We Are What We Eat – The poisoning of our food supply

It’s time to call GMO and high fructose corn syrup and chemical food additives by their right name — poison.

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We Are What We Eat – The poisoning of our food supply

We now live in a world where it is considered beneficial and necessary to spray poison over all our food and to add more poison (dye, preservatives, flavor enhancers, etc) in processing our food. Then we take more poison to counteract the poisons. Beam me up Scotty, the inmates are insane.”Dr Nancy Swanson; on the history of how corporations have successfully changed the laws in the US to poison our food (03/04/2014):

The world of systemic insecticides is a weird world, surpassing the imaginings of the brothers Grimm. It is a world where the enchanted forest of the fairy tales has become a poisonous forest. It is a world where a flea bites a…

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2 Responses to We Are What We Eat – The poisoning of our food supply

  1. hardscrabble farmer says:

    A couple of years ago a box of cereal wound up in the house- maybe one of the kids threw it in the shopping cart and my wife didn’t bother to say no- but it made it home and to the pantry. It was one of those sugary puffed corn things that were popular in my youth but once the kids had a bowl they decided that they hated it and asked my to throw it out. We put everything edible into a slop bucket for the chickens or the pigs and with the sole exception of citrus rinds, everything is then converted into fertilizer by the animals. They would not eat the cereal. It sat in the chicken run for days- it might have even been a week and it never decomposed, it just retained it’s shiny artificially bright yellow color until a drenching rain turned it into mush and eventually it disappeared under the shavings and soil.

    That tells me everything I need to know about processed foods. they have no place in the human diet.

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