The English FINALLY Wake UP!!!!!

This is what it’s got to come to — White men fighting in the streets for their race. Training at functional, practical street fighting and conditioning like maniacs. We should even develop a group fighting style, like a phalanx. It’s great to see enraged White men fighing in the street. Notice that when a White man falls down, the dark cowards run up to kick him.

The White Tea Room

I can’t believe this!!!! This is a gift from God!!! I thought England was totally lost. DOA. But apparently there’s still a beating heart, and pulsing blood left in Old Blighty. Englishman fight, in public, attacking Dune Coon Sand Nigger vermin!!! Huzzah! I don’t believe it.

It’s not just the fighting. It’s the reflexive racial instincts. English men band together to help each other, and protect each other. Apparently some sand nigger went after an English woman, her brother went to her defense, the raghead trash piled on him, and then other Men of England joined in to help their brother. ‘Zounds! BRILLIANT!!!

Keep going, lads! You are England! Keep going! Get every Dune Coon, Ghetto Ape, Orc, and every God Damned Zionist Jew, that brought all the Orcs in. Purge every last one of them! England is your land, your soil, your native home! England is for the English…

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22 Responses to The English FINALLY Wake UP!!!!!

  1. Charlotte says:

    Don’t get too excited.

  2. WG says:

    WN 1.0 at work. Beautiful.

    You can fine-tune your mindweapons all you want, but when push comes to shove it’s going to be muscle and violence that win the day for us.

    • mindweapon says:

      I never said not to train and fight in the streets when appropriate. What I avoid is gun talk and assassination talk.

      This kind of street fighting is Psychological Warfare — it helps the spirits of White men everywhere.

      • PA says:

        Agreed. Nobody got killed or even hurt much in the altrication. Yet, Whites showed dominance and solidarity and that they own the puclic space.

  3. Denise says:

    Thanks for the reblog!

    • mindweapon says:

      No, thank you for the great find!

      • I agree with Mindweapons, Denise. Awesome find. Thank you! We need to save this for posterity and keep of cache of White people fighting back and winning any time they are under attack. Prove that it can … and should … be done.

    • moishe says:

      i second that – we have to show that we have superior tactical/mental skills – but also, when push comes to literal shove: we have to show the emboldened minorities that we can kick arse – big-time.

      • mindweapon says:

        Well, I’m a martial arts nerd. I study martial arts for the beauty of the biomechanics and conditioning techniques. By the way, I recommend high rep hula hooping (1000 each direction) for martial arts conditioning. We Whiteys are too stiff. Moving around more, like blacks do, will be good for us, and very good fight conditioning. Also, it makes you strut more in public. Blacks are naturally dancing all the time, that’s why they strut. We need to neutralize this advatnage.

  4. The Sliver Spear says:

    England is for everyone…………… Or so ‘they’ say…

  5. TabuLa Raza says:

    “. . .and pray we don’t get fooled again. . .they’ll be fighting in the street. . .”

    • KO says:

      Thanks, TLR. Kind of a defeatist song, innit? But oh those beautiful English girls!

    • moishe says:

      interesting point: Roger Daltrey recently came out and ranted that the working class english (hint hint) were getting shafted by mass-immigra tion. That takes balls saying that in minority-driven pc zog Britian – just like Roger Waters criticising what israhell is doing to the palestnians….

  6. PA says:

    Battle of Krueger, eh?

  7. PB says:

    Need to get this to places other than Youtube. They WILL censor it.

  8. Landsknecht says:

    Damn, did you hear that singing? Looks like some of the football lads finally put their street skills to good use!

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