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Orthosphere’s wise words on Elliott Rodger.

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Meet the late Elliot Rodger, 22-year-old serial murderer and self-proclaimed “supreme gentleman,” who blamed his killing spree on his inability to attract a lover.

There’s a lot that can be said about Mr. Rodger from a sociological perspective — from whence his narcissism, his self-entitlement, his will-to-power? — but regular readers of the Orthosphere could likely anticipate such an analysis or produce a better one on their own, so I don’t feel the need to write one. Instead, this post is aimed at those in a similar situation as his (on the off-chance that any might read it), those who have ever asked themselves, “I’m a nice guy; why can’t I get a girlfriend?”

If you have ever uttered these words, you are almost certainly a beta male.

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  1. Erin says:

    this Asian brat has gotten way too much attention in my opinion. Lots of us don’t get everything we want in life. Doesn’t mean we have the right to go around shooting people.

    • Erin says:

      this is what comes of not having our own countries. murderous envy.

      • mindweapon says:

        Absolutely, Erin. And no ostracism or discouragement of what his father did, breeding with non-whites. He dyed his hair blond when he was 8 years old for heaven’s sake! The poor kid was dying to be racially pure.

    • mindweapon says:


      You should read his autobiography. The world was pretty mean to him, right down to his dad and step mom. There’s other people out there like him. I was somewhat like him, though I was more masculine.

      Instead of shooting people, I learned Russian and tried to emigrate permanently. He should have learned Japanese or Chinese and disappeared into Asia. He should have found the world outside of SoCal.

      Nothing will change my opinion — I feel bad for this kid, and for his victims.

      • I don’t know if you gentlemen would appreciate an opinion from the distaff side of things, but that has never stopped me before.

        There seems to be some confusion on what constitutes a real man. All men are real men. They are genetic males; can’t get around that. I have met very manly-looking men who are passive as hell. I have met wimpy-looking guys that are meaner than junk-yard dogs if you annoy them. You wouldn’t want to mess with them. I have met bad men and I have met good men.

        I still can’t bring myself to buy into this alpha – beta dog bullshit. I think werewolf still remains the best analogy where men are concerned. Even Elliott Rodgers, though his was definitely “a bad moon arising” that seemed to wax all the time.

        Elliott’s refrain was, “I’m a nice guy; why can’t I get a woman?” If you equate niceness with goodness, then Elliott wasn’t a nice guy. Niceness was merely an act on his part, designed to get sex from blonde sorority girls he didn’t even really like. Elliott was petty, shallow, conceited, narcissistic, envious, and vindictive. He was incapable of being happy for other people, even one who had been a childhood gal pal, even for his little brother, because his own life wasn’t perfect.

        But what if Elliott was a nice guy? And I mean “nice” in that faux concerned and sympathetic way some customer service agent displays when he is trying to stick you for a lot of money to pay for what amounts to a bill of goods? Women don’t like “nice guys,” because women don’t trust nice guys. It’s a variation of “okay, buddy, cut to the chase, what do you want and how much is it gonna cost me?”

        It is expected, if one is a reasonably attractive woman, that if a guy pays attention to her, he hopes to have sex with her. But, does he really want a relationship? Or does all he want to do is a drive-by? A nice guy will get “tested” a lot by women who are looking for signs that he is honest. If she does something designed to piss him off and he does not respond with annoyance or a brush-off, why not? What is he up to? What is he hiding?

        What is behind this instinctive distrust? Most women are very insecure about their looks. The majority of us look at the airbrushed models on magazines and can do a pretty dispassionate but very accurate assessment of our own looks. The alarm bells go off in attractive women who may be on the pretty side of ordinary if a guy treats them like a goddess. Conversely, a beauty is very insecure about what kind of hold she would still have on her man if her looks suffer, like post pregnancy weight-gain, aging, etc.

        Some of you have memories where you seemed like the only guy still going through a awkward, runty, nerdy, squeaky-voiced stage while the rest of your contemporaries were turning into studs who bullied you. The bullies will have peaked by the end of their senior year of high school like Al “Five Touchdowns” Bundy. Because your curve was slower and bigger, you have yet to peak. Instead of peaking at twenty, you are probably looking at sixty or older, MW.

        Moreover, there is a great possibility that, once you got big enough, you settled old scores and kicked the asses of your bullies, like my brother did. Stop looking into the mirror for the ghost of that kid. He’s gone, but he served you well through his patience, his tenacity and his ultimate Will to Power while he waited for Time to give him an equalizer. After letting him fend off all those assholes all those years, are you seriously going to let him down by allowing yourself to be “bullied” by some silly woman?! Hell, no. Keep developing the savvy, street-smart man he grew up into.

        You may ask, okay … so what if I am genuine and she rejects me anyway? My response, is then you should blow her off and move on. Now, while you’re still young, Buster. Next! And believe me, young man, at your age … well, the bus stops every five minutes if you take care of yourself. Moreover, your chances of getting her back go up exponentially if she sees how easily you got over her. Because … dog in the manger. You may not want her by then, but it’s still an ego boost.

        In any case, worse case scenario better she reject you now, even forever, than before you marry her and then relax your guard long enough to find yourself in the divorce courts on the hook for child support. Better now when you are young and resilient and in your prime. When you are young, you are golden. Ironically, it’s only your youth and inexperience that makes you oblivious to the fact that you are smarter than you think, much more handsome and appealing than you are aware and so much more deserving than you know.

