200 American Contractors Surrounded By Jihadists

200 American Contractors surrounded by Iraqi Jihadists. Will Obama rescue them, or let their infidel heads get sawed off? Time will tell.


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14 Responses to 200 American Contractors Surrounded By Jihadists

  1. Just Here says:

    What? Why the fuck is Obama giving Iraq fighters when they can be stolen so easily?

    • Anon says:

      fighter aircraft have to be maintained. those are still essentially ours because of that.

      Also, the article got updated, its down to 100 still in the base apparently.

  2. FN says:

    These kuffirs are the ones armed and trained by Obama. They were in Syria eating the livers , on camera, of Syrians loyal to the Assad family, i.e. 75%. This mayhem is your tax dollars at work. They are killing Shia and working with the Kurds. This sounds, to me, like Mossad-CIA stuff. When you think of all the White young men who were horribly injured/died fighting all these BS wars/[police actions for the YKW it maddens one. The YKW got a double-win: 1. They secure YKWland and 2. erase prime breeding males from our gene pool.
    It’s been helpful for myself to stay centered and to begin to glimpse what’s happening, and it is vital for us to grow in our internal discipline, and let those of us who care about only “I” say “us.”
    Pray for the strength to endure what is to come.

    O Mankind! surely We have created you of a male and a female, and made you tribes and families that you may know each other; surely the most honorable of you with God is the one among you most careful (of his duty); surely God is Knowing, Aware.

  3. Jon says:

    “Jihadists”? “Contractors”? (my ass – like the hit man for the mob is a contractor) You could as easily call them “freedom fighters” and “mercenaries”, the latter term being neither euphemistic nor dysphemistic. You can tell the writer’s slant by his use of such terms. Like WTF do you expect to happen when you invade and occupy a land that was formerly run by an iron-fisted dictator and then up and leave? It occurs to me that with atheists or Christians being occupied then abandoned, the same thing would happen, and the combatants would naturally have some religious, ethnic or ideological motivation.

  4. Sam says:

    They should have got them out. What a disaster. I can’t believe it. It just gets worse and worse. I’m really beginning to worry about our troops in Afghanistan. Is he going to trap them there? My God what incompetence. This is very distressing. A friend’s son is in Afghanistan still, I think. I’ll have to call him.

  5. Peltast says:

    Murka lost another War, will the Neochens be charged with war crimes?

    • @Peltast

      Murka lost another War, will the Neochens be charged with war crimes?

      No, they won’t, because White/WASP American men are cowards.

      Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and the rest of the Neo-Con Jew-Zionist and Xian-Zionist faction – JINSA The Jewish Institute of National Security Affairs – and their sub-groups like PNAC The Project For A New American Century – just had a conference at the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan, about a year ago, where they cracked jokes and bragged about how they were not arrested or charged with war crimes.

      These white men got up on stage and made jokes about how they were glad to be at the Plaza instead of at the Hague – charged with war crimes. They got away with it, and now hold open conferences bragging about it.

      What do White/WASP men do about it?

      Jerk off to FOX News and how Obama loves the Muslim Brotherhood. That’s how dim the average White/WASP man is these days. Whenever I get a chance, I ask these losers – if COBRA Commander Usama Bin Laden really did 9/11 – then how come Bush didn’t capture him at Tora Bora when he had a chance? How come Bush said “I really just don’t spend that much time on him, to be honest with you?”

      And these White/WASP men did nothing. No, wait, they did do something. They voted for Bush again in 2004.

      Even if you believe the bullshit, it was the greatest security failure in American history. In 2001, the USA was at the ultimate top of the military/technological hierarchy – with spy satellites, control of the internet, the cell phone network – and even had Usama Bin Laden’s sat phone number – but sat around with their thumbs up their ass while 3,000 people were murdered … and White/WASP men responded by:

      1. Doubling down on the Xian-Zionism and jerking off to Jews and Israel even more.

      2. Signed up in record number to Defend ‘Merka – Pat Tillman, anyone? And got their arms and legs blown off, now getting shit on in VA hospitals like the dumb bitches they are…

      3. Jerked off to silly shit like the Recuse of Jessica Lynch – who were were told was sodomized by Mean Iraqis who surely had something to do with 9/11 cause Muslims and all don’t respect da wimminz like White/WASP men do…

      4. Reacted to the Grand Theft Bankster Scandal of 2008 by voting for Mitt Romney – a cocaine money launderer for the Bush Mafia and friend of Wall Street – because some poor dumb black was getting food stamps and it made them jealous.

      5. Oh, by the way, your White/WASP daughters are starring in international porn films shown to brown men all around the world – and you like it.

      6. Millions of brown mestizos are massed at the southern border waiting for an Amnesty – which will be voted for by the Republican party – the party of White/WASP men – the “conservatives” – and your best response is to vote for libertarian Rand Paul – who will end the Federal Reserve and put us back on the Gold Standard and follow the Perfect Ideology of Austrian Economics where the YKWs and Goldman/Morgan/Chase – who actually “own” all the gold – will make billions under a new regime of “libertarianism and hard money …” – Praise Ayn Rand!

