Hari Kondabolu tells white liberals, “Enjoy your white guilt/white privilege . . . while it lasts”

Gee, Hari, what happens when white liberals can no longer be guilty/privileged? What happens when it’s over, as you predict?

What happens to those liberals? Do they just stay liberals?


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16 Responses to Hari Kondabolu tells white liberals, “Enjoy your white guilt/white privilege . . . while it lasts”

  1. Erin says:

    He should go back to his home country where all the good people are. Obviously NOTHING less than the genocide of all Europeans will please this creature.

  2. secede says:

    ot: my nationalist pony

    “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is either subconciously or conciously designed as a celebration of White People, and right now I don’t think it can be taken any other way.”

  3. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  4. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Another dune coon clueless to how is brown arce is being used and abused by White Liberalified Corporate Amurkistan.

    Kondawhateverthefuck – don’t you get it mang! Of course Corporate America keeps feeding you the lie of White Privilege. This manufactured myth will make you trod along harder on the Hamster Wheel of The Amurkistan Workforce. You will falsely believe that you will get all kinds of White Poon, but alas, at age 40 or so, you will be old, have too much work experience, be too credentialed – in short, TOO EXPENSIVE for the El Cheapo Lobby and you will be discarded into the waste of the unemployed and underemployed of Amurkistan. You will apply for unemployment compensation and wait in long lines at the Workforce Services building to get Medicaid. You will want to go back to you homeland, but by then it may be too late.

    I meet Mystery Meat Men like you everyday who have swallowed the Myth of White Privilege. Yeah buddy, you are being used and you do not even know it!
    The Arabs eunichsized their slaves so they would WORK, WORK, WORK with no time for family. All you dotheads, etc. and other yellow and brown men from the East are perfect drones because you killed all the female fetuses in those countries and now places like Pakistan have an excess of young men with no brides – the perfect Eunichsized Workers for Amurkistan!

    Call me a Privileged White Bitch, but I am hip the Corporate Scam in Amurkistan my brown friend. Get the hell out while you can!

    • Thank you, VB.

      I get the notion that, aside from the money, acquiring a White bride so that they have higher-status children is important to men from a country where the hottest selling products are “Fair and Lovely” and “Fair and Handsome.”

      There is a lot of “We will bury you,” animosity in Hari’s “enjoy your White Guilt while it lasts” comment. YOUR remarks make me think that the White Guilt of the coeds at the university he attended did NOT extend to dating him.

      It must make him feel incredibly butt-hurt to find out that an Ebonic ball player has more luck with White girls than he does. Sorry, Hari. It might be helpful if National Geographic stopped publishing pictures of your people bathing in rivers teeming with rotting corpses. ICK. Better yet, it might be more helpful if you took the degrees you got here in the USA, went back to India, and fixed India’s plumbing and hygiene issues.

  5. eyeslevel says:

    Non-whites, enjoy living in white countries…while it lasts. In a couple of generations, either there won’t be any white countries or whites will get their heads on straight and separate.

    • WG says:

      …or kick out/eradicate the non-whites!

    • Bad Mr. Frosty says:

      Yes! Exactly!
      Either the formerly White country becomes the 3rd world hellhole they fled or the Whites go Viking and chase out the browns.

      Either way, they lose!

  6. torgrim says:

    That’s right, Kondawhateverthefuck, come here and tells us how to live and think. What an arrogant ass! Enjoy it while it lasts, because those that built this land are catching on….we won’t work for you.

  7. TabuLa Raza says:

    Scofield Bible- another front for the jew
    The Scofield Bible and Christian Zionism-

    >>>And who was Cyrus Scofield?

    As a young con-artist in Kansas after the Civil War, he met up with John J. Ingalls, an aging Jewish lawyer who had been sent to Atchison by the “Secret Six” some thirty years before to work the Abolitionist cause. Pulling strings both in Kansas and with his compatriots back east, Ingalls assisted Scofield in gaining admission to the Bar, and procured his appointment as Federal Attorney for Kansas. Ingalls and Scofield became partners in a railroad scam which led to Cyrus serving time for criminal forgery.

    While he was in prison, Scofield began studying the philosophy of John Darby, pioneer of the Plymouth Brethren movement and the “any moment now” rapture doctrine.

    Upon his release from prison, Scofield deserted his first wife, Leonteen Carry Scofield, and his two daughters Abigail and Helen, and he took as his mistress a young girl from the St. Louis Flower Mission. He later abandoned her for Helen van Ward, whom he eventually married. Following his Illuminati connections to New York, he settled in at the Lotus Club, which he listed as his residence for the next twenty years. It was here that he presented his ideas for a new Christian Bible concordance, and was taken under the wing of Samuel Untermeyer, who later became chairman of the American Jewish Committee, president of the American League of Jewish Patriots, and chairman of the Non-sectarian Anti-Nazi League.

    Untermeyer introduced Scofield to numerous Zionist and socialist leaders, including Samuel Gompers, Fiorello LaGuardia, Abraham Straus, Bernard Baruch and Jacob Schiff. These were the people who financed Scofield’s research trips to Oxford and arranged the publication and distribution of his concordance.

    It is impossible to overstate the influence of Cyrus Scofield on twentieth-century Christian beliefs. The Scofield Bible is the standard reference work in virtually all Christian ministries and divinity schools. It is singularly responsible for the Christian belief that the Hebrew Prophecies describe the kingdom of Jesus’ Second Coming, and not the Zionist vision of a man-made New World Order.

    And it is precisely because Christians persist in this belief that they remain blind to the reality of Zion.

    Scofield served as the agent by which the Zionists paralyzed Christianity, while they prepared America for our final conquest.


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