        I realize that, even though the world has changed a lot, it’s men who still have to screw their courage to the sticking point and make the first move with women. Rejection hurts. You have needs to fulfill … like eating. But if you don’t get a job to put food on the table, you don’t curl up into a fetal position. You just apply for other jobs. Hopefully, if you’re smart, you figure out the kind of job you really want and go after it. Then you have a career. In the meantime, you get a job to keep body and soul together until you find the perfect fit. In dating vernacular, that’s “if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with,” LOL.

        Most importantly, you have a great example in the blog owner. He didn’t settle for a “traditional” Asian geisha woman. He didn’t assume a George “Bad to the Bone” Thorogood persona. He never compromised his standards and he remained true to himself. Ultimately, he found the perfect fit for himself. And he didn’t have to go to a PUA site to do this. He simply found a helpmeet to whom he could be equally yoked, who shared his views on parenting.

        To thine own self be true. Know yourself. Set some expectations for yourself and ultimately of her. Stop trying to figure out what she wants and figure out what you want. It will make your job as head of household that much easier if you find a woman who can easily conform to your way of doing things. Put yourself in an arena that plays to your strengths where you know the real you shines. Eliminate anything or anyone (and I don’t care how hot she is) that weakens you hinders your goals Build it (yourself) and they (the women) will come.

        So … no more Mr. Nice Guy! Now go get ’em, Tiger!

      • mindweapon says:


        That last paragraph is great — as Heartiste/Roissy says in his Sixteen Commandments of Poon:

        You shall make your mission, not your woman, your priority

        Roissy/Heartiste isn’t just for pump and dumpers; it is even better advice for men who want to get married and have a covenant relationship with a woman. Game is about keeping the woman interested in you, and about ruling your roost, which the hen most certainly wants you to do.

        Many young men these days don’t understand that they need to assert initiative and leadership with a woman, if they want her to want him. No one modeled it for them.

        If someone in the family loses a job or source of income, the man must display resilience and cheerfulness and optimism, and to say, “this isn’t the end of something, this is just a new chapter in our lives. We will adapt, and this new chapter may turn out to be more interesting.”

      • PureEvil cont. says:


        Sorry to hear of your early troubles. We live in a douchey society with douchey people. Like you I am also choosing to not attack this kid. I don’t like what he did, but for propaganda purposes we should not give an inch on this. He is the creation of the good ole US of A post 60s. That’s it in the main. Yes he probably was truly nice. And those who tormented him are typical punk amurkins who dish it out and cry when time comes for consequences. When it is FEMEN whores acting out the excuses are rolled out even in the white advocacy/alt-right sector. You know hte ones, “they are being tricked by YKW” and “they just need leadership” and never the truth; that they are vile and have the same or greater capacity for evil, like anyone else. No excuses for guys; why? Yeah, yeah, he’s not white, we know. But forget it, he’s the victim of the movies, that’s the line- now push it.

      • mindweapon says:

        He’s a victim of the movies — good one. A victim of the sewer pipe of Hollywood.

        Also, Michael Savage is talking about how the psychotherapists got Elliott’s manifesto but they didn’t call the cops, they called the parents first.

    • Firepower says:

      What a groundbreaking revelation sweety

  2. TabuLa Raza says:

    The poor kid was dying, and dyeing, to be racially pure.

  3. marcusaemilius says:

    I’m guessing he may have been a homosexual. Also I recall reading that Eurasian hybrids have high instances of mental disorders. If he was really interested, he could have easily found a decent girl if he had lowered his expectations.

    • Wally says:

      Since he was half Chinese himself, she should have gone after Chinese women. His mother should have taught him the Chinese language. He could have gone back to Asia. His blonde women obsession limited him to a very small percentage of women in L.A.

      • marcusaemilius says:

        Well said, he could have found plenty of nice Asian girls and assimilated into that culture.

      • mindweapon says:

        Absolutely, Wally. Don’t ya wish we could have talked to this kid?

      • Mr. Rational says:

        Could he have gone Asian?  They are very obsessed with purity, to the point that south Chinese are discriminated against by north Chinese.

      • Anon says:

        he actually writes in his autobiography/manifesto that there were in fact white women who did respond relatively positively to him, but and heres the point, he didn’t so much as try. He was never rejected. Not trying with a different set of girls would have likely produced the same result.

        He was fundamentally messed up and we as a society could not and can not help him.

    • clytemnestra57 says:

      Okay, this may be a wild theory of mine, but it resonates with me.

      Elliott would have never settled for a Eurasian girl or even an Asian girl. He didn’t consider himself beneath pure Asians; he considered himself above them.

      Elliott was fixated on blonde women; tall, athletic blonde women. Who does that sound like in feminine? Dear old Dad, that’s who. I’m not saying that Elliott was a closeted homosexual.

      Read this blog by this Hapa who was very unhappy about his WM-AF heritage:

      You can’t imagine the internal conflict. The brutal civil war inside all Hapa males. The Hapa Paradox. We exist because Asian men are humiliated and emasculated, and yet we are Asian males. We are at war with ourselves from birth. The idea that an Asian man like me, is genetically 50% white, and carries ONLY the white-male Y chromosome. The Asian Y-chromosome is dead in me. Asian maleness is dead in me. I’m a Eunuch. I’m an Asian male inside a dead Asian male. That is what it means to be half-white, half-Asian


      Well, unlike this Hapa who felt too alienated by his White father to identify with him, preferring to disown him and pass himself off as the result of an AM-WF pairing, Elliott sought to reclaim his own lost genetic patrimony for his sons by finding a White woman, the “Whiter” the better; tall, blonde Nordic.

