Elliott Rodger’s white counterpart found; Humor by Adreann Arlott

I’ve been begging Adrean to come to WordPress, so we can easily reblog him. Be sure to read the last paragraph. Adreann is also very good at serious prose.

Looks like we found another young “man” with just as much racial-self-hate as Elliot Rodger. A Chalkie from Brazil has decided he wants to look Korean, and is using plastic surgery to accomplish his transformation. Quoting this article:

The 25-year-old man, formerly known as Max, but now known as “Xiahn,” decided to change his appearance following a year of study in the country.

Born with blond hair and blue eyes, Xiahn had multiple surgeries to give himself single eyelids and permanently close the inner corners of his eyes.

[…] “I don’t see myself like an Asian,” he told the Korean Herald. “I think I’m something in between.”

How can you see yourself at all, your eyes have been sewn shut? You’re something in between? In between a wok and a hard prace no doubt! Ugghhhh …. can’t control mocking … humor sequencer on overload …

Itemizing Mockery…
Mockery Itemized. Proceeding.

1) Why is this guy’s idea of how a Korean man looks so eerily similar to Fu Manchu?
2) Will he also paralyze part of his tongue with botox so he can proper-ree speak-ee Engrish?
3) Where did he get the baby penis he transplanted to complete his transformation?
4) If he loves the idea of being Asian so much, why didn’t he just assign himself more math homework?
5) It’s only fair he should be forced to retake his driving test, given his new racial handicap.

Now here’s a serious question. Is what Max-Ching-Chong did racist? I vote yes, because without a keen awareness of racial differences, he could not have begun to explain what he wanted done to himself. That being said, is it racist when an Asian has plastic surgery to look White? Again, I would say yes, because it too requires aforementioned keen racial awareness. However, I venture to say that leftists would be more likely to say that it is racist when Whitie does it – yellow face, as it were – but when yellow people do it, its not racism, because non-Whites are being culturally undermined by White Supremacy and are mutilating themselves in order to fit in with their wicked oppressors.

This splitting of hairs results from the leftist association of racism with Whites and Whites only, as they view racism as a tool Whitie uses to abuse and oppress others, not simply as an acknowledgement that race exists and is the source of innate differences among groups of humans. Its also why when 2 White people beat up a person-of-color, its immediately reported by the left-controlled media as a hate crime, and when 2 black people beat up a White person, its immediately reported by the left-controlled media as an altercation.
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6 Responses to Elliott Rodger’s white counterpart found; Humor by Adreann Arlott

  1. icareviews says:

    Would have been the perfect opportunity for a “Turning Japanese” reference.

  2. KChameleon says:

    I predicted some time ago that this “trans/cis-racial” fad would be the next crazy tentacle on the dismantling racism/sexism/genderism octopus after the whole transgender fad became so 5 years ago. I guess we’ll start hearing about people who always knew they were Asian/European/African/AmIndian from the time they were old enough to realize there were races, and then maybe parents will allow their children to transition at earlier and earlier stages of their lives to make sure their “outer” race matches the “inner” one.

    On the positive side, maybe it’s best that we separate the wheat from the chaff, and allow all the chaff to blend into a brown, mongrelized de-sexualized mess from which there is no realistic escape (and hopefully, in time, no possible reproduction). That will make it all the easier to rule, manipulate, and ultimately displace them, just as the Jews are attempting to do with us. The more time that passes the more I begin to think that right-wing, racialized, hierarchical (non-conformist) thinking may have some genetic component, and we are just the tip of the iceberg. Those who don’t come over to our side within the next few years (with the internet, widespread education, and dissolution of the ruling political dispensation widespread) probably never will. I have met many seemingly intelligent people who never seem to come over to our way of thinking, no matter how much evidence you offer them to illuminate the world as it really is. It’s like all the intelligent churchies who refuse to believe in evolution or a 4 billion year old planet. Whatever leads to that kind of delusional thinking, I think it must be genetic, and if it can be bred out of our population, no matter how small it may become, all the better. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

  3. earthman92 says:

    Blinded by floss…

  4. moishe says:

    does that mean that he has to minimise his dick? :)))))))

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