Making a First Impression

National Front newly elected mayors cut off funding for Paychex liberals, stop the construction of a Muslim prayer room, and end a holiday celebrating the end of slavery! Good stuff!

The Kakistocracy


In prior comments discussing France’s Front National I wondered whether they are the cynical analogue of Republicans simply using and discarding their constituency for power until they can feasibly pivot to one more fecund; or whether they are the equally cynical analogue of democrats who draped a gauzy ghillie-suit of false racial harmony over their actual program of anti-white hatred and disembowelment.

As for Front National, there’s obvious cynicism. But of what? Are French nationalists being used for nothing more elevated than vote harvesting?

Or is this something more pleasantly cunning? Consider the so-called American civil rights movement. It was sold to a 90% white society as an end to racial antipathy and a beginning of a colorblind harmonious society. And while extraordinarily foolish even at face, Americans were intoxicated by a virtue purchased with their posterity’s blood.

They bought the goods.

It was a top-to-bottom lie.

They thought they…

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