Latinos believe in Eugenics! When Latinos begin dating, “some of us are told that we have a duty as Latinos called ‘mejorar la raza,’ which means, ‘to improve the race.'”

When we begin dating, some of us are told that we have a duty as Latinos called “mejorar la raza,” which means, “to improve the race.” This is sometimes directly told to us around the time we begin dating, but also inscribed in comments about other couples. I remember when a friend’s mother casually commented on her nephew’s choice for a partner, and rhetorically asked, “He’s so handsome, but why is he with that black girl?” Those observations, and countless others, communicate the expectation to make our future generations whiter. Dating can lead to marriage, which can lead to children, so the message we are expected to internalize is that Latinos should literally become as white as possible over time. “Improving the race” can mean dating and marrying whites only (including white Latinos) — and specifically staying away from indigenous, black, Asian, or mixed potential mates; in this hierarchy, white is the most desirable condition, while black is the least.

People want to go their own way. Liberals promote racial animosity by forcing everyone together, who prefer to be apart. That’s the take away from this article.

For some of us who grew up in Latino families in the United States, anti-blackness was firmly instilled in our minds from the moment of birth. Among siblings in the same family, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and sometimes parents themselves can become fixated on a child’s complexion. In Spanish-speaking households, I’ve heard countless phrases such as, “She’s pretty, even if she’s black.” Meanwhile, the white standard of beauty translates into preferences — up to and including increased emotional availability — for white, or whiter children.

Though many of us experience it within our families and in our day-to-day lives, anti-blackness among non-black Latinos often remains unexamined. We’re not necessarily proud of these practices and rarely air them publicly; though when we are called upon to shake these practices, we often dismiss the conversation.

But as Latinos become an increasingly large part of a non-white majority in the United States, we must remain vigilant about anti-blackness in our families, communities and movements, or risk a future of our own making in which black lives are treated as though they do not matter. While George Zimmerman’s vile vigilantism is an aberration, we need to admit that people like him, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio are not total anomalies; we need to admit that they are like some of our own family members who murmur slurs, lock car doors, and cross streets to avoid black people.


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25 Responses to Latinos believe in Eugenics! When Latinos begin dating, “some of us are told that we have a duty as Latinos called ‘mejorar la raza,’ which means, ‘to improve the race.'”

  1. Mr. Rational says:

    we need to admit that they are like some of our own family members who … lock car doors, and cross streets to avoid black people.

    If you want to avoid being robbed, beaten into brain damage, or killed, that’s what you do.  Let’s see Ms. Bogado spend some time in Detroit, such as with the welcome wagon that greeted Steve Utash.  It’ll either change her tune or shut her up permanently.

  2. KO says:

    Brown guilt! You saw it here first!

  3. PA says:

    We normally understand humanity as divided between Whites and non-Whites, but in some contexts, the dividing line is between Blacks and non-Blacks. Fear of dysgenics is one such dividing line, apparently a universal one.

    A long time ago I read a book “Inside the VC and the NVA.” The author talked about how uneducated peasant North Vietnamese soldiers were told by their commanders that if captured, American soldiers will change them to blacks. The author softened that revelation with an anti-racist spin (“what they really meant, is that Vietnamese people had a class prejudice against dark skin because field labor suntan”), but it’s pretty clear–whether in the Salon article, or tons of other sources–the non-Black portion of humanity has a primal horror and sometimes morbid fascination with the spectre of reproduction with blacks. I also read a female neocon columnist criticizing Dominicans for their extreme prejudice vis a vis mixing with blacks.

  4. Paladin Justice says:

    More power to the Mexicans pushing blacks out of black areas and more power to Asian and white tech people for pushing blacks out of San Francisco. Let the blacks have to move for a change. Whites have been forced to move for decades to get away from them.

    As to pro-white racism in dating, yes, that’s my experience with Mexicans. As I’ve written elsewhere, I was mostly shunned by white women all my life. As a professor in San Antonio I didn’t make enough money to suit them, I wasn’t a 6’5″ hulky ex-high school quarterback, and I preferred to drive older economy sedans. Three strikes and I was out. I think I’ve only dated two white women my whole life.

