James Howard Kunstler on the Iraq Fiasco

Heads, You Lose

By James Howard Kunstler

Obama Pushes Iraqis to Mend Sectarian Rifts

— Headline, The New York Times

Have they tried diversity training? I doubt it. That’s not how things are done in the Shithole Formerly Known as Iraq (SFKI). They’re headhunters now. For the moment the ISIS hasn’t had the inclination to shrink any of their trophies. Their method for preserving the memory of all that is the smart phone video of decapitation posted on the Internet. So let’s skip the part where both sides talk about their feelings.

It all happened pretty quickly last week, but in case you haven’t noticed, Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall over there. The bonehead American news media affects to be too stunned to even ask the pertinent questions, starting with: is that all it took to undo eight years and — what? — maybe two trillion dollars in US-sponsored nation-building? Oh, plus 4,000 US dead and 50,000 wounded. So, my question would be: when do the political recriminations kick in? Pretty soon, I reckon, and when they do, expect them to be fiercely perverse. The theme of who lost Iraq? may cost more than who lost Vietnam?

How perverse is the loose talk of Iran joining forces with “the Great Satan” to support the Shiite-dominated government of Nouri al-Maliki. Prediction: not going to happen. Events are moving so quickly that the ultimate nightmare scenario is at hand: the ISIS penetrates the “Green Zone” surrounding the US embassy in Baghdad. They take hostages and commence systematic decapitations of American personnel. This is not something I would like to happen, mind you. Just saying. And the thought must have loosened a few sphincters down at the US Department of State, too.

You can be sure that Obama will be blamed both for pulling out in 2011 and then not going back to war, to protect our two trillion dollar previous investment. I have to imagine that distrust for civilian control of the US military by a corps of rising officers will reach never-before-seen depths. It may not be expressed right away, but the knock-on effects of political breakdown in the Middle East could go long and far in upsetting US politics. The defeat of Eric Cantor is just the beginning of what could be the unraveling of the federal system.

The Iraq fiasco already threatens to spike oil prices way beyond the $107 level of today. That will crush whatever remains of the US economy all over again. God knows what it might do to the financialized Rube Goldberg shadow economy of counterparty booby traps that overlays an abyss of unpayable debt. You can’t squash price discovery forever, and one morning you might wake up to discover that the price of all those shenanigans was your political heritage.

Oh, one more thing: not much attention is being paid to Saudi Arabia, but note that it has been the chief sponsor of Sunni insurgency everywhere but Saudi Arabia itself, and that the genie they let out of that flask will probably come back and tear that country to shreds, especially in so far as King Abdullah at age 90 is a virtual mummy, and that many other clans besides the Saud tribe have designs on the throne (and its mighty revenue stream from oil production). Add to that inter-tribal tension the possibility of an ISIS-style insurgency in Saudi Arabia itself, with righteous Islamic puritan warriors drawn from all over the region, and you have quite the recipe for a global clusterfuck. Surely a lot of things would get broken in the event. Given all the jealousy and ill-feeling and toward Saudi Arabia, it is a wonder that over the last 30 years no mischief-makers have, for instance, blown up the Ras Tenura oil terminal on the Persian Gulf. That would put the schnitz on global oil supply lines on a world war scale.

For the moment, it is hard to see how anything can be salvaged in Iraq. The ISIS may cause enough havoc there to shut down Iraqi oil production forever. They can start World War III. They can inspire insurgencies across the whole Islamic world and beyond. The caliphate they establish will then have to figure out how to support a population twenty times as great as the region truly can support with a medieval economy. Sooner or later, they’ll be selling shrunken heads in the souks.


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12 Responses to James Howard Kunstler on the Iraq Fiasco

  1. Skeeter says:

    This is another sporadic comment from me, and it’s slightly off-topic, but I thought the folks here might appreciate this news about our beloved U.S. military in light of Iraq’s recent events. So here’s what it’s come to — our PC military can’t even tell black women to conform to the same standards as everyone else (see link and story below). It’s no wonder they couldn’t prevail in Afghanistan (and Iraq is now backsliding), but it’s good news for anyone who may have to one day do battle with this monster.

    Something else to consider: these black women, along with military women of all races (and I know you don’t like this train of thought), will never be placed near the front lines by our PC military. So by their very presence in the military, they’re pushing out men, often white, from those safer roles in the back lines and into the more dangerous roles. If women in particular and colored folks in general sincerely want equality, then they should demand to be placed in harm’s way to the same degree as military white men, whom the ZOG seems to consider pretty disposable. Knowing all this, why would any self-respecting white man join today’s U.S. military, unless it’s to get useful training?

    Barbara Lee stands up for hair of women of color
    By Josh Richman
    Tuesday, June 10th, 2014 at 1:10 pm in Barbara Lee, U.S. House.
    Rep. Barbara Lee is proud to report the passage of her amendment to block funding for Army regulations which ban many natural hairstyles worn by women of color.
    cornrowsUpdated guidelines released in March included twists, large cornrows and dreadlocks on its list of unauthorized hairstyles. Lee’s amendment, which prohibits any money being spent to implement these guidelines, was approved by the Appropriations Committee on a voice vote Tuesday and so will be included in the Fiscal Year 2015 Defense Appropriations Bill when it goes to the floor for a vote.
    “I am pleased that my amendment to stop the implementation of the Army’s new discriminatory regulations passed the appropriations committee,” Lee, D-Oakland, said in a news release. “The army’s use of words like ‘unkempt’ and ‘matted’ to describe the hairstyles of African American women are offensive stereotypes.”
    Lee said that as the daughter of a veteran, she recognizes the need for uniformity in the military. “But targeting women of color with no consideration of the unique challenges they face in maintaining their natural hair is prejudiced and wrong.
    “While I am pleased that the Department of Defense is reviewing the regulation, we must halt implementation until we have a more comprehensive understanding of the impact to service members of color,” she said. “With African Americans representing one-third of the women in the armed forces, the U.S. Army must ensure that any proposed guidelines and policies are fair, balanced and culturally appropriate.”

