Martin Webster on European nationalist parties being friendly to Zionists/Jews

Here is the money quote:

If the European nationalists harbour at the back of their minds the notion that they will be able, somehow, to outwit the Jews, then they have another think coming. The Jews have been playing this game for centuries. They are best kept at arm’s length. No matter how long and how hard the road, the Enemy must be studied and fought, not cultivated and accommodated.

This is the real question, isn’t it? The old line — the Jews have been playing at this game for centuries.

I figured out why things are different now.

From reading The House of Rothschild, I came to understand that Europeans as a collective wanted to convert Jews to Christianity, to save the Jewish soul for Christ.

Europeans had a very naive approach to Jewry until the German National Socialists, who did not care about converting, and mirrored Jewish strategies. The Nazis took a scholarly and thorough approach to understanding Jewry, and crafting a society that would be able to counter Jewish power. Had NS Germany survived, it would have posed a serious threat to International Jewry and Global Banking — to the New World Order itself.

Now that we don’t care about converting Jews to Christianity, but rather, simply neutralizing their very painful advantages over us, we are on the track to not being outwitted by them.

Nazi Germany was behind the US and Britain in espionage and psychological warfare and international finance. They would have caught up had they lasted longer than 12 years because it was a society and regime that was determined to learn.

So it is to us to take up the torch. I don’t think NS Germany would have told us that the Jews will always outwit us, and that therefore we must . . . I don’t know, form a guerilla army and storm the capitals? Saying that we cannot use Psy-Ops, Mind War, and Economic War and Outwitting in a conflict with the Hostile Elite seems to me a position of horrible despair. We most certainly can.

In Martin Webster’s world, the Jews are still very separate from everyone else, they live in the shtetls and speak Hebrew among each other, and have an extreme sense of separation and discontent regarding the rest of us.

In the real world, the Jews are assimilated, and assimilating more every generation. Therefore they are losing their unique power to outwit. I urge all Mindweapons to befriend any and all Jews who can outwit us, get their secrets and tricks, and share these secrets and tricks with the rest of us. As an important aside I ask you not to do anything bad to your target other than getting his secrets and tricks, which in itself is quite worth it. If you hurt your target in any way, it can put them on the defensive and restrict the flow of intelligence to us.

I think the European nationalists are no dummies and understand what they are dealing with. They have read Nazi literature and Jewish history, whether they would admit it or not. Interactions with Jews will give them as much intelligence, as the Jews get from them — maybe more.

Jews aren’t persecuted rag traders any more, reading the Talmud while they wait for a customer. They are stuck in front of the television as babies, just like the rest of us. Even the “committed” Jews plop their babies in front of the TV. They aren’t studying like the Asians, or even like their grandparents. They are going soft — in the USA and in Europe.

Jews are going soft. Just look at ’em!

They are/were strong because of being rag peddlers in danger of getting beat up and getting their inventory seized. They are/were strong because of compelled conversions to Christianity, which isn’t happening any more. Now it’s inertia.

We made them strong by being mean to them. We aren’t mean to them any more, so they are weakening.

Europeans were the source of their strength. That wellspring is dried up now. Do you get that?

The problem of succession is a HUGE problem. All medieval history is the problem of succession. Persecution of the Jews solved their succession problem. When everyone else around you hates your guts, your kids are going to be tight with you and your fellow tribesmen.

I think the European nationalists know exactly what they are doing. If the Jews think they will always outwit them, they got a surprise coming. Aryan Skynet has caught up with them.

The Internet, and the Decline of Jewish Intellect and Jewish Communal Cohesion has neutralized the Jewish cognitive advantage. The economic, social, and cultural advantages are next up to be neutralized.

Dear Israel (Shamir ed.) and other friends,

Subject: Marine Le Pen’s Front National “not racist … definitely anti-Zionist”

I am grateful to an independent British nationalist observer of Jewry who has forwarded to me three items (see below) written by “anti-racist” and, I judge, left wing Jews holding, respectively, British, American and Israeli nationalities and published in Jewish or pro-Jewish publications from 2010 to 2012.

