Those Krazy Kids — Nazi versus Jew Beer Pong now!

I think a trip to the Holocaust Museum is in order about now, LOL! They’ll probably play Hate Pong at the hotel in Washington, DC afterwards! With German beer no less!

I bet you a lot of kids who went on Birthright Israel trips would play this game without batting an eye. One thing the rabbis are struggling with is getting younger Jewish kids to give a shit at all. It’s not just whites who are apathetic.


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10 Responses to Those Krazy Kids — Nazi versus Jew Beer Pong now!

  1. thordaddy says:

    There are two established Jewish “selfs” outside the ethnic Jew that are utilized to maximize Jewish autonomy TO A RADICAL extent. Of course, these are the spiritual self and intellectual selves.. The Orthodox Jew and the leftist Jew. When a Jew converts to a truly Supremacist doctrine only then does his ethnicity survive as a particular contextual tell and his FORMER spiritual and intellectual selves are annihilated. What we observe in reality is that most Jews ARE ETHNIC self-annihilators. They operate largely in Orthodox (and worship a radically autonomous god) and/or Leftist (and plain worship radical autonomy) mode with their ethnicity ONLY APPEARING to be a tie that binds. But neither the Orthodox or leftist Jew REALLY BELIEVES in “ties that bind.” In short, most Jews are anti-Supremacist AND self-annihilators. Only a conversion to the Supremacist doctrine can actually save the ETHNIC Jew.

  2. thordaddy says:

    Many what to see ethnic Jews who become “white” as infiltrators instead of ethnic self-annihilators. And many want to see ethnic Jews who convert to the Supremacist doctrine as fifth columnists, i.e, the late Lawrence Auster. One needs to break from HBD constraints when demanded.

  3. Henry says:

    Why are “Nazi’s” still being stigmatized by Jews?
    I was born right after WWII. A lot of Jews emigrated to South Africa at the time, and the immigrant Jew kids in my school mixed quite freely with the white kids. Of course, European Jews were considered white at the time, and were welcomed as whites into our community. Their parents opened some sorely needed businesses in the then mainly mineworker community, and there were friendly relations all round.

    My father had a large number of Jewish friends, including the Kesslers, who were watchmakers, the Swerskys, mens’ outfitters, the Gavronskys, ladies’ outfitters, the Manns, butchers, the Katzes, Jewellers, and old Mrs Finkel, who sold toys.

    At the time, none of these Jews had heard of any “holocaust”. Nobody spoke about something like that, not to my parents, nor to me and my brother,

    The holocaust only appeared about 20 years after the war, when suddenly all kinds of propaganda started to be printed, and the Hoax grew and grew, inciting Jew kids and adults with hatred driven by Friday shul and Satudray Synagog meetings. Eventually, relations grew worse.

    And still are. The hoax gained ground among Jews. Even among non-Jews. But it was overdone.
    The hoax became unpopular when the Kikes started persecuting old men as Nazi criminals, LONG after the war, often using false stories and fabrications and falsified photos.
    Phony evidence is easy to detect, and most people are not that easily fooled.
    Especially if such “evidence” only appears decades after the alleged event.

    Sorry, Rabbi What’syournameski, the so-called “Holocaust” is a hoax sprung on Whites. It only became a conversation piece 20 years after the War. Incredible.

    The “Holocaust” is an outright lie.

    Yet the Germans are still being persecuted.

    • thordaddy says:

      In order to hide one’s self-annihilating “nature,” scream “genocide.” Such move is part and parcel of all liberationist movements.

  4. I can date the whole Holocaust Hustle launching in the USA when “Der Furor,” Francis Joseph (Cohen) Collin and his Neo-Nutzis got the ACLJew to get the Supreme Court to agree to allow them to march in Skokie, Illinois, which was a town with a large Jewish population.

    After that, it went nuts and got nuttier every year. You can’t have a Christmas without a Holocaust film. One year, there were five of them. The public even complained and some Jewish producer brushed them off, saying five wasn’t enough. Whether Tarantino meant it to happen or not, his offering, Inglorious Basterds, turned out to be the nadir of Nazisploitation. It backfired, because the hero-protagonists were as creepy as he is and the Germans looked too clean-cut and normal.