      • mindweapon says:

        Heavy stuff, Cly. It’s funny how we actually study and learn more about race and society than the well funded Left, who just have knee jerk reactions, “racism! white privilege! misogyny!” They don’t examine this stuff or read what mixed Asian-White people have to say about themselves. This would be the stuff of PhD dissertations, but I guess the liberals don’t want to study the wreckage they have caused.

      • This Hapa was only seeing things from the Asian male perspective, but Elliott’s twist on this Hapa’s perspective is that Elliott was a WHITE male buried alive in an Asian tomb along with his descendants by his irresponsible father. So, in Elliott’s view the only thing that could save him and restore his own future patrimonial line was a specific kind of woman. A brunette, a ginger, or even a petite, very feminine blonde would not have done for him. It had to be a tall, athletic blonde. If he had been successful at acquiring one and fathering son(s) on her, he would have pressured them to pursue that same kind of woman. But the problem was that these women intimidated him.

        Mtdna is passed along to both a woman’s sons and daughters, but a man’s Y-DNA is only passed along to his sons and their sons. Some how, some way, you men have always known this which is why we have the “begats” of the male line in the Bible and why Greek heroes always proudly proclaimed themselves as This Guy, son of That Guy. And I guess a guy who no man could claim was considered a son of a bitch, a bastard.

        I can understand why White men are so appalled by WF-NWM pairings, because thanks to the recessive gene, they are breeding more of the other. Erego, racial treason. But Elliott’s situation makes me inclined to think that WM-NWF amount to racial suicide.

      • mindweapon says:

        Wow, awesome comment Cly. Was tempted to make this a post, but I don’t want to overdo that. But this is a very smart comment. Makes more sense than the crazy shit Oogenhand says, encouraging “patrilineality.” As far as Der Oog is concerned, Elliott is white because his is patrilineally white.

  4. PureEvil cont. says:

    Far more likely than latent homosexuality or hate is the simple fact that he is a product of Amurka. I don’t think it is any more complicated than that. This placed is f—–d up and drives people nuts. Different people deal with it, or don’t deal with it, differently.

    • mindweapon says:

      I agree, PureEvil cont.

      • PureEvil cont. says:

        Thanks. I don’t want to seem rude to the other commenters so I was hoping that I got it across well. I don’t think (but am not necessarily right) that the standard YKWtalmud theories or any conscious anti-white machinations apply here. We’ve all seen kids like this. Because we are aware of this stuff doesn’t mean every else is, or even close to getting it. Most younger folks, white or not, behave in the types of ways noticed and loathed by this kid.

  5. VRW says:

    bottom line: be a great man, but not for the sake of a woman

    • PureEvil cont. says:

      Well said dude.

      • moishe says:

        men have to show that they dont need a woman to be defined as a man – women pick up on this and they really like dudes who could ‘take or leave them’ – it get’s their interest up to no end – they orbit around dudes like that:)

    • You are great men.

      It’s really weird. But the HBD crowd … being scientific … just like to cite IQ, IQ, IQ. So now, we see that White men fall into the medium range of IQ. Some female blogger out there claims below White women. The Liberatti have bent over backwards to “level the playing field” to the extent that there should be a great Renaissance going on right now instead of this unholy mess. The only real innovations are still coming from only White men. So what do White men have that is defying objective scientific data?

      I’ve had an opportunity to witness its development since I was drafted, kicking and screaming, onto Team White Man thanks to the world’s cutest, sweetest and adorable little White men; those in my immediate family. Watching them mature and negotiate their way through this life, even as an increasingly marginalized minority is magical.

      I call it The Divine Spark. There is really no other plausible explanation for it. This is the first generation of White men who are dealing with forces all collaborating to extinguish it, because equality. Ironically, they themselves are helping to extinguish it because they believe in the principle of equal opportunity. However, they don’t understand that things are so screwed up, because there would still be no equal results, because they would be determined by true merit in a just, impartial world.

      So, I think that, in order to fan that Divine Spark, anyone mentoring a young White Man should encourage him to pursue his Personal Best and then order his life around it. He needs to find a woman to conform to his Personal Best paradigm and then reward her by behaving chivalrously toward her as befits a proper consort to a king. Please those women who please you. Not adjust his paradigm to some woman, i.e. “be a nice guy.”

      Part of becoming a great man is recognizing that you already are a great man with a destiny to fulfill. No woman should be allowed to get in the way of that. I am not advocating the misogyny of a PUA site. I am not denoting hopeless inferiority on the part of my own sex, either. Some woman who is a poor fit for you, may be just the right fit for another man. But you can’t determine that until you decide what your Personal Best is.

  6. Antiochus says:

    I posted this on the original – figured I put it here as well:
    Now before anybody reads this and accuses me of being anti-white know this – I blame the Hebrews for the “blonde bimbo” hollywood meme, and i view that as a dig and insult by our hostile enemies – When the Jews Dylan Klebold and the Harris (or whatever percentage of tribe they were) hated “Christians” and regular white folks who went to the Colorado school, that again was more Judaic anti-Aryan psychology. But what we have to remember is that our enemy has so devastatingly transformed our people/culture, that indeed much of it DESERVES to be hated, and when events like these happen there is a part of me that actually cheers, or at least understands how it is possible. This is why I cannot stand the conspiracy idiots who focus so much time trying to prove that no Sandy Hook happened, as if society is not fucked up enough for these things to happen, between the literal demonic filth that comes out of television set, and the psychotropic drugging of the youth – those two alone can explain much of “school shootings,” and then you throw in typical american neurosis of broken homes and alienation of youth.

