Depression and Candida

A lot of disorders such as diabetes, autism, hypertension, obesity and depression could have a common cause — leaky gut, where the contents of intestines leak into bloodstream and then affect the pancreas and brain. Junk food feeds the candida albicans, which lives in the intestine harmlessly, but giving it lots of processed sugar lets it escape the intestine and become Systemic Candida, a fungal infection. Also, BT corn kills its own insect pests by punching a hole in the gut of the insect — but of course, Monsanto tells us it won’t punch a hole in OUR gut, oh no, not that, because we are so very different from beetles, right? You want to bet your health on that?
If all this science stuff makes your eyes glaze over, just take away this one thing — Industrial Agriculture food is a likely cause of a lot of cases of autism, depression, obesity and diabetes. Cheap food isn’t cheap, it just passes off its costs to somewhere else. Moreover, a big problem of modern civilization is surplus people who are unemployed; well, they should be working in small scale, healthy, positive EROEI agriculture. I took up vegetable gardening and fruit orcharding 12 years ago to see if it was true that “we need Industrial Agriculture because we ordinary people can’t produce our own food.” I found that we are not so helpless. We can indeed produce our own food, and producing our own food is a great act of Resistance.

Paper to Use

In 1990, the Global Burden of Disease (GBD) study listed depression as the 4th leading cause of disease burden worldwide. In 2000, the GBD listed it as the #3 cause. In the latest GBD study from 2010, it is now listed as the 2nd leading cause of disease burden and disability in the world. Over the same period of time, our understanding of the link between the gut and brain has undergone tremendous leaps forward whereby we now know that health and function of the brain is intimately linked to the health and function of the digestive tract. A loss of the gut’s ability to prevent passage of microbes from the intestines into the bloodstream has been identified as a cause of Major Depressive Disorder by researchers from Belgium. Fungal candida possesses an ability to escape the confines of the intestinal tract and travel throughout the body, even when the…

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4 Responses to Depression and Candida

  1. TabuLa Raza says:

    “. . .Industrial Agriculture. . .” Should be properly critiqued as STATIST AGRICULTURE.
    Do you recall what Miss Rand had to say about the anti-conceptual mentality? [The Missing Link, in Philosophy: Who Needs It]

    • mindweapon says:

      Statist Agriculture — absolutely. I think that if left to the free market, farms have a natural size limit. Huge “farms” are only made possible with government subsidies.

      Tell us about the anti-conceptual mentality.

  2. banned56 says:

    Also, part of Integrated Pest Management of us White folks is the USDA gov’t push to eat “healthy whole grains.”
    Healthy whole grains, HAH.
    As Dr. William Davis explains in his book and blog, wheatbellyblog, wheat is bad for us (and so are other grains).
    Celiac disease is COMMON, not rare, according to the study done by Dr. Alessio Fasano at Massachusetts General Hospital Celiac Center. My own daughter was FINALLY diagnosed celiac at age 22, after an entire childhood suffering a looooong list of nonspecific complaints.
    Aside from celiac is non-celiac gluten intolerance.
    Celiac disease has associated leaky gut. Leaky gut is likely the cause of all autoimmune disease, including juvenile-onset diabetes, hashimoto’s thyroiditis, multiple sclerosis. Makes sense. Undigested food is NOT supposed to be absorbed. But leaky gut allows undigested food proteins into the bloodstream, causing the immune system to go apeshit and attack self.
    Dr. Fasano has discovered the protein zonulin, released in response to ingestion of gluten (by EVERYONE). Zonulin opens the tight junctions between the cells in the gut, ergo leaky gut. In those without celiac disease, the tight junctions quickly re-close and the immune system cleans up the mess without fuss. But in celiacs, the tight junctions don’t quickly re-close.
    Celiac disease can arise in people with the genetics for it at any age, not just childhood.
    What a fantastic anti-White bioweapon, eh?
    Oh, and the current 30 percent rate of C-sections on middle class White women with health insurance? Not only does it make mega bucks for YKW ob-gyns, it has the added benefit of 4X-ing the rate of celiac in those C-section babies.
    “They” certainly are crafty bastards.

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