Chauncey DeVega called out by commenters for calling Elliott Rodger white

White privilege and Whiteness hurts white people. Aggrieved white male entitlement syndrome is killing white folks’ children, wives, daughters, sons, fathers, and mothers. Yet, White America stands mute.

Again, what shall we do with the white people…especially if they are so unwilling to help themselves?

You wonder what he’s proposing to “do with white people.” Chauncey definitely dreams of doing horrible things to us. He can barely conceal it.

Commenters who have survived the Alternet ban hammer no less, so they are selected for liberalism, beg to differ:

maritimer_reborn • 15 hours ago
Brilliant. A rant about white male privilege and the suspect? Half South Asian! Do they actually pay you to write this drivel?

Next time, figure out just who and what you are writing about before taking off on a half-baked rant!
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Stezie maritimer_reborn • 14 hours ago
That would require him to actually think about it.
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chauncey devega Stezie • 10 hours ago
As a rule I don’t engage trolls–racist or otherwise. He was clearly White identified in the worst way possible and desperate to either earn or secure his honorary Whiteness through violence and hate. Elliot Rodger’s racist rants can be found here:…

Not difficult. Where are the A-list bigots? Must be out partying on a Saturday night or at Memorial Day BBQ.

Rodger also claimed to be a member of the British aristocracy and couldn’t understand how inferior negroes, i.e. kaffirs could get white women and he couldn’t.

White supremacy and the white racial frame are two damn potent drugs.
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FSU2013NC chauncey devega • 8 hours ago
You suck shit clown
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Full Blown chauncey devega • 9 hours ago
“White Identified”

Ha. So a half Asian man who is viably not white is “White Identified”.
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Stezie Full Blown • 9 hours ago
Usually, when someone has an obsession, that is all they can see at times.
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carter chauncey devega • 9 hours ago
You call people who disagree with you trolls, and ‘A-list bigots’, and you engage them, and you call them racists. Be honest, now. You don’t like it when someone calls you out on your bullshit. It’s called ego, and you have it.
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Stezie carter • 9 hours ago
I have been chatting for quite some time now and, in my experience at least, those who call other people trolls, bigots or other thing like that, usually have no other argument.
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Stezie chauncey devega • 9 hours ago
If this is all you know, then I feel truly sorry for you. You should learn how to see people as people, instead of through their race, as I have. It’s quite liberating actually.

Also, I think you might be the troll here. You know this issue is more complex than what you are writing about. Stop pretending it isn’t.


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33 Responses to Chauncey DeVega called out by commenters for calling Elliott Rodger white

  1. Two questions about the episode itself:
    1. Where and how did he get the weapon and ammunition he used?
    2. Presence of S.S.R.I.s or other drugs of like ilk?

  2. PureEvil cont. says:

    He has to be “white” otherwise it’ll ruin the theory. The facts are irrelevant. Committing violent acts automatically makes one “white.” Of course this dork would love to hurt whites, but he’s too much of a wuss to do it, that is why he and his fellow dorks hide behind propaganda and the gov’t and the po-lice.

    That shooter kid is nothing more than the result of the madness that is current American society, pure and simple. Not “whiteness” or “affluenza” or “latent homosexuality” or “delusions of grandeur” (which is necessary for ‘game’ and also for not being totally invisible in American society, especially for kids) or any of the other reasons that are cited for the purpose of avoid the reality. Chauncey baby, it is those whites you hate so much that elevated you to your position.

    • mindweapon says:

      That shooter kid is nothing more than the result of the madness that is current American society, pure and simple.


      • torgrim says:

        Yes, madness. There are young men growing up in single parent female “families”, and inculcated in “how to be a man” from a woman’s view of manhood. It’s not about access to guns, it’s about the lack of men raising boys, fathers, grandpas, uncles and one of the best ways today, are for boys to apprentice in construction, farming, fishing(commercial), trucking, anything that takes a boy away from the feminized public school system. Boys around the age of 13 on should be able to spend a part of the school day/week away from the confines of the lock down environment and work with men.

      • Robot Sam says:

        As per Torgrim. A lot of boys are functionally raised by women as per the entirely feminized world and a fear of financial and social retribution against men for being men. Men are made out to be ‘under suspicion’ and I as a kid was inculcated with that, and ironically those same liberal feminized beliefs stop us from killing the males who should be done away with (scum, pedophiles, recidivist criminals of all stripes, etc.), and also lump both evil men and good men into ‘all men’. I could have been a lot like this kid; mocked, locked out of social experience, but I had the saving graces of the gift of gab, a tough shell, the readiness to fight, and the willingness to screw a wide array of women, some not even considered 10s! It would have helped though if my father was engaged in the family besides autocracy, and there was some sort of racially and socially aware social network for boys.

