The Brecht Forum, which funded web sites that outed White nationalists in their personal lives, is closing down

An Institution Exploring the Political Left Is Closing

Their web site is still up, if you want to laugh at some anti-white professors whose cushy tenured positions will hopefully soon be eliminated.

For nearly 40 years the Brecht Forum has held classes, lectures, symposiums, musical performances and art exhibitions, all organized around the aim of examining the role of the political left in American society.

But in a twist of irony, the institution, long a center of skepticism against capitalism, is closing, apparently felled by market forces, its board of directors announced Saturday in an email.

“The economic climate, combined with the realities of real estate in New York City, have simply made the provision of space impossible for an organization of our means,” the message said, adding, “It has become clear that in a rapidly gentrifying city, we have been living on borrowed time.”

If they were mere economic populists, I would be sorry to see them go, but the Brecht forum supported the oppression of working class and middle class white people for having the gall to stand up for their own biological collective, while supporting every other race in standing up for their own biological collective. The Brecht Forum, in short, are a bunch of Cultural Marxist anti-white scum and enemies of the true working class — the White people, without which, civilziation wouldn’t work at all! Good f’in riddance!


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3 Responses to The Brecht Forum, which funded web sites that outed White nationalists in their personal lives, is closing down

  1. Erin says:

    Love seeing the demise of more and more anti-Whites who can only afford to pursue (non-labor intensive) genocidal objectives in surplus rich and generous countries (WHITE COUNTRIES) .

    Or perhaps there are some nice rich Negroes in South Africa who would fund an effort to help oppressed Whites there. Hahahaha–!

    • mindweapon says:

      We’ll put sandwich boards on them that say, “Will deconstruct Christian white male patriarchy for food” and run them through gauntlets of white farm laborers on their Sabbath day, right after a fiery sermon about how the children of Satan destroyed America through usury, fake wars, and Cultural Marxism.

      • Patriarch says:

        Love your site MindW…Sandwich Boards for these Fabians is too kind, my preference is face to face strangulation!

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