    As for this recent massacre, I am caught between agreeing almost 100% with this analysis, but on the other hand absolutely understanding all the counter-points that Franklin makes in the comment thread on the original site. The divided opinion I have reminds me exactly how I felt in reaction to the shooting/mass killing done by Anders Brevik. In that case, I was repulsed by the action of gunning down all those defenseless Norwegian teens, and the more I learned about Brevik the less I could sympathize with him – he appeared to me to be another social misfit with a narcissistic/delusional personality disorder. All the glorification of Zionism, the freemasonry, etc., and the idea that those kids were pro-Palestinian made me question if it was a Mossad operation to punish Norway for its anti-Israel stance. on the other hand, it was the next generation of cultural marxists being groomed by their parents of Norway’s race treasonous political elite. Vikernes War Comes to Europe basically states my exact view of the whole thing.

    Now with this case, in general I totally get the author’s conclusion – this kid felt entitled to the blonde ideal of the feminine prize that is worshipped by Jew hollywood – he was a maladapted spoiled brat, and blew a gasket when he realized his own standards were too high and unattainable. if the kid was an engineering or math student, and it was alike a revenge of the nerds thing, i’d have more empathy. Because the white race is being bred out of existence, the availability of these blondes is decreasing and it gives them more selective power as they are coveted by EVERY racial group, whether they be black athletes, Indian computer programmers, Chinese engineering students, etc. – including Jews who are slithering in and picking up Shiksas with their successful tribalism. His antipathy towards blondes is clearly because they rejected him, so it was an obsessive love/hate thing. the kid just seems like a total weirdo/creep and had absolutely no charisma or attractive qualities beyond his physical appearance (from what i hear, haven’t actually looked at a picture of the hybrid).

    With all that said – I have come to actually despise American white women myself, speaking as a racialist. a lot of what Franklin said makes total sense and resonates. Henry’s comment hits the nail on the head “In saner times parents would give their daughters to proper suitors, that worked out better than 2014 America” – this is the biggest problem. Everything comes down to natural, organic life that is sane and pure versus artificial, poisoned, superficial life that is our wonderful JewSofA. A big part of natural order is having a vagina to thrust your youthful libido into so that reproduction will take place and the race is perpetuated – instead, what we have is PORN everywhere to replace real sex, and the promotion of promiscuity and sex for fun when you do have it instead of racial/genetic procreation through the institution of marriage. The culture is supposed to provide the bridge toward marriage in the courting season, which has been replaced by “game,” and outsmarting your female opponent so you may win some poon and temporary physical pleasure instead of giving birth to a child to raise as the next generation. It is life versus death – having been born into DEATH, i do sympathize with aimless and lost white male youth that are absolutely screaming for a messiah to take us out of our current oblivion. The fact that this kid was only half white does not change any of this. Our culture has been destroyed and there is no communal help of families/social institutions to facilitate men finding a mate which you find with African tribesmen, Islamic culture, and Asian; often this is why we should not overlook the functionality of religion to achieve this aim, which really is its evolutionary purpose rather than giving man spiritual salvation – for white males, it is the total individualistic/everyman for himself/lost in the wilderness scenario, compared to all other non-white cultures that basically have a mechanism (or multiple social reinforcement strategies) in place that encourages breeding within the group. Add to that, the fact that the kid was mixed, which usually leads to self-hate and alienation (the Virginia Tech shooting), and you have a recipe for disaster. Part of me actually cheers when these things happen, as tragic as they are – because it is the ripe fruit and chickens coming home to roost when you have a sick, dysgenic, totally fucked up cultural environment that young men are raised in America. It is nothing but isolation and alienation from childhood up for a white male, and if you are in an urban environment that usually translates to adaptation via wiggerdom; or if you are in a rich, yuppie/liberal land it is imitating spoiled Jew-produced Kardashian models of the decadent, soulless, materialistic, rootless void (talk about a perfect candidate for Armenians to take up the Islamic practice of honor killing). I guess the guy took out some other chinese/asians in a competitive assault (if i can’t have the blondes no one will); but the “valley” mentality of dumbed down hollywood influenced white girls with no cultural/racial identity sceaming in horror might be a good thing for our race. I think it might be a solution to the decadence we are facing. More terror to shake them out of their collective mental, spiritual, and psychological void they have been put into by the Master Subverters of Culture – and again, cannot blame everything on the Jew when it is white people who have swallowed the poison whole.

    Franklin – good for you man on getting a hot Mexican wife – there are so many millions of gorgeous Aryan/European pure Spanish/Mediterranean looking Hispanics out there, white nationalists need to get the Anglo-Wasp/Nordicism bug out of their ass and realize that there are many horizons of cultured, feminine, beautiful, intelligent women that are not polluted by Jew America’s disease – and this is also true of white looking Middle Eastern as well, which is another group usually dismissed out hand as “mud people” by ignorant, moronic American white nationalists when nothing could be further from the truth. the same goes for Turko-Slavic types like Albanian, Balkan, and Caucasoid. this is why i can’t stand pop WN stormfront debates over who is white; minds need to be opened to the possibilities of good blood with beauty, elegance and grace that exist out there beyond the polluted spheres of Zogland.

    • mindweapon says:


      Great to have you commenting here.

      There are Albanian immigrants in my area and they are definitely White. The women are quite good looking and traditional behaving and normal sized. I know what you mean — a lot of Muslim countries have White people. You’d find some in Iran too. A lot of them aren’t, of course, but there are pockets of them all over the place.