They all deal with the issue of the effort which “right wing” / “racist” / “nationalist” parties in Europe have been making to ingratiate themselves with Jewry in the hope of gaining better media coverage, an enhanced (less “extremist”) voter-friendly image and perhaps financial backing.

These particular Jewish commentators and Jewish ‘defence’ organisations which they quote, such as Searchlight magazine and the Community Security Trust, all seem to think that this ‘love-bombing’ of the Jewish community is entirely cynical and opportunistic which, so far from being encouraged and rewarded, should be dismissed with scorn.

However, the three commentators seem to be ignorant of the way in which ‘right wing’ Zionist-Jews set out to cultivate and recruit European and American nationalists to the Zionist cause in recent years.

I myself was the target of just such an (unsuccessful!) overture by Rabbi Meier Schiller of New York about 25 years ago. I have already rehearsed that encounter in correspondence with you which you duly circulated to Shamireaders, so I will not repeat it here. I will only remark that this “opportunistic” cultivation has not been a one-way street in recent times, any more than it was before and during the Second World War.

We have seen a vivid example of the success of ‘right wing’ Zionist cultivation of European nationalist movements just recently with the mobilisation this February of sundry Ukrainian “neo-Nazi” groups to fight and kill fellow Ukrainians in order to facilitate the USA-backed Jewish Oligarchs’ coup against that country’s elected government.

The less violent but equally venal leaders of Austria’s, Holland’s and other western European nationalist parties have been traipsing to-and-fro to Israel, the USA and Canada (all expenses paid) to attend public and private meetings organised for them by Zionist ultras.

During the previous decade I chronicled how the BNP’s leader Nick Griffin made desperate efforts to try and suck on the same row of teats after encouragement from Jewish and gentile Zionists such as Barbara Amiel (a personal friend at Binyamin Netanyahu) and Michael Gove, a winner of the Zionist Federation’s Jerusalem Prize and now a member of H.M. Government.

The efforts by various European nationalist party leaders to cultivate the Jews may indeed be “opportunistic”, but the cultivation is mutual and is far from insincere.

If the European nationalists harbour at the back of their minds the notion that they will be able, somehow, to outwit the Jews, then they have another think coming. The Jews have been playing this game for centuries. They are best kept at arm’s length. No matter how long and how hard the road, the Enemy must be studied and fought, not cultivated and accommodated.


Guardian ‘Comment is Free’ – Tuesday 27th March 2012

Don’t be fooled.
Europe’s far-right racists are not discerning
Opportunistic words of love for Jews and Israel cannot
disguise the European far right’s toxic rhetoric of hatred
by Anne Karpf

On Saturday, in the Danish city of Aarhus, a Europe-wide rally organised by the English Defence League will try to set up a European anti-Muslim movement. For Europe’s far-right parties the rally, coming so soon after the murders in south-west France by a self-professed al-Qaida-following Muslim, marks a moment rich with potential political capital.

Yet it’s also a delicate one, especially for Marine Le Pen. Well before the killings, Le Pen was assiduously courting Jews, even while her father and founder of the National Front, Jean-Marie Le Pen, was last month convicted of contesting crimes against humanity for saying that the Nazi occupation of France “wasn’t particularly inhumane”. Marine must disassociate herself from such sentiments without repudiating her father personally or alienating his supporters. To do so she’s laced her oft-expressed Islamophobia (parts of France, she’s said, are suffering a kind of Muslim “occupation”) with a newfound “philozionism” (love of Zionism), which has extended even to hobnobbing with Israel’s UN ambassador.

Almost all European far-right parties have come up with the same toxic cocktail. The Dutch MP Geert Wilders, leader of the anti-immigrant Freedom party, has compared the Qur’an to Mein Kampf. In Tel Aviv in 2010, he declared that “Islam threatens not only Israel, Islam threatens the whole world. If Jerusalem falls today, Athens and Rome, Amsterdam and Paris will fall tomorrow.”

