Another knockout game; Walmart baseball bat attack

No situational awareness there. Around blacks, never relax.

People still buy CD’s?


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7 Responses to Another knockout game; Walmart baseball bat attack

  1. icareviews says:

    Bat Man, the Darky Knight.

  2. anonymous says:

    The diversity was out of view of the girl the whole time, he took about three steps between being in the main aisle and hitting her in the head. I agree everyone should be vigilant but uh, come on now, this girl had no chance. Don’t make it sound like she could have avoided this… other than by not going to a diverse walmart without her boyfriend or husband in the first place

  3. PureEvil cont. says:

    So he saw it in a movie? Riiiiiiight. MmHmm. I wonder if he ever saw a movie where some punk gets the death penalty??? I like how the girl was “at the wrong place at the wrong time.” So should she have been standing in the next isle over? And the poor baby has mental issues, I bet he does. It take he’ll be sterilized right? MmHmm.

  4. wobbly says:

    The majority of racist attacks are anti-white and always have been.

    The media lied about it for sixty years.

  5. He was clearly swinging the bat in a threatening manner early in the video. I would recommend suing Wal Mart for its lax security measures in this attack. First, after winning millions of dollars, she will be able to afford to move to a less-vibrant neighborhood. Second, it will encourage Wal mart to bring the hammer down on blacks behaving badly.

    Win-win for all.

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