Final summary of Elliot Rodger’s autobiography

More on Elliott Rodger’s life; he was bullied very badly from middle school and his step mom didn’t want him around. Also, he names a semi-famous girl in his autobiography who was mean to him; she took down her twitter feed

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I label his document as an autobiography, not a memoir and not a “manifesto” as people keep wrongly calling it. The two-page epilogue, where he describes the ideal society without women (which of course seems extremely weird to most people) might be described as a very brief manifesto, but the first 135 pages are purely an autobiography. The intent is to explain how his life led him to be the way he turned out.

The key factor in understanding Elliot’s personality is that he was very high on the “neuroticism” scale. People, including “professional” psychiatrists who should have known better, seem to think that he had all sorts of other mental “illnesses” such as Asperger’s Syndrome, or later in his life schizophrenia. Elliot knew that he didn’t have schizophrenia, because he was quite introspective about why he was messed up, and that’s why he refused to take the Risperidone that…

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  1. marcusaemilius says:
  2. PureEvil cont. says:

    People love to say “manifesto” and so everything is a “manifesto.” I guess it can make one feel like they know Italian by dropping the word “manifesto.” Under a normal society this kid would not have existed as such.

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