Meanwhile Filip Dewinter, leader of Belgium’s Vlaams Belang party, which grew out of the Vlaams Blok Flemish nationalist party, many of whose members collaborated with the Nazis during the second world war, has proposed a quota on the number of young Belgian-born Muslims allowed in public swimming pools. Dewinter calls Judaism “a pillar of European society”, yet associates with antisemites, while claiming that “multi-culture … like Aids weakens the resistance of the European body”, and “Islamophobia is a duty”.

But the most rabidly Islamophobic European philozionist is Heinz-Christian Strache, head of the Austrian Freedom party, who compared foreigners to harmful insects and consorts with neo-Nazis. And yet where do we find Strache in December 2010? In Jerusalem alongside Dewinter, supporting Israel’s right to defend itself.

In Scandinavia the anti-immigrant Danish People’s party is a vocal supporter of Israel. And Siv Jensen, leader of the Norwegian Progress party and staunch supporter of Israel , has warned of the stealthy Islamicisation of Norway.

In Britain EDL leader Tommy Robinson, in his first public speech, sported a star of David. At anti-immigrant rallies, EDL banners read: “There is no place for Fascist Islamic Jew Haters in England”.

So has the Jew, that fabled rootless cosmopolitan, now suddenly become the embodiment of European culture, the “us” against which the Muslim can be cast as “them”? It’s not so simple. For a start, “traditional” antisemitism hasn’t exactly evaporated. Look at Hungary, whose ultra-nationalist Jobbik party is unapologetically Holocaust-denying, or Lithuania, where revisionist MPs claim that the Jews were as responsible as the Nazis for the second world war.

What’s more, the “philosemite”, who professes to love Jews and attributes superior intelligence and culture to them, is often (though not always) another incarnation of the antisemite, who projects negative qualities on to them: both see “the Jew” as a unified racial category. Beneath the admiring surface, philozionism isn’t really an appreciation of Jewish culture but rather the opportunistic endorsement of Israeli nationalism and power.

Indeed you can blithely sign up to both antisemitism and philozionism. Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik described himself as “pro-Zionist” while claiming that Europe has a “considerable Jewish problem”; he saw himself as simultaneously anti-Nazi and pro-monoculturalism. The British National party’s Nick Griffin once called the Holocaust the “Holohoax”, subsequently supported Israel in its war “against the terrorists”, but the day after the Oslo murders tweeted disparagingly that Breivik was a “Zionist”.

Most Jews, apart from the Israeli right wing, aren’t fooled. They see the whole iconography of Nazism – vermin and foreign bodies, infectious diseases and alien values – pressed into service once again, but this time directed at Muslims. They understand that “my enemy’s enemy” can easily mutate into “with friends like these …”.

The philozionism of European nationalist parties has been scrutinised most closely by Adar Primor, the foreign editor of Haaretz newspaper, who insists that “they have not genuinely cast off their spiritual DNA, and … aren’t looking for anything except for Jewish absolution that will bring them closer to political power.”

Similarly Dave Rich, spokesman of the Community Security Trust (CST), which monitors antisemitic incidents in Britain, told me that far-right philosemites “must think we’re pretty stupid if they think we’ll get taken in by that. The moment their perceived political gain disappears they revert to type. We completely reject their idea that they hate Muslims so they like Jews. What targets one community at one time can very easily move on to target another community if the climate changes.”

Rich’s words, spoken before the murder of Jews in Toulouse , now sound chillingly prescient. The president of the French Jewish community, Richard Pasquier, judges Marine Le Pen more dangerous than her father.

French Muslim leaders rallied round Jewish communities last week. Next week sees the start of Passover, a festival celebrating the liberation of Jews from slavery in Egypt, when Jews often think about modern examples of oppression. Let’s hope that French Jewish leaders use the occasion to rally round Muslim communities, and to remember that ultimately, racism is indiscriminate.