      We do need tradition back. Heck, it’s why I learned Russian and married Russian. I wanted no part of American consumerism and egoism. Of course we live here so we can’t help but be influenced by it. It’s not so easy to find jobs in foreign countries. I wanted to emigrate all through my 20’s. It made me realize — it sure is easier for foreigners to come here and get a job, than for us to go to thier countries and do the same.

      I think economic hardship is a better wake up call than mass shootings. I want to see the sorority chix having to dig potatoes and take care of chickens and goats. That will get their heads right.

      • PureEvil cont. says:

        Not likely to happen dude. Somebody will always be there to save them from having to dig the potatoes. And to hook them up with more privilidges to boot. As for Albanians, yes they are white. All euros are. Whites are the most diverse people in the world, there is no uniform appearance nor has there ever been. Back in the day the use of “race” in old books was akin to our use of “ethnicity” today (the “Irish race” or “English race” for example. The Villanovans and the Latini would be considered different races, instead of early Italian tribes.

        By the way, have you seen this leader of Chechnya guy Kadyrov? Google him if you haven’t.

      • mindweapon says:


        I guess you are not acquainted with Reverend Malthus. He may make those girls dig potatoes.

      • PureEvil cont. says:



        I guess you are not acquainted with Reverend Malthus. He may make those girls dig potatoes.”

        I am not, no. But I certainly would as well. I’d have a devil of a time fighting off the white kight “alphas” who would ride to their rescue though.

      • mindweapon says:

        Well, look up Reverend Malthus and his intellectual descendants. Start here:


      • clytemnestra57 says:

        @ Mindweapons who wrote:

        There are Albanian immigrants in my area and they are definitely White. The women are quite good looking and traditional behaving and normal sized. I know what you mean — a lot of Muslim countries have White people. You’d find some in Iran too. A lot of them aren’t, of course, but there are pockets of them all over the place.

        This conversation makes me wonder if there is something to Karl Jung’s Universal Consciousness Theory. Because this conversation and mention of Albanians is absolutely uncanny.

        A cousin of mine in his teens has an Albanian friend. Both boys are at the age where they like girls, but are not in a position to go out on a car date or anything serious like that. His mother told me that her son and his friend are both bemused and amused at the antics of his Albanian friend’s mother who is on a jihad to arrange a marriage for him with an Albanian girl.

        The Albanian boy is very Americanized and thinks his mother is nuts. Moreover, his parents had an arranged marriage. She was never that happy with his father, but managed to achieve her own separate peace with it. So, they are having a lot of “debates” over it. She strongly disapproves of the girls here and he does not like the idea of mommy choosing a bride for him.

        My cousin and I kind of laughed about it especially when I remarked about the hypocrisy that parenting a son imposes on a feminazi like me. I’d hate such an arrangement for my nieces or if I had a daughter, but my boys? Hmmm. There might be something to it . Oh, well.

    • clytemnestra57 says:

      Antiochus, I think you need to know what really happened so you won’t be so judgmental. Because … for lack of knowledge, my people are lost.

      Though they publicly crowed about taking over Russia and reveled in the bloodbath which followed, the USSR was a failure in that they killed off the best, the brightest and most productive Russians that they could find AND were stuck with a stupid, incompetent population or, I suspect, more cunning Russian survivors who figured out creative new ways to frustrate them by doing as little for them as they could get away with.

      The United States was armed to the teeth and too many people knew about the death and destruction and terror of the Bolshevik revolution for it to be exactly replicated here. The Fabian Socialists in England and the USA were looking for non-violent way to spread communism.

      After Hitler expelled them from Germany, the Franklin School was allowed to establish itself here in the United States by our own government and after WWII, the innocent, trusting, patriotic people of the children were set upon like a flock of sheep by the ravening wolves of psychology who conducted series upon series of social psychological experiments on them. They were like lab rats and they didn’t know it.

      My professor said how he was always excluded from jury duty once the trial lawyers found out what he did for a living. MW recommends that we all learn math, well I highly recommend that we all become experts at social psychology so we won’t be so easily manipulated by the media, the authorities, or government agents provocateurs as David Lane was and other controlled opposition.

  7. clytemnestra57 @ May 27, 2014 at 10:45 pm

    I think werewolf still remains the best analogy where men are concerned.

    I get that, and even the manosphere types say you have to have a mix of alpha and beta qualities. Just think beta as the man and alpha as the wolf. Don’t take the analogy too literally. You have to understand that boys that didn’t have fathers married to mothers have often never even seen a man leading a woman from a position of authority. They likely have never even led a woman in a dance. Think about it, that’s what they mean by the “crisis of masculinity.”

    Just remember, too, which men need someone to spell this stuff out. First, they are young guys – teens and early 20s. Second, this is the internet, so select heavily for introverts and abstract thinkers.

    I agree with Erin, there is nothing to be learned from this particular psychopath, though. Just a crazy man, and his jealousy and envy were just a convenient outlet for his violent insanity.

    “designed to get sex from blonde sorority girls he didn’t even really like.”

    He didn’t even seem particularly interested in the sex, at least not any more than the average guy. (What man doesn’t want sex with blonde sorority girls?) To him, the Blonde Sorority Girl was just a status object – he seemed to envy the Blonde Fraternity Boys for having a Blonde Sorority Girl more than really wanting one for himself.

    There’s two levels here: yes, your average guy will absolutely objectify a Blonde Sorority Girl as just a body, a piece of ass. No question. But only sociopaths objectify a Blonde Sorority Girl as a status object. That’s the difference between a normal man with a normal sex drive and a narcissist more interested in his social status – it had nothing to do with normal sexual lust at all.

