andela’s “Rainbow Nation”: White Anti-Apartheid Movement Founder Killed by a Racist Negro (OH! THE IRONY!! LOL!!)

Another Amy Biehl type case — a World War II veteran who fought on the Jewish side, and who later founded the anti-apartheid movement, murdered in the street by a person of African descent for the offense of telling the African that he shouldn’t put his bicycle on trolley tracks. Being an anti-apartheid founder gave him Passover Syndrome — he thought he could talk to black people and they would be grateful for his ant-racist work and German killing and not kill him. He calculated wrong.


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8 Responses to andela’s “Rainbow Nation”: White Anti-Apartheid Movement Founder Killed by a Racist Negro (OH! THE IRONY!! LOL!!)

  1. No-Limit-Nigga says:

    He’s not White. Hilarious tho!

  2. thordaddy says:

    He is “white” in the sense that his murder from the eyes of the murderer and the eyes of the radical “black” liberationist is evidence of a liberation from “white supremacy” BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

    When a radical liberationist murders a radical liberationist it REALLY equals self-annihilation. This is the indisputable reality as seen from the genuine white Supremaicst perspective. Self-annihilation all around.

    And that is the stark question facing every racially self-aware white man?

    Our growing legion of self-annihilating brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, etc… THEY are the evidence of our collective demise.

    What you see in the neoreactionary sphere is a detachment from family that then justifies FACILITATION of white man’s self-annihilation. In other words, at the top of this PROGRAM are nerds of greater and lesser status vying at coding this program of self-annihilation. IN THE meantime is the false debate of HBD and its true assertion and meaning for white man.

  3. Snake says:

    Looks like all the negative karma from his anti-White espionage finally caught up with him.

  4. Passover Syndrome? I respectfully disagree. Amy Biehl was obviously operating under the Passover Syndrome Delusion, but Murray Wrobel wasn’t. He never lived in South Africa. From what I can determine, he never even visited South Africa. He obviously had more sense than to expose himself to South Africa’s overwhelmingly Black majority. He obviously conducted all his Anti-Apartheid activity from what he thought was the safety of Great Britain, thinking there was no chance that he would ever have to deal with an African.

    Did he know that other members of his tribe, like Barbara Specter Lerner, were busily flooding White Europe with African invaders? Or did he figure he would never live to see the fruition? Probably the latter.

    Ironic, I guess so, but “poetic justice,” is more like it, if you’re an unbeliever. If you’re more religious, there is something so “Hand of God” about Mr. Anti-Apartheid’s demise, it isn’t funny. It’s like the blood of thousands of Boer farmer families cursed him from the ground. Methinks that somewhere an angel just earned his wings.

  5. Paladin Justice says:

    As I commented on amren, the old fool lingered after his beating. That gave him plenty of time to reflect on the diversity his assinine ethnic group brought to the West. I hope he suffered and reflected as he lingered, although it would be too much to hope that he repented of his “sins.”

  6. Sam says:

    Ha Ha. We should bake cookies and dance around the streets every time something like this happens. Like a White man Purim.

  7. Sam says:

    On second thought maybe the Jew won. Think how many Whites he destroyed for a much smaller loss of life.

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