Change your name to a Spanish surname to get government benefits; commenter Clytemnestra tells a true story of her friend who did this and got all kinds of doors opened for her

Read it and weep — the other side of the coin show how much is generic White Americans are getting discriminated against. If having a Spanish surname opens that many doors, think about how those doors are closed to us in order to do this.

Sort of like “What’s your DJ name? What’s your porn star name? What’s your affirmative action name?”

One thing I can tell you is that if you learn to speak a foreign language, you can do a very good accent in English of that language. I can do a very convincing Russian accent, with mistakes that Russians typically make in speaking English.

Suppose you learn Spanish and change your name? Suddenly, you are from the upper classes of Venezuela or something. Especially if you visit the country. You can take a new identity. That’s why I say that actual espionage doesn’t require a budget or anybody else to train you.

Just as Cly says she stumbled on the idea of Hispanicizing one’s surname quite by accident, I too discovered by accident that being able to be fluid with one’s identity can be useful.

People with power and levers available to them don’t necessarily want to open doors for a generic American White guy any more. There’s no good reason for this much hate or despise against us, but there is a bad reason — the TV and movies and universities are one big anti-white-men defamation machine.

That said, I want to mention one thing about having doors shut to us — it’s not a totally negative thing. If it forces us to be more entrepreneurial and more deceptive and Machiavellian to get what we want, that will turn out to be a good thing. Look what affirmative action for Christians did for Jews in Medieval Europe! Competent people who are shut out of power develop a systematic hate for the power that excludes them, and seek perpetually to overthrow it. What Jews did, we can do too. And in the age of the Internet, our power cycle will be much quicker.

It’s much better to be self employed than working for corporate. The only reason to work for corporate is to get skills to go work for yourself, and this isn’t even necessary in many cases. A self employed man is a hero in his own story; an employee is a mere human resource.

But taking on an affirmative action name, and picking up a second language, can open doors to business loans too. There is a huge federal machine dedicated to helping non-white immigrants start businesses (sometimes again and again after failures). Change your name to Gonzalez or Escobar, and apply for an SBA loan to own a convenience store or something. That would be an excellent example of Open Source Espionage. Nobody is expecting that we will do such a thing. We should be doing this by the millions.


I stumbled across this idea by accident.

An acquaintance of mine was fleeing an abusive relationship, so she changed her name from the very Anglo name she had been given at birth to an old Italian surname which many Hispanics share.

She had to go to court and change her SSN, etc and seal the records.

All the sudden it was like Manna opening up from the heavens. She had wanted to go back to school and had tried to under her old Anglo name, but aid was minimal at best. When she reapplied under her Latina name and even though she did not falsify her race, she still claimed to be White, she was showered with grants she did not have to pay back.

The jobs she did not qualify for under her Anglo name were suddenly available to her under her new name. Again she did not claim minority racial status. She still checked White off on her application.

But then so do many “White” Hispanics who look a lot like George Zimmerman. SOP where FEDGOV giveaways is to count even those Hispanics who categorize themselves as White as a minority that deserves benefits.

The more I got to thinking things over, the more I thought how stupid it is for Anglo Whites to doggedly cling to an “Anglo-ness” that has done absolutely zippo – zilch – nada for them.

In our own way, we are as bad as Blacks who insist on naming their children horrible names that just screech Ghetto Bunny, like “Shitavious” and “LaBonquisha” and screech about racism because they don’t even get in the front door of Human Resources for an interview.

In the meantime, we have the Asians who call themselves John Lee at work (and Xiang Lee in Chinatown) and get hired as a Model Minority because they seem so willing to assimilate and also count toward those EEO stats that employers get for hiring Non-Whites.

Since Hispanic is the new trend, why should Whites not take a page from the Asian playbook to get the perks or the job. What difference does it make to Peter Martin if he has to identify as Pedro Martinez to get the job or the scholarship grant as long as he gets it?

Really, all you have to do is figure out the meaning of your surname and see how it translates to a Spanish surname. Rodgers = Rodriguez. Brown = Moreno. Etc. Then you can go to court and claim that was always your family name before your grandparents Anglicized it, just like Martin Sheen’s real surname was Estevez.

If you don’t have children yet,, I’d go even one step further. Pick something that sounds vaguely Arabic or is spelled vaguely Arabic. For better or worse, this government wants to hammer White Christians, but seems content to leave Non-White Muslims alone. A judicious name change opens lots of opportunities to you and yours while subjecting you to less harassment.


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  1. Peltast says:

    “Look what affirmative action for Christians did for Jews in Medieval Europe! Competent people who are shut out of power develop a systematic hate for the power that excludes them, and seek perpetually to overthrow it. What Jews did, we can do too. And in the age of the Internet, our power cycle will be much quicker.”