    In fact, he worshipped Blonde Sorority Girls, remember, his dad actually hired one to hang out with him to get him “used” to them so he wouldn’t be so nervous around them? That’s as “beta” as can be. Men do have this absurd instinct to put women on pedestals, and that goes hand in hand with the urge to drag them back down off of it. Your werewolf analogy works pretty well here, doesn’t it?

    “And I mean “nice” in that faux concerned and sympathetic way some customer service agent displays when he is trying to stick you for a lot of money to pay for what amounts to a bill of goods?”

    Exactly. Understand that boys raised by women – admittedly feminist or not – they instinctually train boys to do just this. Be nice, be a gentlemen, be polite, be respectful, sit sill, comb your hair, say please and thank you. There’s a Widow Douglas in every woman, from the Church Lady to the Bra-Burning Feminist alike, all trying to “sivilize” Huck Finn. When you finally do “sivilize” him, well, he sure as hell isn’t sexually attractive now is he?

    “It is expected, if one is a reasonably attractive woman, that if a guy pays attention to her, he hopes to have sex with her.”

    Yet Widow Douglas has been shaming him over this ever since he tried to get Sally to play doctor behind the schoolhouse.

    “But, does he really want a relationship? Or does all he want to do is a drive-by? ”

    Er, I’m sorry, you’re showing your age here. These days, it’s the men that have to watch out for the women that just want a drive-by and aren’t interested in a relationship. Maybe that was true back before the days of Third Wave Sex Positive Feminism, but, um, I have something to tell y’all about your daughters. Are you sitting down?

    “The bullies will have peaked by the end of their senior year of high school like Al “Five Touchdowns” Bundy. ”

    No, I’m sorry, I have to disagree with this 100%. This is every jew-boy’s fantasy, the Evil Blonde Jocks that “bullied” him in school will all be selling women’s shoes while he will be the next Facebook Billionaire getting all the Hot Blonde Sorority Shiksas. Nope. Those Blonde Jocks often grow up to be Blonde Wall Street Traders and good looking men will be bedding good looking women well into middle age. Just like the obnoxious “nice guys” and just like Elliott the sociopath, these Poor Put Upon Geeks being “bullied” by the Blonde Jocks – these guys are passive aggressive, narcissistic, and wanna-be bullies themselves – they just aren’t socially adept enough to get away with it. A loser is a loser. Just because someone was awkward and nerdy in high school does not mean they are some undiscovered genius. Again, this is the jewboy’s Revenge of the Nerds fantasy. Remember that movie? The multi-cultural “Nerds” (Jews and Asians) finally beat the “Jocks” (Dumb Blonde Goyim) and finally get to nail the Dumb Blonde Shiksas – with the help of the Black Fraternity, hired muscle to help the Nerds (Jews) beat the Jocks (Whites.)

    This is why we need the Mannerbund, to spread Toxic Masculinity among the young men who are children of divorce and grew up without a father. They don’t need to learn “game” – that’s just growing fancy tail feathers to show off to the women. They need to become men, and gain status among men, and ignore silly girls. Then, when they have something of value – the pretty young girls come to them, and they choose.

    Otherwise, you’re going to be Mystery and Style, “PUAs” “peacocking” in LA nightclubs looking to score a threesome with two off duty porn starlets.

    I really do believe that many women mean well when they read about “game” and “PUA” and the “manosphere” but, as these women have no actual experience with romancing, seducing, and having sex with women, really, the “you don’t ask a fish how to catch a fish, you ask a fisherman” rule applies.

    “And he didn’t have to go to a PUA site to do this.”

    No, he had to go to Russia. Russia, renowned for “feminine” women that are “traditional” unlike “American women.” Hmm.

    • clytemnestra57 says:

      @ Hipster Racist who wrote:

      This is why we need the Mannerbund, to spread Toxic Masculinity among the young men who are children of divorce and grew up without a father. They don’t need to learn “game” – that’s just growing fancy tail feathers to show off to the women. They need to become men, and gain status among men, and ignore silly girls. Then, when they have something of value – the pretty young girls come to them, and they choose.

      HR, could you expound on this Mannerbund Theme? Is this like where ancient warrior cultures would remove a boy at a certain age from the custody of his mother and the men would raise the boys themselves. I believe the median magic age for Boys 2 Men was eight years old, but I could be mistaken. Ancient Sparta? I don’t remember.

      Anyway what is your idea of the type of Mannerbund if you could establish and rule a “Whitemanistan” of sorts? This might be worth pursuing if you can figure out how to reconcile the two thousand year old Christian influence with the Neo Pagans and the atheists. It seems to me that there are a whole lot of boys who are bereft of great male role models out there even if there is a father in the house.

  8. You shall make your mission, not your woman, your priority

    Nice guy? I don’t give a shit. Good father? Fuck you, go home and play with your kids. You wanna work here? Close.


  9. Gwyn says:

    For aspiring men and women out there I would recommend these three books by Anthony M. Ludovici, here are some excerpts:

    “Woman A Vindication” http://www.anthonymludovici.com/wv_pre.htm
    “Lysistrata Or Woman’s Future and Future Woman” http://www.anthonymludovici.com/lys_int.htm

    “[…] many changes have occurred, all of which have been in the direction of consolidating and extending the feminist position. But there is so little evidence of their having effected any improvement in the happiness either of women or of the nation as a whole that, as a solution of our problems and difficulties, or even as a small contribution to their solution, it would seem that modern feminism must soon be as wholly discredited as was the Woman Movement of ancient Greece, ancient Rome, or Seventeenth-Century France and England.

