‘Screw you’: Touré clobbered for foul idiocy about white privilege of Holocaust survivors

Toure tells someone to check their Nazi concentration camp survivor privilege.


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11 Responses to ‘Screw you’: Touré clobbered for foul idiocy about white privilege of Holocaust survivors

  1. Mr. Rational says:

    The wheels are coming off the leftist coalition, as they find no opposition from the right and turn on their own.

  2. That’s not funny! My grandfather died in Auschwitz.

    He fell out of a guard tower.


  3. clytemnestra57 says:

    All kidding aside, Jews were killed in Europe during WWII. Is the tale of six million from the small area of what amounts to Central Europe only dying in concentration camp gas chambers during WWII plausible to me? I think it’s more likely that if six million did die, it was a population spread throughout Central, Southern and Eastern Europe and Russia. It occurred during both world wars. Causes of death were the same as any other people caught in a war; mass shootings, bombings, starvation, and disease. Probably the percentage lost was similar to the larger Gentile groups.

    My own grandfather immigrated here after WWI. His father was already in the USA, but he lost his mother and two younger brothers to starvation and typhus. Since his part of Poland was occupied by Austria, he was drafted into the Austrian army at only thirteen or fourteen years old and his lungs and heart were damaged due to mustard gas. He still managed to work hard, learn English, marry a good, hard-working woman. They both worked long hours at different shifts in the factory and they raised patriotic children.

    The people of Europe, Jew and Gentile both, were dirt-poor, barely alive survivors of the worst demographic disaster (for each of their ethnicities) in the history of the European race since the Bubonic Plague. They didn’t jump on the Gubmint Gibsmedat Gravy Train. They worked their asses off and earned every thing they made. This was Will to Persevere, not any kind of mysterious, magical voodoo called White Privilege. Toure needs to STFU and step off.

    • Anon says:

      the death toll figures for the second world war run to around 20 million, but I’m not sure if that includes the concentration camps. As to the holocaust, the soviets never allowed examination of their findings which either means that they are false, or cannot be verified in any event. the western camps were of course meticulously documented, and disease along with starvation claimed a not insignificant number of people, but no where near the commonly cited holocaust figures.

  4. clytemnestra57 says:

    Two world wars within less than one generation of each other. That’s not counting the genocide of the ethnic Russians and the ethnic Ukrainians by the Bolsheviks during the Holodomor. I would say that Europe easily lost half of her population … at least.

    Since the Civil War, we American civilians have never lived in the middle of a war zone and all that goes with it. Therefore we don’t understand the scope of the destruction on our European cousins across the ocean. Not once, but twice. Yikes.

    I am tired of the whining from Toure and his ilk. If you want to match suffering for suffering and atrocity for atrocity, his bunch have been sitting pretty since emancipation and living large since the Snivel Rights Bill got passed. I am sick and tired of the constant whining.

  5. TabuLa Raza says:

    Not once, but twice. Kikes.

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