  2. Craig says:

    Hear the hurricane swirl of all that future pretend globalisation monies sinking below the tar ridden sands. This could be the begging of the end, or worse a uniting catalyst for the global oligarchs to unite rather then divide. Remember globalisation according to YKW requires China and India to be sucked into the middle east, to replace us blue eyed devils.

    Soldier’s hate thieves, next to thieves are fucking cowards, this is exactly what the majority of the “coalition of the willing” soldiers think of Afghan and Iraqi forces, that they themselves have armed, trained and fought beside(Watch them run away, or slack off). The same white soldier’s that use to believe we were liberating them of course. So now the white men, the soldiers required to be willing participants in the ME wars are starting to say fuck you, so will their relatives, friends and so will the majority of peoples.

  3. brierrabbit3030 says:

    one thing about it. More and more white guys are going to decide the military is just NOT the place to build a career anymore. We can’t fight wars, we can’t go to the moon anymore, we can’t defend our borders, we cant do anything right, because everything has to fit a politically correct scorecard. the utter stupidity of the gentry class is unutterably mind numbing to watch. I have mentally and spiritually seperated myself from this goverment. I just wish i could get physically away from it too. Only a totally infantilized society would worry about how black women feel about thier hair in the military. When I joined the Coast Guard, they cut all of mine off. This is the modern version of how many devils fit on the head of a pin. Or in this case, how many cornrows fit on the head of black woman. God help us. You can have the best trained, and equipped army in the world, and if this is whats worrying you, you are going to lose. When the last real warrior leaves, turn out the light, we are done for.

    • @brierrabbit3030

      Only a totally infantilized society would worry about how black women feel about thier hair in the military.

      Women shouldn’t be in the military at all – what the hell kind of culture sends YOUNG GIRLS out to fight filthy A-Rabs? It’s perverse, disgusting. Young women should be at home, protected by men, having babies.

      The fact the Evil Empire (USA) actually prides itself on sending young women to war is so utterly perverse we can’t even wrap our heads around it.

      We are the victims of an electronic weapon – the TV – and have been for years. And if you didn’t quite fall for it, they will literally give you LSD until you do buy it.

      People give me shit for saying that White/WASP men are a bunch of fucking cowards? No way. Own it, losers. Do you even visit your crippled daughters with their arms and legs blown off because George W. Bush – the HERO of White/WASP men for the last decade – sent your daughters off to fight ragheads?

      Sure, ok, I get it. Those white girls shooting guns – it is kind of sexy. OK.

      But you actually sent young, fertile white women into harm’s way – while giving them free abortions so they won’t have white children?

      Why can’t anyone see how dysgenic this is?

      You are all a bunch of insane monsters.

      And *I* get shit because maybe spanking a girl is kind of sexy?

      You people are the fucking freaks.

      Own it, GOP/Republican/conservative/libertardian perverts.


    • oogenhand says:

      Until people understand the fall of Egyptian civilization due to dysgenics, they won’t undertand anything.

    • Skeeter says:

      I wonder if ISIS lets its black women soldiers keep “they cornrows” and dreadlocks.

  4. TabuLa Raza says:

    Why civilizations self destruct [pdf]


    downbreeding [degeneracy]


    • mindweapon says:


      Good find! Very true, very sad. If there’s one thing I can say about my kid is that she is responsible and is more adult than many chronological adults I’ve known. We’ve always made sure she got necessary dental, orthodontic, and orthopedic treatment where other parents often let stuff go, and she said she’s going to make sure she does that for her kids too. She’s also going to get foreign language nannies for her kids, if she can, so they learn several foreign languages from infancy. She also knows about the food scam, and not just in theory. She sees how many kids her age or a little older are overweight. She’s seen girls who were thinner than her blow up like balloons because of corn syrup, so she’s a whole foods fanatic.

      She has grown up seeing me grow vegetables and fruits for the family, and learning math and chemistry for it’s own sake and so I could help her learn it. She’s never ever seen me watching a ball game. She’s never seen me express any concern about any athletes or celebrities. I find the best teachers of things for her — chemistry tutors, conditioning coaches. She will truly contribute to society. She could never be a welfare slug — she’d be too bored.

      But it’s a great pity that I had only one child, and my wife and I work ALL THE TIME and pay huge taxes. We have been treated by society as the sort of people whose fertility should be limited — anything we do, we’re on our own, but we pay HUGE TAXES to support the defectives and the defense and Israel scams, and lots of government worker graft, and grants for professors to study why white people are guilty and evil and should go extinct after extracting as much as possible from them.

    • Sam says:

      Thanks for the link TabuLa Raza. I like books covering large ideas. I’ll have to read it.

      Here’s another good book on the decline of civilizations. I heard about it from a book called, “Blood in the Streets : Investment Profits in a World Gone Mad” by James Dale Davidson and Sir Rees-Moog. I’ve mentioned James Dale Davidson and Sir Rees-Moog’s books here before. They are worth reading. They’re cheap used. The financial part of the books is boring and not really germane to the average person but the ideas behind them excellent. They claim that Meta-politics, why societies are politically shaped as they are, is really the force that can be bought to bear. For example all of Europe was small feudal castles until the arrival of gunpowder. Then the castles were blown away and mass armies became the dominate force. This in turn brought about Democracy. They claim the microprocessor is destroying the large State and diluting power.

      “An Inquiry into the Permanent Causes of the Decline and Fall of Powerful and Wealthy Nations” by William Playfair


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