And now, for another view of Hitler

NPR’s Ari Shapiro whitewashes pro-EU Ukrainian Nazis. During the Third Reich era, lots of Jews did business with the Nazis and praised Hitler. Had the Germans won, many Jews would be singing their praises still today. The great “sin” of the Nazis was losing the war.
We know the mass media has no principles. The USA has far surpassed the Nazis in scale and horror of atrocities. But everybody loves a winner. If or when the USA loses a war, then we’ll hear all about depleted uranium Gitmo CIA dirty regime changes torture rendition and so on. Ari Shapiro will try to claim “he was part of the Resistance all along” LOL.

Corey Robin

Back in 1982, Harper’s ran a hilarious piece by Alexander Cockburn, “The Tedium Twins,” on the silly obsession with balance that was the MacNeil/Lehrer Report. With pitch-perfect dialogue, Cockburn imagined a segment on the question of slavery.

robert macneil (voice over): Should one man own another?


macneil:Good evening. The problem is as old as man himself. Do property rights extend to the absolute ownership of one man by another? Tonight, the slavery problem. Jim?

lehrer:Robin, advocates of the continuing system of slavery argue that the practice has brought unparalleled benefits to the economy. They fear that new regulations being urged by reformers would undercut America’s economic effectiveness abroad. Reformers, on the other hand, call for legally binding standards and even for a phased reduction in the slave force to something like 75 percent of its present size. Charlayne Hunter-Gault is in Charleston. Charlayne?


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