    This is something interesting, jews have a tradition of changing or simply having multiple names since antiquity: the Pharisee Shaul was the Roman citzen Paul who spread Christianity to the goyim.

    Jewish power depends of the jews being “outsiders”, they’re the tax farmers in medieval Europe, working directly for the King and stealing from the goyim peasant while living in a self-segregated community.

    • mindweapon says:

      Right, Peltast. We instinctively avoid being outsiders, because outsiders are yecchy. This is natural.

      But now we are in a society that privileges and favors outsiders. So let us morph!

      Make old Niccolo Machiavelli smile!

  2. I hate to break it to you, but we ARE outsiders. Working class Anglo Whites have been reduced to outsider status by the Anglo-Jewish cabal that composes our hostile elite. Anyone who cannot see that is in denial.

    Isn’t it time that we start behaving like outsiders and do what outsiders historically do to get ahead in a hostile environment? Changing one’s name is not only perfectly legal, but it is the most non-violent way to get a firm foothold on a slippery ladder.

    Imagine how easy it would be to access MW’s idea of acquiring small businesses like hotel chains and convenience stores if your new minority status gives you accesses to tax-free Small Business Grants (already funded by your taxes) which are not available to you, because you are an Anglo with “White Privilege.”

    Look at how many Jews still have names that are anything but kosher. Yeah, there are a awful lot of them … NOW … that don’t bother changing their names, but that is because those who did got on the inside and changed the laws to favor them.

    Hispanics is a linguistic group. It means someone whose national origin was either in Spain, Portugal, or one of the countries that used to be their colonies. I had a Puerto Rican roommate who looked more Anglo than I did with her blonde hair, green eyes and rosy cheeks. Most Cubans are White. A lot of South Americans are White from countries like Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, etc.

    Most Mestizos either identify as White – you’d be surprised at the number of them who check off “White” on the racial designation, identify as White or want to. Even in America where it is politically expedient NOT to claim “White Privilege,” pay attention to what they do, not what they say. Hispanics who have been in this country more than a generation would easily blend into any Italian or Greek or Portuguese ethnic enclaves in the Northeast.

    Mejorando La Raza (the unofficial policy of marrying as White as possible) still reigns supreme. You’d be surprised at the number off the La Raza and Azatlan types are married to Whites. Check out Hispanic television. The anchors and the actors who play the leading roles in the telenovelas are so Nordic they make many of us look like Mystery Meat.

    Tuck your national origin into your family bible. Keep it there until we can turn the tide back (assuming we ever do). In the meantime. Get proficient in Spanish at least. I’d also go with Portuguese and French just for grins. Then:

    Change your name. You don’t have to be an openly cynical smartass like Republican Scott Fistler aka Democrat Cesar Chavez. Research the meaning of your name and find the Spanish equivalent. Then go to court and change it.

    Don’t think of it as “selling out” your own heritage. John “Build the Dang Fence” McCain and George “Family Values Don’t Stop At The Rio Grande” Bush never had to change their names to betray their race.

    Take the Chinaman Jiang Lee (in Chinatown, USA) and John Lee in Corporate, USA approach. You’re Peter Martin or Mary Rogers at home, but at work, you’re Pedro Martinez or Maria Rodriguez. It’s that simple.

  3. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

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  4. PureEvil cont./PuroMal en continuacion says:

    “I can do a very convincing Russian accent, with mistakes that Russians typically make in speaking English.”

    Well zat is wery, wery nice to hear my friend.

    “Suppose you learn Spanish and change your name? Suddenly, you are from the upper classes of Venezuela or something.”

    Pick a notorious name or a famous person’s name if you stay stateside, do it as a joke, ie Nicolas Pierola, Mariano Ignacio Prado, Angel Castro, etc.

    • mindweapon says:

      I’m partial to Pablo Escobar myself.

      • PureEvil cont. says:

        I think his full name was Pablo Escobar Gaviria. You can go with a slight change like Pablo Escobar Maldonado or something. Either way, informally it would still be Pablo Escobar. Kind of like Hugo Chavez instead of Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias.

  5. Space Viking says:

    Why not a jewish name? Something like Ari Abromov or the like. See how many problems you have getting loans then.

    Related to the topic though, i haven’t changed my name but i always claim biracial on eoe forms. Let’s see them prove that’s not true without a dna test.

  6. I used to check “Native American/American Indian” on whichever forms I thought I could get away with it.

    Sort of like “What’s your DJ name? What’s your porn star name? What’s your affirmative action name?”

