Hilarious political stunt in Arizona; Conservative changes name to Cesar Chavez, changes affiliation to Democrat, runs for Congress in majority Latino district

Now this is what I call trolling the diversity dystopia!


Scott Fistler has twice lost elections as a GOP candidate in Arizona. Cesar Chavez is hoping he has a better fate in a Democratic race for one of the state’s congressional seats.

The two men are one and the same. Confused?

After losing a 2012 congressional bid to U.S. Representative Ed Pastor and a Phoenix city-council election last year, Fistler—a 34-year-old white guy from Phoenix—changed his name and party affiliation in preparation for this year’s congressional election.

The former Scott Fistler is now Cesar Chavez—yes, just like the labor leader and civil-rights activist—and a Democrat. And it’s no coincidence that the area he’s running to represent—Arizona’s 7th Congressional district—is mostly Latino.

Fistler paid a $319 fee and successfully petitioned the state Superior Court last year to make his name change legal, claiming he had “experienced many hardships” because of his name. He filed his papers to run as a Democrat in February—even though he didn’t officially change his party affiliation until April.

“It’s almost as simple as saying Elvis Presley is running for President,” Chavez told The Arizona Republic in a phone interview. “You wouldn’t forget it, would you?

“People want a name that they can feel comfortable with. If you went out there running for office and your name was Bernie Madoff, you’d probably be screwed.”

Photo Controversy

Chavez’s Spanish-language campaign website—a free blogspot.com URL—contains pictures clearly designed to deceive voters, with cleverly positioned captions to make people believe something is happening in the nearby photos that is untrue.

Most of the pictures have been taken from Venezuelan media, showing rallies supporting President Hugo Chavez. Beneath are lines that read “Supporters: ‘We love you Chavez’” and “Sign: Vote for Chavez 2014.”

One particular picture, taken without credit from The Wichita Eagle, shows marchers at a 2006 Wichita, Kans., rally and parade in honor of the late labor leader Cesar Chavez … the one who existed before 2006. But underneath the picture on this Chavez’s campaign site is a caption, “Supporters: Ready to canvas the South Mountain neighborhood.” There does not appear to be a South Mountain neighborhood in Wichita—but there is in Phoenix.

“He’s either trying to make a mockery of the system, or of Democrats, or of the Hispanic community,” Arizona Democratic Party Chairman D.J. Quinlan told the Arizona Capitol Times. “There are two questions: Is it a problem for the FEC that he said he was a Democrat when he wasn’t?” Quinlan said. “And is it a problem for the state if he was collecting signatures to run in a Democratic primary while he was a Republican?”

On Twitter, Quinlan told one user that he wished it was a joke, quipping that it “seems to be part of the GOP’s Hispanic outreach program.”

.@johnron @EvanWyloge Wish it was a joke. This seems to be part of the GOP’s Hispanic outreach program. #
— DJ Quinlan (@djquinlan) June 2, 2014
The family of the late labor leader said this new candidate is not the first to try to take advantage of the notable Chavez, and probably won’t be the last.

“The people who do carry on his legacy shine. Those who try to ride his coattails for a political agenda, it’s apparent. You just kind of have to brush it off,” Alejandro Chavez, Cesar Chavez’s grandson, said. “If we spent out time going after this sort of thing, we wouldn’t have time to carry on his legacy through the Cesar Chavez Foundation, which provides real help to Latino families and farmers.”


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9 Responses to Hilarious political stunt in Arizona; Conservative changes name to Cesar Chavez, changes affiliation to Democrat, runs for Congress in majority Latino district

  1. Erin says:

    I wonder if this guy reads this blog! Cly recommended changing our last names to Mexican sounding ones a few months ago. Or maybe it’s the hive mind at wotk again…or the hundreth monkey effect.

    • mindweapon says:

      Good points Erin. I think the Hive Mind and the hundredth monkey effect is the same thing, adn yes, that’s what I think it is. I don’t think he’s a reader, except a reader of the collective hive mind.

