Ret. Gen. Vallely: U.S. Embassy in Baghdad Already Being Evacuated

The Green Zone in Iraq is being evacuated right friggin’ now! Hahahahahahahaha you neocon pieces of shit! You lost you scum!
That makes 111
Vallely: At this point in time, we just got an intelligence report that three aircraft have just left Balad airbase north of Baghdad with Americans on board. We’re estimating somewhere between four to five thousand Americans in Iraq that have to be evacuated, and that evacuation has been begun within the last hour.

Wiles: That’s new information. I’ve not heard that. And I’ve also heard that there’s talk of a possible evacuation of the U.S. embassy, that vast fortress…

Vallely: That’s what’s happening. Those were the first three plane-loads.

Wiles: The U.S. built a fortress in Baghdad and we’re evacuating it?

Vallely: That’s correct.

Wiles: So they are expecting ISIS to move down the highway from Mosul into Baghdad and lay siege to the capitol city.

Vallely: That is correct.

Wiles: General, what does this mean?

Vallely: Well it means that all the money, all the support, everything we’ve put into Iraq was a zero return to the American people…


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16 Responses to Ret. Gen. Vallely: U.S. Embassy in Baghdad Already Being Evacuated

  1. hardscrabble farmer says:

    Do you recall having a conversation with me about this exact scenario 12 years ago before the invasion began?

    Does that make us prescient?

    • mindweapon says:

      Jog my memory. Did we make the Saigon helicopter evacuation reference?

      I went friggin’ crazy in opposition to the Iraq war, I was jumping up and down. It’s so good to see this.

      Also, if Obama has to send troops back to Iraq, that diverts troops from Russia/Ukraine/Baltics/Poland.

  2. hardscrabble farmer says:

    We did indeed. It’s funny, as poorly as we were treated back then for being right (and by that I mean neither right nor left, blue nor red, conservative nor liberal, but rather correct in our perceptions about just who was pulling Uncle Sam’s strings and the inevitable consequences of ignoring Washington’s farewell address advice on foreign affairs), the only time those groups came together was to be hatin’ on us.

    Irony, thy name is majority.

    *scrambles up ramp of huey atop fortress green zone*

    • mindweapon says:

      August 18, 2002 we gave ’em hell in DC! I’ll remember that to my dying day.

      I call this another expulsion of the Jews. That’s the second in 2014. Guatemala and Iraq.

  3. Anon says:

    In an earlier thread it was mentioned that this was the 1.0 approach in action, and I think that warrants being looked at. Back in 2007 they tried much the same thing, and that precipitated the troop surge. Everyone patted themselves on the back about how the surge worked, and fast forward a few years and it is the shiites giving us the most trouble, wanting America to leave and so forth. ISIS was patient here, they didn’t just wait for us to leave, but to be embroiled in other conflicts AND to shrink the size of our military, before making their move. We’d have to pull troops out of eastern Europe to oppose them in all likelyhood.

    And then there are the kurds, I’ve heard reports that ISIS captured several peshmerga fighters, but promptly let them go unharmed. This may well be a joint move by the kurds and sunnis to get out from under shiite rule.

  4. So, everyone should read the Project for a New American Century, in which the neo-cons explained their plans for various wars and how it would take a “new Pearl Harbor” to “transform” the world in a reasonable time frame.

    12 years after Afghanistan and 10 years after Iraq … well, why did we invade these countries anyway? In the first case it was to catch Usama Bin Laden, but he was allowed to escape during the airlift at Tora Bora. Then, Saddam Hussein didn’t actually have any weapons of mass destruction – but everyone knew he didn’t actually have any and that the neo-cons were lying even before the war started. Remember Valerie Plame?

    Don’t blame the neo-cons, blame the morons that bought it.

    It is also kind of hysterical that this group, ISIS, has been disowned by The Official COBRA Command Al Qaeda. You see, ISIS used to be an “Official Affiliate” of The Official Al Qaeda, and the US supported them against Assad. (You see, it’s just like a franchise. Think McDonald’s … but instead of Delicious Cheeseburgers they serve Hate Terrorisms, and instead of Ronald McDonald the Clown it’s Usama Bin Laden the Jihadi.) But when they were no longer useful and the US stopped supporting them, The Official Al Qaeda removed their “official affiliate” status.

    It’s ok to laugh, it’s funny.

    By the way, this neo-con General Vallely is well known to us here on MWIR:

    Vallely also co-authored a 1980 paper with then PSYOP analyst Michael Aquino entitled From PSYOP to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory. MindWar is defined as “the deliberate aggressive convincing of all participants in a war that we will win that war.” The paper contrasts a use of psychological operations such as propaganda with a new approach

    He also played a major role in the Plame affair and is an Xian-Zionist that holds conferences in Jerusalem.

  5. WNs should be listening to those who DO: the Vietnamese, the Iraqis and the Stanis. They are humuliating the Americans.

    America can be defeated; it has been defeated. Our future descendents will laugh at us, when they learn how much we feared them.

    • Just Here says:

      The only reason to fear USA is because of it’s over 2000 nuclear weapons. And because of incompetent presidents who are making armed conflicts even when the majority is against it.

  6. wobbly says:

    “So, everyone should read the Project for a New American Century, in which the neo-cons explained their plans”

    Yes. It’s laid out clear as day. It’s an entirely open conspiracy. They don’t need to hide it because they can rely on the MSM not to show people.

  7. Anon.Nation says:

    Few things are as amusing as watching ZOG get crushed, but since most Islamic terror groups are controlled by the CIA via KSA, Pakistan’s ISI, or in partnership with the Mossad, I’m going to assume these events serve ZOG’s interests until I see compelling evidence to the contrary.

    • wobbly says:

      You’re right but I think the intention here was to use these events to create Iraq 2.0 but what is likely to happen instead is a strengthening of Iran.

  8. PureEvil cont. says:

    Hahaha! Taste those freedom fries neocons douchebags! You still won’t learn your lesson though! The late Hitler II & IV Saddam Hussein al Tikriti brought order and yes, freedom to a feudal 3rd world country, and all the smartass neocon voters thought they new the place better than he. You were wrong, he was right. Neocons big and small; you are bullies.

    • mindweapon says:

      They are bullies!

      and you know, nobody likes a bully.

      • PureEvil cont. says:

        Especially ones that are prone to losing. Seriously, if you’re gonna bully then win one of these fuckin’ wars here and there. No, taking a decade to wear down the opposition before pulling out is not going to impress anyone. Bombing in order to avoid fighting isn’t going to “send a message.” If you are a superpower then you win quickly, if it takes longer than 3-5 years then you’ll be considered weak, as well you should.

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