Israeli Jewish kids reject the Wimp Libel, Mock Auschwitz

JUNE 26, 2014

This is actually a sign of psychological health. I have termed the Holocaust a Wimp Libel perpetrated against Jewish kids by Jewish leaders. Sure, they use the wimp libel to extract money and guilt from us and especially from Germans, but Jewish kids also pay a psychological cost of the wimp libel. They are told that their grandparents and great-grandparents were a bunch of helpless wimps who didn’t fight, but were just passive victims.

The fact is, well before the Holocaust, the Jews had killed 10’s of millions of people through the Communist regimes they funded, founded, and led. I’m not saying this to attack them; I’m saying this to point out to Jewish kids that their people aren’t a bunch of violin playing, scroll reading, cassock wearing faggots and pussies who didn’t more than their share of killing.

They intuitively mock the wimp libel. Good for them! Here’s the movie Defamation, by Yoav Shamir. This movie made me coin the term wimp libel in the first place.

Four teen-agers huddle together, striking a severe pose like a boy band. In the background, just overhead, a sign looms: “Arbeit Macht Frei.” A girl kneels down next to some austere-looking, moss-ridden stairs. Wearing a black beanie and red lipstick, she makes a duck face and an inverse peace sign as the camera snaps. Two girlfriends draped in Israeli flags stand side by side, smiling, in a snow-topped forest. The caption reads, “#Trablinka #poland #jewish.” Underneath, a single comment: “Oh my god, beauties!!!”

The Instagram era has now brought us the selfie in a concentration camp. Or, as the phenomenon was identified in the title of a new Israeli Facebook page (translated here loosely), With My Besties in Auschwitz. The page, taken down on Wednesday, culled from real-life photos—most of them also taken down recently—that had been posted on social-media sites by Israeli kids on school trips to Poland. From the self-absorbed faux seriousness of some (meditating on the grounds of Auschwitz-Birkenau!) to the jarring jokiness of others (hitching a ride by the train tracks!), the pictures have fed a perception of today’s youth as a bunch of technology-obsessed, self-indulgent narcissists.

They also bring to mind the photos compiled in the popular Selfies at Funerals Tumblr blog. But if the “funeral selfie” kids were somehow hilarious in their inappropriateness, there’s nothing quite like seeing Israeli teens blowing kisses from the Nazi death camps in Poland* to send you into a confusing and curious rage.

The creator of With My Besties in Auschwitz saw the selfie-taking phenomenon among Israeli kids firsthand when she visited Poland herself. She found the pictures by combing through Instagram, Facebook, and Google and using searches for Holocaust-related terms. The variety was “endless,” she says. She created a Facebook page, posted the pictures while peppering them with some caustic captions of her own—“Babes! I’m saving you a seat on the bus to Trablinka!” next to a picture of two pouting girls in Auschwitz, “Even here I’m drop dead gorgeous!” next to another—and watched the page go viral overnight, garnering tens of thousands of likes and shares. During the next twenty-four hours, articles appeared in many major news outlets, and outrage quickly ensued.

Ironically, instead of lobbing the barbs at the offending teen-agers, people seemed to aim most of their criticisms at the creator of the page. “6 million Jews! Shame on you!” was a common refrain among the comments on the site. Watching this unfold from the outside, the angry commenters felt similar to those who took Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” at face value. By the time I tracked down the creator of With My Besties in Auschwitz and chatted with her online, she refused to give her name, saying that she had been “threatened with bizarre lawsuits.”

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18 Responses to Israeli Jewish kids reject the Wimp Libel, Mock Auschwitz

  1. PureEvil cont. says:

    Interesting indeed. A long time ago I heard the guy from the Jew Among You blog tell Robert Stark in an interview something to this effect regarding the “wimp libel.” Stark and he were discussing the Tribe’s expansionism and such and Stark mentioned how popular it is now to be “weak” but not really, and the blogger claimed that it was embarrassing to want to be weak and no one should want or be proud of that.