    You see, Regular White Protestant-ish Americans used to be the culture, we were the culture. The cultural institutions represented our culture. Multi-culturalism changed that, openly and purposefully, because it was “racist.”

    Well one of the long standing themes on this blog is adopting certain behaviors from groups that have developed in multi-cultures, and kept their tribe intact with various techniques or impulses. Taquiyyah, Tiger Mom, etc. Regular White Protestant-ish Americans have generally used the one strategy – White Flight – in all of its permutation, from rural neighborhoods with “good schools” to Prepper Compound in the Woods. This is the alternative.

    We take from the successful tribes: Jews, Han, Desi. The most obvious one is multiple names. We know that Hymie Scwartwitzes are always changing their names to Biff Holbrooke (the “e” at the end mimics ‘Olde Corner Store’ one presumes) while using their “real” names – their Hebrew names – in their families and religious ceremonies.

    We all know that Apu Nahasapeemapetilon just goes by “Mike Nas” – it’s just easier for everyone that way. And Hu Pu Fuk – just call him “Bill Hunt.”

    There’s nothing stopping us from doing the same. We already do such things informally, with nicknames.

    Here is the trick, just so you know. No matter what race you fill out on the forms – it’s legally to fill out whatever you want – if it is not anonymous, the tester is required and does write down what they “think” you race is. So if you put down Native American/Amerindian they might just change it to “white” anyway. But if your legal name is Oak Tree Willowfeather they might have a harder time justifying it.

    Hell, that’s how they got Mohegan Sun.

    • mindweapon says:

      Good point. Well, notice the white choice is “non-Hispanic white” so if your name is Escobar, you’re no longer a boring old, ineligible for affiramtivat action “non-Hispanic White.” Now you are a White of Color (LOL).

      • The box is more generalized than that. Most people skim over rather than study what they read. The forms are carefully designed to make White people see the word Hispanic, stop there and exclude themselves by going over to the “White, Non-Hispanic” box.

        This is by design. FEDGOV has redefined “Latin” to only mean the Spanish-speaking countries in the American hemisphere that used to be their colonies. However, this is an incorrect definition of “Latin.”

        Latin actually covers every corner of the ancient Roman empire. This includes Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and even Romania. French, Spanish, Portuguese, etc. are just dialects of ancient Latin.

        Notice how many ITALIANS are big amnesty opponents. You have that Italian-American sheriff in AZ throwing the book at illegals and Tom Tancredo was at the forefront of the fight against amnesty. Of course, they are torqued. ITALY was the base of the Roman empire, yet the Latino designation with its emphasis on Spanish excludes them from any benefits.

        But no matter. The proper definition of Latin IS something or someone originating in a LATIN country. PERIOD. I don’t see any dishonesty in someone who is French or Portuguese or Romanian checking off any box that has Latin or Latino in it.

        Of course, a judicious name change to something Spanish-sounding makes it less likely that your interpretation of Latin will be questioned. So, it’s still worth your while.

  7. PureEvil cont. says:

    We could, of course, all the just call ourselves “Blanco” as last name and create one huge family.

  8. Attila says:

    I have a “Hispanic” first name and last name (which doesn’t click as “Hispanic”) so it’s hard to say whether it has worked for me. But when people ask me what languages I may speak- I usually tailor the answer to the questioner. I often say I know Spanish, French, Turkish and Hebrew- which often generates quizzical looks- especially the last two. You can often hear the wheels turning (Why?).

    • PureEvil cont. says:

      Call yourself Francisco Franco from now on, see what happens.

    • mindweapon says:

      Wow, that’s a lot of languages Attila! I’m honored to have you posting here.

      It is nice to see people being perplexed about one’s unusual abilities.

      My daughter tells me when she had kids she’s going to hire elderly women who are native speakers of Spanish and Chinese to talk to her children from baby hood. The language nannies won’t have to do any work, just sit with the kids and talk to them, and will be paid in free meals and maybe a little pocket money. It’s a very painless way to get a multilingual child.

      • PureEvil cont. says:

        Your daughter thinks as a Byzantine empress! Maybe if the Greeks ever take the city back (as the nationalists say) they can crown her.

      • mindweapon says:

        Interesting. Well, her name means “winged victory” in Greek, and is on the door of every Orthodox Church.

      • Attila says:

        I am constantly working on maintaining these languages – especially LISTENING comprehension- for obvious reasons. In the course of a day I may use at least 3 of them—it’s like taking a vacation without the hassles/expense. Also working on Russian- especially reading/listening. It’s exciting when you get past the alphabet(s) and just surf the text.

