Check your privilege woman gets 2300 downvotes, only 200 up votes

h/t to Saboteur

I had to see it to believe it:


The comments were hatin too!


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8 Responses to Check your privilege woman gets 2300 downvotes, only 200 up votes

  1. Nancy Pellosy says:

    White privelege is a co(hen)de word for black idiocy

  2. No-Limit-Nigga says:

    So much of the MSM is shutting down comments sections or public voting because The Narrative the shoahbiz execs promote is shot down with The Truth. They are running scared; the internet has allowed free info between White people in a way they couldn’t imagine just tw decades ago. The only real surprise is why the shoahbiz execs are shocked that the masses haven’t swallowed all the diversity nonsense they rammed down our throat. Hubris!

    • Good point about comments sections. They’re usually better than the articles themselves. When using social media to link to a story, choose a website that still has a non-facebook restricted comments section. Let them see a correlation between having a comments section and web traffic.

  3. DC says:

    I like how two hasbarats made comments to try and make it seem as if not all Jews think this way. Some things never change!

    “semperpee 1 day ago
    Definitely a Jew. As a Jew myself, this woman embarrasses me. Fuck her.
    Daniel Rand 17 hours ago
    As a Jew. I cant agree more. Shes a dumb b*tch.”

  4. I don’t know about this being an act of deception. I saw this side-splittingly funny talk show about this spoilt young woman who embodied the walking, talking arrogant, entitled and even downright obnoxious Jewish American Princess on steroids with the whole accent and all that so much that she even made the Jews cringe and squirm over her antics. The one thing I notice is that with chutzpah working for them, it is pretty hard to embarrass them. Well she was so bad (she was good), she embarrassed the hell out of ALL of them. I never laughed so hard in all my life.

    Her goal was to have her own reality show, like the Whoredashians, but for some odd, mysterious reason, couldn’t find any one in show biz who wanted to center a reality show around her. Darn! I think it would have been a smash hit, myself. For any of you who like British television, picture the snobbish, social climbing Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced Bouquet) on “Keeping Up Appearances” with a kosher flavor and rev it up several notches, LOL.

    I cycled through the comments over Ms. Check Your Privilege and it was not only White people hating on her. Various People of Color weighed in and found the incongruity of some “White” Chick screeching about “White Privilege” while living in a Whitopia and trying to extort funds for Jewish “social justice” groups not only not helpful at all, but very annoying, too.

    BTW, I have the perfect response to “Check Your Privilege.”

    I’ve checked my “Privilege” and it’s not working! What can I do to jump-start this damned thing?!

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  5. moishe says:


  6. Tyler says:

    The point of the Trayvon Martin protests wasn’t to make hashtags about “check your white privilege”, or even that a murder took place, it was that the police let the murderer go handed back his gun and condoned his actions. The police, the State of Florida and the federal government’s complicity in what happened is what was being protested. I am not sure identity politic obsessed “social justice warriors” have the understanding of actual politics in the real world outside of their college campuses to grasp any of that. People say they are Marxists, that irritates me because they are really the complete opposite of what an actual Marxist would be like.

    • Mr. Rational says:

      You’re assuming your conclusion, Tyler.  The Sanford police did not let a murderer go that night.  They released a citizen who shot his assailant in self-defense; said assailant, Trayvon Martin, was apparently attempting to murder George Zimmerman.  All evidence is consistent with that scenario, just as Martin’s criminal history and behavior before he ran was consistent with planning some burglaries.  The “hunting Black teens” nonsense is the fantasy of the Black tribe and their DWL sympathizers, who will never, ever hold any Black responsible for misbehavior.

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