Backstabbing Globalist Employer Forces American Workers to Train Their Foreign Replacements

I have known people who had to train their foreign replacements. If they were training people who were working in their home countries it wouldn’t be nearly as bad; but to pile injury upon offense, they bring the people HERE to replace them! Why? It’s just shuffling human resources around, there’s no good business reason for such a move. THe people who come here will have to live at the American standard of living. It’s pure treason.


Asian indians on computers--bye, bye American tech guys, you've been race replaced Asian indians on computers–bye, bye American tech guys, you’ve been race replaced

An H-1B visa allows a foreign worker to enter the US to do a job for which there are allegedly no American workers available.

In my experience, the H-1B visa program is a fraud, imposed on the corrupt system by globalist employers who seek cheap, foreign workers who are easily bullied and who never complain.

At my former university employer, although there were many white citizens who were doctoral degree holders, the university would claim it could find no American to take a professor’s job opening. Thus, the university became increasingly staffed by Hindus and middle-easterners.

I even gave the university the name of a qualified black candidate for one position, but to no avail. Cheap and meek and foreign trumped all.
Thus, this story in Computer World caught my eye. It’s a disgusting tale of how one…

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2 Responses to Backstabbing Globalist Employer Forces American Workers to Train Their Foreign Replacements

  1. Thanks for the reblog, Mindweapon.

  2. Anon says:

    this seems like it would be older news, I wonder what prompted it to come up.

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