From The Murky Bowels Of Brussels: Sexualizing The Children Of Europe

The opposition is making it laughably easy for nationalists. Perhaps they cannot help themselves. But now in Europe they are promoting porn for children and decriminalizing pedophilia! My goodness, can they make it any easier for us? The Golden Dawn party will be the party opposed to pedophilia and opposed to showing porn to children, and in favor of mom, apple pie and the traditional family!
Vote for Golden Dawn, or the government will make it legal to rape your children.

xaameriki - ΧΡΥΣΗ ΑΥΓΗ xrysh aygh GOLDEN DAWN news in english

This is an article written by Stavros Karefilakis, who is a candidate for the European parliament on behalf of Golden Dawn.

There are only a few days left until the pivotal battle for European parliament seats, where Golden Dawn will triumph. Members of Golden Dawn have sworn to stand strong and defiantly against the machinations being concocted in the dark basements of Brussels.  We will be drawing the line against the “European” juggernaut, in particular its decisions and instructions regarding the assault on the minds of children in Greece and the rest of Europe, including with use of the educational system.

European kindergartens and schools starting next year will begin to ban children’s books and fairy tales that depict the traditional family! This is being done on request from the European Parliament’s Committee On Women’s Rights. According to the demands of the commission, children’s stories should instead focus on “sexual…

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36 Responses to From The Murky Bowels Of Brussels: Sexualizing The Children Of Europe

  1. Robot Sam says:

    This was all probably done before in times gone by, and this is why homosexuals are despised; not because of their sexuality, but because of their desire to dominate normal people.

  2. scott says:

    have you seen this from new hampshire? same shit

  3. thordaddy says:

    Liberalism is the homosexual “nature,” i.e., the self-annihilating “nature.” No more “spiritual” or “intellectual” creation myths for the origins of Liberalism… Especially from the “intellectual right.”

    It is plain for all to see what Liberalism really is… Self-annihilation… Final Liberation.

  4. TabuLa Raza says:

    Then why aren’t they exclusively concerned with this Liberation? Why the obsession with US? Why care about US [Whites] at all?

    • thordaddy says:

      “They” are absolutely concerned with FInal Liberation… But they must make this self-annihilation look like “freedom” and they must make our God-ordained free will look like an evil slave mindedness… Because in the American white man is the last true conceptual vestige of genuine white Supremacy and God-ordained free will… Only the genuine white Supremacist believes in the God-ordained free will of white man and he is only really to be found in America if he is to be found at all.

  5. Paladin Justice says:

    I wrote an article last year for one of the most popular alternative news websites, decrying what I see as the next big push by libturds, the normalizing and then legalizing of beastiality and pedophilia. As college students are taught that some “oppressed” person’s rights are being violated by laws against these perversions, the support grows for the perverts. For example, the YKW headshrinkers are already rolling out the idea that children benefit from sexual relationships with adults (especially adults of the same sex!).

    They sold sodomite marriage to guillible fools. The same fools are going to buy this stuff.

    I’m also curious as to what readers here might think of the comments left by the anti-racist blogger I featured in a post a few days ago:
    I approved her comments, but am wondering whether I should respond to them or just let them sit there. I’m thinking of replying by sending her to Chauncy de Vega’s website and mindweapons posts on Chauncy. Her writings on her website show a level of craziness beyond anything I’ve ever seen before.

    • thordaddy says:

      When one tries to decipher what these radical liberationists actually value it is clearly self-annihilation… Meaning, these radicals are only KNOWN by their desire for Final Liberation and nothing else.

      • Paladin Justice says:

        This concept is helpful. Thanks.

      • Mike says:

        “Meaning, these radicals are only KNOWN by their desire for Final Liberation and nothing else.”..

        Yes. Maybe like, “liberation” by “self and other annihilation and also annihilation of material reality.” “Liberated” to become Ghosts, floating around somewhere, or nowhere is particular, with the power to conjur and dissolve without any effort on their part whatsoever. Or something.

        Or maybe it’s as simple as :liberals are bat shit crazy” and that’s all there is to it..

      • thordaddy says:


        All the above… And everything in between… In a radically autonomous environment, the radical autonomists (those who can wear many faces through a cycle of self-creation/self-annihilation) are at a distinct advantage, crazy or crazy like a fox, it does not matter. It’s a cycle of shock and indifference for the masses… Ordinary man’s “radical autonomy.”