  2. eradican says:

    Jews didn’t slaughter anyone Russia was already a powder keg and Lenin supported by GERMANY ignited it. That’s right Germany supported the Bolsheviks enabling disorder and the eventual Russian withdrawal from WW1. In reality the war simply entered a new phase with Russia itself the battleground in the subsequent Russian Civil War and foreign intervention.

    I don’t understand the narrative here one second “evil Jew Bolsheviks” created the vile USSR and other times the Soviet Union was a great country looted by “evil Jew oligarchs” after it’s break up. It can’t be both so which is it?

    • mindweapon says:

      The early USSR was Jews, but under Stalin it became more nationalist and Jews were purged.

      I translated 2 chapters of Solzhenitsyn’s 200 years together for a guy in Finland. Jews were definitely very involved in Bolshevism and therefore culpable for killing tens of millions of Christian Slavic people.

      • eradican says:

        Stalin’s purges were driven entirely by his desire to destroy all opposition to his rule. Mass incarceration, terror famine, slave labor, and death camps all began with Stalin after 1929 when his chief rival Trotsky was exiled. This wasn’t popular with the communist party, the Red Army leadership, and even elements within the NKVD security apparatus. Since Stalin basically lied his way to power he feared a coup especially when his rival Trotsky was still alive in exile and calling for another revoultion. The show trials and purges all claimed the defendants were linked to a conspiracy to overthrow the Stalin regime led by Trotsky. After he eliminated all the senior level people that could threaten him Trotsky was the last loose end. The most prominent victim of the purges wasn’t even Jewish but the commander and chief of the Red Army Marshall Tukhachevsky a former Trotsky subordinate.

        Solzhenitsyn is a fascist, tsarist, and White Russian. He had a comfortable middle class upbringing in the Soviet Union under Stalin. He even attended college and served as a captain in the Red Army during WW2. Take what Solzhenitsyn says with a grain of salt.

      • mindweapon says:

        You say fascist, tsarist White Russian like its a bad thing.

      • MW.Anon says:

        We do need a definitive English translation of “200 Years Together”. Solzhenitsyn is a hero not just for Russia, but for all of Western civilization.

        Of course, “200 Years Together” doesn’t fit the PC Narrative at all, so it will never be mainstream.

      • eradican says:

        Solzhenitsyn is a Noble Prize winner and was used as a political weapon by the west during the Cold War it doesn’t get more mainstream than that. The real heroes of Russia were the men who resisted and later ended the horrors Solzhenitsyn described. Nobody cares about them because THAT doesn’t fit the narrative.

    • Smiley says:



      When Max Warburg in Germany (and Jacob Schiff from NYC) supported Jewish Bolsheviks in Russia, it was JEWS supporting JEWS.

      Jews have operated along racial lines and used their International connections for the last 2500 years.

      “I don’t understand the narrative here one second “evil Jew Bolsheviks” created the vile USSR and other times the Soviet Union was a great country looted by “evil Jew oligarchs” after it’s break up. It can’t be both so which is it?”

      It can absolutely be both and it is both. International Jewish Capitalists financed the creation of the USSR as Jews sought control of the state and its resources. As the USSR unraveled, former high ranking “communist” Jews were now “capitalist” Jews in a new “democracy” and used their international Jewish banking and media connections to consolidate the states resources into the hands of a few oligarchs, which are overwhelmingly Jewish.

      Jews craft plans and strategies that look out over centuries, while the Aryan man has lost sight of his long term interests. Jews have been playing chess while they have convinced the Aryan that checkers is the game to be played. This changed when Hitler came on the scene and gave Aryan Man an entirely new worldview, based exclusively on RACE. The Aryan will eventually rule, or the world will finally orbit the sun without civilized Man as we know him.

      Are you Jewish? 🙂

      • eradican says:

        What nonsense. The German government assisted Lenin’s return to Russia placing him under heavy guard in an armored train car. A Russian withdrawal from WW1 was their best chance for victory.

        While it’s true the Bolsheviks had one or two wealthy supporters from abroad their resources were a pittance compared to the aristocratic wealth of their enemies and later national treasuries of the governments that opposed them. Britain alone spent a hundred million dollars invading Russia to destroy the Bolsheviks. That’s just one government in total another 15-20 COMBINED their efforts along with White Russians to eradicate the Bolsheviks in the Russian Civil War. In other words the entire international community opposed them. It’s so hilarious when people think capitalism actually supported the Bolsheviks.