  3. fnn says:

    The mother is an ethnic Chinese from Malaysia.

  4. fnn says:

    1947 Hollywood propaganda about racial equality about the alleged Nazi threat in America. Try to count all the lies, there are a lot:

  5. Elliott Rogers was a rich, attractive Chinese-Jewish hybrid who should have had no problems acquiring female companionship … if he hadn’t been so obsessed with acquiring the affections of a girl from a tiny, tiny subset of millions of women; affluent, blonde gentile sorority girls. It never occurred to him to expand his net to include women of different races and classes other than these sorority girls. And this nutcase … oh, excuse me … alpha male and supreme gentleman was homicidal, because at twenty-two years old, he was still a virgin who had never even been kissed?!

    I’ve read Chauncey de Vega’s postings for quite some time and they are rather formulaic. I skim through them now, because they are that predictable. The title and the first paragraph make some passing reference to some pathology or dysfunction du jour on the part of Black people. The diagnosis is always Blame Whitey. The cure is usually Kill Whitey when it’s not Show Me The Money. Typical. Mau-Mau. Bullshit.

    But now Mr. de Vega has determined that Whitey is responsible for pathological Asian dysfunction, too?! Sorry, Chauncey, but there are not enough White people around to pay for YOUR sins and ASIAN sins now, too. There was only so much Gubmint Gibsmedat to go around; that is why La Raza is cleaning Black clocks in places like Watts. And now he wants to add Asians to The White Man’s Burden?! What a dumb ass; Uncle Sugar is broke.

    • Chinese-Jewish hybrid

      “every single spoiled stuck up blonde slut.”

      This is a race hate crime. He attacked “blonde” – i.e., white – women.

      It’s an anti-white hate crime, plain and simple. Anything else is just a distraction.

      • PureEvil cont. says:

        Not necessarily, many if not most of them are exactly as described. Most of us could say the same thing.

    • Wally says:

      Where does it say that he is Jewish? So far he is being described as half English/half Chinese.

  6. Anon says:

    DeVega is also filtering out his angst at white blond germans doing better with blonde women than he was. the kid is nuts, his manifesto makes that crystal clear, and I don’t believe that anything could have been done to help him short of involuntarily committing him, and even then thats not much.

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  8. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Thank you commentators for noticing that this young man is an Jewish -Asian hybrid evil spawn that was targeting blondes as Hipster Racist noted. Blonde in Jew/Asian speak equates with White.
    This man, whether he was aware of this or not, was engaging in Blonde Gynocide.
    Gotta disagree with you here Clytemnestra that this kid was attractive….rich and spoiled, yes, but NOT attractive. His attitude reeks of a wealthy little boy who thought that because of what he HAD which was GIVEN to him by his parents, that being lots of money, earned him White poon galore. He probably reeked a sort of ‘pimp’ attitude and I have experienced this myself being around dotheads, Hebes, dune coons etc. Sorry, not to be crude here, but I do not get turned on by these men no matter how much money they have because they view The White Women as a Talmudified commodity to be fucked like a prostitute and/or porn star.
    Game would not have helped this kid because he simply didn’t “get it” as most Jew /Asians do not ‘get it ‘ about White People. To the Asian / Jew folks money = morality. Money means I am ‘better’ than everyone else, which is why when these ‘aliens’ are admitted into White Society, they never fit in because their whole value system is different than ours.
    This young man probably thought that he should get all the Blonde White Pussy in Santa Barbara just because he came from a monied family. Again, having material wealth does not equate with ‘class’, yet the Jew sociopaths and their backing of the Chinese Invaders shows that BOTH of these groups do not get the whole idea of Noblesse Oblige and being humble.
    I was raised by a Protestant Father who believed in not ‘flashing your cash.” This man had the same pipe tobacco attache case for thirty years. He is / was not about ‘flash’ and he is handsome and he was heartthrob when he was young and poor.
    This case shows many things relevant to White Nationalism:
    1) Jews / Asians have a mindset that is not congruent with White Nations;
    2) Getting laid has nothing to do with being ‘monied’;
    3) White Women want White Men, not ‘pimped out’ Asians and Jews. Period.

  9. Attila says:

    Straight from Ha’aretz — interesting tidbits!