    • Mike says:

      My opinion is. you should respond. She links to a new post about “haters” and “trolls,” where she then demands that others” treat her with respect” or some such sheet. She also takes time out of her life to write like 3 posts and link to her blog, while telling you that it’s not really worth her time to respond, or something. Yeah, that makes perfect sense .

      She probably dismisses anything that disagrees with her worldview as “hate,” and there’s no telling her otherwise. Still, you can use her replies as a reconfirmation as to just how nuts she is, if you are so inclined.

      I’m having difficulty reading anything that liberals say these days. I experience it this way: it’s like eating and swallowing a piece of food. Then, I realize the food is rotten and wormy. I feel creeped out and nauseous and want to violently puke it out of my system and be done with it.

      Put another way: I’ve run into paranoid schizophrenics on occasion in my life. The schizophrenics are much more grounded in reality than a modern liberal. I’m not being facetious here: I’m being literal. It seem to me that liberals have thrown the natural world right out the window and are living in some realm of their head that I can’t quite fathom.

      I honestly don’t know how you bloggers can wade into liberalism, day in and day out and keep your marbles in your head at the same time.

      Now, I will endeavor to describe that thing that I think “Liberalism” is.

      At base, as a human, I believe that “reality exists.” I actually exist. The computer in front of me actually exists. The words I am typing actually exist. The thoughts behind the words actually exist as some sort of electro-chemical phenomena. When I hit “Post Comment” my post will actually exist on the MWIR blog, which actually exists. “Race: actually exists. “Sex” actually exists. A=A. I’m assuming you see my point.

      As far as I can tell, and it may sound crazy, a liberal does not think reality exists. Liberalism is like perhaps Plato’s Cave, where everything is a shadow of something else. Existence, “race, sex,” etc, don’t exist, except as a reflection of something else. A reality only they can see, as some sort of “elite creature.” Everything is A=B.

      thordaddy may be right: perhaps liberals think that reality has to be destroyed somehow, in order for the utopia that exist in their head to become real – the “delusion” of material reality must pass away for the reality in their head to become real – somehow.

      I think it sounds crazy, but I also think I am pretty close to the truth of the matter, as I write this.

      • Paladin Justice says:

        Thanks, Mike. I too noticed that her reply made no sense. I doubt that I have the energy to deal with her though. Her stuff is really so crazy that it makes no sense whatsoever.

    • clytemnestra57 says:

      I doubt if this aspiring Handicapper General has the ovaries to allow my comment out of moderation at her site, but I posted both the full-text version and youtube film version of Kurt Vonnegut Jr.’s “Harrison Bergeron” for her edification.

      I really wanted to go off on this nihilistic control-freakish troll, but refrained from any personal attacks. I let the text and the movie do my rebutting for me.

      All I can say is if I had been the dumb parent who paid for this gal’s education, I’d be demanding my money back.

      • clytemnestra57 says:

        Sorry for the subtitle en espanol, folks, but it’s libre It seems that if you want to watch this in English, you have to pay to rent it! Considering Cinco de Mayo commemorates the victory of Mexico over France who was trying to collect a debt, someone knew better than to even try to charge them to watch this, LOL.

      • Paladin Justice says:

        Good for you. I’m not sure I have the energy to deal with her anytime soon.

    • wobbly says:

      They’re victims of institutional psychological child abuse from the anti-white media and education system.

  6. Craig says:

    If it’s in the schools no doubt the Judiciary is bent too.

    Example the acceptance of multicultural paedophilia… Perhaps some white parents woke up and realised what the Law now represents, and it’s not white Aussies.

    The poofters are crying that we don’t want our kids taught about non-reproductive sex, oh nooo’s.

  7. X says:

    It would seem that all Hell as finally broken loose: set your Mindweapons to stun!

    (I would have suggested a higher setting, just not sure MW would approve of the wording).

    • mindweapon says:

      We get the picture, X. I’ll never tell you your outrage or anger is not justified. But this is not the place to post what you and a lot of people want to do about it. So many people want to commit violence against the liberals and their system that posting about it here is simply redundant, besides the fact that it can attract LEO attention.

      In the old days, it was all about topping up the rage. The rage is full and seething now. This blog is about the many things to be done that don’t involve violence, and there are many many many things to be done. The violence is a tiny part, and it might not even be necessary. The Mind Weapon part is vast, and will take a long time, and requires patience. That’s the bad news. the good news, is that your mission is to personally prosper, have a family, cultivate connections, be charming (go to Art of Charm Academy by the way), and influence people in a gentle and patient manner.