    But the Mexican girls admired me, probably for my brains as well as my higher status occupation. Several of them were undoubtedly part black. So what? I wasn’t a race realist then and although they were of average intelligence, they were above average in exotic looks and sex appeal. But most of all they loved me and admired me. White women would have nothing to do with me. It’s normal for a man to seek love and admiration.

    I knew that these girls were trained by their families to marry white guys, but again so what? I eventually realized that I did not ever want to get married unless I found someone who loved dogs as much as me. Never found her. But my ex-girlfriends did marry white males. One of the issues these white guys must have is that their children do not look anything like them. That was also somewhere in the back of my mind, but these guys do not seem to mind.

    Paradoxically, Mexican girls are also seen with black males. I assume that those females are among the racially unaware Mexicans. I don’t think Mexican families like it.

    • mindweapon says:

      I hear ya, Paladin. I had a very cute Brahmin Indian girl dig me back in college. I was very tempted as far as pure attraction goes, but she wasn’t blonde and she was a petite little thing, so she wouldn’t breed big strong bogatiryi, and I never was into sport-fucking. I would only have sex with a woman who was racially and physically healthy by my standards, because pregnancy was possible. I had a few pregnancy “scares” with girlfriends and every time I said to the girl, “Have the kid, I’ll marry you or at least support you. Just don’t abort.” But that was because I always related sex to reproduction and eugenics.

    • Erin says:

      I’m really sorry this happened to you P.

      I wonder sometimes…it seems like Whites are just trained not to like each other. You had your experience and I know White girls who didn’t get asked out by White guys because (by the women’s accounts) they weren’t pretty enough.

      That’s how ya get us. Make White people hate themselves and each other through class warfare, porn etc. then bring in millions of non-Whites, many of whom LOVE Whites (as a way to better their race or just because they are different and frankly better) to fix the problem. Then ya get no White babies. It’s genocide.

      • Erin says:

        And I’ll bet that the non-Whites are a lot more forward than Whites when it comes to dating. Most of the White women who didn’t get asked out much, also never approached or knew how to express a little interest.

        Paladin, I’m curious. Did you ask many White women out or did you just feel that they weren’t interested in you so you didn’t bother. I promise I’m not trying to pick on you, just trying to examine this very important issue.

        Hope I’m not derailing things too much MW!

      • Paladin Justice says:

        To answer your question about asking women out, I followed the theory that if a female is interested, she will show signs. I would also show signs in response or sometimes initiate signs first. I have found that asking women out without first being signaled is a sure route to lower self-esteem through rejection.

        As to what kind of signs, hair preening is a good one. Laughing at some little amusing thing you say is a another. I can’t remember them all. I just never got much in the way of signs from white women, but did get signs from Mexicans.

        I’m happy to answer questions because this topic is interesting and vital in the sense that more white men and women need to stop playing games and get on with getting married.

      • mindweapon says:

        Great point, Erin. They really hit us from many directions at once.

      • Wally says:

        Look at the high profile white Celtic/Germanic celebrities who have married non-white women.
        Matt Damon marries and has children with mestizo looking brazilian woman.
        Matthew McConaughey marries and has children with mestizo/black brazilian woman
        TV Chef Curtis Stone marries and has children with half Korean actress.
        Actor Josh Holloway marries and has children with an Indonesian woman.
        Bachelor Sean Lowe marries part filipino woman.

        If this were 1974, every one of those male celebrities would have married a pretty blonde. Something IS going on. All of those men wanted to get married and have children. None of these men married to rebel against their parents. These guys are running TOWARD traditional family life. But all of them didn’t believe that a white woman wanted that traditional life of wife and mother. The question is why did these men think that white women of today don’t want that?

        One thing I do notice is that all of the non-white women that these actors have married are outwardly very feminine. Nowdays in the USA, many white women are more masculine then they used to be. Many white women play sports as teenagers which increases their masculine energy. There are soccer fields and basketball gyms all over the country are filled with white women. Playing sports changes the way women move their bodies-the women who play sports while young act more mannish. When I see young women from foreign countries where women don’t play sports, the difference in femininity is striking.

        Another influence is of course feminsim, which encourages women to live and act like a man.

      • Whitegeny says:

        You’re right unfortunately. I get far more attention from Black and Asian women than White women. My degree really excites Asian women for some reason yet the White women I’ve met don’t really care.

