Tom Mysiewicz on the defeat of Eric Cantor




Tom Mysiewicz

One of the most prominent Israel-firsters in the U.S. Congress, Jewish Republican Eric Cantor (R-VA, 7th Congressional District) has long been outspoken in measures to disenfranchise Palestinians and transfer the dollars of American taxpayers and the blood of their sons to supporting the State of Israel. In the past, such an individual would have been untouchable, all the more so because he is House Majority Leader and also on the JINSA (Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs) Board of Advisers.

In August 2013, Cantor reached the zenith of his career when he led a group of 26 senior House Republicans to the Israeli state to meet Israeli President Shimon Peres at his official residence in Jerusalem, a clear recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital rather than Tel Aviv.

In his recent primary campaign, Cantor reportedly received hundreds of thousands of dollars from Zionist groups—of a total of $2.5-million–with banking firm Goldman Sachs representing his third-largest campaign committee contributor. Yet Cantor lost the election all the same to an unknown named teacher named Dave Brat. (Of course, with an endorsement from the likes of Glenn Beck, a Mormon Zionist, voters may not find a great deal of foreign-policy improvement with Brat.)

The loss makes Cantor the highest-ranking member of the House to be defeated since former-Speaker Tom Foley in 1994.

Among other things, Cantor has favored:

*Cutting off all aid to the Palestinian Authority;

*Cutting off all aid from the U.S. Agency for International Development to Palestine unless “unauthorized excavations” by Palestinians on the “Temple Mount” are stopped (as this is to be the site of the so-called “third temple” of the Jews);

*Voting against any and all aid to Palestine unless and until Palestinians “change the way they think”—especially regarding the formation of a unity government advocated for many years by this author;

*Punishing President Obama if he did “anything” to undermine American support for Israel;

*Using the U.S. Congress, as he promised Bibi Netanyahu, to act as a “counterbalance” against Obama to maintain U.S. support and funding in the face of illegal settlement building by Israel. This is a clear violation of the separation of powers of the U.S. Constitution as Cantor was thereby engaging in foreign policy, reserved to the Executive Branch. It also violates the Logan Act, which makes it a felony for any American (presumably without Executive Branch authorization) to communicate with a foreign government to influence that government’s behavior on any disputes with the United States;

*Going to war with Iraq (on false pretexts) in 2002—a war that killed nearly a million Iraqis, killed and crippled tens of thousands of young Americans, contaminated large areas with depleted uranium leaving a legacy of birth defects and suffering, and bankrupted the U.S. with its $3-trillion price tag—all for the benefit of Israel. Knowing he had been wrong about WMDs, Cantor supported a 2006 House resolution defining the occupation of Iraq as a part of the “War on Terror”! (How’s that working out for you, Eric, considering recent developments there?);

*An attack on Syria which would drop into the lap of the U.S., Cantor said, like a “ripe fruit”;

*More sanctions against Iran and eventual “regime change” there;

*Massive tax cuts and vastly increased war spending (mostly for the benefit of Israel) some have estimated will account for half of U.S. indebtedness by 2019;

*Exploring ways to “punish Russia” for what he sees as ”unacceptable” acts in Ukraine–citing Russia’s actions in Syria, Iran and, most recently, Ukraine as examples of how the nation has “not been a constructive world partner under Vladimir Putin’s leadership.” (One harkens to Cantor’s votes on Iraq as an example of what he considers responsible world-power leadership!);

*Granting amnesty to criminal illegal aliens in the U.S. while opposing the “right of return” of Palestinians driven from their homes by the Zionists in 1948 and thereafter; and,

*As deputy House whip, reinterpreting the definition of gambling so infamous Jewish lobbyist Jack Abramoff could benefit a large Louisiana gambling client;

In addition to lavishing aid on Israel while the American middle class sinks deeper into poverty, Cantor had become a gun-control advocate—apparently supporting the right of 12-year-old Israeli “settlers” to carry full automatic weapons while seeking to abridge the basic right of law-abiding Americans to keep and bear arms, guaranteed under the Bill of Rights. (It sort of makes sense, though, if you are transferring their wealth to a foreign power (Israel) and bankers like Goldman Sachs—as Americans, at some point, might get angry enough to use those guns!) Cantor softened his gun-control stance when it appeared it was speeding up his decline in the polls for the upcoming Republican primary. Nevertheless, groups like the NRA joined Virginians fed up with Mid East policy and others fed up with illegal immigrants taking their jobs and driving down wages to oppose Cantor. It worked. And this type of grass roots “popular front” could work again as people vote for their real interests vs. an alien ideology.


