Obsessions, by Commenter Robot Sam

White people are by far their own worst enemy. There are many weaknesses in white people and I think one of the major ones we do not identify because it also gives rise to many of our inventions and other creative endeavors is the OCD (obsessive compulsive) and Asperger like behaviors.
Many other cultures and by that I mean races, as biology creates culture, have probably killed off most of their creatives as insane or witches, and which probably accounts for their lack of relative creativity. This gives us a lot of variance psychologically. This is no different than Jews choosing for language abilities and social warfare strategy, and this expressing itself as near instinct.
Now this ability to focus in on one subject and get really deep into it and creative with it is what makes white people so damn innovative. Now this can be called being a nerd or a geek if it is in certain subjects, but most white people of any accomplishment utilize this trait. Treasure hunters, military strategists, musicians, historians, chemists, engineers, and even sports coaches can be said to be nerds in their chosen fields. White people are the best nerds. These obsessed people create big advances in their chosen field as it becomes like a drug for them to dig deeper and deeper. An example may be a scientist, willing to disregard any ramification of their work if they can prove themselves right.
Then comes the problem; obsession and arrogance. Surely, this obsession can be used to get very deep into a matter, but it can also separate people. I am sure you all remember back in high school that the groups of kids where something like preppies, goths, hippies/stoners, drama kids, rockers, skaters/punks, artists, scum, nerds, and blacks (and jocks and meatheads were mixed). This is just a microcosm of how whites are.
They cannot stick to their own and work for the bigger picture of racial preservation because of their anti-social level of individuality and obsession with their chosen interests. White people get so obsessed over small things, like musical tastes, that they get detached from the bigger picture, from their own people. This happens a lot with white people and religion and all of the sects, and resulted in witch burnings and nowadays, snake handling and a retarded fixation on how wrong abortion is, as if every half breed mongrel beast is going to work for the ‘greater good’ (What is that greater good? Spreading the word of Jebus?). Wrong!
Another example is the obsession white people have with animals. This, I am sure comes from the ancient need to protect animals in harsh winters and environments from multiple threats and predators. Now this has resulted in various breeds of all sorts of work animals, livestock, and companion animals, and it has also resulted in white people’s desire to preserve endangered species of animals, which is good, but this preoccupation can go too far. You can see this in the reaction white people have to animal abuse, or the misuse of animals. Many, many white people get more upset over a puppy being killed than a white child. This is where it becomes a sickness.
One example of where this goes overboard is in the quintessential cat lady, which as far as I know appears in no other group of people. This is also the case with people obsessed with collecting strange animals like reptiles, birds or rodents. (Before you get pissed off fellow white people it is because neither of the three groups of animals are useful in any manner, unless you are going to eat the birds or your house is full of vermin.) Then there are the people who collect even weirder animals like chimpanzees, and actively endanger their family with pitbulls* because they are obsessed with being right, finding some exception to the rule of reality or trying to prove a point that they will not listen to any outside voice. They become obsessed.
Part of this is the individualist nature of whites and their desire to be cooler than other white people, and being morally superior, or socially superior equates with being cooler. Right now anti-racism is seen as morally superior so those with a higher level of arrogance and interest in appearing above the chaff are always anti-racist. It is a way of showing they have higher status, and most of these social butterflies don’t believe in equality (they’re vile, but they’re not stupid) but they will defend it, because they are defending their social status, and all the perks of the system that come with it. The out group is not even real to them, or fully human, just like the kids in high school and their cliques.
This group of pet collectors and moral superiority junkies converges in the reality proof equality pushers, who are essentially a group brown biped animal obsessed cat ladies. The only difference is that they currently benefit socially (and financially) from their curating of dangerous bipeds. They will go through convoluted logic and morally righteous rigmarole to try to justify the behavior of the savage mutants they support. No matter how many eggs (white people) are broken (read raped, murdered, assaulted or robbed), they are going to make that omelet (prove that all peebles be ekwal) and force you to eat it (be genocided) and like it (agree with your own genocide).
While most racial groups of people will have internal divisions based on large more meaningful issues which have an impact on day to day life, such as class, family / gang affiliation and religion, they stick together when it comes to race. White people, on the other hand become absolutely incapable of working together (outside of an emergency situation) when there is a dispute over inconsequential matters.
Our race is dying and yet white people may not work together to preserve our own people, they will preserve every other species on the Earth. Unfortunately, they will not even approach an iota of the same enthusiasm for our people if they had to work with someone who had a slightly different religion, taste in music, favorite sports team, or outlook on the future. They absolutely blow up tiny little matters until they are larger than reality. This is a great sadness, and we must begin to see all other things in their correct order of importance; race first, compatriots second, territory third and all others behind that.
Our strengths are our weaknesses and we must not allow the enemy to continue to exploit them.