        Contrary to what you believe the Bolshevik weren’t some evil entity. They even backpedaled on core aspects of their platform in order to rebuild Russia with New Economic Policy (NEP) a market approach to development.

      • Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

        Probably. This same avatar of a young girl was used for a while under the name, “precise cum shot” of all things.

        We always need a Jew to tell us what “really” happened. (Sarc)

      • eradican says:

        You don’t have to take my word for it you can research it all yourself and I provided links. All that assumes you’re interested in the truth however which you aren’t.

      • Smiley says:


        So let me get this straight. The Bolsheviks, a “Workers and Peasants Red Army” with a mere “pittance” of resources, were eventually able to seize control of the entire country while being opposed by the “entire International community”, which was incidentally backed with “the aristocratic wealth of their enemies and later national treasuries of the governments that opposed them”? Talk about nonsense.

        Capitalists fund both sides and profit no matter who wins, just like in the USSA. They fund both Democrats and Republicans, and no matter who wins, they are obligated to the “donors”.

        You say… “Contrary to what you believe the Bolshevik weren’t some evil entity. THEY EVEN BACKPEDALED ON CORE ASPECTS OF THEIR PLATFORM in order to rebuild Russia with New Economic Policy (NEP) a market approach to development.”

        Which, ironically, was pointed out by Hitler as being the end result of any Marxist takeover…

        “And Marxism itself has furnished the proof that it cannot do this. Not only has it been unable anywhere to create a cultural or economic system of its own; but it was not even able to develop, according to ITS OWN PRINCIPLES, the civilization and economic system it found ready at hand. IT HAS HAD TO MAKE COMPROMISES, by way of a return to the principle of personality, just as it cannot dispense with that principle in its own organization.”

        And here is a fine article written at regarding “Stalin’s Jews”. Coincidentally, it begins with the Bolshevik revolution. Enjoy 🙂,7340,L-3342999,00.html

      • eradican says:

        I know this is hard for you to fathom but the Bolsheviks were a political party. Political parties need supporters including wealthy ones. The Allied intervention against the Soviet Union in the Russian Civil War undercuts the entire misinformed mythology about the USSR. The truth is the Cold War didn’t begin after WW2 it started in 1917.

        Most people don’t actually know anything about Marxism. They excessively focus on a few areas of Marxist thought while ignoring everything else. The Bolshevik platform went way beyond superficial Marxist ideology. They promised land reform, industrial modernization, access to education, local/regional autonomy, ending discrimination/ethnic conflict, and withdrawal from WW1. They even gave frontier regions like Finland independence.

        The Bolsheviks defeated their domestic and foreign enemies because most Russians hated the aristocracy and were drawn to their ideas. They also had vastly better military leaders. Their forces were also united and disciplined while their enemies were divided. The Soviet Union was also headquartered in a highly defensive region of Russia giving them dominant access to railways hence mobility and coordination. You see The Red Army was victorious for the same reasons any other army is victorious. Later the Red Army would win several smaller scale battles/wars. This same army (despite being decimated by purges) would then conquer half of Europe crushing Nazi Germany. Don’t kid yourself about the sideshow that was the “western front” the biggest and bloodiest battles in human history all occurred in the east. The Soviet Union was a superpower from it’s revolutionary beginning.

      • Smiley says:


        You say… ” Political parties need supporters including wealthy ones.”

        So why would a wealthy capitalist fund a political party whose creed espouses the reallocation of capital to common property for the benefit of the proletariat? Who is lying here, the capitalist or the Bolshevik… or both?