      • Erin says:

        ” The question is why did these men think that white women of today don’t want that?” Many don’t, at least not right away because they’ve been brainwashed to have a career first so they can give the child a good life (materially). They don’t want their kid to be “white trash” living in a trailer home or an apartment.

        Also, many people, including WNs believe what they read in the Jewstream media and online, more than they believe their own eyes. They have mindworms that tell them that ALL White women don’t want babies. It’s simply not true. They also believe that White women are gold-diggers when many times a woman just wants a guy who can take care things financially so she CAN have children. Seriously, if a woman makes the right choice and doesn’t go to university, I think she has every right to wish for a husband whose income can support a family yes?

        And to be fair, women have their own problems (of course). Our mothers, grandmothers, aunts etc. have left us on our own to figure out how to attract and keep a man. Much of what we learn is from television. The lucky ones at least get to a traditional church for some sort of structure but they are really just twisting in the wind most of the time. I didn’t learn until WELL past childbearing age (although fortunately, I did manage to have children) about the signs of interest men look for. I was shy as a teen and young adult and when I found a man attractive I was too afraid to show interest because I thought I might be rejected. I wasn’t an ugly girl either. TV usurped the role of relatives in our lives so there was no female relative ready or willing to talk about the matter with most of us and get it corrected.

        These issues we have did not happen in a vaccuum. Our people had many children in the past and all of a sudden we don’t. It’s by design.

        Someone should write a book about this. We’ve got to get past these problems and have more children. Hope my little tirade helps someone.

        PS. There are decent authors that deal with some of these (women) problems. One I like is Dr. Patricia Allen.

    • Does anyone else but me remember “Voyage of the Damned,” a 1976 Naziploitation Movie about the S.S. St. Louis? It was based on how, in 1939, Hitler sent a ship full of Jewish refugees to any country that would take them in, but most countries had strict immigration policies and refused to relax them. So, they decided to head back to Europe. What isn’t widely known is that there was one country in the American hemisphere that was very interested in taking them in; the Dominican Republic who was very interested in “mejorando la raza” with the Ashkenazi gene pool with its fair skin and high IQ. The passengers preferred to take their chances with Hitler in Europe.

      I have lived in areas with Mexican majorities. I overheard a bunch of them, male and female, say they ALL want children with “colored eyes.” An Hispanic with colored eyed or who has a child with colored eyes is considered a big deal among them. Of course, only intermarriage with Whites, the fairer the better, would make a colored eye child possible. Endogamy with each other would make this impossible. Light skin and lighter hair is also highly prized. You will see several lighter skinned Hispanic women dye their hair blonde, even though the effect looks like straw and makes them look rather sallow. And they carry themselves with all the caste-confidence that most White supremacists would envy.

      I saw only one light-skinned Latina leave her hair alone. She was strikingly beautiful, because her blue-black hair and black eyes just popped with her milky skin. Her father was a very fair Pole. When I complimented her on her appearance, she confessed that when she was younger she had been tempted to bleach her hair, but she got so many compliments on her appearance from pure-caste Whites like me that she learned to love the contrast as much as we did.

      About the time my boy, Sonny was a toddler, I was invited to a housewarming party by a Mexican coworker who had twice married Black men. She admitted that her parents were not happy with her choice. Her father refused to walk her down the aisle either time. He took a long time warming up to her oldest daughter, because she at least looked Hispanic, but he could not totally warm up to her two younger children, because they looked pure Bantu.

      The reason I remember this so vividly is that I could not have a sitter, but she told me to bring Sonny along, because there would be children there. Though my Father was of French extraction, he had very dark curly hair and eyes; not quite Italian, but definitely some Mediterranean influence there, which worked great for him in the fifties where “tall, dark, and handsome was the theme among matinee idols.”

      Sonny’s biological father was very Nordic with very light, straight blond hair and blue eyes, so he had inherited my father’s looks, wavy hair, but his father’s coloring.

      Since age had silvered his hair and somewhat bleached out his skin, my coworker’s father vaguely resembled my father. Sonny was very close to his grandfather, so he kept walking up to this man, saying Paw Paw and then stopping short, like he was a little confused. The man, of course, noticed his reaction to himself. I told him that Sonny was confused because he resembled his Paw Paw and showed him a picture of my father holding him. Of course, he saw the resemblance right away. He held onto it for a while, showing his family (who had all noticed Sonny’s reaction to him) that picture. He seemed reluctant to give it back, but finally did return it. He seemed rather wistful.