  9. moishe says:

    your poor american whites need to say you have sephardic/ladina ancestory – use names like costanza, castro etc that means that may have jew ancestory – even russian-sounding names can be used to claim you have jew ancestory – may help you in a zog-saturated society like the junited states. i heard that many northern european actors trying to break into hollyweird change their names to jew sounding names – otherwise the door is slammed in their face. Dont worry, when the inevitable happens and jew/minority power is broken – you can change your names back with a vengeance:))

    • Attila says:

      Finding a good Sephardic name should not be hard. And listening to a Sephardic radio station should help your pronunciation/dancing skills (Radio Mizrahit on TuneIn app).

  10. Jon says:

    Hey, that was my idea.

    I went further (if you’re dealing f2f with a banker, admissions officer or employer): “Simple solution to that: name change to Vasquez Jimenez, hair dye, tanning pills and brown-coloured contact lenses. If you can affect the Mexican speech cadence, so much the better.”

    • mindweapon says:


      That’s right, you did!

      I repeat certain themes on this blog periodically, as they are perennially interesting and because I likely have new readers. One never steps into the same blog river twice.

      Going fluid with ethnic identity is a fantastic idea. It’s hacking the anti-white Establishment! Someone should recommend doing that in a college graduation speech!

      • Jon says:

        It’s a good idea, for getting benes (Mestizo/Arab) so well as open-source espionage Jewish/Muslim). If anyone notices and calls you a chiseler or a racist, you can just tell them you’re a Mexican in an Anglo body and ask them why they practising discrimination against transethnics/transracials.

      • mindweapon says:

        Hahaha! I’m a transracial! Stop your hating! Good one!

      • Jon says:

        Al Jolson was misunderstood. He was not a at all a racist parodying crude stereotypes; he was just a nigga in a cracker’s body. He should be celebrated for the great courage it took for him to come out as transracial at the time in history he did.

  11. Attila says:

    When you tell people you speak SOME Turkish and Spanish- the ones who KNOW about these things ask you if you are a Sephardi.

  12. I was torn between posting this in the Cantor Thread or this thread itself. Because it WAS his position on amnesty NOT his Israel-First loyalties that hurt Cantor. And I would say that it was, more to be exact, the timing of his position on amnesty, not the amnesty itself that lost him his office. Virginia has a fairly large Hispanic population. Oh, on paper, it is reported as about eight percent. Let’s put that down to “documented” Hispanics. One should double that number and half it again to get a true picture.

    Now, I imagine most readers are shrugging (because FEDGOV has been wildly underreporting the presence of undocumented Hispanics for years) and we trust our lying eyes more than we trust the stagnant 11 million figure that the news lackeys like to throw out there.

    So, the Hispanics in Virginia number at approximately 20 to 25 percent. So what? And what did the timing of Cantor’s pro-amnesty position have to do with his defeat? Unfortunately the timing of his position happened to coincide with news leaking out of Arizona being flooded with amnesty seekers from all over Latin America.

    So, then you ask (since you know that politicians don’t give a damn how opposed Heirloom Whites are to amnesty) why the Latin American invasion of our southern border was what drove the Hispanic Virginia swing voters to shift the pendulum against Cantor? You might also ask why Arizona, of all states, which has been very vocal in its opposition to illegal aliens, and passing English First initiatives, etc. is being forced by FEDGOV to house these Latin Americans rather than simply sending them OTHER border states which have high Spanish speaking populations that could more easily communicate with them and tend to their needs?

    I’m talking states like New Mexico or California, to be exact. Well, like New Mexico and California, Virginia’s Hispanic population is comprised of (insert drumroll, please) Mexicans! The Mexicans in New Mexico and Californians (who were all on board the Amnesty Train along with the Mexicans in Virginia until this border rush) don’t want to host the Latin American Influx … at all.

    I’ve spoken to some people in Texas about the reaction to the newest group of amnesty seekers. Whites there are pretty much disgusted, not at all surprised and very apathetic. To them, it’s like one Latino is pretty much like the other. You make exceptions for one, you’ve got to make exceptions for them all and what else do you expect. The Hispanics (i.e., the Mexicans) OTOH who with visions of transforming the USA into Mexico El Norte or Azatlan cosigned onto amnesty are losing their fucking minds over this.

    Time constraints prohibit me from going into further detail on this right now. You have already guessed the negative aspects of this border rush. I will be back to discuss some positive opportunities that we can wrest of this.

  13. Okay, here is another segment covering why this Border Crisis is a great opportunity for racially savvy WNists who want to ride the curve rather than fall behind it.