    When things go wrong with the social structure of a nation, through the general decline in the ability and stamina of its manhood, two distinct tendencies seem always to become noticeable. The one is to interpret changes which are merely the break-down and decay of old and healthy institutions, as signs of progress (in our Age this is called Evolution), and the other (owing to the justifiable loss of confidence in the governing classes) is for every one, qualified or unqualified, to regard himself as entitled to make an attempt to put matters right.
    It is through the latter tendency that women naturally spring into prominence as zealous and eager helpers; but unfortunately, always with the mistaken idea that a mere multiplication of ineffectual people can compensate the nation for its total lack of great or able men. Truth to tell, such a multiplication of nobodies, far from producing somebody, merely increases and complicates the already existing muddle.

    This mistake has occurred so often in history, and always with the same disastrous results, that one is left wondering how often it will have to occur again, before the fundamental and eternal truth becomes generally accepted that the only remedy for a nation suffering from a decadent and impoverished manhood, is to build up that manhood afresh, and to preserve as far as possible the healthy old institutions of the nation, until this re-building process has been accomplished. My formula for this remedy is A Masculine Renaissance, and feminism is merely a red-herring drawn across the path of history, to divert the attention of the crowd from the real and only means of salvation.

    […] As far as I know this work represents the first radical attempt that has been made to differentiate two very definite and dissimilar types of women — the positive and the negative — and to account for their respective virtues and vices on the grounds of their peculiarities of health, tonality, vigour, and constitutional bias in favour of life.

    […] Degeneration may be defined as a departure from the high qualities of a race or a kind. But it is possible to depart from a very great number of cultivated qualities, and still to retain the moral and physical equipment of the good fighter. When, therefore, I seek to explain a good deal of Woman’s discontent with Man, and most of her very justifiable contempt of him, by pointing to his degeneration, I mean that, despite the evidence of the great War, in which the modern European admittedly revealed the primitive fighting qualities in all their pristine strength, the man of to-day in many other respects — in the matter of catholicity of tastes, for instance, versatility of gifts, will-power, vigour, character, and health — shows a marked departure from the higher endowments of his ancestors.

    The fact that this degeneration is due to the devitalizing, cramping and specialized labours which several generations of Commercialism and Industrialism and excessive “Urbanism” have imposed upon the male sex, can hardly be questioned; and if we are in search of an explanation of Feminism, if we are anxious to discover how and why it is that women are now coming forward in large numbers to measure their strength against men in all those callings and offices which hitherto have been regarded as Man’s special spheres, we may be sure that the true cause of all this does not lie so much in a desirable change in Woman’s nature itself, as it does in an undesirable depreciation in our own general abilities, which women have been only too slow to observe.”

    “The positive man, therefore, is positive to three things; Society, self-preservation, and Woman. He cannot be wholly positive if he lack any one of these attitudes; and those men who have maintained all these attitudes with dignity and creative success, have been the only truly great men of history. Others are simply specialists, cripples, deformities or nonentities.”

    “Man An Indictment” http://www.anthonymludovici.com/mi_pre.htm

    “Those men, however, who are brave enough to face unpleasant truths, and who, from their observation both of their own and other men’s lives, have learnt that Feministic tendencies are not prone to manifest themselves, and never do manifest themselves in households or circles where the menfolk inspire the traditional female reactions of respect, confidence and devoted love, will not be satisfied with this reply of the Feminists, even when one among the latter enjoys the reputation of John Stuart Mill.

    For it is not sufficiently understood that, at any rate in England, Feminism began in the home. The home is the one place in which the women of the country enjoy the most constant and most favourable opportunities for observing their men at close quarters. It is in the fierce light of intimate home life that a man’s intelligence, capacity, acumen, mastery of life, general reliability, powers of giving sound guidance and direction, powers of inspiring respect and confidence, are most persistently and accurately measured, by a mate who can never relax her vigilance, because she is always seeking in him precisely those qualities which have been enumerated.

    And it was in the home that the women of England first learnt how many of these qualities were frequently lacking in their menfolk. It was in their own homes that the daughters of a former generation learnt to regard men as pleasant, useful, but uninspiring, grown-up schoolboys. It was in the extended circles of their friends and acquaintances that they found their home observations confirmed. And, whereas their instinct for safety made them acknowledge that their menfolk were generally “safe” and therefore desirable on an inferior scale of passionate experience, they also discovered that this breed of safe, wholly amenable and sequacious males, were in the long run tiresome, incapable of firm leadership, and unable to make the masculine elements in their mates recessive and unobtrusive.

    All those who have a wide knowledge of the private homes of the eighties and nineties of last century and after, must be aware of how often and easily the alleged “manly” English type of male became subordinated to his womenfolk, how seldom he retained all directive and initiatory powers, and with what frequency he was treated with ill-concealed contempt by a wife and daughters, who were given every opportunity of asserting and developing the least feminine and least docile elements in their natures.

    By the end of the nineteenth century, the price was beginning to be paid for this steady inculcation of the contempt of man upon the womenfolk of the country, and during the reign of Edward VII this contempt was translated openly into words and deeds.
    Those men who recognize the element of truth in this brief sketch of the hidden and recent development of the Feminist atmosphere and mentality in this country, will therefore not make the mistake of imagining that it is due either to the perversity or to the wanton arrogance of modern woman. But, seeking in themselves and in their fathers and brothers not only the causes of Feminism, but also the causes of those other signs of national chaos and decay, of which, in recent years, so much evidence has been adduced, they will feel that the attempt to understand the whole evil of present conditions, and also to arrive at some cure and correction of the nation’s many diseases, must begin with an indictment of modern man himself, and end in a drastic reform of his nature, and the ideals which have been responsible for its creation.”