      Cursing is allowed though — fuck the G-d-damned liberals is fine, and they are G-d damned. I know that much.

      • Paladin Justice says:

        Darkmoom uses the term “mind weapon” to describe pornography. Thought you might find that interesting.

      • mindweapon says:

        Thanks! Wonder if she was influenced from this blog, or came up with it on her own.

      • X says:

        Fear not, I have found many delightful ways of wreaking havoc with the lives of antifas and liberals, imperceptibly so to their own eyes; mine was not an actual clarion call to resort to actual gutterfighting. I have been infiltrating for a long time now, so it was actual ‘mind weapons’ I was referring to. This odious story is a reminder to re-double the efforts and continue to take them down in a way that you would approve of: indirect direct action.

      • thordaddy says:

        All Liberalism is local… If you want to kill “it,” you have to start with friends and family… The reality though is that Liberalism must be mocked, shamed, submitted, subverted, marginalizined starting right at the homo front. It cannot be destroyed. Liberalism is self-annihilation which means there is a great chance that your very family is a “cabal” of self-annihilators… Start right there… That’s were it is most important. Root out Liberalism starting right at the homefront.

      • moishe says:

        why do you say ‘g-d damned’ Mw? – ‘god damned’ is the gentile way of saying it – the rabbis don t have halachic jurisdiction over us:))

      • mindweapon says:

        It’s our Mind Weapon code linguistic now, we’ve adopted it. In Israel they are making it illegal to use the word N-zi, making it a holy word. We also say H-tler and J-sus and N-zi, because whenever you write down the holy names, you can’t write the whole name in case someone takes it and abuses it.

        So since Israel has made these words sacred, we don’t write them out completely. G-d, N-zi, H-tler, G-ebbels, J-sus.

        I like to troll Christian fundamentalists by saying, “Have you accepted H-tler into your heart as your personal savior?”

  8. hardscrabble farmer says:

    I advise against engaging ultra-progressive types if for no other reason than your time is precious. You certainly aren’t going to win them over to our side, their sense of logic/reason isn’t even remotely close to the one used by traditionalists and anything that derails your joy in life- and exchanges with these types of soul vampires is a guarantee of that- is better off avoided.

    The sad thing is they want exactly the same things we do- a feeling of belonging, a sense of purpose, acquisitions, to be noticed and recognized by others. They just don’t want to do the grunt work that comes with it.

    One of the most frequently voiced opinions I get from people who visit our farm concerns our livestock. The nice folks from the city/suburb walk around commenting on the order and pastoral qualities and eventually they ask about the animals. We have chickens and sheep, goats and cattle, pigs and turkeys and all of them destined for human consumption.

    These people will buy a roaster for the oven or a couple of rib eyes for the grill, but they always ask in that mawkish tone how I could (slaughter) one of them.

    “I could never do that.” they always say. Now I have no idea what is in someone’s mind, truly, but I can easily grok the tone and the intent of a statement, especially when I have heard it repeatedly and from the same type of person and the inference is that they are somehow more compassionate, more sensitive, more moral than I am for refraining from killing the thing that they freely and with gusto will eat, cooked and seasoned in their own kitchen. They don’t understand that their desire to eat well, to feed their family grass-fed, pasture based meats requires the death of an animal. Well maybe in the most vague way possible, but out of sight, out of mind. What they miss is the enormous responsibility that comes along well before they pick out a USDA inspected vacuum packed slab of beef. From conception to slaughter I spend my life working for the benefit of the animal, for it’s comfort, its safety, its care and its health. It doesn’t matter if I am sick, disheartened, have a broken arm, feel sad, can’t afford to go to the dentist- I get up every day and fulfill my duty to my flocks and herds. This is the unseen part of “privilege”, the obligation and responsibility. Ultra progressives want the good parts of it, but not the hard parts. That’s why the concept of equality is so far fetched- if someone is equal to someone else, there is no need for intervention in the form of a committee or a government office to enforce it- it simply is. A person takes from the world what he/she is able and capable of seizing and utilizing. They want the filet mignon, but not the bloody hands that guaranteed it being available. They want to eat the flesh but not to have the burden of responsibility that comes with taking a living, breathing animal and turning it into 700 pounds of pre-packaged protein. I apply this to farming, but it works in every other discipline. Firefighters have to study and pass exams in order to qualify for entrance into an academy but that’s not fair to people who don’t study or pass exams. Marines have to perform to certain physical standards in order to guarantee the success and survival of their fellow marines but it’s not fair to those who cannot. STEM careers bring in top incomes for those who are intellectually capable of doing the work but its not fair to those who have no interest or aptitude in math.