    At present, FEDGOV is being inundated by paperwork thanks to their unofficial family reunification program resulting from passing the so-called American Dream Act. That means that that all these Latin Americans who migrated up here to live and work “in the shadows” can come out now, because they have brought their anchors up from places like Ecuador, etc. instead of having to drop anchor here, so they can stop using fake identification.

    Because of the pending paperwork deluge, now is the perfect time for those who are inclined to my idea to change their names to something Hispanic, because it is more likely to go through with for less notice and much less scrutiny especially if thousands of Whites jump on the Professional Name Change train.

    One wag suggested that we change our names to something Jewish. As in Ashkenazic. There is strong evidence that in this Brave New World of Libtardism, that being Jewish is no longer enough. As evidence, I give you People’s Exhibit 1: Tal Fortgang’s blistering response to “Check Your White Privilege.”

    How much did this Jonathan invoking Godwin’s Law by throwing down his own family’s Holocaust Credentials contribute to flushing the White Privilege Meme down the toilet? Not at all. The libtards simply did what they always do; ignore any debate they cannot win and double down on imposing their foolishness that much harder.

    In fact, Jonathan shares the same unenviable position that any non-rich, non-leftist White guy shares these days but is also apportioned an extra ration of shit from all those people he has to rub shoulders with who are upset with Cousin Yakov’s antics on Wall Street and are in no mood to hear about how mean old Hitler and his Nazis shut down Uncle Yitzak’s pawn shop in Poland.

    Godwin’s Law is eerily similar to any other pyramid or Ponzi scheme, like “Airplane.” Any Jonathans trying to invoke Godwin’s Law are like the unlucky folk who are trying to board the last flight on the Holocaust Guilt Trip only to find that there are no more people buying more tickets. So my advice to you works just as well as for Tal or any other Jonathan who finds himself in this hapless position.

    I am skeptical that Ladino surnames would work to wrest extra benefits in an American Jewish company most of which are owned by Ashkenazim. The Jews themselves seem to suffer the same divide that American Yankees and Southrons do. IOW, Jews who were Southern sympathizers, Confederate States Secretary of State Judah P. Benjamin, were Sepharidim and the Jews that sided with the Yankees were Ashkenazim. Moreover, Ashkenazi Israelis treat Sephardic Israelis like second class citizens.

    However, the vast majority of American Sephardim look White and have operated for centuries as Crypto Jews so if a large number of White people stepped up and changed their names “back” to something Ladino, it would not raise many eyebrows from the authorities. Moreover, from my own aesthetic POV, Ladino names are prettier and more pleasing on the eye than your run-of-the-mill Hispanic names.

  14. To continue, did anyone watch Faux News last night with Jerry Rivers … er, Gerrrraldo Reeevarrah?! I was chortling with glee watching Mr. Dream Act BLAME the Dream Act for the massing at the border and talking about the punitive measures a President Reeevarrah would take to convince the countries who shipped these children here to take them back!

    So, riddle me this. Question: What do you get when you amnesty “eleven million” illegal aliens and confer full American citizenship rights on them? Answer: Eleven million jobs Americans won’t do at any price. Well, evidently, the NEW Americans WOULD do them starting at $15.00 an hour! Guess what topic has disappeared with the news of this Border Influx?! Minimum wage starting at $15.00 an hour!

    Who were the biggest proponents of a $15,00 an hour minimum wage for service jobs being done by illegal aliens and marginal Whites? It was same Reconquistadores who were pushing the Dream Act. I’m talking about the La RazAzatlan idiots and Puerto Rican activists whose constituents populate the service sector. Public sector jobs are largely occupied by African Americans, Hindu, and other Asian immigrants. The idea was to utilize the service sector to create a Hispanic middle class with some financial clout; not to counter the silenced and neutered Anglo White middle class, but ANOTHER group. (More on that later).

    So, now we see shock and outrage from The Dreamers as they discover that – clutch the pearls – the Amnesty champions, like John “Build The Dang Fence” McCain and George Dubya “Family Values Don’t Stop At The Rio Grande” lied … LIED(!) to the American people when they promised they would and indeed, HAD secured the fucking border. Now we are treated to scenes of our Border Guards changing and feeding Latin American babies, instead of even trying to secure our borders. (Even though there are several teenaged girls on the premises who could be enlisted to earn their own keep by dong the job themselves). Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! SUCKERS!

