Never, ever, ever discourage anyone from doing the right thing. Even on a small individual basis.

Australian with aboriginal roots defends free speech for Whites.

As a commenter wrote to me off line:

Never, ever, ever discourage anyone from doing the right thing. Even on a small individual basis. Remember the guy from the jewamongyou blog who actually went out into the street to support white advocacy? All the retards did was bash him. Sure he is one dude, but so what? If you support them are they going to discourage it?

This fellow Anthony Dillon is defending free speech for Australian Whites. He may be a big reason why Australia actually loosened up it’s hate speech laws. We don’t lose any purity or moral authority (that society doesn’t grant us anyway) if a non-White or Jew does something that gives us more freedom.

I have previously written for The Australian on Aboriginal matters in a manner that some do not like. Many Aborigines and non-Aboriginal people claim that my words are offensive, hurtful, dangerous. However, as someone who has Aboriginal ancestry, it is unlikely that anyone is going to rush to sue me.

While I have not been sued, I am often criticised. I do not take the opportunity to protest that my feelings have been hurt or traumatised because others disagree with me. I support people’s right to disagree with me, criticise me, and challenge me. I welcome it.

But what would have happened if someone with no Aboriginal ances­try wrote the words I write in my opinion pieces? Is it possible that someone with some Aboriginal ancestry would rush to sue a non-Aboriginal person? I think it is highly likely. There may even be claims of “racial hatred”.

Yet I am able to express my ideas without the fear of being sued because my ancestral mix includes some Aboriginality. Is this not a form of racism? Over the years, I have had many non-Aboriginal people tell me: “I’m glad you said it, Anthony; I would be branded a racist if I said it.”

It is all too easy to misrepresent discussions that involve race, particularly if some feel uncomfortable with the content as being blatant racism. Let’s not confuse the right to have open discussion on race matters with racial hatred — regardless of how uncomfortable honest debate may be. It is so easy to shut down debate by screaming “racism” or “I’m offen­ded”, thereby preventing important matters from being discussed.

Anthony Dillon identifies as part-Aboriginal and lectures at the Australian Catholic University.


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14 Responses to Never, ever, ever discourage anyone from doing the right thing. Even on a small individual basis.

  1. There’s a famous Amerindian that speaks at AmRen conferences that pretty much defends white interests.

  2. KO says:

    Bad Eagle thought it was disgusting that white warriors would win this continent from Indian warriors and then give it away to blacks and Communists. He thought that Americans have forgotten what a nation is and how to uphold and defend their nation, and that a proud, nationalistic Comanche had to remind them. He was a man of deep culture and passionate beliefs. RIP.

  3. Erin says:

    it really touches me when non-Whites take up for us.

    • Ryu says:

      It’s foolish on their part, but we should allow them to make the mistake. The jews do the same thing as our white liberals do their thing. They don’t raise a hand to stop it.

      • @Ryu:

        How is defending Whites foolish on the part of Non-Whites?

        You aren’t looking at their dilemma from their POV. First and foremost, the fear of a violent White backlash which, they suspect, is long overdue. People who cannot vent their frustrations are more inclined to violence. Allowing Whites to vent acts as a pressure valve; nothing changes … the heat is still up, but there are no explosions.

        OTOH, what if there are no more Whites? More groups than just insolent Black teenagers living on welfare benefits would be screwed. And royally. There would be no more Bill of Rights protecting minorities from the majority. Any Non-White Majority would ruthlessly suppress every minority.

        What do you think would happen if someone waved a wand and all the White people on the planet disappeared? The rest of the races would turn on each other with a vengeance to take over dominance. The planet would dissolve into sheer, bloody chaos, because the winner would get the goldmine and the losers would get the shaft.

        All their whining about “microagressions” aside, there is a reason why Non-Whites go through great time, trouble, and expense … not to mention … danger (i.e. coyotes) to get to White countries. And this was even before these White countries lost their minds to Cultural Marxism and political correctness.

        They knew they were better off even as second-class citizens in White countries. Whites may be dismissive to People of Color and not particularly want them around, but they are too fundamentally just and fair to actively persecute and genocide them without a very compelling reason.

  4. Paladin Justice says:

    Clytemnestra has nailed it. Look at Dr. Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell as other examples of nonwhites defending whites and what whites have built. Some of the members of other races are able to shake off their anti-white racism and live in truth and at peace with themselves. It doesn’t hurt that it’s in their best interest to do so. Anyway, I’ve just been over at loonwatch reading about Bad Eagle. What a website that one is.

    • mindweapon says:

      Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell do seem calmer and happier than the Sharptons and Jacksons, don’t they? You can’t hide what’s inside, you can see how people live by their facial expressions. You can tell how much cognitive dissonance people have. Sharpton and Jackson seem to have a lot of cognitive dissonance. The black conservatives seem more at peace with themselves.

  5. Erin says:

    What is loonwatch?

    • KO says: is still up. It was a good little community, you might have recognized thrasymachus.

      Loonwatch is apparently a clubhouse for the lowest kind of leftist scum with nothing to do but mock their targets, whom they characterize as demented, deluded, and retarded. They didn’t like Bad Eagle/David Yeagley. A few friends found the site and stood up for him. He sued the “antifascists” that shut down an Amren conference a few years ago.

  6. moishe says:

    the yids here in Oz are already trying to force the government to repeal its repeal of ‘hate speech’ crime – jews are so fecking predicatable – i bet the minister responsible for repealing the law had to deal with an incessant daily whining cacophony of yiddish schlepping – i hope he doesnt give in to the rats – but i’m not holding my breath.

    • PB says:

      There are Jews within the Australian Government (former and current) that act primarily for the interests of Israel to the point of seeming like agents for that place. The treason of those managing the Left of the divide was exposed by the former Foreign Minister Bob Carr in his diaries. He was pilloried and abused by our professional traitors in the media for bringing attention to this.

  7. PB says:

    Worth a look, particularly for the Australians here who may not have seen it.

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