        Marxism is Judaism plain and simple. It is nothing more than a battering ram for the destruction of a ruling order in order to replace it with a dictatorship under the control of International Jewish Finance. Cultural Marxism is the contemporary battering ram currently destroying the west, and “Western Democracy” is facilitating its own destruction. Marxism vows to destroy class antagonisms and alleviate the oppressions of the proletariat, and all they do is continue the antagonisms and oppressions, only with Marxist oppressors. LOL

        You say… “The Bolshevik platform went way beyond superficial Marxist ideology. They promised land reform, industrial modernization, access to education, local/regional autonomy, ending discrimination/ethnic conflict, and withdrawal from WW1.”

        Yep, they promised the sky and delivered shit. Which is why the USSR eventually crumbled, and why the USSA will eventually crumble. The Aryan will learn that serving the Jew leads to nothing but destruction. National Socialism will rise on the ashes of the burned corpse of western civilization.

        I’m not going to waste any more time arguing online with a Jew. Hitler had you pegged, which is why Jewry attacks him daily, even almost 70 years after his death. Preach your nonsense over at revleft, if you don’t already.

        “Existence impels the Jew to lie, and to lie perpetually, just as it compels the inhabitants of northern lands to wear warm clothing.”

        “The mightiest counterpart to the Aryan is represented by the Jew.”

      • @Smiley

        Marxism is Judaism plain and simple.

        Of course, which is why “eradican” aka “precise cum shot” – with the image of the 14 year old white girl “Boxxy” by the way – is trying so hard to spin it away. Even going so far as to justify the genocide of White Russians by Jew Communist Bolsheviks.

        Remember, his internet persona is a picture of a 14 year old White girl with the handle “precise cum shot” – doesn’t that say it all? What more needs to be said?

        I’m still dealing with the fallout from getting suckered by these Communist Jews at

        Fuck ’em. MWIR has 10x the traffic these losers do, and even I have double. Fuck ’em. What do they have that we want?


        Maureen got it right.

      • eradican says:

        I’m not Jewish you fucking morons I simply know the history of the USSR. I deal with reality and facts not retarded ideology and conspiracy. The reason some wealthy foreign Jews supported the Bolshevik party is obvious; ordinary Jews in the Russian Empire were terribly oppressed. The Bolshevik platform by contrast appealed to minorities. Stalin who himself was non-Russian was the Bolshevik point man on nationalities. If Jewish Bolsheviks bother you so much how about Georgian, Latvian, Polish, and other non-Russian Bolsheviks? Moreover the Bolshevik Red Army was almost entirely dominated by Russians. Just because a few people at the top were heebs doesn’t discount the fact that the majority of the rank and file were not.

        This might shock you but the Russian Empire was a poor, backward, superstitious, and illiterate country. World War One was a total disaster that people across the political, social, and class divides opposed. The Russian Empire was also a massively centralized country and unpopular with people in the borderlands who had no say in their own affairs. The Tsarist dictatorship while oppressive was no longer competent with the country literally falling apart. There was major discontent present and if you believe otherwise you’re delusional.

        It’s natural to want simple answers to complex questions but the history of Russia is anything BUT simple. Lenin for example was apparently so evil that he remains one of the most popular figures in Russia even today. Funny how everyone hates the Bolsheviks except Russians themselves.

        You clowns probably don’t know this but Karl Marx himself disparaged Jews as money grubbing hucksters who serve capitalism. The Jewish question itself was a term coined by Marx. Fredrick Engels who co-authored much of Marx’s work compared homosexuality to pedophilia. The criminal, vagrant, drug addict, and unemployable were identified by Marx as lumpenprole enemies of the working class. Liberalism itself is disparaged as a bourgeois and upper class ideology (rootless cosmopolitan). This term “cultural Marxism” is a pathetic attempt at sophistication and to redefine liberalism.

        After their revolutionary upheavals all the countries that were or remain communist are safer, more wholesome, and traditional than western countries today. Two even became superpowers but remember “communism failed everywhere it was tried”.

      • eradican says:

        @ Hipster Racist

        We both know why you keep returning to Eradica despite the fact nobody wants you at Eradica anyway; to stalk your e-crush. Ryu is your “sweetheart” remember? LOL

  3. Jon says:

    There is a good interview with David Cole on the (new) alternative right blog. His argument style and use of logic are the refreshing opposite of the usual sophistry and obfuscation.

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