    To get an idea why The Dreamers are waking up with such a bad hangover, one only has to go to Florida to determine the outcome of this Latin American invasion. Or better yet, revist the 2000 Presidential election to know which Hispanic group overrode the majority of American voters and put George Dubya Bush into the White House over popular fave, Al Gore. I know two women from Florida; one Black and one White and what they told me was illuminating. There is a hierarchy in Florida in the following descending order: Wealthy Cubans, Jews, and Whites, Middle class White Cubans, Midde class Whites fluent in Spanish, Light-skinned Latin Americans, White Anglo Americans, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Dark-skinned Latin Americans, Haitians, and Black non-Spanish speakers.

    Both tell me that everyone hates each other and, depending on their own position in the hierarchy, look down on their “inferiors” or resent/envy their “superiors.” The Cubans have been extremely effective at driving off any threats to their own hegemony. The Black Floridian baldly admitted that any Black that does not know Spanish cannot get hired there and few Blacks seem motivated to learn; they just move.

    The White Floridian told me that Whites who cannot speak English can find jobs, but they are still marginalized by fewer opportunities. I suspect that “Mejorando La Raza” is why the Cubans allow even non-Spanish speaking Whites to stick around. Puerto Ricans have also been marginalized but allowed to remain, but the Cubans look down on them because they are mixed. It is their Spanish speaking ability that puts them on about the same level as Anglo Whites.

    However, Cubans have not allowed the Mexicans to acquire even a toehold in areas that they dominate which is why they have not been able to take over Cubano-Florida enclaves the way that they did Puerto Rican enclaves in New York. This leads me to suspect that reason The Dreamers are composed primarily of Mexican and Puerto Rican activists collaborating to topple the Cubans from the top of the Hispanic Hierarchy in the USA.

    • mindweapon says:


      I am lucky to have you as a commenter. You could be a paid writer, you are that good. You should contact VDARE. Peter Brimelow, his email is at

      • While I am not unsympathetic to the writers at VDARE who are justifiably proud of their Anglo and tradition, I think they are wasting their time trying to prevent what is already an accomplished fact; that figure of 11 million illegal squatters that has remained remarkably stagnant since the first betrayal perpetrated by the Party of Lincoln headed by Ronald Wilson Reagan. I’m being very conservative when I suggest you quintuple that figure for a more accurate guesstimate.

        So, to me, they are flogging a dead horse. AFAIC, it’s a done deal. We are NOT going to get our country back. We will NOT be going back to Mayberry. Anglo America is burnt toast; it’s time to play taps for it and focus on the Dominate the Dystopia White Phoenix we want to emerge triumphant from Anglo America’s egalitarian ashes.

        I truly feel for Brimelow as handsome men always have a way of softening the cockles of my cold heart. He’s justifiably proud of the English Common Law and Rights of Man traditionand it was utter greatness before its own egalitarianism proved to be the Achilles Heel that enemies of the Anglo tradition penetrated to bring it down.

        I am hoping that Brimelow et al can stop clinging to the rotting corpse of Anglo tradition and start thinking more racially toward a more White Supremacist tradition. Much as its enemies like to revile the Anglo tradition as being White Supremacist, if you look at the treatment Anglo elites dished out to the Irish, the Scots and even the poor English, it was more of an Anti-White system than anything else. JMO.

      • SomeAnon says:

        Just posting to echo MW’s comment. Clytemnestra should being doing articles regularly for pay. Defintely one of my favorite writers.

  15. Clytemnestra says:

    Thanks MW. Sorry that this is turning into a several post essay, but there is method to this madness. Most of our readers will guess where and why I am going this way, anyway, but I still want to outline the map as closely as possible. Thank you for your patience.

    Look at the interethnic dynamics of Florida to get a good idea of what this Latin American invasion The Dreamers created will lead to, if no other variables come into play. I believe the Dream Act was concocted by a cabal of Puerto Ricans and Mexicans to not only stave off any activism from the moribund White middle class while countering Cuban-Jewish clout. Please note that one provision of The Dream Act is to raise the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour which would create a new middle class from the Spanish-speaking Service Sector primarily composed of Puerto Ricans and Mexicans. What we inadvertently witnessed and overlooked was a subterranean intra-ethnic Hispanic RACE war.

    To their dismay, The Dreamers woke up to a new Demographic Hangover, the Latin American influx. Yes, many will be Brown, but also a great number of these people will be White. Unhappy White campers have nightmares of brown Guatemalans, Salvadorans, and Ecuadorans dancing in their heads. But the Dreamers know that there will also be an influx of White Venezuelans, Bolivians, Colombians, Uruguayans, and Argentinians into the mix.

    Latin American caste discrimination is not your typical North American racism which remains Black or White. Pre-Snivel Rights, if you were not White, you officially defaulted to Black. Now it’s sorta the opposite; if you are not Black; you unofficially default to White, like George Zimmerman.

