Sweden: “Neo-Nazi” Websites Seven Times More Popular Than Politically Correct Mainstream

Sweden has an immune response to foreign invasion.


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9 Responses to Sweden: “Neo-Nazi” Websites Seven Times More Popular Than Politically Correct Mainstream

  1. countenance says:

    For quite some time, the BNP’s website was the most trafficked party website in Britain.

    All sorts of our sites get great traffic.

    Yet we can’t seem to translate that into political wins.

  2. Aester says:

    There isn’t more trust on the mainstream jewish media.

  3. Smiley says:

    Most of my comment from M by M

    National Socialism is the foundation of State based on racial preservation and cohesion, and it is the ONLY world view that will prevent the geNOcide of the White race. Of course, it’s hard for most to wrap their minds around this concept, as the psy-prop campaign leveled at NS for the last 90 years has been MASSIVE. Every White person should study Mein Kampf with the dedication of a warrior for our people. The answers are there, which is why it is attacked 24/7 by the Marxists and their lackeys. Here is Volume I on audio. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6phCHk4UEpw&list=PL6071CE85CCEFF440&noredirect=1

  4. Smiley says:


    • KO says:

      Everywhere in the West, it comes down to getting the upper hand over the hostile elites. Ridicule, disobedience, detachment, discrediting, there are many, many ways. Check out Neopopulism as Counterculture by Dahlberg and Kaardal (speaking of Scandinavians), which advocates the people taking back government and governing based on their own tradition of language, common sense, and religion, instead of the fake rationalism of credentialed experts.

      As Smeagol says to Gollum, “Go away, and never come back!”

  5. Arturo says:

    Hey MW :

    Try staring at that yellow swastika on the blue background.

    I discover that something interesting happens: if you try hard enough, you can trick your brain into not seeing the Nazi symbol, but rather a yellow square penetrated by blue rectangles.

    It seems to work best when your eyes are about 6 inches from the screen.

    Try it yourself and see if you can see what I see.

    – Arturo


      • Arturo says:

        It takes some effort / practice.

        And more often than not, the yellow square with four blue triangles penetrating into it will only appear for a few moments at a time, before the swatstika reappears.

        Try if with your eyes four to six inches from the screen.

        Hint : each of the four rectangles penetrating the yellow square has two right angles.

        Try focusing therefore on the eight blue right angles that are floating within the yellow Square.

        I swear you will see a yellow square interrupted by four blue spikes, as though driven into the square as by a mallet.

        It’s freaky and it’s a little hard to do. And the illusion will last only a moment until… the swatstika re-emerges.

        Kind of reminds me of those things that were real popular in poster shops in Paris in the late- 1990s: your friends would swear that if you squinted your eyes and tried hard enough, you would see a bird, or a palm tree, or a face, etc etc. (I could never do it – maybe once I saw the Palm tree. Took way too much effort).

        Let me know,


        – Arturo

  6. Arturo says:

    MW :

    Here’s another trick (for seeing the optical illusion that is the penetrated yellow square) :

    Take a yellow Post It or something, and hold it over exactly half of the yellow square :

    You will instantly see that 1/2 of the so-called swatstika instantly becomes a block-square numeral “9”, with the top-most portion of the “9” missing.

    Others might see it as a lower-case cursive “y”, with an exceptionally long bottom part pointing leftward.

    The point is I suppose: the “swatstika” is as mysterious in appearance as it is in significance.

    – Arturo


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