Racism is running out of White people; it’s also Too Many White People; are White people just a commodity?

OK, so let’s get this straight.

There can be “too many white people” in many contexts — in a school, a church, NASA, Vermont.

But there can also be a crisis as a result of a shortage of White people.

According to research recently conducted by ProPublica, “black children across the South now attend majority-black schools at levels not seen in four decades.” A recent Nation article illustrated how this trend is largely by design. In suburbs across the region, wealthier whites have been seceding from their inner- city school districts and setting up academic laagers of their own.

So you see, we are nothing but a commodity, a resource, to be disposed of in the name of Diversity and Equity. There’s too many of us here, there’s not enough of us there. Everything bad is our fault.

Sometimes the Leftists seem to forget that we are human beings too.


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8 Responses to Racism is running out of White people; it’s also Too Many White People; are White people just a commodity?

  1. PA says:

    Are White people just a commodity?

    From the standpoint of US government’s policies since 1954: yes. As Sailer wrote have he linked that nation article, White children are used as buffer for absorbing Black dysfunction–and schools are running out of White children.

    Prior to Brown vs Board, the American governing philosophy was “separate but equal”, which let both blacks and whites live according to their ability and temperament, but the results were never “equal” because blacks do not have the capability to create and maintain communities like whites do. And that was something many whites couldn’t stomach. Blacks had to be helped — and so Civil Rights was spawned, through which our innate White aspirational idealism was sated: blacks were no longer doomed to living like half-animals. Those cherubs are good folk, what with how they always say “yes suh” and “no suh” and we get to take care of them.

    And those whites who were getting used as buffers? They were an inconvenient fact; besides, there’s plenty of “those other” Whites in America.

    Let me relate a scene I observed a couple of weeks ago. We went to a festive outdoor event that was attended mostly by lots of white families. Blankets on grass one next to the other, barely room to walk. There were the few odd black groups or families here and there, but very few in number.

    In front of us was a large group of high school students. Clearly upper middle class: all the girls looked wholesome and bursting with, typical for their age, barely constrained sexual energy; not one fattie among them. The guys were all athletic-looking, confident, in a friendly camaraderie with their girls but teased and negged them nice and good. Not one black or mystery meat among them.

    And out of the blue, two black kids, a boy and a girl of about ten years old, approach one girl who was sitting and texting among the white teens, and asked her if they could sit with them. The girl looked surprised and mildly annoyed, but shrugged and said “sure.” The two black kids sat there with the white high schoolers, motionlessly and without talking or interacting with them. They eventually got up and left.

    I thought the whole thing was pretty weird. Then I started understanding it through the lens of black need for whites. Beggar-like neediness, in fact, the default black attitude toward whites when they are not emboldened by numbers or law. That strange vignette was natural white-black relationship in a snapshot.

    One addendum about the two black kids. The may have been siblings, as they looked no more than two years apart in age. hey were dark skinned black, and dressed nicely: white socks, normal length shorts, polo shirts. They did not look like they were there to steal or hustle. In fact, they looked very introverted and shy. They looked genuinely needy for white company. That reminded me of Nation article, which has a long comment from a white man who went to a black school. His excellent comment, which was critical of integration, included one point of sympathy for blacks: namely, that from his observations, it must be hell on earth growing up a shy or thoughtful black kid among blacks. Abuse from peers and even adults is something that no quiet white kid would get from his own social environment.

    That point seemed to fit the two black kids who asked to sit with the white high schoolers, despite there being nothing they have in common and also despite the fact that there were black groups around among they could have asked to sit. I imagine that even us race-realists have limited insight into intra-black dysfunction. One hint of it lies in Oprahs revelation about being molested by her older male relatives. Or the casual black attitude toward “downlow” homosexuality. One can imagine the abuses — physical, sexual — that are hidden from white people’s sight.

    On one level, the white instinct toward sacrificing whites to absorb black disfunction, which mutated into today’s anti-White civil rights regime, was the reason behind why the Civil Rights enjoyed enough popular support over the years.

    • mindweapon says:

      One can feel some pity for black nerds; but not so much to sacrifice one’s own. For every “nice black nerd” there are thousands of white children being destroyed or never even born because of race mixing.

      • PA says:

        And this pity is a natural part of the White psyche, which Robot Sam’s recent post covered. Dehumanizing whites that are sacrificed for their benefit is how the liberal (and not just the liberal, but whites as a whole) stomach their sacrifice.

        Separate but Equal was the most just arrangement, given America’s starting-point demographics. But we couldn’t handle it.

  2. PA says:

    As to Whites who are sacrificed as “buffers”? or a white liberal — and even a normal white like us — to stomach their sacrifice and prevent a dissonance between our conflicting aspirational idealisms — to help blacks and to not hurt innocent whites — those “buffer’ whites have to be dehumanized.

    The crude stereotypes of racist Southerners, and then eventually about all lower-income whites who get caught in the black undertow serve to help us accept the fact that they and their children are used as commodity for blacks’ benefit. It’s an ugly and cruel America that was spawned in 1945.

  3. scott says:

    The comments over there are pretty good. Check out Al Singh

  4. Anon says:

    “Sometimes the Leftists seem to forget that we are human beings too.” – there are a bunch of factors that may it easy for them to dismiss their “fellow countrymen”.

    “The discrepancy between black and white unemployment is the same as it was in 1963. ” – Even with AA, even with DI, even with the hollowing out of our industrial base, and outsourcing, for that to be true. amazing. well atleast they’ve dragged YT down with them.

  5. Jon says:

    Leftists are the real white supremacists. They have to admit, if only tacitly, that logically, they hold that it is cruel to leave black people no other choice than to live amongst themselves.

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