Institute for Research and Education in Human Rights (IREHR) – Monday 30th April 2012 18:19

The vote for Marine Le Pen:
an American anti-racist view
by Leonard Zeskind*

It was May 1, 1988 in Paris, and I watched as Jean-Marie Le Pen, a young girl dressed as Joan d’Arc, a line of sash-wearing dignitaries, and 40,000 Front National supporters marched through the streets in a May Day parade. It was the moment that the Front National’s racist nationalism broke into the middle of French politics, after years (decades) on the margins. Le Pen won 4.4 million votes, about 14.7% of the total, in the first round of the presidential elections that year. At the time, I was used to monitoring Klan rallies in the American South, which never approximated the size and power of the rally that day. The Front National’s fortunes have waxed and waned over the next two-plus decades since. Now, with a stunning six million votes (17.9% of the total) in the in the first round of the French presidential elections, Marine Le Pen has re-established the Front National as a leading voice for racist, anti-immigrant politics in Continental Europe.

The most immediate consequence of Le Pen’s showing, as others have noted, has been a sharp racist appeal by President Sarkozy to Le Pen’s constituents in the second round of campaigning. Sarkozy, heretofore an establishment conservative from the Union for a Popular Movement (UMP), has in effect become a bull horn for the Front National’s anti-immigrant, Islamophobic politics. The received wisdom is that Sarkozy will fail, and Socialist Francois Hollande is expected to be elected France’s next president on May 6.

In June, however, the Front National will likely win seats in the national assembly in two rounds of voting. And if the party maintains its current strength into the 2014 elections to the European Parliament, it is certain to increase its representation in that body. If that happens, the net effect will be an increase in the power of the racist far right, even as the soft-core socialist left holds on to the presidency. At the same time, the Left Bloc, an amalgamation of a Socialist Party breakaway faction, the Communist Party and other smaller parties, which captured 11.1% of the vote in the first round, has made its first significant showing after a number of years of decline for the hard left.

Marine Le Pen in the USA

Marine Le Pen, the daughter of FN founder Jean-Marie Le Pen, rose to the top of the Front National in 2011. In the process, she defeated a challenge from Bruno Golnisch on the farthest right-wing edge of the party, and promised a kinder, gentler racism and xenophobia, unencumbered by her father’s ill-tempered anti-Semitism. Indeed, in order to improve her “mainstream” appeal, Marine Le Pen traveled to the United States last November, with many from the Francophone media in tow.

Declaring her affinity for Ron Paul’s positions on central banks, she finally finagled a meeting with the Texas congressman after he spent days dodging her overtures. She had less difficulty securing a meeting with Rep. Joe Walsh (R.-ILL.), a freshman congressman elected with Tea Party support. While in D.C., she had breakfast with lobbyist Richard Hines, former editor of Southern Partisan magazine, according to Ed Sebesta, an expert on the neo-Confederates. During the New York leg of the trip, Le Pen made noises about meeting Occupy Wall Street protestors, but did not go to Zuccotti Park and did not apparently meet with any Occupy activists as she walked around southern Manhattan. In New York and D.C., her attempt to appear like a visiting dignitary basically failed.

Marine Le Pen had better luck in Florida. According to press reports, she met with William Diamond in Palm Beach. Diamond, active in Republican Party circles, was supporting the candidacy of Herman Cain at the time of Le Pen’s visit. He also claims to be big-time donor to the American-Israel Political Action Committee (AIPAC). Le Pen’s visit with Diamond was obviously aimed at helping her wash off the stink from her father’s anti-Semitism, and also to assist her effort to find support among French Jews for her Moslem-bashing campaign. She largely failed in that effort.

