fighting each other. We are genetic barbarians, and it’s a beautiful thing. But it makes it easy for the older peoples to steal our civilization from us.

      • torgrim says:

        Our ancestors weren’t grouped up around a water hole or stream in a desert where everything had to be traded for in order to eat and have shelter. We were out there in the forests and heath where people were few and one had have a more simple way than writing to trade, like one’s word and reputation. Openness, trust in one’s word and empathy were selected traits as these were necessary for survival in a harsh and lowly populated time and place.
        Whereas, in a Mediterranean climate or a desert, cities rose and the scribe and bean counter became the upper class. This is one reason today that those that tamed the open lands and have produced more than they alone can eat, no longer own the land, the Bean Counter Culture stole what was hard won, by deceit.

        We must have an honest way to exchange labor and goods and that would go a long way to our survival.

      • mindweapon says:

        Saying what we must have isn’t helpful.

        Say what we must do. We must become bean counters ourselves, at least during the work week. We can have very interesting lives when not at work, of course, and maintain our true identities in our free time.

        We must become accountants and zoning officers and IRS auditors and those sorts of things.

  10. KO says:

    You might even see the whole presentation of impulsive machismo in the mass media as elite mindweaponing to teach the barbarians not to be patient and cunning. We do have inherited ideals of honor and straightforwardness, and must preserve those among friends at all costs, but enemies who use fraud deserve no better.

    Neopopulism includes using the government courts to make the government follow its own rules. You have to have an agreeable demeanor to pull that off.

  11. WhiteGenY says:

    If you want to know some of the secrets of the Asians or Jews success look at their family patterns.

    There is no such thing as “out at 18” in Asian households just as there are very few nursing homes.
    STEM education is prized.
    Ethnic/Family nepotism is prized as well
    Relentless gaming of the system is encouraged.
    Thrift and financial conservatism is practiced.

    There also is unfortunately a cultural belief among some Asians that Eurasian babies are really cute.

  12. Occigent says:

    I don’t think our high future time orientation allows for much patience. It’s totally unnatural. When we see broken things, we fix them or move on. We prefer a high stasis culture to allow for maximum individual productivity and human development. An unsettled culture is like a bell jar for whites. It’s no wonder so many of us are zombied out. There is really nothing left celebrated in the world that proudly proclaims white achievement. And a world that doesn’t recognize your achievements is not your world.

    We might as well be living on Mars. And we are running out of oxygen. If you’re white and you aren’t scared shitless right now for your civilization you’re not paying attention. Yet I understand that patience is the only option. Patience is going to work. Hide the Barbarian Face and watch our ideas spread as if by osmosis.

    I can see patience is working because the anti-whites are going berserk. From their sinking levels of dialogue, accusation and outright frothing hostility you’d think we were kicking ass. Yet as far as I can tell we’re being steamrolled on nearly every front. So why are they wigging out? I think they see what’s coming better than we do, and they’re scared shitless.

    As is oft written here, “the problem with them winning is that now they have to govern.”



    This is too funny not to hide the Barbarian Face.

  13. Paladin Justice says:

    Reblogged this on saboteur365 and commented:
    Great practical, easy-to-understand lessons in how to become your own mindweapon. Take these lessons to heart and sabotage the System at every opportunity.

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