    Latin American caste discrimination is called “colorism.” The public policy is “Mestizaje,” where everyone is supposed to be Mestizo. However, since the light-skinned, blue-eyed, blonds control the wealth, the resources, and wield the real power the private goal is called “Mejorando La Raza” via “Blanqueamiento” or bleaching. The lighter you are, the higher the step on the hierarchal ladder you occupy. That’s where the REAL “White Skin Privilege” the Leftards in this country love to yammer about exists. It’s in these countries that at least producing a child with “colored” as in blue or green or hazel eyes is a major accomplishment. That’s why skin lightening products like Fair and Lovely and Fair and Handsome, Blonde Hair Dye and colored contact lenses sell like hot cakes in these places.

    Thanks to all the miscegenation, there used to be at least sixteen racial categories described in the Latin American system described as CASTA. To simplify matters, I’ll break it down more succinctly for White Americans. The Americas have three major races; White, Black and Indian. Condensing Casta, the racial categories can correctly be broken down hierarchically to Hispano for Whites, Mestizo for White/Amerinds, Indio for Aborigines, Pardo for White/Blacks – this has been confused with Mulatto, or a mixture of White/Black/Amerinds, Zambo for Black/Amerinds, and Negro for Blacks.

    Under this more succinct version of the CASTA categories, Puerto Ricans and Mexicans most easily fit into the MULATTO classification. Both Mexicans and Puerto Ricans have Hispano, Amerind (Maya for the Mexicans and Taino for the Puerto Ricans) and Negro admixtures. If I am on the right track with my thesis, this would mean that The Dream Act was a collaborative pact of Mulattos to achieve demographic and voting bloc dominance over the Hispano Cubans. But instead of changing anything, the Dream Act only threatens to give them what they are fighting against on steroids.

    In Latin America, the “We Are ALL Mestizos” meme prevails and miscegenation is not actively discouraged in there like it was by law in the USA. Conversely, miscegenation is also not being actively promoted like it is now in the USA where we have to wonder when FEDGOV is going to institute shotgun marriages between Whites and Non-Whites just like integration was instituted at bayonet point.

    This Mestizaje Policy gives lower-caste Mestizos hope that they can advance if they practice “Mejorando La Raza” by acquiring and having lighter-skinned children by a White spouse. Of course with a few exceptions here or there, most lighter-skinned Latinos are very, very race conscious and will not squander their White skin privilege lightly on a dark-skinned spouse. The elites can thank God that the USA with its very lax border policy provided the Hispanic elite of Latin America and Mexico with a pressure release valve. Those who can’t move up, move out. Thus, the hierarchy remains intact.

    So, before more and more Latin Americans found out how easy it was to get here and stay here, the Hispanic Hierarchy in the USA looked something like this: Hispanos (Cubans) on top, Mulattos (Puerto Ricans and Mexicans) around the middle and Negros (from Cuba and Puerto Rico) on the bottom. Look at how the stampede at the border, in essence, changes the Hispanic Hierarchy:

    Hispanos: Cubans and White Latin Americans, Light-skinned Mestizos, Light skinned Pardos, Mulattos (Puerto Ricans and Mexicans) Dark-skinned Mestizos, Dark-skinned Pardos, Zambos, Negros. With these extra Latin American rungs added, they drop two steps down and because more rungs are added beneath them, they cannot claim the same minority benefits, because there are people who are even more “oppressed.”

  16. So, we WERE facing the very real possibility of Mexico el Norte. The good news is that the Latin American “Immivasion” shoots that possibility to hell. The Hispanic ethnicities are groups of very contentious, racially conscious collectives and no way, no how are the Latin Americans who look down on Mexicans as Mulattos going to become second class citizens in Mexico d’el Norte.

    It is the Latin American Immivasion that derailed amnesty. The Mexicans and Puerto Ricans dropped the pressure and even voted with White amnesty opponents, because they already envision the map of Latin America d’el Norte that I have sketched here. They can stall it, but there is nothing they can do to stop the Immivasion themselves.

    Gerald Rivera baldly admitted that there is no way no how this Latin American immivasion was not planned. HE is accusing the Latin American governments of doing the deed, but I think he is overlooking the Oval Office and its very public, defiant refusal to enforce any of our immigration laws whatsoever. Even when there were token efforts at enforcement under George Dubya, the Latin Americans who were caught and deported were far less likely to attempt another dangerous journey through Mexico to get here.

    Whatever you think about Barak Obama, I’m sure he’s not a complete idiot and is fully aware of the low-intensity race war between Blacks and Browns where the Mexicans have driven Blacks out of their old stomping grounds in Compton and Watts and other areas.

