Video of a horrible beating and a sadistic crowd; my commentary

I have seen and been part of scenes like this (on the receiving end).

Of course, it was whites and we were boys. When I read Lord of the Flies for a school assignment, I said to my 10th grade teacher, “This is nothing. We are far more cruel to each other than those castaway English boys.”

One thing I have observed about Chinese kung fu as compared to Western fighting arts, is that kung fu people have more longevity. In the West you’ll meet men who say, “Yeah, I used to box when I was a kid/in college/in the military,” but they don’t any more. THe kung fu people keep doing it until they are dead, and while they live they continue to improve, and they can teach their kids and grandkids and whomever else.

That poor girl in the blue just needed some conditioning where she could pick up her legs and use her legs to scissor catch the one in gray and pull her down and roll. Their striking game is very lacking as well, it amounts to “who gets control of the other’s hair.” When gray had hold of blue’s hair, blue should have squatted down and charged and then picked up gray and body slammed her. On the stairs, she could have flipped gray down the stairs. But blue had no fighting game at all. Also, if blue had an edged weapon secreted on her somewhere, she could have slashed up gray’s legs.

I admit I felt very bad for blue. I remembered that sort of thing happening to me, which is why martial arts is a favorite hobby of mine to this day.

We can’t send OUR children in the world with no fighting game. Even women who are going to be mothers or are mothers can learn wing chun and some groundfighting and conditioning. They don’t have to actually fight, but just be able to teach fighting biomechanics to their children. It’s worth learning the biomechanics without becoming a fighter, without “testing it out.”

Here’s a good wing chun video.


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10 Responses to Video of a horrible beating and a sadistic crowd; my commentary

  1. PureEvil cont. says:


    Sorry to hear of your plight. Despite the fact that boys are naturally like this and to some extent the roughhousing is good, it can get excessive and extreme. What is the solution? Beatings from parents. It’s that simple. If your kid is a bully (and you know if her is) just slap his face or upside the head when he misbehaves. Do it early in his life and he’ll grow into a well-behaved boy and teen. We need to get beyond this lame taboo, slapping helps acquaint a young boy with pain and humiliation; like the kind he feels fine doling out.

    • mindweapon says:

      The kid who beat me up very badly could bench press 160 at 12 years old, I was 13 and could bench 80 or 90 pounds. He was also trained in boxing from a young age. He was half Lebanese, half Greek and had a full mustache at 12. I matured much later. He also had hyperthyroidism, which made him very energetic and very emotionally wound up all the time. We ended up being friends a few years later. It was the other kids who had egged him on to beat me up 3 times, and he regretted it and repented very much later on. I quite remember. I saw him at the corner store and took off on my bicycle, terrified I was getting another beating. He chased me down and assured me he was sorry and was wrong to do it and wanted to be a true friend now. And from then on we were indeed friends, and he taught me how to lift weights and stuff, and actually helped me quit smoking cigarettes. What a story, eh?

      But I was scarred for life by the beatings. I remember thinking I was such a wimp, until I saw that most people were not as brutally strong and good fighters like this kid, and that I could take a punch and keep fighting, because after those beatings, a mere punch in the nose was no big deal.

      • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

        Just like those that are attempting to genocide us are actually making some of us stronger.

      • PureEvil cont. says:


        What a sad/strange story. So it apparently was the kids in the peanut gallery that needed slapping.

      • mindweapon says:

        We were Lord of the Flies on steroids. One time at a keg party in the woods by the Hudson River some older boys who were into Satanism were discussing the possibility of sacrificing me into the fire. But they weren’t like the Greek/Lebanese kid, I could have fought them for my life and they probably would not have succeeded in roasting me to death.

  2. PB says:

    I still find redemption and forgiveness stories touching and humbling.

    • PB says:

      Except when its the forgiving of those who still haven’t and won’t come to redemption. Then is just saddens.

  3. Public transportation sucks for lone white boys in die-shitty areas…The only time I’ve been knocked semi-unconscious was by 4 Abos, when I was 15 years, man did I spin and almost hit the floor. I thought I’d been punched from behind, till the next morning and I realised it had been 4 simultaneous punches to the head. Found the 4 lumps, and no longer wondered why I had a shitty sleep. I got my money back though, a lousy $40, talked $20 out of them, by the throat. The other $20 I got back by going the fella in the street, after I got that back I had fun running away from 20 or 30 Abo’s…

    “Dat der fatstest white boy I ever seen eh.”

  4. FN says:

    When I was a boy I had to fight every single day. I look back and all that I went through made me the man I am today. You know you hear guys talking about Krav Maga or whatever that J bullshit is called and I have to tell you that any of the peckerwoods in Belto would MFing KILL any KM Izzy. I mean there would be NO competition. Just DOA.
    And that is what the streets I grew up on taught me. And it was an education you cannot buy, you cannot go to a trainer and learn it.
    Now the average guy probably should study something such as you recommend MW. But the heaviest hitters didn’t study nothing.
    I don’t know if Fenria reads this blog but she is a gal who learned on the streets in the schools of SoCal what was necessary to survive. She has a good mind on the topic and I hope she would chime in.
    It is, for me, the INNER WEREWOLF comes out, that is the only way I can describe it. And you want to know something when the werewolf is close to the surface, the chimps, the latrinos and the slants all back off, I mean then, as they are animals, can SENSE the danger. This may sound esoteric but it reality nevertheless.
    You do a good job MW, you cover just about EVERYTHING. I knew you were smart from your VNN posts and you just keep growing and that is what we need.
    Some of the toughest fuckers are Hizballah guys, and the Izzies know it and shit their pants about it.

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