      7. It’s too depressing to think about. How pathetic are White/WASP men?

      8. The smartest of the White/WASP men – the most educated, the most erudite, the best read – will blather on and on about the “Fall of Rome” – as if Suetonius and the rest of the History of Rome isn’t just as mythological as the Bible stories…

      9. Yep. That is the best White/WASP men can do. Tell your veteran sons that their arms and legs were blown off in a good cause – 9/11 and Protecting Holy Israel fighting the Libruls like Barack Hussein Obama who totally hate Murka and Our Troops.

      10. It’s actually invigorating to be living in the time of the Great Culling.

    • PA says:

      Hipster Racist, I hear you and I’ll even go further by crediting you with my becoming a 911 truther. It was mostly because of the “A/E for 911 Truth” video you recommended to me. That said, I can only go so far with “White/WASP men are pussies” cry. Saying such a thing isn’t useful, for one main reason: like all other humans, White/WASP men are normal people and they do what normal people do.

      Normal people in the USSR crossed the street when they saw a Western journalist because they were afraid of being seen approached by a foreigner. Those same Russians are now hailed as ballsy White men in our circles. What do normal people do? They operate within the limits and incentive structures of their social environment; further, their actions are limited by their understanding and knowledge of things.

      Today, White/WASP men are like a Soviet citizen, both in status and in how they are informed. Nobody will stick out his neck, unless he is desperate; and when that happens, it more often than not takes the form of Elliott Rodgers.

      How are White/WASP men supposed to arrest the war criminals? You gonna go in and issue them a citizens arrest? Or less ridiculously, are you going to devote inordinate amounts of your time and money to petition Hauge to have them detained and tried? … you aren’t doing it, and neither am I.

      I mentioned lack of information, as reason why Whites voted for Bush in 2004 and later Romney. There has been a lot more of that information available since 2004, with internet and pro-White memes being much more prevalent. The low White voter turnout for Romney was a positive sign.

      • @PA

        How many times does it take Lucy snatching the football away until we start blaming Charlie Brown for falling for it again?

        “There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.” — George W. Bush, Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 17, 2002

        Jeb Bush will probably be the next President, and he his biggest vote will be White men. Whatever war he gets us into, you can be assured it will be the White men that benefit the least from the war that will be the biggest cheerleaders for that war. I’m a practical fellow. You can’t really call a DynCorp or Academi mercenary a sucker when he’s pulling 300k and all the refugee ass he can get his cock into. Some men benefit from the wars, some men don’t.

        But it’s the cowardice of White men that keep them loyal to the ruling class that betrayed them so blatantly. They are afraid of acknowledging that they, in fact, do not have that White Privilege that everyone talks about, and they are afraid of confronting the fact that the GOP sees them as cannon fodder and tax slaves – at best.

        9/11 is but one particularly egregious example, but there is an unbroken chain of similar events going all the way back to WWII apparently.

        I threw in the gratuitous thing about porn because when your men and being killed and your women are being pimped out – that means you’re losing the war. That’s how you can tell you’re losing. White men are just too cowardly to admit that they have been losing – badly – for a very long time.

        Well, not all white men of course. Some white men, a minority, are very much winning. So I guess it’s a wash, really.

        I dunno, think of it as slightly self critical. I had the chance to go to the Green Zone as a contractor back in 2006. I would have made half a mil tax free for a few years work in the comfort of the air conditioned embassy. I turned it down, because I thought it would just betray everything I believed in.

        Looking back on it, I should have just taken the opportunity. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

        Jeb Bush 2016!

      • Lamiad says:

        White people need a new elite, basically. To use Game of Thrones as an analogy of sorts (I know, I know..) – the new White elite needs to be less like Rob Stark and more like Tywin Lannister. The Nazis were the former.

      • Peltast says:

        Funny you mention WWII, Hollywood back them made some anti-nazi movies but they didn’t mention the YKW because there was people back them telling that WWII was just another War for the jews and the Hollywood kikes tried to hide this fact.

  6. One.More.Anon says:

    MW, please be careful of certain people. It’s a classic counterintelligence tactic to package the truth in a fabric of lies intended to discredit.

    If somebody, for example, offers a mostly true account of 9/11 but also offers ever more insane ideas that will turn off the general public, you are likely dealing with a counterintelligence op designed to discredit the 9/11 truth movement.

    I share this thought with MW and the entire community.

    • @One.More.Anon

      you are likely dealing with a counterintelligence op

      You got that right.

      designed to discredit the 9/11 truth movement.

      What, you mean random posters on MWIR are counter-intelligence ops meant to discredit the 9/11 Truth movement … as opposed to, um, the entirety of the mainstream media that has done nothing but ignore and attack the 9/11 truth movement since Sept 11, 2001?

      Your *concern* is noted.

      I share this thought with MW and the entire community.

      That’s funny, I’ve been here since the beginning. I have a unique and highly praised handle and a blog that gets mad traffic. Loved or hated, I’ve been a member of this “community” since the beginning.

      I don’t remember “One.More.Anon” ever posting here before.

      • mindweapon says:


        Are you a counterintelligence pro? C’mon, tell the truth! You draw a salary in order to post on this blog and keep us from da Troof, doncha!

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