During her father’s tenure, the Front National received continual and significantly favorable coverage from The Spotlight, the now defunct weekly tabloid published by the Liberty Lobby; founded and minutely managed by Willis Carto. (Carto, a long-time Holocaust denier, now publishes a different weekly tabloid with a smaller subscriber base, The American Free Press.) And Bruno Golnisch, Marine Le Pen’s challenger for control of the party, has been an invited speaker to Jared Taylor’s white nationalist American Renaissance conferences on multiple occasions, the most recent in February 2008. (Taylor, a Francophile, has repeatedly had speakers from France at his Renaissance gatherings and spoke this March to 700 racial nationalists at a conference held in Paris.)

Marine Le Pen’s attempt to find American friends among the Republicans, rather than hard-core white nationalists, is part of her larger effort to “normalize” the Front National. According to an analysis written by French anti-fascists for the June 2011 edition of Searchlight magazine, much of the key activist base has now left the party (most going to organizations even further to the right). Nevertheless, “the FN is able to function better” with an influx of “thousands of inexperienced new members.”

This change in the Front National does not alter the fact, that France has a solidly built and devoutly ideological racist and nationalist movement in its bowels. This is not a movement that gelled in opposition to President Sarkozy, but in opposition to the immigrants in its midst and the European Union that envelopes them. The anger that Front National voters feel towards Sarkozy has only served to accelerate the nationalism and racism that motivates them.

Finding a Response to the
Front National’s Racism

The left has had principally two different types of responses to this racist nationalist movement. The Socialist Party has virtually ignored the Front National’s success, apparently hoping to build an alternative to the racists without directly confronting them. And anti-racist critics of the Socialist Party have for years noted that the organization SOS Racisme acts mainly as a campaign mechanism for the Socialist Party.

The Left Front, which won 11.1% of the vote, by contrast, decided to “organize a very front-on opposition to the Front National,” according to Raquel Garrido, who quit the Socialist Party along with Jean Luc Melenchon, the Left Front’s presidential candidate. Garrido said, “That’s something no one will forget, that we were the ones that started the process of trying to strike back against the Front National…The Socialist Party doesn’t do that. Even now, they are barely speaking about the Front’s high score.”

The Left Front obviously wants to both confront the Front National’s entire program, as well as build an alternative to it. It is a lesson American anti-racists should not ignore.

*Leonard Zeskind is president of IREHR. For almost three decades, he has been a leading authority on white nationalist political and social movements. He is the author of Blood and Politics: The History of White Nationalism from the Margins to the Mainstream, published by Farrar Straus & Giroux in May 2009. more… ]

Haaretz – Friday 24th December 2010 2:27 AM

Austrian Jews chide Likud MK
for meeting far-right leader
President of Austria’s Jewish community complains to
Netanyahu, charging that the meeting is a ‘stab in the back’.
by Barak Ravid

Austria’s Jewish community is furious at Deputy Minister Ayoob Kara for meeting in Vienna this week with Heinz-Christian Strache, head of the far-right FPO party, and heaping praise on him at a joint press conference.

In a letter sent to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday, Ariel Muzicant, the president of Austria’s Jewish community, charged that Kara’s “visit and actions are stabbing us in the back.”

Netanyahu’s office said he had not yet read the letter and would comment only after doing so.

“I am writing you this letter to express my deep anger,” Muzicant began, noting that not only did Kara come at the FPO’s invitation, but “he has officially honored and praised individuals of this party as well as their political program.”

Muzicant noted that the party was founded by former Austrian Nazis in 1948, including many who had served in the SS, and when it entered the Austrian government a few years ago under former leader Joerg Haider, Israel scaled back its diplomatic relations with Austria.

The FPO has “called for the abolishment of anti-Nazi legislation,” and its representatives have “made anti-Semitic remarks and praised the Nazi regime, denied the Holocaust or invited and promoted notorious Holocaust deniers,” he wrote. As a result, the Jewish community has fought the party – “which was and is one of our worst adversaries” – for years.

“We feel betrayed and are outraged about this behavior of Deputy Minister Kara,” he concluded. “I consider this a shame for the State of Israel and a betrayal of the murdered 65,000 Austrian Jews and the 6 million martyrs of the Shoa.”

