Charisma systematized, apparently

I found this interesting because a lot of people lack this. It is of course apropos to the Elliot Rodger massacre too.

Wingman for hire

All the lonely people, the Beatles sang — identifying a consumer market of vast scale and almost limitless need. Which is to say, an opportunity. On a recent Monday night in the meatpacking district, that marketplace was in full swirl: stylish men and women circling one another, offering a line, a joke, a meeting of cellphones.

In the lounge of the Dream Hotel, two men were leaving nothing to chance. Anthony Recenello, 29, is a social development coach, which is not, he stresses, a pickup artist. His companion, John, who asked to be identified only by his first name to avoid embarrassment, is a restaurant manager who pays Mr. Recenello $1,000 a month for four sessions of hands-on mentoring, the ultimate goal of which, he stresses, is not to pick up lots of women.

Stresses duly noted.

Mr. Recenello, a handsome man who does not seem burdened by self-doubt, watched as his student approached a woman and struck up a conversation.

“I’m looking for eye contact,” he said. “It shows respect for the person.” He demonstrated his preferred method of making eye contact: head tilted slightly down, eyes raised, signaling what he calls “meditative mingling.”

“You’re present, you’re in the moment,” he said. “It says, ‘I know you have something great inside of you, and I want it to come out. I’m ready for it and I’m waiting for it.’ ”

Cellphones appeared; Facebook contacts — “safer than phone numbers,” John said — were exchanged. John returned to his teacher practically vibrating.

“That was amazing,” Mr. Recenello said, putting an arm around his protégé. “Now I want you to take it up a level.”

Anthony Recenello’s site

But what goes on during the program? I meet up with you one-on-one each week at bars, clubs, bookstores, and parks, and over the course of several months, we work on that blind spot whether its in your conversation, your look, your body language, or your mindset. This isn’t a strictly business relationship we’ll have between each other. Each one of my clients is a friend of mine, and opposed to other places where your relationship ends when the session is up, I never clock-out with you.

Wolf & Garden mentors you on how to have a rich social and dating life without the use of cheesy pickup lines, routines, insults, teasing, showing off, and even more, we teach you how to live this life without having to rely on alchohol as your crutch. This is all clean, advanced confidence and conversation skills that you will not find anywhere else. Why? I’ve been refining and perfecting this social system for years, cutting away the crap and continuing to sharpen the method further each day.


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