VDARE is catching the hot button issues of the day; Wade’s book, European Nationalists winning elections, and Illegal Aliens treated better than veterans

Derb on the Point and Sputterers who are screaming racist at Nicholas Wade, the Bell Curve of 2014

The longest review I’ve seen—7,000 words, though that includes many extracts from the book—is by James Thompson, a British academic psychologist (apparently emeritus) not previously known to me, on his own blog, Psychological Comments.

Thompson’s review is judicious and mostly positive:

This is a good book, and it may seem churlish, given the flak Wade may get for saying things that are demonstrably true, to point out that it could have been even better. He is doing his best not to frighten his readers, brought up to assume that any interest in genetics will lead them into racial wars …
Thompson’s own outlook is rigorously empirical, yielding nothing to the mob. Here and there he chides Wade for “trying too hard not to scare the horses”:

[Quoting Wade] “A higher IQ score doesn’t make East Asians morally superior to other races.” In fact, that is an empirical question. Rindermann found that higher IQ countries (not just East Asian ones) tended to be more moral, less corrupt, more humane and more liberal in their approach to human freedoms. One can certainly argue that intelligence does not guarantee morality, but that is a different point.
Thompson in fact ventures perilously close to the third rail of HBD discussions: the matter of group superiority.

Even on Dissident Right sites like VDARE.com, where we write frankly about race differences and their consequences for society, we tend to tread carefully around the “s” word. Sure, we say, races have different statistical profiles on behavior, intelligence, and personality, but “different” doesn’t mean “better.” Every race excels at something!

This is a bit disingenuous—a sort of HBD cant, really. Once you start quantifying human traits, inferior/superior judgments come irresistibly to mind.

I think I came as close to the dread topic as any of us ever does when I remarked, a couple of years ago, apropos of dictionary definitions of “racism” that:

You can make an argument that “inherently superior” is nonsensical in the case of the human personality, which has many, many more than one dimension. Superior on which trait?

Most of us know what is meant, though. The trait for which superiority is being asserted is a collective one: the capability for generating societies that are materially and creatively progressive—for generating civilizations.
Thompson is even bolder than that:

How about “superior in any absolute sense”? Can that notion be firmly rejected as a matter of principle, and be unassailable by science? It is pretty clear that European Jews are brighter than Europeans and brighter than East Asians, so it seems very likely that they are intellectually superior in an absolute sense. We can compare them on other measures as well: crime rates, social involvement, charitable giving and so on. I think they would come out pretty well, and even higher if we were to include joke telling. They may well be superior in an absolute sense, and to have achieved that by the very careful choice of marriage partners over many generations. If true, they are superior and worth emulating.

Except, of course, in the 100-meter race …
Of course. Unfortunately the ability to sprint, however widespread it may be in some group while being sparse in another, does not cash out as anything civilizationally consequential; while the abilities to reason, to persuade, to co-operate, to calculate, to defer gratification—yes, perhaps even the ability to tell jokes—do.

This whole subtopic needs more of an airing than it has so far gotten. Honesty is the best policy, and the HBD-nik who tells me he can contemplate issues of human trait variation, and group differences in the quality of human capital, without the merest flicker of a thought about superiority tainting his mind, is not being honest.

In my opinion.

Illegal Aliens treated better than veterans

Q: Which Group Gets The Government Benefits? A: The likely Obama voters.”

A government that fails to secure its borders is guilty of dereliction of duty. A government that fails to care for our men and women on the frontlines is guilty of malpractice. A government that puts the needs of illegal aliens above U.S. veterans for political gain should be prosecuted for criminal neglect bordering on treason.

The Return Of Ethnic Nationalism— Is Europe Cracking Up?

As for the epithets used on the populists, that they are racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, fascist, overuse has caused them to lose their toxicity.

The Eurocrats have cried wolf too often.

How serious is this right-wing populism?

At the least, as the Tea Party has pulled the GOP to the right, these parties are likely to pull center and center-right parties in their direction all across Europe.

Then there is the real possibility not only of a breakup of the EU, but of the breakup of the United Kingdom, the loss of Scotland after 300 years, England’s secession from the EU, and the collapse of the Tory Party into Europhiles and Europhobes, all on David Cameron’s watch.

Like materialism, consumerism and socialism, transnationalism suffers from the same fatal flaw. It feeds the body and starves the soul. And eventually bored people hear the old calls again.


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3 Responses to VDARE is catching the hot button issues of the day; Wade’s book, European Nationalists winning elections, and Illegal Aliens treated better than veterans

  1. New England Millennial says:

    Professor David Pook admits to helping to write Common Core to end White privilege.

    • Ryu says:

      All the more reason to smash the system. Don’t worship some dude because the Murkans call him “professor.” He’s professing your genocide.

  2. Ryu says:

    We’re getting there. Very slowly.

    A few more Don Sterlings and someone will actually fight back. Should only take a few years.

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