      I didn’t think too much of it, because I was not very race-conscious back then and my family runs the gamut of the hair-eye-skin color spectrum of Caucasians from very fair-skinned, blonde, blue-eyed people to red hair and green eyes to vaguely Mediterranean. But since I became racially awakened, this incident stands out in my mind very poignantly.

      • Gwyn says:

        Yet, despite the range of eye and hair colors us Whites posses, it’s ethnic minorities who are given the title – “people of color.” No doubt another attempt by our enemies to devalue us.

  5. TabuLa Raza says:

    cute Brahmin Indian girl dig me back in college. So sorry. . .was she a gold digger?

  6. Stary Wylk says:

    PJ, there are two things going against you here. One is, Nordic types don’t display emotion as much as more southerly persons. The other is, a good Mexican girl feels much freer to flirt because her male relatives will kick your ass if you fuck her illegitimately. White chicks have to usually fend for themselves.

    • Wally says:

      “Nordic types don’t display emotion as much as”

      Yes. I remember watching a show on NBC about a severe weather storm in Florida. A couple was interviewed. The wife, who was hispanic, was emotional and expressive. The Germanic/Celtic husband was calm, detached, very cold and seemed uncaring. Of course, I’m sure he was a loving and caring husband. But as Stary Wylk writes, he just lacked that warm and caring expression. He just seemed really cold. When trying to woo women, that kind of attitude combined with an introverted personality must really put off some women. Not fun at all! Very depressing actually.

  7. heathenhank says:

    Hispanic’s are perfect of frog-boiling, which is why the mainstream media doesn’t cover them as intensively and positively as blacks whom need a constant barrage of positive spin to keep other groups from simply segregating them.

    Mestizos come from the color gradient of Latin-America, where there are more forms of mix-race classifications than your average American could ever keep track of.

    That is why Whites, particular conservative Whites, have such a pseudo love of mestizos: it assuages their own sub-conscious White Supremacist outlooks, as the mestizos aren’t particular subtle by their acceptance, even preference, for their elite to be genetically European at its core.

    The Negros, however, never actually “integrate,” but instead consistently apply pressure to their host societies (often violently) in a natural instinct to regress their environment to something more akin to the tribal barbarity of Africa.

    Mestizos on the other hand will drag White civilization down not by any anti-White malice, but by their eventual latinization of society in any place where they are allowed to make up far too high a percentage of the Genetic pool. You can imagine it like dozens of small, loving toddlers hopping on your back until your overwhelmed and fallen to their knee-high level.

  8. Erin says:

    And I have to say wtf are they using Zimmerman’s photo for? The guy’s best friend who is Black came forward and defended him as “not a racist”. Geez, I guess the salon readership is too stupid to remember little details like that huh?

  9. I haven’t seen too many WM-AF relationships, but I have seen some WM-HF relationships.

    The one reason why I think we see more WM-HF relationships head to marriage is because once a Hispanic gal latches onto a White guy, she won’t let go no matter how many ways he tries to drop her. Even if the relationship turns abusive. Hispanic women hang in there in situations where most White women would have been long gone long ago. I don’t know if White men ultimately find this behavior too flattering to resist or they are just worn down by Hispanic women’s dogged persistence.

    I saw this in action with an ex-boyfriend of mine. I was prickly and sensitive to a fault to begin with, so it didn’t take me long to read the tea leaves and to a lesser degree, it was the same with other White women he had dated. Then he gets with this Latina and we all saw the signs and then some; IMO, he became borderline abusive and still, she hung in there. She eventually got pregnant and even had the child over his objections. He ended up marrying her shortly after the child was born.

    Maybe it’s the sheer terror of dealing with a Latina Scorned:

    All I know is that any White man who thinks he is going to have a casual hookup with a Hispanic Woman should think again; as far as she is concerned it’s until death do they part.

    • torgrim says:

      Over the period of 40 years I watched a rural farming community and town turn Brown. At first it was gradual and as long as the White folk were in the majority, one knew the rules. At some point, this community became Mexican and as a White male, the rules all changed and if you didn’t understand the new game/rules, such as how the Hispanic woman mentioned above, have their own culture,… then one is really playing a dangerous game.

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