    Tarantino’s market would be the younger movie-goer who is not put off by violence and gore. That would be the senior high to college age group of kids. Coincidentally (or not), this is the same age group that has lost any Exodus fervor for Israel, has Palestinian sympathies, and pretty much ranges from apathetic to jaded and downright cynical to the Holocaust Hustle, openly invoking Godwin’s Rule anytime a Jew tries to whip out that guilt trip.

    In America, where victims reign supreme, there has been a palace coup where Negritude has dethroned Philosemitism in this country. The holy of holies is the poor, put-upon Black man who is still pluckily and bravely shouldering the burden of four hundred years of slavery and Jim Crow and structural racism and microaggressions and this and that and the other thing. Yes, it’s a pain in the ass to anyone with “White Skin Privilege,” but it really makes the Holocaust so eighty years ago.

    • mindweapon says:

      Great comment Cly! You craft an excellent turn of phrse.

      • Thank you, MW.

        Have you been watching CNN, lately?

        From watching his “apology,” I get the notion that poor old Donald “T for Tokowitz” Sterling remains clueless about the what is really going on here. Does he have any idea what is really at stake here?

        I guess he can’t help himself; he was raised in the Culture of Critique, his tribe perfected the Culture of Critique and he was simply doing what comes naturally for him. It’s another delicious irony. To prove he is not a racist, he can’t stop reminding people that he was a big enough supporter of and contributor to the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) they gave him an award. Little did he know how far he would advance them!

        It was Voltaire who said, “to find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” Do Jews even fit into that category anymore? It seems to me that they are criticized at every level. Yes, all the antipathy to liberals and banksters is coded criticism, but the Zionists are openly criticized. Their position now reminds me of the WASPs at the beginning of the sixties; they have the power, the money, and the privilege, but it is under assault by a very cohesive, aggressive tribe.

        It appears that the Jews gave the Blacks a page or two from the Jewish Victims Reparation Playbook, but the Blacks snatched the whole damned book from their hands. Yes, with Silver handing down the punishment, it looks like the Jews are still very much in charge of enforcing racial justice. But what shouldn’t matter is who is cracking the whip, but that the whip is being cracked at all. I remember when it looked like the White Elite was pushing that agenda with WASPS like the School Monitor, Jane “Brown Eyes Blue Eyes” Elliott did with middle-class Whites. The end result was ALL Whites lost power.

        The precedent is already there with what happened to Whites. If Sterling is forced to grovel and sell his team at fire sale prices to a Black guy … period … much less the ultimate insult … Magic Johnson, it will confirm the power paradigm shift I suspect.

        The whole reaction to Sterling’s issues with Magic Johnson illustrates that somewhere, somehow during the last decade, a palace coup took place. Somehow Negritude replaced Philosemitism in America to absurd, outrageous levels. Let’s face it, when Sterling came of age, in the era of Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, and even Joe Louis and Jackie Robinson, a guy like Earvin “Magic” Johnson with rumors swirling about him catching the HIV virus on the down low, would never be lionized and defended in the press.

      • mindweapon says:


        The punishment by Silver and the denunciation of Sterling by his wife, in my view, is all an act, a chess move, in response to the setup by whoever controlled V. Stiviano. Millions of dollars are at stake, and acting is cheap.

        One thing you got to understand is that they aren’t necessarily being sincere. That’s Jewish Mindweaponism in action. They are playing, they are doing theatrics. Silver does his part, the wife hers. Donald may be a loose cannon.

        Jews will make a show of throwing one of their own under the bus when appropriate. It won’t change the overall equation. But it is very good to observe how they do theatrics and people take it at face value.

        Do you remember when I recommended studying The Stanislavsky Method and acting in amateur theater productions?

        Acting as a hobby and training yourself in the Method will give you excellent Mindweapon skills and insights.

        People in teh mass media are conscious that they are always acting, they are always playing a role. That’s not their real person on TV. THey are getting the Paychex and the Fame, they play teh Role.

        And if the Blacks win one with the Clippers, no big deal. It doesn’t change ownership of the banks. The Jews still ahve the Money Power. But a massive collapse could mess that up for them.

    • moishe says:

      that movie ‘inglorious basterds’ made jews look like their true selves: the images of the ‘bear jew’ evilly leering at the honourable wermacht soldier before bashing his brains in really spoke volumes about the mindset of these ‘people’ – thanks Tarantino: – you actually depicted the tribe in a really realistic way – this is what ultimately happens when they have overwhelming power – just like in the soviet gulag….

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