Kara, a Likud MK, did not coordinate his visit with the Foreign Ministry or the embassy in Vienna. When the ambassador found out, he urged Kara to cancel the Strache meeting, as Israel’s policy is to boycott the FPO. But Kara refused, calling Strache “a friend of Israel” in its war on terror.

Martin Webster

28 May (3 days ago)

to me, Ken, Kevin, Sam, Adrian, Larry, Tony, Ken

Dear Israel,

I will have to ‘take a rain-check’ on your assertions that Marine Le Pen’s Front National is “not racist anymore” just because it was supported during the recent EU Parliament elections by the negro comedian Dieudonné M’bala M’bala and “definitely anti-Zionist”.

Dieudonné, brave and funny though he is, anti-Zionist though he is and black though he is, can no more confer on the Front National the ‘accolade’ of “not being racist anymore” than he can under-write your assurance that the party is “definitely anti-Zionist”. His support for the party may be seen as publicity-seeking show-biz puckishness. Anyway, the Front National cannot be held responsible for those who announce that they are its supporters.

The Front National leader Marine le Pen and her party are in a political alliance with Geert Wilders of the Dutch Freedom Party. They hope to form a single bloc within the European Parliament.

A long and detailed report by the Reuters press agency not so long ago revealed that the bulk of Wilders’/Freedom Party’s income derives not from subscriptions and donations from party members in Holland but from remittances from the USA, especially from New York. Wilders addresses ultra-Zionist meetings at the Menachem Begin Memorial Hall in Tel Aviv and at similar Likudnik venues in New York.

Le Pen and Wilders have declared that the Golden Dawn Party of Greece and the Jobbik Party of Hungary will not be admitted to their bloc, but they have invited the United Kingdom Independence Party to join. The Ukip leader Nigel Farage has refused their invitation, calling Le Pen and Wilders “extremists” or some such epithet. Ukip parades its Jewish, negro and asiatic members at press conferences and I am told it has a ‘Friends of Israel’ sub-section.

As for “racism” — will you please define what you mean by that word. It seems to mean whatever each individual wants it to mean. Many who deny being “racist” are either ignorant of its meaning, or are cowardly and/or hypocritical. And of course, there is a significant difference between “racism” and “racialism”.

Best wishes from


P.S. I find myself flabbergasted by — and quite unable to join — the recent religious debate among you and several Shamireaders on religious topics and the virtues (or otherwise) of the current Pope and the sincerity (or otherwise) of his gestures during his recent visit to “the Holy Land”.


From: “israel shamir [shamireaders]”
Date: Monday, 26 May 2014 21:53
To: readers , Maria Poumier
Subject: [shamireaders] My congratulations

My congratulations to Marine Le Pen with her victory at Euro-parliament elections!

Recently FN became a real alternative to American-Zionist occupation, while the socialists and ex-gaullists turned into two faces of ZOG. Defeat of Hollande is well deserved – he insisted to enforce gay marriages upon people of France, despite the march of millions.

Marine Le Pen’s was the strongest voice for Russia and against NATO interference in Ukrainian crisis. FN is not a racist party anymore, as it was supported by this famous son of an African immigrant,Dieudonné M’bala M’bala.

FN is definitely anti-Zionist, though it is easier on this subject than it was in the days of Le Pen-pére. Let Marine achieve her goals: take France out of NATO and EU, make it independent and free.

Israel Shamir
The Jewish Daily Forward – Friday 23rd May 2014

Ukraine presidential frontrunner
Petro Poroshenko and his secret Jewish roots
“Chocolate King’s” father was Jew who took wife’s name
by Cnaan Lipshiz

KIEV – Even in normal times, Kiev can feel like a city perpetually under construction. Potholes are “fixed” with flimsy coverings, ramshackle scaffolding clings precariously to the sides of buildings, and tangles of electric wires seem ever ready to combust.