  10. TabuLa Raza says:

    La Raza is cleaning Black clocks in places like Watts.
    Mexicans are doing domestic work for the nouveau riche nigras?

  11. Arturo says:

    Mind :

    I just submitted the following comment to Dale Launer – the screenwriter behind “My Cousin Vinny” and many other Hollywood blockbusters – as he is mentioned in the Santa Barbara Massacre killer’s manifesto as someone that he hung out with from time to time.

    Apparently the half-chink kid’s jewish father was old pals with Launer, and Rodger Sr. talked Launer into counseling his kid on how to get laid.

    It is a tragedy what happened: fag Britisher hooks up with Asian produces munt ; the munt can’t fit in anywhere (gee wonder why), munt goes on Choe-verload style massacre.

    Too weird btw that the chick who wrote Hunger Games lives in Sandy Hook. Talk about creepy coincidene !

    Anyway here’s what I sent to Dale Launer :

    Dear Mr. Launer :

    You were mentionned in the Santa Barbara Massacre shooter’s manifesto.

    He writes that he came to visit you and that you were supposed to give him advice about getting along with girls?

    Did you fail this poor kid?

    Also: we’re wondering how significant it is that Elliot Rodger’s tragic flaw was not addressed for its underlying reason: namely that he was a half-Chinese, half British hybrid who even with the best counseling could never have fit properly into the white European society that his father represented – egotistically and dare I say marginally.

    A half-jew half-chinese kid who can’t get laid even with the best Hollywood connections.

    What is wrong with this picture?

    The real culprit here is the poor kid’s father, who went and produced a little half-British chinese hybrid because he’s a status-whoring cunt, who needed to prove his anti-racist bona-fides, and long even after the days of Stanley Anne’s own status-whoring that consisted of getting herself preggers first with an african and then with an Indonesian (Stanley Anne Dunham hated white people, especially white men).

    So I guess my question here is: do you feel any responsibility for the deaths of the blonde girls that your Hollywood friend’s son murdered? Did it ever occur to you to speak up against your friend’s rather unnatural inclination to bed and (horrifically) reproduce chirren with Asian women?

    Have you heard of the Chinese Exclusion Act and do you think it would be wise to reinstate it today? (The Santa Barbara Massacre would never have happened if the American mores of the late 1800s were in enforcement today – of course the list of things that wouldn’t have happened were traditional values still en vigueur is long indeed).

    Can you give us a statement on your relationship with the Santa Barbara Massacre gunman?


    – Arturo

    • mindweapon says:

      Great comment Arturo. Especially this:

      A half-jew half-chinese kid who can’t get laid even with the best Hollywood connections.

      We here in non-Hollywood America are dumb founded at this. He must have just been setting his sights too high. It’s possible to be an incel in a rich town like that, but all you got to do is leave that town. I know of some convenience store worker babes and McDonalds employee young ladies who would jump right into his BMW after her shift. Cute ones too, that would have made him forget all about UCSB sorority blondes.

      Maybe it was really a case of, “I deserve a sorority girl, no other woman is eligible.” He didn’t say that, though. He spoke as though those were the only women in the world. Maybe it had to do with Asperghers? Maybe he was unconscious of a world outside of Isla Vista?

    • marcusaemilius says:

      Where’s the evidence that he was half jewish?

      • mindweapon says:

        Yeah, I don’t see any evidence that Rodger was Jewish.

      • Attila says:

        That’s because you didn’t read the Ha’aretz article I posted above! — straight from the Holy Land. His father’s line is Jewish- but it appears he was not Jewish acc/to Jewish law.

      • marcusaemilius says:

        It doesn’t say that George Rodger was Jewish as far as I could tell.

  12. mindweapon says:

    Our old friend Denise is ripping Chauncey a new one over at alternet!

    DenisetheCelt • 16 hours ago
    The Asiatic hybrid HATED White women. Duh Vague-uh deeply sympathizes. It’s obvious Duh Vague uh loves the idea, and reality, of White genocide.
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    DenisetheCelt HippieUnrepentant • 16 hours ago
    Race is real, and racial differences are profound. Culture is an expression OF genetics. Asian an Caucasian cultures form in almost polar opposite trajectories. Think about it.

    DenisetheCelt wikiwhat • 16 hours ago
    Da Vague-uh’s marrow deep hatred of Whites is the only thing his world.

    DenisetheCelt carter • 16 hours ago
    Nope. Most of the killers were not White. Jews are not White. Neither are Asians, or Negroes.

  13. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

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