    They want the parts they want, but they won’t admit that they cannot meet the standards required. Like the person who stands in shock as I explain the process of slaughtering and dressing chickens and proclaims “I could NEVER do that” five minutes before they pay me for the two chickens they just put in the cooler in the trunk of their Subaru. Uh, lady? You just did, by proxy. If there ever existed a group of people who exercise unearned privilege it is these people.

    I have privileges BECAUSE I have responsibilities. One follows the other. No one cares more for my animals than I do, no one puts in the level of work that I do in ensuring their health and safety and no one misses them and feels as deeply as I do when I send them off to slaughter, but everyone enjoys the flavor. Progressives want what has never been and what will never be- privilege without responsibility. They’ll take it at the point of a gun if need be (although I am sure the would NEVER do that themselves, but rather leave it to some agency to exercise force in order to redistribute privilege).

    I treat these kinds of people the same way I would a mildly retarded child. Be nice but don’t expect to get anywhere with them on an intellectual level because it isn’t going to happen.

    • mindweapon says:


      Great comment. It’s a beautiful Sunday morning today isn’t it?

      I fear you missed my point in engaging the progressives, however. It’s a common misconception that I am advocating converting them. Quite contrary. Hide your Barbarian Face from them, and pretend to have common ground.

      Yes, it is hard to slaughter them, it breaks my heart. What breaks my heart even more is to think of the poor animals in the factory farms who live their whole lives in confined spaces, fed antibiotics so they artificially fatten up, every day of their short lives is torture. My animals get to live their natural animal lives, get to move around and live according to their true nature. The factory farm meat has residues of antibiotics in them that end up in people and fatten up the people too, isn’t that horrible? Also, the overuse of antibiotics is creating supergerms and leading us to the end of the antibiotic age. Someday people will die from urinary tract infections or from scrapes and cuts because the supergerms adapted to the antibiotics on the factory farms! Your support of my farm is actually contributing to less animal cruelty and less antibiotic overuse, and your own personal health at the same time, so it’s all good! Thank you for your patronage, I am very glad for it! Without people like you who care, there would be no hope for us!

      Why bother, you may ask? Well, those progressives may be able to do things for you. Maybe not, but you never know. Maybe you can scare the crap out of them and raise prices, and explain that you are just passing along the costs of taxes and money printing inflation, you really hate to do it. I suspect that you are a man of charm and persuasiveness, but you don’t realize how you can weaponize this charm and persuasiveness. You are blocked by your anger and resentment over the destruction perpetrated by the progressives.

      Let that anger and resentment pass out of you, into the ground, into the earth, and treat it as a Game and a Technical Problem. Anger is a distraction from the things you could be doing with your weaponized charm offensive!

      • A.Ralston says:

        Nicely put. Everything he would say to his customer is actually true. No need even to think of it as “pretending to have common ground.” It is common ground. A measure of passion in one’s statement of truth, with a focus on which aspect of the truth is already shared, goes far.

  9. Contaminated NEET says:

    Huxley had their number all the way back in 1931:

    From a neighbouring shrubbery emerged a nurse, leading by the hand
    a small boy, who howled as he went. An anxious-looking little girl trot-
    ted at her heels.

    “What’s the matter?” asked the Director.

    The nurse shrugged her shoulders. “Nothing much,” she answered.
    “It’s just that this little boy seems rather reluctant to join in the ordi-
    nary erotic play. I’d noticed it once or twice before. And now again to-
    day. He started yelling just now …”

    “Honestly,” put in the anxious-looking little girl, “I didn’t mean to hurt
    him or anything. Honestly.”

    “Of course you didn’t, dear,” said the nurse reassuringly. “And so,” she
    went on, turning back to the Director, “I’m taking him in to see the As-
    sistant Superintendent of Psychology. Just to see if anything’s at all

  10. Mike says:


    A person can watch “Harrison Bergeron” (great movie!) for free, without subtitles, here:

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