      Myabe we put it out there in the hive mind and he heard it there.

    • Damn straight I did.

      I stumbled across this idea by accident.

      An acquaintance of mine was fleeing an abusive relationship, so she changed her name from the very Anglo name she had been given at birth to an old Italian surname which many Hispanics share.

      She had to go to court and change her SSN, etc and seal the records.

      All the sudden it was like Manna opening up from the heavens. She had wanted to go back to school and had tried to under her old Anglo name, but aid was minimal at best. When she reapplied under her Latina name and even though she did not falsify her race, she still claimed to be White, she was showered with grants she did not have to pay back.

      The jobs she did not qualify for under her Anglo name were suddenly available to her under her new name. Again she did not claim minority racial status. She still checked White off on her application.

      But then so do many “White” Hispanics who look a lot like George Zimmerman. SOP where FEDGOV giveaways is to count even those Hispanics who categorize themselves as White as a minority that deserves benefits.

      The more I got to thinking things over, the more I thought how stupid it is for Anglo Whites to doggedly cling to an “Anglo-ness” that has done absolutely zippo – zilch – nada for them.

      In our own way, we are as bad as Blacks who insist on naming their children horrible names that just screech Ghetto Bunny, like “Shitavious” and “LaBonquisha” and screech about racism because they don’t even get in the front door of Human Resources for an interview.

      In the meantime, we have the Asians who call themselves John Lee at work (and Xiang Lee in Chinatown) and get hired as a Model Minority because they seem so willing to assimilate and also count toward those EEO stats that employers get for hiring Non-Whites.

      Since Hispanic is the new trend, why should Whites not take a page from the Asian playbook to get the perks or the job. What difference does it make to Peter Martin if he has to identify as Pedro Martinez to get the job or the scholarship grant as long as he gets it?

      Really, all you have to do is figure out the meaning of your surname and see how it translates to a Spanish surname. Rodgers = Rodriguez. Brown = Moreno. Etc. Then you can go to court and claim that was always your family name before your grandparents Anglicized it, just like Martin Sheen’s real surname was Estevez.

      If you don’t have children yet,, I’d go even one step further. Pick something that sounds vaguely Arabic or is spelled vaguely Arabic. For better or worse, this government wants to hammer White Christians, but seems content to leave Non-White Muslims alone. A judicious name change opens lots of opportunities to you and yours while subjecting you to less harassment.

  2. Pre Evil cont. says:

    Good God this is unreal! This news rivals the Towson State debate team! I’m getting an ab workout done from laughing at this. Viva Chavez!

  3. Stary Wylk says:

    “Neo: Greek word used as prefix to mean ‘new’ except in American politics, where it means ‘not’.
    Hell, I’d vote for him.

  4. HerewardMW says:

    I have a nasty feeling this guy might fall fowl of the “show me the man and I’ll show you the crime” electoral laws.

  5. Wally says:

    So in order to get elected, he had to change his name to a Mexican name. Will Mexican americans always just for the Mexican candidate? Isn’t that racist? I thought it was suppose to be about content of character, not race and ethnicity.

    If Mexican americans engage in ethinic block voting, then I guess ethnicity and race do matter. So is ethnic block voting only bad when Germanic and Celtic americans do it, according to our Jewish owned media?

    • mindweapon says:

      Anytime someone of our side does something CLEVER and OUTFOXES the enemy, I’m all for it! This is the Mind Weapon blog. Open Source Espionage and Subversion, and foreign languages and STEM is Mindweaponization.

      • PureEvil cont. says:

        Absolutely, the truth is we are actually funnier than them if we allow ourselves to be. They invented hipster snark, but we are better at it. They invented trolling, but we are better at it. They invented being dickheads, but we are better at that too. And while they can be pricks to us and watch us sit there and take it, they can’t take it when we do it to them (and with gusto I might add) and cry, cry, cry! Arriba mis Mindweapoños, vamonos!

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