Negro in Korea harassing wimmins!

Look at the racist Korean woman ignoring the fine black man! He needs to learn how to say in Korean, “Why don’t you want to get wit me? Are you a racist or something?”


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11 Responses to Negro in Korea harassing wimmins!

  1. Just Here says:

    I don’t care if it was a white, asian or black, that behavior is just disgusting. Of course, as this shows (not to mention, as i said, their stupidity breeds confidence complex), blacks are more prone to acting like chimps instead of normal humans.
    If someone does that you should be allowed to punch him in the face with no legal repercussions.

  2. Paladin Justice says:

    We had a fine Nigerian lad at the university. “Hey baby. What’s shaking? All you white wimmens is so beautiful.” Known to everyone on campus, he was.

  3. Occigent says:

    America’s greatest export, in all its glory.

  4. TabuLa Raza says:

    Tough Koreans LA riots of 1992:

  5. TabuLa Raza says:

    More Koreans in LA:

  6. MW.Anon says:

    Blacks seem to be the NWO shock troops, or cannon fodder. They go in first, then all the other vile globalist garbage, such as faggotry, and anti-white propaganda, comes in after.

    Koreans, defend yourselves!

    • Demilitarized Zoner says:

      Agree almost totally. Blacks are not cannon fodder because nothing ever happens to them in consequence of their assaults and aggressions, whatever the size.

      The cannon fodder is the White male who tries to stand against the aggression. May the Korean or other Asian male never be cannon fodder. Ape must have been an American Soldier, why else would you see one in RoK?

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