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12 Responses to Obsessions, by Commenter Robot Sam

  1. oogenhand says:

    Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    “a retarded fixation on how wrong abortion is, as if every half breed mongrel beast is going to work for the ‘greater good’ (What is that greater good? Spreading the word of Jebus?). Wrong!
    Another example is the obsession white people have with animals.”

  2. Sam Barber says:

    Robot Sam makes many good points and seems to be largely correct. I don’t think that we as a race are dying out however. I believe we’re going through an evolutionary stage that positively selects for those willing to modify or express their genetic predispositions in terms of intra-racial cooperation and rejection of popular biologic policies that favor self destruction. We’re definitely down sizing; nevertheless we’re going to be high speed, low drag, unforgiving and very cohesive when we move out of this stage in our evolution.

  3. Gwyn says:

    I agree completely. We have some problems that need sorting out before we can evolve to the next level. There are many members of the White race that need to go and will do so naturally through miscegenation or similar means. The White race has been in a decline for a long time now and what we are experiencing currently is only the last stages. Afterwards we will be in far better shape.

  4. Paladin Justice says:

    Reblogged this on saboteur365 and commented:
    Excellent post, expressing some thoughts I have been having in my inner dialog with myself. After reading a number of stories on Amren about race and genes and how the races evolved, I figured out my hoarding disorder is genetic, relating to ancient fears of death by starvation or cold in my ancestral norther Europe (even though I now live in the hottest region of the US). With this knowledge in mind, it’s easier for me to self talk and say to myself, “Your genes are no longer in ice age Sweden. You don’t need 50 blankets.” That’s not to say that I am able to overcome my thinking that I need two or three of everything. For my ancestors, planning and hoarding were necessary for survival. It’s planted deep in me to believe this way.

    Likewise, while a professor, I was obsessive about my work, working 80 to 100 hours a week. I saw this in other whites, who were perfectionists and worked long hours. I also observed the dumb Mexican professors pretending to work, mostly gossiping among themselves while complaining of white oppression. We had no blacks at my university, but lots of Mexicans, who put real work as the last of their priorities. It’s racial. The idea of perfection never occurs to them. Their magical thinking is such that if they whine and complain long enough, they believe that somehow their problems will be over. Not that $300,000 a year salaried Mexicans have any real problems, given that they did no real work. Networking is their version of work.

    Likewise, I recognize that my family’s love of dogs and other animals is inherited and quite rational, given our history of rural living in cold northern climes. We also think highly of babies, and seem blind to racial differences, presumably because in ancient Europe any baby was extremely valuable to the extended tribe. That baby, when grown, might contribute to keeping us alive in our old age. It’s irrational to think that black babies are going to do anything positive, given the data, but rationally I follow this while subconsciously I scream, “NO” to abortion.

    Mindweapon has presented some thoughts in this piece that merit deep thinking and consideration.

    These are instincts I inherited due to my whiteness. Other races and ethnic groups do not think this way, in my experience.

  5. Berk says:

    Good article. I would add you need to consider Pacificism and Leftism are the two diseases the west must cure itself from. These are the lingering effects of two horrible World Wars and the loss of a meaningful religion as christianities conversion into judeo-christo-pacifism.

  6. Jon says:

    A big difference between us and Japanese that affects our cohesiveness and sense of ourselves collectively is the heteroskedastic (flat) IQ bell curve. We have a far greater proportion of bright and brilliant people so well as dullards and retards among us than do Japanese, whose coethnics’ IQ scores cluster tightly around tightly around the mean.

  7. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  8. Occigent says:

    We’re also nerds that create elaborate theses so we can say “retarded fixation on how wrong abortion is” and not sound like complete assholes. Unfortunately, we often fail.

    Whether we realize it or not our “retarded fixation” is biological rebellion against living under alien law. Our white common law is based on the principle of personal responsibility. We seek to hold the irresponsible party guilty for their actions, not the society as a whole, because we value redemption, which is why we value Christ.

    The common law is white biology. Universal abortion is totally alien to white biology. It’s Jewish. 100% Jewish. Just like gay marriage. Just like legal pornography. Just like all the other things “Jebus” hates. Funny how that works, isn’t it? How Christ is such an inseparable part of biological white culture? I wonder why that is.

    • Mr. Rational says:

      Abortion wasn’t a political issue in the USA until the late 19th century.  Before then, you could find all sorts of ads for services regarding “obstructed menses”.  The rising AMA persuaded legislatures to outlaw most medical practice by non-MDs, with abortion and obstetrics (midwifery) as part of the deal.

      The big wave of Jewish immigration to the USA was about 1880 through WWI, so I doubt there is any significant connection.

  9. The backlash to AA is the beginning of something.

  10. Daniel says:

    On tv programs about hoarders, never seen a Black hoarder. They’re all White.
    I like many White people have always liked collecting. It’s taken many forms. These days it’s books.

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