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14 Responses to Tom Mysiewicz on the defeat of Eric Cantor

  1. KO says:

    I bet the issue for the voters was immigration, not Israel. This is like Erick Erickson saying it was an anti-Washington vote, and all the Tea Partiers saying it was a Tea Party vote. It was an anti-amnesty vote. Israel issues, pro or con, are not high on the list for most non-Jewish voters. Lots of people would like to cut off aid to the PA, and how about aid to Israel and Egypt while you’re at it.

    • Trainspotter says:

      KO: “It was an anti-amnesty vote.”

      That it was, and immigration was certainly the primary factor which pushed me to the polls (I live in the 7th District). But it was also a deeper anti-establishment vote. There is a tremendous amount of disgust from the rank and file toward the Republican leadership, and a deep sense of betrayal. I think there is an increased understanding amongst authentic conservatives that that the Republican leadership does not actually represent them, which of course it doesn’t. While not a “conservative” myself, the social circles that I move in are lousy with them, so I have a fairly decent read on where they are coming from.

      Republicans win elections all the time, Republicans have wielded enormous power for the last several decades, and yet the things authentic conservatives care about are never addressed. There is never any improvement. Instead, the country just keeps getting worse and worse, no matter who is in power. When the modern conservative movement originated in the 50’s/60’s, most of America resembled Leave it to Beaver. Now it’s closer to the Star Wars cantina scene. Even some of the dimmest of bulbs are beginning to catch on.

      Of course, as enjoyable as all this has been, we shouldn’t get too carried away with what has happened. This incredible election result was not delivered by the broader public, but rather by a modest segment of it: Republican primary voters in a pretty conservative congressional district, and only about 55 percent of them. Point is, we are a minority, and we need to start thinking that way. We can’t “take American back” at the polls. Instead, among other things, we need low publicity, under the radar networks and PLE’s to prepare the foundation for our own sovereign homeland.

      In any event, an unusual number of factors came together yesterday to make something that seemed virtually impossible, not only possible but reality. It was an opportunity to sound off against everything from an insane foreign policy to crony capitalism and bailouts, all of which Cantor represented. But there is no question that one issue towered above the rest: immigration. Yet this issue exists in a broader context, and that is a system bleeding legitimacy by the day. All of which, of course, is good for us.

      To Cantor: good riddance to bad rubbish. Happy Day!

  2. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Screw Cantor. Screw the Republicans as they have sold out the White Working Christian Middle Class for decades, whether it was Working White job loss due to importing in tons of Mexiturds or sending billions of OUR tax dollars to Isra-hell.
    Yep. Things are changing. Look for more drama, more ‘shootings’ done by “White Supremacists” ( that term is so overused it really does not mean shyte anymore), more illegal border crossings (Um, really we are being INVADED!) by the Mexiturds back by Israelis / Jews (whatever they call themselves today…), and more black on Working White Crime.

    The Former USA is being besieged by the Mud Masses propped up by the Premier Anti White Jews. There is more than one way to skin the cat and the more cats like Cantor that are skinned, the better. I am just glad that piece of shyte is out!

  3. torgrim says:

    I think Cantor isn’t reading the tea leaves right. He’s out of touch with the “little people” after all, it happens when you’re told that you and your cohort are Speeecialll.
    Run along Cantor and don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

  4. Attila says:

    Most people couldn’t find Isra’el on the map- much less understand the media machinations aimed at soft-selliing (or outright ignoring) the “specia relationship”.

  5. I highly doubt that most of the people knew (or cared) that much about Eric Cantor’s biography as much as they did his antics in power. I imagine that the reaction of most of them reading this nonsense would be, “Eric Cantor’s Jewish?” It would be news to them.

    Yeah, the guy has got a distinctly Mediterranean look to him and wears glasses (but so does Stephen Colbert). However, he doesn’t gesticulate in a wildly ethnic manner when he’s talking and he’s got a distinct, laid-back Southern drawl.

    The other “Israel First” shtick is no different from that of John McCain or that gender-bender limp-wristed Lindsey (spectacularly pretty man or ugly woman) Graham. Moreover his position on immigration was no different from theirs.