    “The causes of degeneration which are constantly active, which have long been established among us, and which affect both male and female are:
    (1) The dysgenic influence of Christianity.
    (2) The hostility of Christianity to sex, and to the joys of the body (Puritanism).
    (3) The influence of the democratic contempt of blood and family (miscegenation).
    (4) The faulty co-ordination of our bodies.
    (5) The false conceptions of modern medicine.
    (6) The selection of type which operates in commercial and industrial conditions.
    The causes of degeneration which, while constantly active, affect especially the male, are:
    (7) Sport.
    (8) Specialization in occupation.
    (9) Selection operating under too limited an idea of true manliness.”

    “[…] And all those, therefore, who are in earnest about this question of degeneracy, and who, moreover, are locally interested in its particular effect upon the British Empire, will sooner or later be bound to perceive that nothing less prodigious, less unfeminine and less unpopular than a Masculine Renaissance can possibly effect any desirable change in our condition.

    No amount of mediocre epicene deliberation, no amount of mixed bathing by second-rate swimmers in the waters of politics and science, can possibly help us, as long as we remain as we are, not only in possession of our unhealthy values, but of our inherited taints both of character and mind. And since great men are the only people who can be saviours in this world, it behoves us to see that they are bred.

    Our problem in a nutshell, therefore, is how we are to set about preparing the way for a Masculine Renaissance. With regard to man, we must make our demands more searching and our standards higher. We must no longer be satisfied with the whittled-down standard of manliness, which is based upon the qualities of a good horseman, a good cricketer and a good soldier. We must learn to expect of the manly man, not only courage and proficiency in games and sport, but also will power, leadership, mastery over the mysteries of life, and not Puritanical funk in their presence, intelligence sufficient to overshadow any female brain that is placed alongside of him (within his class), and clarity and decision regarding every problem which it behoves him to understand — in fact, everything that goes to make a man, in whose presence the mere claim of sex equality appears utterly ridiculous.

    Only by the return of such a man to all classes of the nation can women be made to feel happy and content; only by his presence can the woman be brought out in woman, and the male in her nature made recessive. And if any further proof were needed of women’s inability to institute any great and lasting reforms, it would be the fact that the most prominent members of the Woman’s Movement have so far failed to perceive that the only fruitful reform is the regeneration of man.

    Nothing less should satisfy us, because nothing less can possibly do any good. Every other remedy is quackery, and a mere headline for a penny paper. The man to whom we aspire must be chivalrous, but only in the sense that he understands chivalry as responsibility. The absurd misunderstanding of chivalry to-day, which amounts to a social convention that no gander may say “boo” to his goose, is about as fatuous as anything modern could be. We have eviscerated most things, but nothing more heartlessly than chivalry. We must restore to chivalry its central idea of responsibility — the willingness to answer for dependents, for creatures weaker than ourselves, always with the understanding that such responsibility must mean guidance. One cannot be responsible for a creature that one cannot command — that is a plain truism. But to retain a travesty of chivalry, and to call him who practises it a gentleman, is one of the most ridiculous farces of this burlesque of a world. It multiplies lackeys — that is the only result.

    The man to whom we aspire must also understand freedom, and wish to be free. But here again, he must desire the consequences of his demand. To be free is to be self-reliant and strong. Freedom and dependence are antitheses. The man who wants freedom, therefore, must be prepared for the consequences of standing alone. And, since these consequences may be fatal, he must be brave and resourceful. Freedom is expiring to-day, because, as I have shown, modern man has abandoned or forgotten the inevitable relation of freedom to self-reliance. The modern man wants it both ways. He will have a centralized power able to force the whole nation to support him if he fails, or cannot support himself, and yet he demands freedom of action. But if the central power relieves him of the need of self-reliance, it must limit his freedom. , Hence the decline of freedom to-day. If our aim is the self-reliant man, we must decentralize power and destroy the present system of supplementing self-help by governmental interference. But is the aim of modern England really and truly the self-reliant man? It is doubtful. No other man, however, is worth striving after, no other man is any good. And he used to be the typical Anglo Saxon.

    Only in this masculine renaissance is there any hope of a revival for humanity as a whole. And as soon as the men appear who will constitute this rebirth of desirable male material, everything will be found to fall naturally into its proper place. The relation of the sexes will immediately recover its serenity, beauty and elevation. Feminism will not be extirpated, it will vanish like many another nightmare of our degradation. And we shall begin a new era in our evolution. Unlike the past, in which man has played a game of chance with himself and his fellows, the future will find man ready for the first time to enlist his consciousness in the moulding of his destiny. The gamble of present-day life will then be looked upon as a thing of horror, rather like the life of the jungle appears to civilized man, and from these human products of the masculine renaissance the world will receive a new religion and a new goal.

    The men that it is thus possible to rear are not a magic fantasy, but a possible reality. The seeds from which they will spring are already half germinated in our highest examples. They are not demi-gods but mortals. And we ourselves, who claim that they are indispensable for the salvation of humanity, do not hope for them as a race of supermen but merely as the genial leaders of a Masculine Renaissance.”


  10. oogenhand says:


    “So from now on I Stuff Eurasian Males Like am the son of a Asiatic dad and a hot white mom. My dad is Genghis Khan and he captured my sexy caucasian mom, during his raid on Europe and made her his harem slave.”

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