But since the outbreak of anti-government protests in November, the sense of flux in the Ukrainian capital has been greater than ever. Two kinds of tents now dot the city center: Hundreds of khaki-colored bivouacs housing the revolutionaries whose protest movement led to the ouster of President Viktor Yanukovych in February, and more recently erected campaign booths making bold promises of a brighter future ahead of Sunday’s presidential elections.

Politicians describe the vote, the first since a wave of civil unrest broke out in the capital in November, as the most crucial since Ukraine emerged as an independent country in 1991 following the breakup of the Soviet Union. But many disillusioned voters here seem to place more faith in the tired men and women inside the khaki tents — and their pledge to speak truth to power — than in any of the candidates featured in the election posters.

Marina Lysak, a Jewish activist who participated in the protest movement known as Maidan, after the central Kiev square where they took place, told JTA that the tent people are there to send a message to whomever prevails in the election.

“The statement is: ‘We are watching you. If you betray us again, we will not remain silent’,” Lysak said. Whoever wins on Sunday faces a herculean set of challenges. The first order of business will be dealing with pro-Russian separatist militias that now hold several cities in eastern Ukraine, where Russian speakers constitute a majority.

The new president also must address a looming economic crisis. Since November, the Ukrainian currency, the hryvna, has plummeted, losing 35 percent of its value against the U.S. dollar. Some analysts worry that the heavily indebted nation will soon default.

And then there’s the sensitive question of clearing encampments from the scorched earth of Maidan, where most tents are pitched on asphalt laid bare by demonstrators who pried the cobblestones loose to hurl them at government forces.

The leading candidate for these tasks is Petro Poroshenko, 48, an oligarch from Odessa and the head of a confectionary empire. Polls predict Poroshenko will take 30 percent of the vote in the first round of balloting.

[continues….page 2 ]

Yulia Tymoshenko, a former prime minister recently released from jail after serving three years on what she claims were charges trumped up by the Yanukovych regime, is expected to finish second with anywhere from 6 to 18 percent.

Assuming no candidate takes more than 50 percent of the vote — more than 20 are competing — a runoff election between the top two finishers would take place on the following Sunday.

Jewish community leaders have remained officially neutral about the candidates, but many Ukrainian Jews support Poroshenko, a former foreign minister rumored to have Jewish roots.

“He has a unique set of skills that absolutely make him the man for the job,” said Igor Schupak, a Jewish historian and director of the Dnepropetrovsk-based Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine Museum. Business know-how and foreign relations experience “give Poroshenko a toolbox that places him in a league of his own in comparison to the other candidates.”

The sense that Poroshenko is the preferred candidate only when compared to other lesser options isn’t an uncommon one, even among those working to put the oligarch in office.

“He’s no saint — none of them are,” said Svetlana Golnik, who volunteers with the Poroshenko headquarters twice a week in downtown Kiev. “But he is cleaner than most other oligarchs and he delivers on his promises. Anyway, right now he’s what we have to work with.”

James Temerty, a non-Jewish Canadian business magnate who founded the Ukrainian Jewish Encounter to promote interethnic dialogue, said it would be very difficult for Poroshenko to make significant changes without further destabilizing the economy.

“The best hope here is to move toward Europe, and that will stop the corruption gradually,” Temerty said. “He said he’d do it.”

According to the popular Russian television channel Russia-1, Poroshenko’s father was a Jew named Alexei Valtsman from the Odessa region who in 1956 took on the last name of his wife, Yevgenya Poroshenko.

Poroshenko’s media team did not reply to JTA requests for comment, but they are not indifferent about the subject.

Last year, Poroshenko’s spokeswoman asked Forbes Israel to remove her boss’ name from a list of the world’s richest Jews, a magazine source confirmed.

Moshe Azman, a chief rabbi of Ukraine, said he asked Poroshenko directly about the rumors.

“He told me he wasn’t Jewish,” Azman said.

Even if the rumors were true, Poroshenko wouldn’t be the only candidate for president with Jewish roots. Vadim Rabinovich, a billionaire media mogul and founder of the All-Ukrainian Jewish Congress, is running on a platform combining a tolerant attitude toward Ukrainian minorities with plans to dispense with Ukraine’s quasi-federal political system and reduce taxes.