    There is no doubt in my mind that the author of this piece must be Jewish. They seem to love to transform what is most annoying to the greatest amount of people on general principles alone into something distinctly Jewish. I guess, they figure out, if they clue people in to the fact that an agenda they oppose is, in fact, supported by the Jews, they will drop their opposition to it to prove they are not “Antisemites.” They are too stupid and arrogant to figure out that they are creating Antisemites where there were none before. Idiots.

  6. ConantheContrarian says:

    There is hope.
    Slightly off topic: I want to thank MINDWEAPON for all that he publishes. Since I started reading this site I have started a garden, sought out a real martial art system, exercise more, eat better, and keep informed (although I sometimes get overloaded from Marxist micro and macro aggressions against the West).

    • mindweapon says:


      Music to my ears, bro! That’s exactly the point of this blog — to urge people to live differently, and living differently, to become another worker ant building our Cause and unbuilding ZOG.

      That’s how we beat ZOG — as a swarm, like bees, ants, or termites. We do things differently. We humble ourselves to lowly forms of labor, and humble ourselves to any learning that enhances our Evolutionary Fitness.

      Becoming a worker ant for the Cause is what it means to be Machiavellian — to swallow our pride, admit that our Race is being subjugated, and work quietly, earnestly, patiently to eat away at the foundations of our subjugation.

      It’s not going to be car chases and gunfights by famous heroes (or theatrical depictions of heroes) which wins our Cause. It’s going to be the anonymous fanatics like you that do it.

      I’m trying to signal to worker ants, basically. Don’t eat the poison they put out for you, don’t bring their poison back to your nest, forage your own ant food, and you will live and the poison eating ants will die.

      Seek out a real martial art, and you will be able to carry yourself with confidence and not be physically intimidated by thugs.

  7. torgrim says:

    MW, I agree with what you write. I just want to add that, when one does labor, unfortunately, in this society today, it is seen as lowly. Doing manual work can be a positive experience if seen in the perspective of the martial artist, that is, doing a job with integrity, and doing it well. Even digging ground for foundations by hand, or pipe line excavations is something that must be done with skill if one is to be able to do this sort of labor on a continual basis, and so, it MUST be done with integrity.

    There is always pride in doing a job well, just as in learning something new, like martial arts.
    People look down at the guy doing work like roofing, concrete, framing and because of the social engineers, see these men as lesser in a social context, but in many cases, these men are proud of doing a job well and have a very different view of their status and are proud men.
    I am only adding this so as to add to this conversation in a positive way.

  8. rehmat1 says:

    J.J. Goldberg at the Jewish Daily Forward (June 12) claimed that Eric Cantor lost because he was Jewish – and the Tea Party is controlled by conservative Christians who don’t like Jews as Republicans do.

    “Most talk of Jews in politics begins and ends with Israel and antisemitism. If it’s not one of those two, we are done,” says Goldberg.

    Shmuel Rosner at the Jewish Journal agreed with J.J. Goldberg that Eric Cantor lost election for his “Jewishness”.

    Reid J. Epstein at the Wall Street Journal (June 11) accused David Brat of prophesizing the second-coming of Adolf Hitler (and another Holocaust) in a 13-page essay titled “God and Advanced Mammon – Can Theological Types Handle Usury and Capitalism?” in 2011.

    John Whitesides at the Reuters said that it was over-confidence which killed the elephant in the room.

    Although support for pro-Israel and anti-Iran legislation has been overwhelmingly bipartisan, Eric Cantor has played a unique role on the GOP side of the aisle. Alexander Burns of Jewish Politico wrote: “With Cantor’s defeat, there’s no longer a point man to help organize trips to Israel for junior GOP lawmakers, as Cantor routinely did. Jewish nonprofits and advocacy groups have no other natural person in leadership to look to for a sympathetic ear. No other Republican lawmaker can claim to have precisely the same relationship with gaming billionaire Sheldon Adelson, a primary benefactor of both the Republican Party and the Republican Jewish Coalition.”

    Marsha B. Cohen, a dual citizen analyst specializing in Israeli-Iranian relations and US foreign policy towards Iran and Israel has blamed the Israel Lobby for the defeat of Cantor.

  9. Matthew/Boston says:

    I knew Cantor was bad, but yikes this bastard is much worse than I realized! Any way to disqualify this Israel-firster from his fat pension?

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