    Now it’s time to finally cut to the chase and return to the topic of racially conscious Whites riding this wave rather than being submerged in it by becoming Professional Hispanics. Again, I point to the Asian practice of being Jiang Lee in China Town and becoming John Lee in Corporate America. I point to the number of Jews who changed their names either to avoid “persecution” or pursue their own professional agendas. There is no reason why a White dude can’t be Peter Martin at home and Pedro Martinez in a professional setting.

    The payoffs are quick and self-evident. For one thing, because of the Brown on Black racial cleansing perpetrated by Mexican and Central American drug gangs on Blacks, we don’t see Diversity at its most Vibrant suing to move into neighborhoods with a high Hispanic demographic.

    Your new name and racial designation will open up all manner of free government scholarship for education and business grants for building your own business paid for with YOUR tax money. Why not get it back?
    El Systema de Castas de America Central y America del Sur is coming here no matter how much it may offend our egalitarian Anglo American sensibilities.

    Anglo Americans have one of two choices; doing nothing, proudly holding onto an Anglo identity that is doing nada for them and refusing to learn Spanish, because in America, we speak English, dammit. This will only result in them being marginalized like Anglo White English speakers in Florida as Blacqueamiento Breeding Stock for Mestizos wanting to Mejorando La Raza.

    OR Anglo Americans can change their names and get fluent in Spanish and swell the ranks of the Hispano Caste. In doing so, they will have a very contentious collective at their backs who are very focused about and effective where it comes to pushing their own agenda even as the expense of others, impervious to any and all attempts by Tim Wise and Jane Elliott and their ilk to put them on White Guilt Trips because Slavery … the Holocaust. It just doesn’t work with them.

    Mindweapons encourages folks to study STEM subjects which is not something I am going to put down, except that it is a long-term endeavor with slower payoffs. I am encouraging young White Anglo families to change their names and invest their money and time learning to be fluent in Spanish. People can buy Pimsleur tapes and workbooks and practice together with their children. In some areas of the country, there are public schools that teach only Spanish in schools. You can take advantage by sending your kids to these schools and then rigorously training them in English grammar and comprehension at home, so they are truly bilingual.

    If many of you are still skeptical. I challenge you to go to any dominantly Spanish area of the country and just kick back and observe the Hispanics of various races in their surroundings. In particular, compare and contrast how the Hispanos just exude a caste confidence bordering on outright arrogance to quiet, beaten down, Whitey that fifty years of increasing marginalization has produced.

    Where do you want to see YOUR children in the next twenty years? Further reduced to nothing more than Blaqueamiento Breeding Stock? Or able to go as far up in the Hispano Hiearchy as they want to? The choice is YOURS.

    • mindweapon says:

      Great comment, Cly! You sold me on it, but my family is not on board, LOL. I told my daughter she could get into an Ivy if she would only change her name with me! My sister in law calls me a Hispanicized version of my name already, and it’s very macho sounding.

      By the way, are you yourself fluent in Spanish, Cly?

      • Mr. Rational says:

        What would you recommend as a private language just for insiders?  Not Hebrew of course.  Hungarian and Finnish have too few other uses to be worthwhile.  I was thinking classical Greek, so kids could e.g. study Plato and Aristophanes in the original.

      • mindweapon says:

        Learning a language is so much effort that doing a private language is probably too much effort. You need other payoffs, like business. I’d say Chinese.

      • Unfortunately, I am not fluent in Spanish, at all. I have great reading proficiency – to the point I have translated written Spanish to folks in the USA who speak Spanish but cannot read it – and if I focus hard enough, I can understand what is said, but when I try to speak Spanish, weird stuff happens. I took years of French as a child thinking we would end up in Canada and I was also fluent in German as a toddler. When I try to converse a lot of French and German words pop in, like my synapses are all tangled up. The German really rolls out with Colombians (who sound like they are speaking Spanish with a German accent). It’s strange.

        Any suggestions that might help with the descrambling?

      • @Mr. Rational:

        Sign language. How can FEDGOV audiotape you saying anything “incriminating” if you sign it? Like yoga, sign language is another course that Whites more than any other color are likely to take.

        Moreover, there’s a lot of money to be made for deaf interpreters, especially men, because there is a shortage of male deaf interpreters to accompany the deaf to doctor’s appointments.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        Interesting suggestion, Cly, but with FedGov already able to activate cell phone cameras at will I’m not sure that’s going to make much of a difference.

      • Jon says:

        Mr. Rational, it would be cool if your constructed language had a morphological dubitative mood, so I could say “Mr Rational, who has created his own private language, has gotten laid [dub.] twice in the past five years”.

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