Although he barely registers in the polls — current figures show him taking just over half-a-percent of the vote — his candidacy has at least one high-profile supporter: Rostislav Melnyk, who became famous in Ukraine after surviving a savage beating by Yanukovych forces.

“I support Rabinovich’s platform and I will vote for him,” Melnyk said, “also because he is good for the future of the Jewish community.”



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    A celebration of infanticide, no doubt committed by whatever passed as sicarii in those days. The Jews love destroying childhood and innocence:

  7. moishe says:

    so the question must be asked MW: – would you be cool in ten to 15 years having your daughter introduce you to her lapsed ‘jonathan’ bf? – would that be cool having mischling offspring who could default and revert to the tribe some time in the future? just asking….

    • mindweapon says:


      No. Open Source Espionage is for adults.

      What I see is the military-keyboard model of WN’ism out there — people staying “pure” by not going out and playing the Game, by hiding behind the keyboard and advocating the military model rather than the espionage model.

      And claiming that the espionage model will contaminate you or your children.

      The espionage model will make you more conventionally successful, and therefore more influential of the people around you.

  8. Sam says:

    I somewhat agree with your conclusions about mixing with Jews but only on a very limited basis. I have a theory, yes I know you’ve heard it. that the Jews are a tribe of psychopaths. The more I study them the more convinced I am that the theory is correct. The Jews on top are the more psychopathic. Some of the smaller Jews are normal empaths. If you read about the Big Jews there are various tells that they are Spaths. I just read “Arik, The Life of Ariel Sharon”. Some of the tells in the book is he was reprimanded repeatedly for lying when he was younger, another is his complete disregard of the Palestinian lives in the refuge camps in Lebanon. His fearlessness is also a tell.
    The main point I’m stressing here is according to any and all psychiatrist I’ve read “ALL INTERACTIONS WITH PSYCHOPATHS TEND TO BE BAD”. I believe that the same is true over long periods of time with the Jews. No interaction is best.
    I understand mindweapons strategy and respect it. I just don’t agree because when the Jews tell us they are different, I believe them. I also believe that if what I say is true it is the most damning piece of evidence against the Jews. There is no changing psychopaths, hence no saving the Jews. They are not like us.

    • mindweapon says:

      I don’t mean intermarrying with them. I mean:

      1. If one of them supports us, don’t bash him.

      2. Infiltrate those who are working against us; not just the so-called anti-racists, but business people who are in favor of open borders, for example. Anyone with power is worth infiltrating. Who knows what you’ll find in there.

      I do believe the Jews are different too, Sam. I’m not telling us to intermarry, for heaven’s sake. But we have to turn and face the psychological pain, we have to wage MindWar on their terms, not ours. They are the home team now. We have to fight their Psy War, not our hot lead and cold steel war. At least for now. Reverend Malthus may change these particular conditions for us.

      I’m changing my avatar to Reverend Malthus, by the way.

      • moishe says:

        you know that we probably agree on many levels MW, i am totally for integrated, tactical, intelligent dialogue with ‘jonathons’ – i do it all time: jews would even think that i am philo-semitic by the way. I have to agree with Sam also – they are raving sociopaths as a rule: one has to be detached when dealing with any mentally disturbed individuals. Jews can be easily played once someone knows that they are basically disturbed individuals- i almost feel compassion for them. And its getting really boring having to reiterate that i am applauding infiltration as a great tool – but lets not get too dogmantic – whatever works is fine by me: i would suggest you check out “protocols of zion” and see what scares the shit out of organised Jewry – yes – clever, organized goyim who can match wits with the jew – and them some…but also a clenched cossack whip not far behind – a two-pronged approach – if you like:) maybe being an anglo-celtic white is a different approach to slavic-white – but we are all working for the same advancement of our peoples…

  9. Sam says:

    I got it and agree. My misunderstanding.

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