The Money Valve and Waste Economy, from the Burning Platform

Most people assume things are going to continue as they are, indefinitely. They are most certainly ignoring the facts of net energy and the bell curve of resource extraction in general.

There is a series at about what the USA will be like in 20 years, in 2034. So far, I haven’t seen anything about the fact that we are on the down slide of the bell curve of resource extraction. Everyone is still able to pretend.

In 20 years, people will be paying attention to net energy. Shit and piss will be saved for fertilizer, and/or burning. We will live so much differently, and people will be more serious. Serious people aren’t going to put up with the single mom lifestyle, or badboys. People with a short attention span will be given something useful to do.

Liberals took over serious and stolid educational systems and turned them into their ideological and career fiefdoms. A major reason for “equality” and the push to have EVERYONE go to college was to expand their empire, increase their fiefdoms, blow up their bubbles. That shit is coming to an end, and it’s going to be awesome!

The Money Valve IV1 commentPosted on 15th June 2014 by Reverse Engineer in Economy |Politics |Social Issues

The basic flowchart turning resources into waste through the Money Valve of Central Banks is straightforward and easy to understand. However, it does not look at all the various Feedback Loops that are engineered into the system in order to keep it operating. Most notably what is not included in the diagram is how Goobermint and the Military are involved, or how taxation and interest serve to capture wealth out of the system for the Elite class of society.

This diagram is basic, but it doesn’t show how the various parts of the Machine of Industrial Capitalism work in synergy. To elucidate that, I set up a Web Connections diagram to look at the most important connections and relationships in this sort of economy. This diagram itself is simplified, there are many further levels you could go to dissecting up the whole economy, but IMHO at a certain point this becomes a waste of time, because the conclusions are obvious just from this set of parameters. Here is the basic Web we are working with here:

See the rest at The Burning Platform


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