Danish Girl Punched, Kicked, Stoned and thrown into Lake by Muslims as she Walks her Dog

Danish woman attacked by Muslims. She needed a better dog — at least a German Shepherd, but a Dogo Argentino would really be called for in an area with Muslims gangs attacking infidels. With a pair of Dogo Argentinos, a native Swede could walk through Malmo unscathed.


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11 Responses to Danish Girl Punched, Kicked, Stoned and thrown into Lake by Muslims as she Walks her Dog

  1. Wally says:

    Haven’t Scandinavian women spent the last few decades attacking their own Scandinavian men as patriarchical oppressors? Scandinavian women are some of the biggest feminists on the planet. They wanted freedom from their evil Scandinavian men who were oppressing the women by wanting the women to be housewives and mothers.

    Most Scandinavian women vote for the leftist political parties. It is those political parties which continue to bring in muslims. Scandinavian women have been voting to bring these muslims into Scandinavia. So this type of situation is the result. Good job Scandinavian women.

    Since Scandinavian women have been constantly attacking Scandinavian men for decades, I’m sure the Scandinavian men will just jump to the defense of these of women. Yeah.

  2. X says:

    This is the breed of dog she needs, it is appropriately named for Whites to own 😉

  3. FN says:

    There is a hadith where dogs are not supposed to be in houses, must be kept outside, but other than that I can’t see any religious reason for these actions. Yet I cannot say that Arabs or whatever these creatures were would attack a woman for walking a dog based upon any religious inspiration. They sound like what USA’s blacks and latinos do, and that isn’t inspired by their Christianity either.
    Everything, everything is race.
    It is a sad commentary on Danes that they won’t even protect their women. Yet as someone mentioned above Scandinavian women are usually on the other team.
    There was a case in Sweden some years back a 17 year old Swedish guy who was into let’s say WN was attacked as he waited for a bus by a group of North African “Muslims” who were accompanied by Swedish young women, they beat the Swedish kid to death. Nice Swedish women acting out the indoctrination the YKW planted in their minds.
    One thing I can tell you is that these thugs would be DECAPITATED before a crowd in a TRULY Islamic society. Very few, whether Christian or Muslim or Pagan REALLY believe in their religion, it is either a social thing or a comfort blanket.

    • PureEvil cont. says:

      Yeah dude, I heard that Arabs really look down upon dogs. It is their chief insult. Remeber Muntazer Al-Zaidi (the guy that threw his show at Bush)? He called Georgie boy “ya kalb!” or “you dog” in English. I don’t know the whole business but they definitely don’t care for dogs. I am not a hardcore petlover, but I certainly don’t hate them.

      Protect their women? If the women want to be on the other team then they need not be protected. Protection comes with strings attached. Those strings are called Danish men. Otherwise, you are liberated and free to be assaulted or killed.

  4. Paladin Justice says:

    The dog in the picture with her is a pit bull. Those are some sweet dogs. An ex-war dog would be a good option for self-protection.

  5. Erin says:

    To the women haters. Those of us that care about White survival know we can’t have division between White men and women and we look with suspicion on those that sow such division. I would also propose that the jewstream media is not a reliable source of information about White women or anything else. If it WERE, I would believe that all White men are flabby and dumb except the White “supremacists” who I would think were constantly burning crosses on lawns and other illegal activities.

    Regarding dogs: I’m starting to see why pitbulls are so popular here. It’s a shame though that a lot of their owners don’t put the time or expense into proper training so these dogs are often barely under control.

    • Wally says:

      “To the woman haters”

      This is feminist speak for anyone who criticizes women. What Erin doesn’t want is any criticism of women’s behavior. This is the same kind of mentality that jews use to label any criticism of jews as “anti-Semitism” and labeling that person as a “jew-hater”.

      “we can’t have division between White men and women”

      There is division between Scandinavian men and women because the Scandinavian woman have become hardcore leftist and feminist. Scandinavian women largely vote for open borders leftist political parties. Scandinavian women have accepted the Jewish ideology of feminism, which says that 1)European males are oppressors of women and non-whites, 2) a housewife is oppressed while a career woman is liberated 3) the family is an instrument of oppression towards women 4) young women should focus on career, not on children 5) a woman being submissive towards her husband is wrong.

      This feminism has been promoted by Jewish media, Jewish teachers and professors, and Jewish run feminist organizations. Scandinavian women could have easily rejected all of this jewish feminist ideology. But they haven’t. Scandinavian women have largely accepted feminism, agreeing with the demonization of their OWN MEN. Nobody was pointing a gun to Scandinavian women’s heads, telling them they have to believe this type of feminism or die.

      As a result of the Scandinavian women believing in feminism, the birth rate of the native Scandinavian people is below replacement level.

      • Erin says:

        I’m not a Feminist although you are right in that I was lazy and used one of their famous phrases. Please know that I criticize man-haters too. This blog is about White survival so I am sensitive to anything that turns us against each other.

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